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Re: A United Ireland. Opening up the discussion.
« Reply #2670 on: August 16, 2019, 03:42:46 PM »
The free at point of service is a rallying call for Corbyn. IT will run the NHS into the ground

One free appointment per year for checkup and a charge if you need additional. U13 and O60 obviously should be given more/completely free. Would be a good starting point

As for antibiotics dont get me started, if you take a sick wean to the doctor they'll tell you its a virus and then proceed to superscribe antibiotics!!! 7 years trainng for that... WTF
Bullshit and disingenuous, GP's train for 4 years after graduation and none of us would put up with the crap they have to go through to get there. I have never met a GP yet who would dish out unwarranted Ab's. There is a shortage of GP's for very obvious reasons.

You have a 5 year degree +2 years training to become a doctor that was the 7 I was talking about. Not sure what it is after that to become a GP.. presumably another 2?

Im sure you have never meet a GP who would admit to prescribing "unwarranted Abs" especially in their professional circles but i can guarantee you they are prescribed for viruses. Usually introduced with "well normally I don't like to prescribe antibiotics, but....." I am quite sure if they were pushed on it they would say have an answer like "The patient was showing signs of possible infection and required an immediate course of ABs....."