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Re: Mountain Biking
« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2020, 10:13:48 PM »
Don't know much about the full suspension ones but i have a Trek Superfly 6 hardtail and its a great bike for trails and will cope with plenty of rough stuff. If you are doing lots of drops it seems full sus is the way to go.

The trail close to my home house is a down hill trail through a forest. Few jumps and heavy enough landings in it. Just hoping to get a bike that will stand up to it for not a fortune. Realistically though Id say it would be maybe twice a month maximum that Id get over to it. So would I be safer with a hard tail or go full suspension? Or start hard tail and see how I go?
There is a third way, go hard tail, see how it goes and consider a suspension seat post.
I have this one on my mtb 
 though I never had any ambition to do any jumps,  avoid hazards at all cost.

Ha, I didn't even know this type of suspension seat post still existed. Great job. How do you find it. I do remember the early dropper seat posts resembled this a lot. The newer hydraulic seat posts  inadvertently offer a little bit of a cushioning effect.
     There used to be a spring suspension system on the steerer tubes of early mountain bikes way back. And i think specialized have a version of this now for somebof their road bikes.