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Re: Movie reccomendations
« Reply #7485 on: July 03, 2020, 10:20:45 AM »
Scorsese's The Departed was on TV the other night.

I hadn't seen it in years and it starts off really well but the actual end is a bit fucked up to say the least.
You mean the final scenes in the lift and after?  Have you worked out the whys yet?
Although i hold the original Infernal Affairs in the highest regard, I loved the Scorcese tribute version.

I never really thought too much about the whys....feel free to share! I actually love that movie.
I was answering Johnny Cool who didn't like the ending,  I wondered if he had worked out all the angles of the shootings, the why of the sudden emergence of the  second snitch and why he was instantly shot  etc etc, because I thought the ending was quite good.
Obviously if you liked the film, you liked the endings, there's no hidden mysteries to be revealed.

I'll need to sit down and watch the ending again Main Street.

Probably missed loads of the finer details.