Author Topic: Bloody Sunday killings to be ruled unlawful  (Read 23876 times)


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Re: Bloody Sunday killings to be ruled unlawful
« Reply #390 on: March 15, 2019, 10:46:46 AM »
Correct - this will be the last attempt at any prosecution.  Everyone else gets off....probably already promised to the DUP.
I wonder if they have picked a pasty who will probably be deemed unfit to stand trial due to age/illness ie another whitewash.

Going by what I've read he's the best chance of getting a conviction. He's the most involved of the ones still living. Shot something like 8 people I think.

I think this was posted on here already, but it seems "Dave" or Soldier F went off the rails that day;

Now whilst these Soldiers were the ones pulling the trigger and are responsible for their actions, why are there not officers like Derek Wilford not in the dock as well?