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Re: Movie reccomendations
« Reply #7500 on: September 04, 2020, 12:56:15 AM »
It couldnt be as bad as Dunkirk.

It’s worse. Dunkirk at least had some rough semblance of structure.

If anyone wants to avoid a trip to see Tenet in these scary COVID times then just pull a pillow around your head and watch a 2 hour general relativity physics Lecture on YouTube. The stream of muffled explanations of incomprehensible physics jargon is more than a suitable replacement for Nolan’s latest offering.

It’s bad enough that Nolan thinks he’s a f**king genius by writing films about “temporal pincer movements” but to add insult to injury by lifting whole passages of bad guy dialogue from Austin powers is just taking the piss. “How vould you like to die?” f**k off Dr No.
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