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Sponsorship Fundraising Platform
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:25:44 PM »
Tried to find a matching thread and apologies if I missed.  We are looking for early adopters for an online sponsorship and donations processing site we are testing called
The premise is simple you set up a group for the club, create a campaign for what you are fundraising for and your members get a personal fundraising page. 
It works really well for sponsored 10K runs or White Collar Boxing where each boxer gets a personalised page.  All they need to do is send a link to their friends/family by email or social media.  Once they click on it they are bought to a donations page with details of the fundraiser.
We are not charging any commission for early adopters and would help people through the process.
If it sounds like something your club would be interested in my email is eoin @
Once again apologies if I have posted wrongly.