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Re: The Palestine thread
« Reply #3315 on: February 22, 2021, 04:30:59 PM »

Youíve asked no questions, this is your daft get out anytime it goes against you.

How many wars took place in those countries post WW2?

What countries do Russia occupy against their will?

See if you can find a pair of balls on yourself and answer these.

I listed the countries.

How many wars? I donít know what that has to do with occupying countries that donít belong to you and during that period of occupation they took all their natural resources

Russia don't occupy those countries.

So you don't know the answer to the second question? Well that removes any credibility from your assertion.

Ah, so you are only dealing with things currently? Thatís great to know, so going forward donít dip into the past and use it as a fact, as it will be irrelevant.
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