Author Topic: State of club football in Tyrone  (Read 11707 times)

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Re: State of club football in Tyrone
« Reply #15 on: November 30, 2011, 04:13:10 PM »
Give me an example of a Divisional Team - would it be Clonoe, Derrylaughan, Brockagh and Derrytresk?
I will give it a go:
O'Neill (Clonoe)
Campbell (Derrytresk)
Brady (Clonoe)
Burke (Clonoe)
Coney (Clonoe)
C O'Neill (Derrytresk)
Hughes (Clonoe)
McNulty (Clonoe)
O'Hagan (Clonoe)
L Gervin (Derrylaughan)
C Gervin (Derrylaughan)
Doris (Clonoe)
Gavin (Derrytresk)
C Donnelly (Clonoe)
Donnelly (Brockagh)

I heard there was a tournament like this years ago when teams joined up. Put a few clubs together and pick your teams there........


For example!!!!!!

just to let you know donnelly would not make that clonoe parish team no ryan t no pj no mc aliskey no mc kee all far better players than him maybe the county board should get that competition up and going again would be good craic for all those months when we have no football during the summer

Are you the manager? You do know this is just someones opinion and its not real.
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Re: State of club football in Tyrone
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2011, 06:46:54 PM »
F*ck that! 13 a side would mean corner backs having to run more!

Is getting the numbers for Reserve teams that big an issue for Clubs? we have the opposite problem having had 15+ subs for many games this year.
You would be one of the few I'd reckon, most clubs have lost players to emigration, short term or long term, and senior teams are having to take in more of the better and committed reserve players for themselves. I know Fintona last year had to get some semi-retired players in their 40's out for some reserve games this year and another exodus of players going abroad to work is happening over the next few months. At one point it would have been quite rare for the club not to be able to gather up players to play any game at most levels.
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Re: State of club football in Tyrone
« Reply #17 on: January 11, 2012, 02:47:42 PM »
Tyrone Football has the same problem as English Soccer; ie. too many 'Fringe Players' who are fairly level talent wise which creates a selection headache!

Many of the Fringe Players on the Tyrone Panel don't get enough Club games; due to Tyrone GAC Mollycoddling; and as a result the clubs are suffering.

It's no surprise that 'Beavis' (aka Frank Jr) has so many good performances for Ardboe because he refused to latch onto the Intercounty Gravy Train after 2003. His Club came first.

Also, many of the fringe players who are still at U-21 level aren't allowed to enter the U-21 Club Championship (which really should be played during the summer so that young lads on the fringes of their Club Squad get some much needed football)! The U-21 Club Finals ended up being played at Winter time when the pitches are not up to scratch (prime example was the Derry U-21 Final between Ballinderry and Dungiven at Ballymaguigan which was a trudging match following all the rainfall at November).

I doubt there would be much consideration given to Club Football as Intercounty Football is too Profitable.
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