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2011 Fixture Programme
« on: January 31, 2011, 11:08:36 PM »

Eanáir (January)

Saturday 8th   Dr. McKenna Cup      Round 1              Down v St Marys   
Saturday 15th   Dr. McKenna Cup      Round 2               Down v Armagh               
Wednesday 19th Dr. McKenna Cup      Round 3               Antrim v Down
Sat/Sun 22nd/23rd Dr. McKenna Cup   Semi-Final   
Sunday 29th    Dr. McKenna Cup       Final

- Feabhra (February) -

Saturday 5th    National Football League      Round 1   Mayo v Down
Sunday 13th     National Hurling League                    Round 1          Down v Carlow
Sunday 20th    National Football League                  Round 2   Down v Galway
                        National Hurling League                    Round 2           Kerry v Down
Saturday 26th   National Football League                   Round 3          Down v Armagh

- Márta (March) -

3rd/4th/5th          Sigerson Cup
Sunday 6th        National Hurling League                  Round 3            Down v Limerick           
                 ACPRL                                              Round 1
Saturday 12th   National Football League                  Round 4            Cork v Down
                 MHL                                                  Round 1             Down v Armagh
Sunday 13th     National Hurling League      Round 4           Clare v Down 
                        ACPRL                                               Round 2
Wednesday 16th Ulster U21 Football Championship                          Down v Tyrone
Thursday 17th   A I B Club Championship Finals     
Saturday 19th    National Football League                      Round 5            Down v Monaghan
                          MHL                                                     Round 2             Derry v Down
Sunday 20th    ACPRL                                                  Round 3
Wednesday 23rd Semi Finals
Saturday 26th  MFL                                                      Round 1          Down v Monaghan
                       MHL                                                      Round 3          Antrim v Down
 Sunday 27th   National Hurling League                      Round 5           Down v Laois
                      ACPRL                                                  Round 4     
Wednesday 30th    Ulster U 21 Championship                Final     
- Aibreán (April) -

Saturday 2nd    National Football League                    Round 6             Dublin v Down
                        Ulster MFL                                          Round 2             Cavan v Down
Sunday 3rd       National Hurling League                    Round 6             Down v Antrim
ACPRL                                                Round 5
Wednesday 6th  Ulster MFL                                         Round 3             Down v Armagh
Sunday 10th      National Football League                    Round 7             Kerry v Down
                         ACPRL                                                Round 6
Monday 11th     ACHL                                                  Round 1
Friday 15th      ACFL Div 1, 2, 3, 4                             Round 1
Sunday 17th     National Hurling League                      Round 7             Westmeath v Down
                         ACPRL                                                Round 7
Monday 18th   ACFL Div  3 & 4                                Round 2
                        ACHL                                                  Round 2
Saturday 23rd  Christy Ring                                        Round 1
                       Lory Magher                                        Round 1
Sunday 24th     Easter Sunday
                         National Football League Final
Monday 25th      ACFL Div 1 & 2                             Round 2
                         ACFL Div  3 & 4                                Round 3 
Thursday 28th    ACFL Div 1& 2                              Round 3
                         ACFL Div 3 & 4                                Round 4     
Saturday 30th    Christy Ring                                       Round 2
                          Lory Magher                                      Round 2                                             
Bealtaine (May)
Sunday 1st    All Ireland U-21 Football Final
                        ACPRL                                               Round 8
Monday 2nd      National Hurling League Finals   Div 1 & 2
                         ACHL                                                 Round 3
Friday  6th   ACPRL                                                Round 9
Saturday 7th     Christy Ring  Cup                               Quarter Finals
                         Lory Magher                                       Quarter Finals
Sunday 8th          A.C.F.L. Div 1 & 2                               Round 4
                        ACFL Div  3 & 4                              Round 5             
Friday 13th      ACFL Div 1 & 2                               Round 5
                       ACFL  Div 3 & 4                               Round 6
Saturday 14th  Ulster Senior Hurling Championship   Round 1
Sunday 15th   ACPRL                                                Round 10
Monday 16th   ACHL                                                   Round 4
Friday 20th   A.C.F.L. Div 1 & 2*****                     Round 6
                        ACFL Div  3 & 4*****                         Round 7
Saturday 21st  Christy Ring Cup                        Semi Final
                        Lory Meagher Cup                     Semi Final
Sunday 22nd   A.C.P.R.L.                                        Round 11
Monday 23rd  ACHL                                                 Round 5
Friday 28th   A.C.F.L. Div 4                                 Round 8
Saturday 28th   Ulster Senior & Minor Football Championship        ¼ Finals
                        Ulster Senior Hurling Championship   
Sunday 29th     ACPRL                                            Round 12
Monday 30th  ACHL                                                Round 6
-   Meitheamh (June)
Friday 3rd    ACFL Div 1 & 2                                    Round 7
                    ACFL Div 3                                          Round 8
                    ACFL Div 4                                         Round 9
Saturday 4th Christy Ring & Lory Magher Finals
Sunday 5th    ACPR & R Championship
                     Feis an Duin
Monday 6th A.C.H.L.                                 Round 7
Friday 10th   A.C.F.L.  Div 1 & 2****                      Round 8   
                        A.C.F.L  Div  3****                             Round 9   
                        ACFL Div 4                                          Round 10     
Sunday 12th     Ulster Hurling Championship Semi Final
                         A.C.P.R.L.                                Round 13
Sunday 13th   ACHL                                           Round 8   
Friday 17th   A.C.F.L. Div 1 & 2 ****                   Round 9
                        A.C.F.L Div  3  ****                   Round 10
                        ACFL Div 4                                 Round 11
Sunday 19th   Ulster Senior & Minor Football Championship                                  Semi Final
Monday 20th  ACHL                                               Round 9
Friday 24th   A.C.F.L. Div 1 & 2****                Round 10
                        A.C.F.L Div  3****                       Round 11
                         ACFL Div 4                                  Round 12
Saturday 25th All Ireland Qualifiers                      Round 1
Sunday 26th   Ulster Senior & Minor Hurling Championships
Monday 27th ACHL                                                Round 10
- Iúil (July) -
Friday 1st    A.C.F.L. Div 1  & 2                          Round 11
                        A.C.F.L Div  3                                  Round 12
                        ACFL Div 4                                      Round 13
Sunday 3rd   A.C.P.R.L.                                         Round 14
Monday 4th     A.C.H.L.                                             Round 11
Friday 8th       ACFL Div 1 & 2****                         Round 12
                       ACFL Div 3****                               Round 13
                      ACFL Div 4                                        Round 14   
Saturday 9th    All-Ireland Qualifiers               Round 2
Monday 11th  A.C.H.L                                              Round 12
Saturday 16th All-Ireland Qualifiers               Round 3
Sunday 17th   Ulster Senior & Minor Football Championship Finals
Monday 18th    ACHL                                              Round 13
Saturday 23rd   All-Ireland Qualifiers               Round 4
Sunday 24th     ACPRL                                             Round 15
Monday 25th   ACHL                                               Round 14
Friday 29th   A.C.F.L.  Div 4                                Round 15
Saturday 30th    All-Ireland Football ¼ Finals
- Lúnasa (August) –
Monday 1st     Intermediate & Junior Hurling Championship    ¼ Finals
Thursday 4th   Football Championships      
Friday 5th   Football Championships
Saturday 6th   Football Championships   
Sunday 7th   Football Championships      
Monday 8th   Football Championships
Friday 12th   A.C.F.L.  Div 1 & 2                             Round 13
                        A.C.F.L   Div  3                                   Round 14
                        ACFL Div 4                                          Round 16
Sunday 14th   A.C.P.R.L                                           Round 16
Monday 15th A.C.H.L                                                  Round 15
Friday 20th      A.C.F.L.  Div 1 & 2 ****                 Round 14
                         A.C.F.L  Div  3  ****                       Round  15
                         ACFL Div 4                                      Round 17
Sunday 21st     All-Ireland Senior & Minor Football Semi-Finals
                          Intermediate & Junior Hurling Semi Finals
Monday  22nd ACHL                                              Round 16
                A.C.P.R.L                                      Round 17
Friday 26th   ACFL Div 3 ****                          Round 16   
                        ACFL Div 4                                  Round 18      
Sunday 28th   ACPR Championship      
Monday 29th    ACHL                                           Round 17   

- Meán Fómhair (September) -

Saturday 3rd     A.C.F.L. Div 1 & 2 ****                     Round 15
                        A.C.F.L   Div 3 ****                           Round 17
                         ACFL Div 4                                        Round 19
Sunday 4th   A.C.P.R.L                                               Round 18
Friday 9th   Football Championships ??      
Saturday 10th   Football Championships ??      
Sunday 11th   Football Championships ??      
      Senior Hurling Championship Semi- Finals
      Intermediate & Junior Hurling Championship Finals   
Saturday 17th ACHL                                                 Round 18
Sunday 18th    All-Ireland Senior & Minor Football Finals
Friday 23rd  Football Championships
Saturday 24th Football Championships
Sunday 25th   Senior Hurling Championship Final

- Deireadh Fómhair (October) -

Saturday 1st       A.C.F.L                                               
Sunday 2nd     Ulster Intermediate  Club Hurling Championship               
Ulster Junior Club Hurling Championship                           
Sunday 9th   A.C.F.L.                                           
Ulster Senior Club Hurling Championship            Antrim v Down
      Ulster Intermediate & Junior Club Hurling Championship      Semi-Finals
Saturday 15th Senior Football Championship Final
Sunday 16th    Ulster Junior Club Football Championship            Derry v Down
Friday 21st     International Rules

                        Ulster Club Hurling Championship                             Finals      
Sunday 30th    Ulster  Club Football Championship         Quarter Finals

-   Samhain (November) –
Sunday 14th         Ulster Club Football Championship              Semi Finals
Sunday 28th          Ulster Club Football Championship                     Finals

- Nollaig (December) –

***** These Games Must be Played Without County Players.

****   Possibly Played Without County Players.

Games postponed for whatever reason must be played on or before the following Wednesday night. Rules on postponement will be strictly adhered to. Games not played will ruled on by Coiste Cheannais Na gComórtaisí.

The date listed in the Fixtures Programme approved by the County Committee for the final series of games in each Division of the All-County Football League shall be the designated “cut-off” date.

The league positions of teams after the games played on the “cut-off” date shall be considered the final league positions.

Coiste Cheannais Na gComórtaisí may review the above fixtures during the year. Clubs will be notified in writing (email) of any changes.

Play-off games will start immediately after their respective leagues are complete.

With the newly developed Pairc Esler the Competitions Control Committee may fix games under lights in the new stadium, Clubs will be notified in writing (email) of any changes.

Sunday – U-12 Football, Premier Reserve Football at 2.00 p.m. and Reserve Football at 7.30 p.m.
        Ladies Football, U-16 Hurling at 5.30 p.m.   

Monday –Division 1 & 2 Hurling, U 14 Football Division 2 & 4 Camogie, U-16 Camogie.

Tuesday – Minor Football, U-14  & U-16 Camogie on alternate weeks.

Wednesday – Adult Football/Hurling Refixtures, Minor Hurling and Division 1 & 4 Camogie.

Thursday – U-16 Football, U-12 Hurling

Friday – Adult Football, U-14 Hurling and Minor Camogie.

Saturday – U-8 & U-10 Hurling Blitz on 1st and 3rd Saturdays, Adult Ladies Football (7.00 p.m.) U-12 Camogie, U-8 & U-10 Football on 2nd & 4th Saturdays.


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2011, 11:13:09 PM »
ACFL Division 1 2011

Babhta One
Longstone      v      Kilcoo   
An Riocht      v      Clonduff   
Mayobridge      v      Burren   
Saval      v      Rostrevor   
Bryansford      v      Ballyholland   

Babhta Two
Clonduff      v      Bryansford   
Burren      v      Saval   
Rostrevor      v      Mayobridge   
Kilcoo      v      An Riocht   
Ballyholland      v      Longstone   

Babhta Three
Longstone      v      An Riocht   
Mayobridge      v      Kilcoo   
Saval      v      Clonduff   
Bryansford      v      Burren   
Rostrevor      v      Ballyholland   

Babhta Four
Clonduff      v      Rostrevor   
Kilcoo      v      Saval   
Ballyholland      v      Mayobridge   
Longstone      v      Burren   
An Riocht      v      Bryansford   

Babhta Five
Saval      v      Longstone   
Kilcoo      v      Clonduff   
Burren      v      Ballyholland   
Mayobridge      v      Bryansford   
An Riocht      v      Rostrevor   

Babhta Six
Longstone      v      Mayobridge   
Saval      v      An Riocht   
Bryansford      v      Kilcoo   
Rostrevor      v      Burren   
Ballyholland      v      Clonduff   

Babhta Seven
Clonduff      v      Mayobridge   
Kilcoo      v      Rostrevor   
Burren      v      An Riocht   
Bryansford      v      Longstone   
Ballyholland      v      Saval   


Babhta Eight
An Riocht      v      Ballyholland   
Burren      v      Kilcoo   
Longstone      v      Clonduff   
Rostrevor      v      Bryansford   
Mayobridge      v      Saval   

Babhta Nine
Mayobridge      v      An Riocht   
Kilcoo      v      Ballyholland   
Rostrevor      v      Longstone   
Clonduff      v      Burren   
Saval      v      Bryansford   



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
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ACFL Div 2 2011

Babhta One
Clann na Banna      v      Downpatrick   
Shamrocks      v      Castlewellan   
Ballymartin      v      Warrenpoint   
Liatroim      v      Loughinisland   
Annaclone      v      Drumgath   

Babhta Two
Castlewellan      v      Annaclone   
Warrenpoint      v      Liatroim   
Loughinisland      v      Ballymartin   
Downpatrick      v      Shamrocks   
Drumgath      v      Clann na Banna   

Babhta Three
Clann na Banna      v      Shamrocks   
Ballymartin      v      Downpatrick   
Liatroim      v      Castlewellan   
Annaclone      v      Warrenpoint   
Loughinisland      v      Drumgath   

Babhta Four
Castlewellan      v      Loughinisland   
Downpatrick      v      Liatroim   
Drumgath      v      Ballymartin   
Clann na Banna      v      Warrenpoint   
Shamrocks      v      Annaclone   

Babhta Five
Liatroim      v      Clann na Banna   
Downpatrick      v      Castlewellan   
Warrenpoint      v      Drumgath   
Ballymartin      v      Annaclone   
Shamrocks      v      Loughinisland   

Babhta Six
Clann na Banna      v      Ballymartin   
Liatroim      v      Shamrocks   
Annaclone      v      Downpatrick   
Loughinisland      v      Warrenpoint   
Drumgath      v      Castlewellan   

Babhta Seven
Castlewellan      v      Ballymartin   
Downpatrick      v      Loughinisland   
Warrenpoint      v      Shamrocks   
Annaclone      v      Clann na Banna   
Drumgath      v      Liatroim   


Babhta Eight
Shamrocks      v      Drumgath   
Warrenpoint      v      Downpatrick   
Clann na Banna      v      Castlewellan   
Loughinisland      v      Annaclone   
Ballymartin      v      Liatroim   

Babhta Nine
Ballymartin      v      Shamrocks   
Downpatrick      v      Drumgath   
Loughinisland      v      Clann na Banna   
Castlewellan      v      Warrenpoint   
Liatroim      v      Annaclone   



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2011, 11:15:24 PM »
ACFL Div 3 2011

Round One
Mitchels      v      Ardglass   
St John Bosco      v      Tullylish   
Carryduff      v      Dundrum   
Glasdrumman      v      Glenn   
Atticall      v      St Johns   
Daragh Cross      v      Kilclief   

Round  Two
Ardglass      v      St John Bosco   
Tullylish      v      Mitchels   
Dundrum      v      Glasdrumman   
Glenn      v      Carryduff   
St Johns      v      Daragh Cross   
Kilclief      v      Atticall   

Round Three         
Mitchels      v      Dundrum   
St John Bosco      v      Glenn   
Glasdrumman      v      Kilclief   
Carryduff      v      St Johns   
Atticall      v      Ardglass   
Daragh Cross      v      Tullylish   

Round Four
Ardglass      v      Carryduff   
Tullylish      v      Glasdrumman   
Dundrum      v      Atticall   
Glenn      v      Daragh Cross   
St Johns      v      Mitchels   
Kilclief      v      St John Bosco   

Round Five
Daragh Cross      v      Dundrum   
Mitchels      v      Glenn   
St John Bosco      v      St Johns   
Carryduff      v      Kilclief   
Glasdrumman      v      Ardglass   
Atticall      v      Tullylish   

Round Six
Ardglass      v      Daragh Cross   
Tullylish      v      Carryduff   
Dundrum      v      St John Bosco   
Glenn      v      Atticall   
St Johns      v      Glasdrumman   
Kilclief      v      Mitchels   

Round   Seven
Atticall      v      Glasdrumman   
Carryduff      v      St John Bosco   
Mitchels      v      Daragh Cross   
St Johns      v      Glenn   
Dundrum      v      Tullylish   
Ardglass      v      Kilclief   

Round   Eight
St John Bosco      v      Atticall   
Kilclief      v      Dundrum   
Tullylish      v      St Johns   
Glasdrumman      v      Mitchels   
Daragh Cross      v      Carryduff   
Glenn      v      Ardglass   

Round   Nine
Mitchels      v      St John Bosco   
Atticall      v      Carryduff   
Glasdrumman      v      Daragh Cross   
Ardglass      v      Tullylish   
Dundrum      v      St Johns   
Glenn      v      Kilclief   

Round Ten
Carryduff      v      Mitchels   
Atticall      v      Daragh Cross   
St John Bosco      v      Glasdrumman   
Dundrum      v      Ardglass   
Tullylish      v      Glenn   
St Johns      v      Kilclief   

Round Eleven
Daragh Cross      v      St John Bosco   
Mitchels      v      Atticall   
Glasdrumman      v      Carryduff   
Kilclief      v      Tullylish   
Ardglass      v      St Johns   
Glenn      v      Dundrum   


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2011, 11:16:04 PM »
ACFL Div 4 2011

Round  One
Ballykinlar      v      St Pauls   
St Micheals      v      Aughlisnafinn   
Teconnaught      v      Saul   
Bright      v      Bredagh   
Drumaness      v      Dromara   
Aghaderg   Bye            

Round  Two
Dromara      v      Aghaderg   
Bredagh      v      Drumaness   
Saul      v      Bright   
Aughlisnafinn      v      Teconnaught   
St Pauls      v      St Micheals   
Ballykinlar   Bye            

Round  Three
St Micheals      v      Ballykinlar   
Teconnaught      v      St Pauls   
Bright      v      Aughlisnafinn   
Drumaness      v      Saul   
Aghaderg      v      Bredagh   
Dromara   Bye            

Round Four
Bredagh      v      Dromara   
Saul      v      Aghaderg   
Aughlisnafinn      v      Drumaness   
St Pauls      v      Bright   
Ballykinlar      v      Teconnaught   
St Micheals   Bye            

Round  Five
Teconnaught      v      St Micheals   
Bright      v      Ballykinlar   
Drumaness      v      St Pauls   
Aghaderg      v      Aughlisnafinn   
Dromara      v      Saul   
Bredagh   Bye            

Round Six
Saul      v      Bredagh   
Aughlisnafinn      v      Dromara   
St Pauls      v      Aghaderg   
Ballykinlar      v      Drumaness   
St Micheals      v      Bright   
Teconnaught   Bye            


Round Seven
Bright      v      Teconnaught   
Drumaness      v      St Micheals   
Aghaderg      v      Ballykinlar   
Dromara      v      St Pauls   
Bredagh      v      Aughlisnafinn   
Saul   Bye            

Round Eight
Aughlisnafinn      v      Saul   
St Pauls      v      Bredagh   
Ballykinlar      v      Dromara   
St Micheals      v      Aghaderg   
Teconnaught      v      Drumaness   
Bright   Bye            

Round Nine
Drumaness      v      Bright   
Aghaderg      v      Teconnaught   
Dromara      v      St Micheals   
Bredagh      v      Ballykinlar   
Saul      v      St Pauls   
Aughlisnafinn   Bye            

Round Ten
St Pauls      v      Aughlisnafinn   
Ballykinlar      v      Saul   
St Micheals      v      Bredagh   
Teconnaught      v      Dromara   
Bright      v      Aghaderg   
Drumaness   Bye            

Round Eleven
Aghaderg      v      Drumaness   
Dromara      v      Bright   
Bredagh      v      Teconnaught   
Saul      v      St Micheals   
Aughlisnafinn      v      Ballykinlar   
St Pauls   Bye            



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #5 on: January 31, 2011, 11:16:41 PM »
ACHL Div 1 2011

Round One
Ballygalget      v      Ballycran   
Ballela      v      Liatroim   
Portaferry      v      Kilclief   
Shamrocks      v      Warrenpoint   
Round Two
Liatroim      v      Ballygalget   
Kilclief      v      Ballela   
Warrenpoint      v      Portaferry   
Ballycran      v      Shamrocks   

Round Three
Ballygalget      v      Kilclief   
Ballela      v      Warrenpoint   
Portaferry      v      Ballycran   
Shamrocks      v      Liatroim   

Round Four
Warrenpoint      v      Ballygalget   
Ballycran      v      Ballela   
Liatroim      v      Portaferry   
Kilclief      v      Shamrocks   

Round Five
Ballygalget      v      Ballela   
Portaferry      v      Shamrocks   
Ballycran      v      Liatroim   
Kilclief      v      Warrenpoint   

Round Six
Ballela      v      Portaferry   
Shamrocks      v      Ballygalget   
Liatroim      v      Kilclief   
Warrenpoint      v      Ballycran   

Round Seven
Ballygalget      v      Portaferry   
Ballela      v      Shamrocks   
Ballycran      v      Kilclief   
Liatroim      v      Warrenpoint   



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2011, 11:17:43 PM »
ACHL Div 2 2011

Round One
Clonduff      v      Castlewellan   
Ballyvarley      v      Bredagh   
Carryduff      v      Portaferry   
Ballycran      v      Ballygalget   
Round Two
Bredagh      v      Clonduff   
Carryduff      v      Ballyvarley   
Portaferry      v      Ballygalget   
Castlewellan      v      Ballycran   

Round Three
Clonduff      v      Carryduff   
Ballyvarley      v      Ballygalget   
Castlewellan      v      Portaferry   
Ballycran      v      Bredagh   

Round Four
Ballygalget      v      Clonduff   
Castlewellan      v      Ballyvarley   
Portaferry      v      Bredagh   
Carryduff      v      Ballycran   

Round Five
Clonduff      v      Ballyvarley   
Ballycran      v      Portaferry   
Castlewellan      v      Bredagh   
Carryduff      v      Ballygalget   

Round Six
Portaferry      v      Ballyvarley   
Ballycran      v      Clonduff   
Bredagh      v      Carryduff   
Ballygalget      v      Castlewellan   

Round Seven
Portaferry      v      Clonduff   
Ballyvarley      v      Ballycran   
Castlewellan      v      Carryduff   
Bredagh      v      Ballygalget   


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #7 on: January 31, 2011, 11:18:45 PM »
ACPRL Div 1 2011

Babhta One
Bryansford      v      Castlewellan   
Clonduff      v      Loughinisland   
An Riocht      v      Mayobridge   
Rostrevor      v      Burren   
Kilcoo      v      Carryduff   

Babhta Two
Loughinisland      v      Kilcoo   
Mayobridge      v      Rostrevor   
Burren      v      An Riocht   
Castlewellan      v      Clonduff   
Carryduff      v      Bryansford   

Babhta Three
Bryansford      v      Clonduff   
An Riocht      v      Castlewellan   
Rostrevor      v      Loughinisland   
Kilcoo      v      Mayobridge   
Burren      v      Carryduff   

Babhta Four
Loughinisland      v      Burren   
Castlewellan      v      Rostrevor   
Carryduff      v      An Riocht   
Bryansford      v      Mayobridge   
Clonduff      v      Kilcoo   

Babhta Five
Rostrevor      v      Bryansford   
Castlewellan      v      Loughinisland   
Mayobridge      v      Carryduff   
An Riocht      v      Kilcoo   
Clonduff      v      Burren   

Babhta Six
Bryansford      v      An Riocht   
Rostrevor      v      Clonduff   
Kilcoo      v      Castlewellan   
Burren      v      Mayobridge   
Carryduff      v      Loughinisland   

Babhta Seven
Loughinisland      v      An Riocht   
Castlewellan      v      Burren   
Mayobridge      v      Clonduff   
Kilcoo      v      Bryansford   
Carryduff      v      Rostrevor   


Babhta Eight
Clonduff      v      Carryduff   
Mayobridge      v      Castlewellan   
Bryansford      v      Loughinisland   
Burren      v      Kilcoo   
An Riocht      v      Rostrevor   

Babhta Nine
An Riocht      v      Clonduff   
Castlewellan      v      Carryduff   
Burren      v      Bryansford   
Loughinisland      v      Mayobridge   
Rostrevor      v      Kilcoo   



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #8 on: January 31, 2011, 11:19:28 PM »
ACPRL Div 2 2011

Babhta One
Annaclone      v      St Johns   
Downpatrick      v      Ballyholland   
Bredagh      v      Tullylish   
Longstone      v      Clann na Banna   
Liatroim      v      Saval   

Babhta Two
Ballyholland      v      Liatroim   
Tullylish      v      Longstone   
Clann na Banna      v      Bredagh   
St Johns      v      Downpatrick   
Saval      v      Annaclone   

Babhta Three
Annaclone      v      Downpatrick   
Bredagh      v      St Johns   
Longstone      v      Ballyholland   
Liatroim      v      Tullylish   
Clann na Banna      v      Saval   

Babhta Four
Ballyholland      v      Clann na Banna   
St Johns      v      Longstone   
Saval      v      Bredagh   
Annaclone      v      Tullylish   
Downpatrick      v      Liatroim   

Babhta Five
Longstone      v      Annaclone   
St Johns      v      Ballyholland   
Tullylish      v      Saval   
Bredagh      v      Liatroim   
Downpatrick      v      Clann na Banna   

Babhta Six
Annaclone      v      Bredagh   
Longstone      v      Downpatrick   
Liatroim      v      St Johns   
Clann na Banna      v      Tullylish   
Saval      v      Ballyholland   

Babhta Seven
Ballyholland      v      Bredagh   
St Johns      v      Clann na Banna   
Tullylish      v      Downpatrick   
Liatroim      v      Annaclone   
Saval      v      Longstone   


Babhta Eight
Downpatrick      v      Saval   
Tullylish      v      St Johns   
Annaclone      v      Ballyholland   
Clann na Banna      v      Liatroim   
Bredagh      v      Longstone   

Babhta Nine
Bredagh      v      Downpatrick   
St Johns      v      Saval   
Clann na Banna      v      Annaclone   
Ballyholland      v      Tullylish   
Longstone      v      Liatroim   



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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #9 on: January 31, 2011, 11:29:48 PM »
Proposed ACMFL 2011
Division 1     
An Riocht   

Division 2

Cill Dharach
St Marys

Division 3                                                   
Clann na Banna   
St Johns                 
St Pauls                 
St Josephs             

Minor Football Probable Dates:
League & Championship
April    19   26
May     03    10   17
June     21    28
July      05   13    19     26
Aug     02    09    16    23    30

Division 3
This League would be 13 a side League with the option of playing 15 a side subject to both clubs agreement.

A Championship would be made up of top 8 teams in Divisions 1 & 2 after first 5 series of League games

B Championship would be made up of bottom 3 teams in Divisions 1 & 2 after first 5 series of League games plus Division 3.


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #10 on: February 01, 2011, 10:40:33 PM »
Something not quite right with the master fixture list. Div 3 only goes to round 17 in september and looks to be gaps in championship dates too at first glance


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #11 on: February 04, 2011, 08:52:12 PM »
That's good planning by your own County Board to have fixtures out so early. Maybe they're out in Mayo too for clubs, but nobody knows about them yet.
The woman in red has the car parked on the slope.


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #12 on: March 04, 2011, 12:21:08 PM »
With the newly developed Pairc Esler the Competitions Control Committee may fix games under lights in the new stadium, Clubs will be notified in writing (email) of any changes.

Stadium? Really? ;D ;D ;D

its a tidy little ground but its not a Stadium ffs


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #13 on: March 04, 2011, 10:19:25 PM »
sorry to burst your bubble on this snoopdog but Páirc Esler is a STADIUM we should be proud of, heres a wee link to explain.


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Re: 2011 Fixture Programme
« Reply #14 on: March 28, 2011, 09:22:43 PM »
Can anyone offer a full list of dates of agreed dates for the Football leagues, Championships and Playoffs. As I said before, Div 3 stops on at Round 17 on the original posted here!