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This was on the board in 2004

My sister took an English relation to a club game of ours many years ago.  During the course of the game, when things weren't going too  well for one of our corner backs, a woman in the crowd was shouting:

>     "Take that useless c**t off, he's good for nothing". >     Needless to say, the English relation was horrified at such a  remark  and tried to reason with the lady saying:  "There's no need for  that language, I'm sure you wouldn't like someone saying those things  about your son,"  to which she replied:  "sure, the useless c**t is my son!"


I was at an Armagh match in the early  90s with a neighbour of mine who's loud by nature but is particularly vocal at matches (a bit rough  around the edges you might say). Anyway, he took particular umbrage at one particular Armagh player who wasn't having a great game.  At one stage he shouts out the  name of the player and roars:  "if they won't take you off, for f**ks sake, walk off!"


At a reserve game in Co. Derry, one team who had only the bare fifteen trotted off at the break getting pretty badly beaten.  Francie the full forward was having a nightmare.... here is part of the half time


   Manager:  "Francie, you're coming off."

   Francie:  "but we only have the bare 15."

   [short  pause]

   Manager:  "come off anyway."

     At a minor league game a couple of years ago, our manager was giving >     the usual f**king and blindin' to us when a spectator said to him  over the fence:

  "Don't be so ignorant....(short pause).... ye big fat f**ker ye."

>     ************************************

 Nice Tipperary one.    Workmates console Eddie Tucker after Tipp
are demolished by Clare and he's had a bad day:  "don't worry about it
   Eddie, it wasn't your fault, it's the fecin eejits that picked ya."


  Another classic I've been told involves the Ballygar-St. Brendan's
      hurling club in Galway where a major dispute reared its head at
the AGM.  The chairman is reportedly a straight-talking bachelor of
 questionable diplomacy.  Amidst the row, a newly appointed priest
took the floor commenting on how the GAA should be a focal point for the 2
 parishes, not a source of argument.  He continued on about how
veryone should pull together for the good of the club and see the club as a
 unifying force.  The chairman stood up and said:  "Thanks a lot for
that now Father, but that's the kind of talk that sickens my  hole."


I think this thread needs to be revived every once in a while. :)


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