Author Topic: Criminal feud goes online with gangsta-rap duel  (Read 1025 times)


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Criminal feud goes online with gangsta-rap duel
« on: October 09, 2009, 10:31:43 AM »

Criminal feud goes online with gangsta-rap duel

CRIMINALS involved in the country's most infamous gang feud are waging a bizarre online war against each other.

Four months ago senior members of the notorious McCarthy-Dundon gang in Limerick sent out a chilling death threat to their rival gang boss on an internet site.

But now their deadly enemies -- Limerick's Keane-Collopy gang -- have joined in the internet hate war by issuing murder threats -- in the form of a MTV-style 'gangsta rap'.

Members of the Keane-Collopy criminal outfit have warned well-known criminal and sworn enemy, John Dundon (29), that they will shoot and murder him, via a video which has been posted on popular internet website, YouTube.

During the summer, senior members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang sent a death threat to convicted drugs dealer, Christy Keane, which was uploaded on to the same website.

Posing beside a high-powered Mercedes, John and Ger Dundon warned Keane that they knew where he was and would see him soon.

YouTube is one of the world's most popular websites where online computer users can upload, access and view videos.


The Keane-Collopy outfit based in St Mary's Park, Limerick, have recorded a video threatening John Dundon which has been viewed 7,000 times already.

Young associates of the gang, who are known to gardai, feature in the video filmed in St Mary's Park, Limerick.

One man wearing a hoodie raps into the camera for almost a minute and John Dundon is warned he will be shot six times until he doesn't breath anymore.

At one stage, a man wearing a hoodie with a print of an Uzi submachine gun on the back of it displays it to the camera and says, "this is what you are getting, you are getting that in the f**king head, you f**king rat".

One of the individuals in the video is a well-known Keane gang member and was recently questioned about a shooting incident targeting the Dundons. Another individual is closely associated to the Collopy outfit.

Another man with a hoodie pulled over his face, cocks his fingers in the shape of a gun, points it at the camera and declares: "I'll come out like this and shoot ya."

Gardai in Limerick are currently profiling the region's criminal gangs in a bid to prosecute senior members under the new criminal justice laws.


Now check out the video

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Re: Criminal feud goes online with gangsta-rap duel
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understood about 5% of what that eejit said at most
scary that people this stupid are allowed out in the day