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Re: Arseholes
« Reply #195 on: June 21, 2017, 12:19:34 PM »
Ruth wants to live in the past but she doesn't want to deal with the past.

Pengelly thinks UVF flags are part of the inbuilt KKKulture within a new mixed housing development.

Foster will push for an armed forces covenant.

Let them at it. The cat is out of the bag in Britain, the DUP/Tory axis will show them for what they are and play into the hands of Republicans.

Keep feeding them rope they will hang themselves.

Agree 100% with this! Can only seeing this playing out one way over the next few months/years.

John Sweeney on Newsnight tonight provided the best exposť of the DUP I've seen from the Brit media to date - replete with details of UDA connections, three Belfast elected MPs (who declined interviews) endorsed by the UDA, Arlene meeting Jackie McDonald, etc. The Tory matrons of the Home Counties will have clutched their cardigans to their necks.
The Tory matrons will say "Anything is better than that awful Corbyn man. If he has his way we will end up like poor Rhodesia"

That's where they're headed if they insist on Brexit.


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if at first you don't succeed, then goto Plan B