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Re: The Official Fantastic Glasgow Rangers thread
« Reply #345 on: June 15, 2019, 10:59:15 PM »
Ex-Rangers captain Fernando Ricksen in bad shape with Motor Neurone Disease. Was on news trying to raise awareness of the disease. Heís nearing the end it seems. Only 42. Sad to see.
Horrendous disease.  Hard to argue against euthanasia when people get this.  An awful end to your life.

He got very emotional, very sad to see. It was hard enough watching his interview.  God knows what him and his family deal with every day.

I suppose itís the thing in people that they have to keep fighting. Have to hope that theyíll come up with a cure to save you. I donít know, I think Iíd be on the plane to Switzerland.
Unfortunate enough to know a few folk who have had MND - I too would be on plane to Switzerland.