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Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
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I'd say naive, poor judgement, ill-advised and incompetent more than disgrace, but I understand United feeling that way.

They may have genuinely believed Suarez's assurances, but they should have issued a statement of support for the inquiry/stance of no tolerance for racial abuse, shut everyone up and accepted the outcome.
I disagree. Liverpool were correct to back their player during the witch hunt. Suarez was punished solely on the account of a rival player, the allegation made against him was not heard by anyone else. Evra then comes out and says he admitted insulting Suarez, and saying Suarez wasn't a racist, the FA said the same.
Doesn't look like a rigorous or fair process of investigation, Liverpool probably should have taken the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

They actually did issue a statement reiterating their stance of no tolerance for racial abuse. You can read this for yourself here , but that probably doesn't suit your agenda.

I don't have an agenda. I don't think Suarez is racist, despite the hyperbole from many United fans. I just think he is hypercompetitive and will do whatever he thinks he needs to in the moment to gain an advantage, even if it is something he wouldn't do or think in a million years off the field. He admitted to calling Evra "negro" i.e. black, albeit in a non-aggressive or provocative way. The inquiry didn't find it credible that under the circumstances he wasn't trying to get a reaction. And whatever about the club's statement on the initial findings, once the full report came out they decided to cut their losses and not appeal.

IMO the club just handled the whole thing extremely poorly from the start. Exercise in what not to do. You are free to your opinion.
I'm not surprised the club didn't appeal, such was the farce in the way that the FA charged him. One account of a rival player that wasn't heard by anyone else shouldn't have stood up in the first place, so an appeal to the FA was never going to be successful, they should have taken it to CAS instead.
The club and team were fully justified in supporting their player during this, so I'll agree to disagree on how the club handled the situation.