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General discussion / Re: Iconic sporting photos - non-GAA
« on: June 03, 2020, 04:12:50 PM »

General discussion / Re: Iconic sporting photos - non-GAA
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General discussion / Re: Iconic sporting photos - non-GAA
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General discussion / Re: Iconic sporting photos - non-GAA
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GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 2 - 2020
« on: January 26, 2020, 06:32:27 PM »
Only 1 game in but already its looking like the two favourites Kildare, Armagh will be promoted. Going to be some battle for relegation and with their poor results this weekend both Cavan and Roscommon could be dragged into that battle.

Kildare far from convincing today but probably just about shaded it. Fermanagh will make life difficult for most teams in the division and should eek out enough points to stay up.

GAA Discussion / Re: Next Decade of GAA Predictions
« on: December 31, 2019, 10:54:14 PM »
Dublin to win only 9 Leinster titles!

Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown to win the 10th defeating Fingal in the 2029 final.

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry Championship
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:29:10 PM »

Also helps their county junior team a lot

There are only 5 counties who take part in the Junior All-Ireland who are restricted to intermediate and junior players (Kerry, Cork, Mayo, Galway and Meath)
Every other county can pick players from senior teams.

+ Kildare

GAA Discussion / Re: Leinster Club Championships
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:17:40 PM »
Leixlip were relegated to Senior last year. Confey are indeed senior.

It does however have large immigrant population from Dublin who don't integrate with the locals, keeping themselves largely to their middle calls ghettos.

Leixlip in the other sports department has Leixlip Utd (30+ teams) Barnhall Rugby (20+teams), Leixlip Celtics Basketball(20+teams) and one of the largest athletic clubs in the country La Cheile.  Plus of the best canoeing clubs, MMA, boxing etc all within a 5 mile radius.

Big town but culturally and sportingly diverse. Large West of Ireland population traditionally drove GAA in the town but they are all getting old now...
I forgot about Confey a club started by mainly Connacht men.

I wonder could ye persuade GAA Top brass that the GAA needs a strong Leixlip? ::)

Confey is also Michael Fitzsimons original club. He owes his successful career to the hard work of dedicated Kildare volunteers.

GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
« on: July 16, 2019, 02:07:08 PM »
Sorry to see him go although the time is probably right for a change. It seemed to go stale this year after some decent progress since 2016.

Frustrating that we never seemed to be able to find much consistency and get over the line in tight matches during 2017-18; apart from the Newbridge or Nowhere saga. Div 2 league final in 2017, Armagh R4 qualifier after a decent Leinster campaign, Tyrone, Monaghan and Donegal Div 1 league games and the Galway and Monaghan games in the Super 8 last year.

I would be very surprised if his replacement is an outside appointment.

We were outclassed and it's probably an accurate reflection of where we have been all year. Tyrone just an all round superior outfit.

Bit of a rebuilding job to be done now - try to persuade a few players to commit and blood a few more of the underage lads.

If we go into this one on anything less than full tilt, it will be curtains, though I'm confident this Tír Eoghain team won't on Saturday evening.

Have Cill Dara ever beaten us in Newbridge (fluky last minute C Cav goals notwithstanding), in any competition?

Hammered you in 1996 in Newbridge 1-9 to 1-7.

Knuckles McCormack's finest hour.

Lads while the result wasn't the best for us Mayo folk I had a great time in the sun in Newbridge last year and it was a great place to go for a match. The Kildare lads are sound as a pound and the pints were great before and after down the town. It was a great atmosphere at the game compared to an empty Croke Park with the seagulls flying about the place!! Really old school provincial grounds are perfect for qualifier games like this.
Any good recommendations?

I liked the Bru House and Johnson's ( The Liffey Arms). There is Coffeys which was grand and O'Rourkes which is across the road from the ground but the great thing about Newbridge is the ground is in the middle of the town so every pub is walking distance from the game!! I am sure Dinny and the boys will have some more recommendations.

Bru has closed and Swifts is up for sale again.

Coffeys, Johnsons or Neesons are all grand and within a stones throw of the ground.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ros v Galway Connacht Final 2019
« on: June 16, 2019, 07:31:01 PM »
In fairness that a great kildare side. Brian Lacey, Karl O'Dwyer, Brian Murphy and Cathal Sheridan were great additions along with greatest manager of all time. If Declan Browne had gone would have won more Leinsters and possibly an All Ireland.

Was that a possibility at one stage?

Would have been a nice backup for Padraig Graven.

Well done Roscommon.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2019
« on: June 12, 2019, 11:09:31 AM »
How many season ticket holders in Kildare will determine the venue?If they have more than  2 000 , then the match will be a double header in Newry, health and safety , Congress motion etc
Is kildare fans complaining about choice and size of venue not a bit ironic after Newbridge and Mayo last year.

Nope, quite the opposite.


Antrim perfectly entitled to their choice of venue.

GAA Discussion / Re: Attendances
« on: June 09, 2019, 10:28:03 AM »
it's almost half the 58,723 that attended the last provincial semi-final meeting of Dublin and Kildare - which was also part of a double-header - in 2011.

"I think that reflects on Kildare really, they were really up there at the time, probably in Division 1 which is always a help. Last year, Kildare had a great run in getting to the Super 8s and so on," Bolger is quoted as saying in the Irish Daily Star.

Kildare finished higher in the league this year than in 2011!

Serious stretch by the Leinster Chairman. Like most counties Kildare have a smallish core support who'll be there through thick and thin and a sizeable fair weather support when things are looking up. Kildare were desperate for most of the mid 2000s and brought poor crowds - I'd say there was only a few thousand of us there in Croke Park for Leinster games between 04-06 (Wexford 04, Wicklow/Westmeath/Laois 05, Offaly 06). That was at a time when Leinster games were drawing massive crowds. We're no worse now than we were then.
You kinda are. Than 2011 anyway.
You coulda/shoulda beat both Dublin and Donegal that year, yet within 13 or 14 months of the Donegal defeat in extra time through an extraordinary and unlikely point by Cassidy, both Dublin and Donegal had collected Sam while Kildare had entered an extreme downward spiral for some reason. 

The standard in the rest of Leinster from 2013 to 2018 has been pretty abysmal. Coinciding with Dublin having a really good team and manager has got us to where we are. Thankfully Meath and Kildare are least seem to be on an upward trajectory now

It's 04-07 where I'm drawing the comparison. We had sunk back to post Tompkins/Fahy 1980s depths in those years. I think we only won four championship matches across those four years - Wicklow, Westmeath, Cavan and Roscommon. I think we went about five years without winning a minor championship match too in that period.

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