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General discussion / Re: The Official Daddies Club
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:03:05 PM »
What are people’s feelings on soft play areas? I feckin hate them. Currently at one with my Mrs and 6 and 3 year old and the place is mayhem. We’re taking turns going in and out to check if the kids are ok but the majority of kids are absolutely feral. Most parents don’t seem bothered as long as they fill their faces with coffee and bringing the 12 and 13 year old brothers and sisters to sprint around doesn’t help. The worst thing is that my kids love it.  :-\

Relax . . . they'll be fine!!!

I like them if the Mrs is away I'll go to the local one order lunch get the paper and relax while they wreck away.

They have a good time I have a good time everyone's a winner!!

GAA Discussion / Re: Why are non-Tyrone people obsessed about Tyrone?
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:18:44 AM »
I have it on whatsapp, not sure how to post pictures.

There was phone number gate in the 00s too, or was that bullsh@t too?

But you are confirming that the allegations originated from Stephen O’Brien?

Nope it looks like someone has sent O'Brien the screenshot of the whatsapp message asking if there's any truth to it and he's said "yeah the dirty c***ts".

Could quite easily have been photoshopped though!!

GAA Discussion / Re: Why are non-Tyrone people obsessed about Tyrone?
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:17:16 AM »
Certain Tyrone people seem to nurture a persecution complex. It must be related to "Northern Ireland" because there doesn't
seem to be any reason for it otherwise

Rumours circulate that a Kerry player accuses the Tyrone management of poisoning them, yes f**king poisoning them, in an All Ireland semi final and others spread it across all forms of social media. Then Tyrone people get accused of having a persecution complex when they defend their team from the ludicrous accusations. It’s a crazy world we live in.

Ah here the persecution complex has been around long before the last match!!! I'd say circa late 90s early 2000s and it's flourished from there.

In fairness to O'Shea the column writers don't make up the headlines and it was a very small piece of the story.

Can someone explain what the alleged water bottle incident was??

Some buck on t’interweb sent a WhatsApp message saying Tyrone gave poisoned water to Kerry’s during the game. Simple minded fools picked this up as gospel and spread it around.

I hope that I’m not a “simple minded fool”. All I did was throw it out there.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Without any foundation? The internet is full of fools.
I asked a question. I never said if I thought it was true or false. I thought that it was a free country, but feckit, must be Brexit…


I’m sure people are well aware of what they are doing when they “put things out there” but each to their own.

When I got the whatsapp message I knew it would be a whole can of worms it had already been forwarded numerous times. . . none of the sites are going with it though I'd say unless they can get something on the record which would be nigh on impossible.

Crazy times we live in used to be you'd hear that kind of nonsense in the pub after the match by some eejit or lunatic nowadays it goes in a whatsapp message and can be around the world in a matter of hours!! I still don't think it's true btw but if it was . . .

What would you expect from the scum that associate themselves with Tyrone.

Has to be up there with best first post on the board!!!


Next thing we know Tyrone will be involved in some Novichok incident in the McKenna Cup.

Aside from the jokes if true then it should be the subject of an official investigation and proper action taken - although I am not sure if there is a prohibition on poisoning your opponent.

How do we know it wasn't Novichok used at the weekend!!

Just read that in the last 11 years Tyrone have played Kerry/Mayo/Dublin 11 times in Championship and won zero of these games. How can they be above them then.

There may be a case for Tyrone being better than Donegal but then they beat them quite convincingly in the Championship so hard to say Tyrone aren't 5th in the pecking order.

Anyone hear about water bottles?

Got the message... has to be a wind up I know Tyrone are bad but even I don’t think them capable of that!!!

Would fair shut up the poor Petey Harte brigade if true!

General discussion / Re: Android Boxes
« on: August 12, 2019, 03:18:45 PM »
Everyone enjoy the footie yesterday chaps? Sat back and watched in Ultra HD  ;D Not sure if the internet providers had any blocks in force yesterday - i ensured the VPN was switched on so no disturbance through the day

What provider gives Ultra HD??

I'm using Helix and while their consistency is very good they struggle for HD on a lot of channels which is a bit annoying.

the ref ....... consistently failed to protect Peter Harte from getting dogs abuse
Conor Cox's ribs and every part of Enda Smith will have wry smiles at that

Waaa waaa waaa poor Tyrone the mean Kerry lads wouldn't allow them to play football!!

You couldn't make it up! Peter Harte has been around long enough at this stage to be able to handle that, it's not new and certainly Tyrone have been more than good at doing it to other teams in years gone by. I would have thought bringing him out to half back would have made a difference but obviously the management team didn't feel that way.

Mickey Harte should be stepping down to be fair, All Irelands are what matter to Tyrone and they haven't won one or looked close to it in over 10 years. He won't though he wants that job until he dies it'll take an almighty coup from the County Board and it'll be messy as hell.

Can't wait :)

Manufacturing the dream final... well done deegan

I think Tyrone did that themselves!!

Tyrone getting dirty now with the high tackles!

Dublin won’t be too worried by any of that... Kerry completely clueless!

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo v Dublin - AISF - Saturday 5pm
« on: August 10, 2019, 05:29:51 PM »
Hardy defensive stuff!! Enthralling but can Mayo keep up the work rate??

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