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« on: March 19, 2016, 11:57:58 PM »
would just like to say that in my heart of hearts i dont think that even our very best performance today would have beat what na piarsaigh produced. an absolutely super team. skill,running lines,accuracy & frightening speed all over the pitch.they had it shame in defeat for us. did us all proud. around 2-14 is what we have been scoring all year so that tells its own tale.sometimes you just have to suck it up & stand back & admire pure class as you are watching our own boys, what a journey from losing in the feis to cloughmills to the greatest show on earth on paddys day. pure magic.memories to last a lifetime. also the goodwill from all the clubs in the county was evident & very much appreciated. you'll always get a few who like to see people fail but to hell with them!!!  i can honestly say that having experienced the emotion, goodwill,anticipation & feelings of pride that this run provided,i wouldnt begrudge it to anyone. obviously i hope we can win the c'ship again next year to have another crack but if we dont i would support any team from the north goin was an absolute pleasure & gave me memories for myself & family that i wouldnt swap for a billion quid!!! all the best to everyone in the c'ship but of course  UP THE RUAIRIS!!!!

Great post. Long time exile here. Haven't seen much 'live'  hurling for a while but will never forget falling in love with hurling (footballer myself) watching the Shamrocks beating St Rynaghs in the replay all those years ago. Awesome stuff and lasting memories. Was always in awe of the close quarter skills of the great Antrim AI team and remember like it was yesterday Cushendall playing in a tournament in Glenravel,  Sambo surrounded by 3_4 men,  ball on the ground and him coming away with ball in hand. Superb hurler. Those memories will last forever.

« on: January 14, 2016, 07:53:08 AM »
It is a big problem with club teams in Belfast! Players at all levels move clubs in search of success! Especially at underage when they not be looking at the bigger picture!

I agree DR it doesn't sit well.

The issue with transfers in Belfast (albeit not this one) is greater than guys just jumping ship for any reason.
It goes back to the number and nature of clubs - the dual issue included. I mean, some guys might be hugely into one code but fund their club has drifted to the other - to the point they aren't fielding (link to too many clubs) in the players stronger code.
An issue particularly with younger players is that if they don't move - we lose them from gaa altogether - I think everyone would agree a transfer is preferable.

It's not the same as in NA with parish boundaries - and more often only one code.
That's why nobody ever transferred from armoy to loughgiel for a championship - or jumped to and fro from ballycastle to armoy - and everyone from cloughmills plays only for the biddies - I could go on ;)

But yes - the transferring of players never sits easy with me either.
And this one in question is a case in point.

Take it you are not serious about NA. I know of players in NA who have switched to other clubs for success.  Also some who have switched to get a 'senior'  game. Granted this was 20 years ago!

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: November 21, 2015, 02:19:39 PM »
Last time each of these clubs have won the league

Aberdeen - 1985
Dundee Utd - 1983
Kilmarnock - 1965
Dundee - 1962
Hearts - 1960
Hibernian - 1952
Motherwell - 1932
Dumbarton - 1892

Hearts and Hibs (Big Clubs?) have not won one for over 50 years?

Old firm clubs have 100 titles (out of a possible 118ish titles) and have won all of the last 30! Old firm have won 85% of the titles!

It means even less for Celtic to win the title since the demise of Rangers.

The Problem with Celtic is would they really want to leave Scottish football? I mean look at Liverpool for example. A well supported club both locally, nationally and international. A proud history domestically and in Europe. No league title for 25 years now. Only qualify for Champions league here and there. Would Celtic do any better? Would they just be another Newcastle Utd?

In reality lots of League championships are won by a relatively few teams and it's getting worse. How many clubs have won the EPL since Liverpool last won it? Blackburn and Leeds were one offs and this will not happen again. Chelsea and City have only won the league due to big outside money. If the money from Russia or Middle East wasn't there both these clubs would struggle to be as good as Newcastle. That leaves Arsenal (who are struggling to win the EPL) and United who have mostly always been big clubs. Pretty much a closed shop too.
Liverpool are hamsrtung by their paltry stadium. Sort that and things will change. Celtic in the EPL would be a colossus. Wouldn't guarantee winning the EPL but would be top four regularly. There are only a handful of clubs with global appeal. Celtic are one of them even without the EPL exposure.
And stop with the Old F&%$ shit. This was not relevant as a term when Oldco were in the top league (not since about 1910 anyway) and has no relevance now especially as Newco are effed!

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: July 31, 2015, 07:26:34 PM »
Over for first game of the spl. See site sez dont bring car? Anywhere handy for parking?

Any side street will do, will only cost you a tenner!
I've parked at the Forge shopping centre before but it being a Saturday it will likely be rammed. Easy access from the motorway if you get there early.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: July 15, 2015, 09:34:43 AM »
Game is not on TV, yet. Sometimes at last moment Celtic TV will announce that it is available to it's subscribers - £40 for annual membership or £80 for premium.

Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« on: June 22, 2015, 09:27:51 AM »
Surely having McVeigh sent off last time out had an influence on the game.
Fermanagh were pulverised yesterday when they went down to 14.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: November 02, 2014, 09:26:39 PM »
As someone said on another forum 'Get them, play them, beat them, get back to ignoring them.' Would be happy if whatever incarnation they are of that old mob died permanently!

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:10:01 AM »
If it hadn't been for Gordon we would have lost on Thu night?! Gordon did his job no more no less. He made three saves not exactly backs to the wall stuff. If Sceopvic had been on better form we would have won comfortably. Wasn't a great performance but three points were won. The doubts are there about Deila but I am prepared to give him a bit more time.

Bannside, if you are finding this hard to watch I take it you slept through the late 80's- early 90's, Strachan's last season and Mowbary's debacle. Not great so far but getting there I think.

« on: September 20, 2014, 09:00:31 PM »
Senior: Cushendall by 10+
Intermediate: Rossa by 15+
Junior: Rasharkin by 6

Looks like 3 forgone conclusions I am afraid.

first one wrong. Glenravel won by a goal. Hope there may be more suprises. This year has been good for them and they keep everyone on their toes. I like to remind myself there is no such thing  as a foregone conclusion. I have learnt that the hard way in the past.

Some turn around from last years performance against Creggan in the semis (game I refereed) They were woeful that day, so they came through the junior B comp first. Fair play and unlucky Rasharkin

Fair play to Glenravel. Has been some year for them, winning division 4, the Junior B Championship and now the Junior Championship. Great stuff, good luck to them in Ulster and hopefully all Ireland.  I would love to see Armoy beating Rossa as well but just can't see it.

The Mighty Conn Magees undefeated this year.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: July 18, 2014, 08:21:42 AM »
Return match is at Murrayfield. As comprehensive a 1-0 as you are likely to see. Stokes was only just okay and we need a centre forward urgently.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: June 09, 2014, 08:44:00 PM »
OR he impressed so much at interview they decide to give him the main job. Depends which way it is spun!

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:56:50 PM »
Gerrard is the one Liverpool player who has every right not to dwell on that slip. Most of the good things Liverpool have done over the past ten years he has been central to it.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:58:09 PM »
Much like its a disgrace that Celtic go to Barcelona and are within 2 minutes of beating thPooem and draw or that Barcelona, AC Milan and many other top European teams come to Celtic Park and get beat.

Away home screenexile and post about something you know about.
Why do Celts fans constantly bring up one off results against the top European Clubs at home as a sign of how great the club are? At home since 2001 Celtic have beaten Juventus once (2001), Manchester United once (2006), AC Milan once (2007) and Barcelona once (2013).  Four good sides in 13yrs. Hardly a fantastic record.

We have also beaten Shaktar Donetsk, Porto, Lyon, Benfica and Ajax among others. In fact our home record is one of the best in the CL. Pity about our away record.
However, if I was a Man Utd fan with the resources available to them I would be very worried about only two CL titles in the past 40+ years. Even Liverpool have managed one without winning the PL. As it is if Celtic make the last 16 that is a good campaign and I feel the QF's are a possibility within the next 5 years.
As for a devalued title?! Is Bayern's German title devalued because they won by so many points? Perhaps the word should be 'expected'. However, every single Championship is cherished by the fans like the last. Sevco's woes are not of our doing just as our woes in the 90's were not Rangers' problem when they were doing 9 in a row.

« on: September 21, 2013, 06:27:16 PM »
Gaeil Chluana   3-14   2-12   Cathaoir an Rķ

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