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General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:11:33 PM »
Round Seventeen…yep, the predictable unpredictability yet again.

Essendon 118-57 St. Kilda
And there we were thinking, whao St. Kilda are on the march.  Well, not so.  They were well and truly pummelled by this young Bombers side.  And once again the country asks if the Saints will even make the finals.  Check out the specky by Joe Daniher on Jake Carlisle.  Déjà vu.

Geelong 88 – 85 Hawthorn
Classic!  Unfortunately this game was not shown on normal TV so I had to listen to the wireless in the car and found myself roaring at the wireless especially in the last few minutes.  Great stuff.  Watch the last five minutes on the AFL website.  Luke Hodge played his 300th. game.  Some feat and this will be his last season.  4 premierships…not too tacky, I’d say.  Still a dirty p***k though.

Port Adelaide 127 – 57 North Melbourne.
Yup, the Power keep powering on and the roos keep losing.

Collingwood 103 -88 Gold Coast
More a story about the fate of the teams’ coaches than the teams, I feel.  Well, Buckley survives another week.  Enough to save his job?  Hmmmm.  As for Eades at Gold Coast…hmmmm indeed.  A tight game in the wet and maybe the experience of the shite Melbourne weather swung this one in the Pies’ favour.

Sydney 96 -83 Greater Western Sydney
The “battle of the bridge” ended with win no.9 out of 10 outings for the Swans.  They’re now safely in the top 8 and my early season suggestion of a Sydney v. Adelaide GF might just come to fruition.  This game wasn’t shown on normal TV either so I had to watch the highlights.  If you do, you’ll see a classic Buddy Franklin goal from an impossible angle and distance.  Well, not impossible for the big man. 

Adelaide 116-70 Melbourne
This game pretty much summed up the competition this year; there are two or three top teams then there are the chasers.  Melbourne are a chasing team and on this performance they’ll be chasing for a while.  Adelaide were all over them at every stage and in every aspect.  Not a great TV spectacle but I watched just to see how far behind Melbourne are.  Well, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a long tunnel and it’s a very faint light.

Richmond 112 – 81 Brisbane
Yep, nothing of note here.

Footscray 82 – 62 Carlton
I saw a wee bit of this game and while it was competitive, the dogs had just enough experience and guile to hold on.  But, the Blues have the makings of a great team in their ranks.

Which brings me to this…(no drum roll…just deathly silence please)

Themmuns …more than us – shite kicking…Us
How the fcuk some of our lads can justify that effort today defies me.  They couldn’t have kicked shite off a briar.  Absolutely horrific.  And the sad thing is of the 5.14 Freo kicked, ten of those behinds SHOULD have been goals.  Making matters worse was the fact on three occasions the trash went upfield from a Freo behind and kicked a goal.   Aaaaaaaagh. Fcukin hell I was livid.  For only the second time ever since joining Freo as an attending member, I left the ground early in sheer disgust. 
That’s the finals gone for us this year.  But on the positive front, there is some seriously good talent among the first and second year players. 

General discussion / Re: Tour de France 2017
« on: July 21, 2017, 01:53:16 PM »
Once again, SBS Australia steps up to the mark and has live footage of every stage from start to finish.  Great stuff.  The cricket fans don't get it, but I tell them it's like a role reversal. 

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: July 21, 2017, 01:02:27 PM »

The first?  Did McNicholl, Tohill and McKaigue not play AFL?

Spoofer did, the other two didn't.

Well done Conor.

Oops, my bad.  Forgot that Spoofer played.  I knew he spent most of the time with the Saints' VFL affiliate club, Prahan.

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:45:17 PM »
 Conor Glass  becomes the first Derry man to play an AFL game this Saturday.  Whilst I wish him well, I can't wish him a win...ffs he's playing Freo. 

Well done Conor, from this Kilrea-born, Fremantle member.  (Please don't win...please...pretty please...)

Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:42:23 PM »
All the Coleraine ones walk away from Derry together. Try and explain that.

Christ almighty, don't tell me they are defecting?  To Antrim?

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: July 13, 2017, 05:50:06 PM »
Round Sixteen – and the crazy, crazy season shows no let up.

Adelaide 104 – 45 Footscray
There is no way the Bulldogs are going to even PLAY finals footy, never mind retain their premiership.  This was a real power statement by the Crows who were totally dominant throughout.  Indeed, the Bulldogs only put a bit of respectability on the scoreboard in the final quarter.   I got bored so never even bother watching the second or third quarters.  But I did see the mark from Mitch McGovern.  Sumfin else.

Hawthorn 97 – 97 GWS
You would have to go back to 1921 to find the last time a team drew two consecutive games.  Well the Giants have now escaped for two weeks in a row.    I didn’t see or listen to the game so am unable to comment further but this was a significant result for the Hawks.  Hard to believe I wrote that as only a few years ago, the Giants were struggling.

Essendon 117 – 80 Collingwood
Dear oh dear I can hear the knives been sharpened over there in WA.  Not looking good for the Pies coach, Nathan Buckley.  The Pies were just never in it.  And the Bombers took great pleasure out of belting them – come to think of it, every team does likewise.

Sydney 118 – 51 Gold Coast
Yep, predictable.  The Swans’ remarkable turnaround has been all the talk over here.  And with the return of injured players things are looking up for the Swans.  However, several sports pundits are questioning if the Swans can go all the way.  Well, next weekend’s Sydney derby will be the litmus test of the Swans’ turnaround.  For the record, I’ve tipped them.

Geelong 153 – 58 Brisbane

St. Kilda 138 – 71 Richmond
One of the most complete first halves I’ve ever seen by any team.   This was a total humiliation for the weary Tigers.  Another failed season looks ominous.  Just seven days earlier they were humiliating the Power in Adelaide.  Like I said, crazy crazy season.

Melbourne 90 – 82 Carlton
I didn’t see any of this game but this was a deadly result for the Demons.  Keeps them safely ensconced in finals contention for the first time in 11 seasons.  Lots of meeja types are predicting the demise of Carlton, but I think it is going to be a ripper team.  Some great young talent coming through.

Port Adelaide 120 – 88 Themmuns
Baaaaaahahahaaaaaaaa, jaysus this was one seriously sweet victory.  How I’d have loved to have been there.  Oh the smug arrogance of themmuns before and during the game up to half time then to watch the capitulation in the final quarter.  I don’t apologise for my dislike of this club and this win is all the sweeter for two reasons; (1) a win would’ve kept the arrogant pricks in the top 8, and (2) what had happened earlier in the day…(and I’m not talking about Melbourne, lol). As usual I tipped the fekkers and they lost.  I’ll tip them next week and hope for the same outcome.

Fremantle 84 – 80 North Melbourne
Well, there is only one way to start this.  On Friday last, Ryan Nyhuis was told to pack his bags and get on the team flight to Melbourne as he might be needed – he travelled as an emergency.  On Saturday morning he was advised that due to the illness of star midfielder David Mundy he was a 70/30 chance to start.  On Sunday morning, he got the nod and began his first game as a senior AFL player.  By the end of the game he had kicked four goals, the first of which was with his first kick.  A remarkable achievement considering the toughness of this sport.  His folks jumped on the plane from Darwin on Saturday morning more in hope than in expectation.  Well, the delight on their faces in the stands makes wonderful viewing.  Their lad done damn good, so he did.
The other points of note in this game were the shocking miss from a set shot by ‘roos ruck, Todd Goldstein, from 30m out pretty much straight in front of goals.  Score that and the ‘roos would’ve been 5 up with seconds left to play.  As it was the win puts Freo just outside the Top 8.  Now if only we’d won those previous four winnable games. 

Fast approaching the business end of the season (already…groan) and yet another weekend of games awaits. 

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:02:10 PM »
Round Fifteen

This year is a nightmare to predict.  But that is making it interesting….very interesting.

Sydney 85-50 Melbourne
And the Swans’ continue their march up the table.  Such a dominant display from Sydney all over the park.  An enjoyable game to watch for this neutral.

Themmuns 87 – 80 Western Bulldogs
The season just gets worser and worser for the reigning premiers, and them fekkers win again when I tipped them to lose.  Chrissakes.  A game of some awful mistakes and shite kicking from Footscray.  Thankfully this game wasn’t shown live into Perth so I didn’t have to spoil my afternoon’s cleaning.  Watched the last 5 mins as it was the least unexciting.  That was enough.  Fekkit.

Adelaide 89 – 77 Carlton
I didn’t see any of the game but apparently it was a fairly decent effort from the wanes of Carlton, the Baby Blues.  The Crows are just doing enough to ensure they stay in the top four but I’m having my doubts that they will go all the way, or even make the GF.

Gold Coast 118 – 99 North Melbourne
Again I didn’t see the game live but watched the highlights.  The Suns pulled out all the stops to ensure the footy superstar that is Gary Ablett Jr could celebrate his 300th. AFL game with a win.  Not a great night for his colleague and Roscommon’s finest export, Hanley.  Twinged the hammy again.  More misery for North.  Just hope it continues on Sunday.

GWS Giants 10-8 (68) – 10-8 (68) Geelong
Yep, the top of the table tie ended in a draw with identical scores from the two most consistent teams in the comp.  This was a real auld slog and I have to say it was great viewing.  Even without inspirational serial cheat/diver Joel Selwood, the Cats were great value.  Another fine performance from Queen’s County’s finest, Zackery.  Now…how many of us have played the all-Ireland final in the field dodging the cow shite and thistles?  Then just when yer ma calls you in to do your homework/have a bath/get your dinner/give your auld fella a hand with changing the gas bottle for the cooker, you find yourself lining up with a kick/puck and the ref trundles over to tell you it is the last play of the game.  The nerves are killing you.  The crowd are silent.  You step up and bang….you’ve done it.  You’re forever to be remembered for the winner, aka Seamus Darby.  Well, Tom Hawkins from Geelong mustn’t have played that game cos he had the chance to win the game after siren and missed.  Would’ve been unfair if the Giants had lost, in my opinion.

Richmond 76 – 63 Port Adelaide
Grrrrrrr, not happy.  Not happy at all.  I thought the Power would’ve done the biz especially at home.  Didn’t see the game.  But this just sums up the season so far.  Fekkin impossible to predict. 

Brisbane 90 – 82 Essendon
A stunning 6 goal to 2 final quarter for the Lions stunned the hot favourites and threw practically every tipper’s hopes of a decent round out the window.   Ah well, credit to them I suppose.  I listened to the last quarter on the wireless and have to say I was willing the Lions on.  No word on how McKenna faired.

Hawthorn 118 – 94 Collingwood
At least I got this one right.  This game was neck and neck up to the last quarter and was great viewing but the Hawks held their nerve to record a decent enough win.  I didn’t see the last quarter as I was too busy watching…

St. Kilda 89 – 80 Fremantle
Now, I love watching a class act in action and have had the pleasure of seeing Judd, Ablett, Ling, Pavlich, Brown, Goodes and many others in the game.  But I saw one of the lowest dog-acts by someone I used to respect for his longevity in the game.  One of the (great) rules of this game is that when a player is fouled the opposition MUST return the ball directly to him or to whoever is the kicker should that player be incapacitated.  Failure to do so is a 50-metre penalty.  Young Griffin Logue had the ball in his hands after a Saints forward was fouled.  Nick Riewoldt was standing nearby and raised his hands to signal for Logue to return the ball.  As it came towards him, he turned, dropped his hands and let the ball drop.  Straight away a 50m penalty from in front of the goals.  Jaysus I was fekkin livid.  Not that it would’ve made a huge difference I feel.
Freo’s chances took a huge knock when the AFL’s biggest ruckman went down in the first quarter with yet another hamstring injury in his first game back after tendon issues.  That’s him out for the season but what is encouraging is the future of young Sean Darcy our new ruck recruit.  This kid will be something. 
Shite kicking didn’t help our cause either.  Paid a fortune to kick the fekkin thing straight and failed.  Jaysus I was not a happy boy.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing but the tragedy of Freo’s last four games is that they were ALL very winnable and had they done so, we’d be third on the ladder.  That’s right fekkin third.  THIRD, DAMMIT.  GRRRRR.  No, not happy.

Oh well, I don’t have to worry about flights to Melbourne in late September or October this year. 

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:11:44 PM »
How has Sam Mitchell been received in Perth? Was always one of my favourite players and any games I've seen this year he seems to be still playing at a very high level.

He was seen as the messiah, the midfield cog needed to spur themmuns on to inevitable perpetual success.   It hasn't happened.  He is regularly among their best players but the analogy of eagles soaring with turkeys conveniently springs to mind, no pun intended.

He is in an advertisement for BankWest - it's embarrassing to watch.  Go on, watch it. You'll get my drift.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:06:24 PM »
Great stuff lads. Can you watch these games online anywhere? I mean not live but on youtube etc?

I'm not sure about YouTube due to the licensing, but if you go to the AFL website you can watch 3-4 minutes of highlights for every game within an hour or so of them ending.  That's how I keep up when I don't get to see the games.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:00:26 PM »
Round Fourteen

Hawthorn 96 - 82 Adelaide
Now it this was four or five weeks ago this would've been a certain Crows win, but this season has been EVERYTHING but certain.  I was so convinced -as was everyone else in footy tipping land - that the crows would win that I didn't even bother to watch this game or record it.  How foolish was I.  Stunning is quite simply what this was.  Seriously, the Aussie bookies must have been creaming their kecks at this result.  More profit for them.  And Adelaide have exposed their soft underbelly.    Oh how I'd love Port to win the flag this year to scunder them arrogant Crows fekkers.

Sydney 86 - 85 Essendon
If you are going to watch any last quarter this year then the last of this game is a MUST.   What happened in that last quarter was simply brilliant viewing.    Essendon kicked seven straight to lead by 19 with 23 mins of the fourth quarter gone.  It was all over, you'd have thought.  Oh no it wasn't.   Watch that last two minutes.  You'll love it. I could even hear Alright Horse yahooing and guldering from this side of Perth.

Port Adelaide 93 - 62 Collingwood
Oh a massive disappointment for the "biggest team in the land".  They were shite and Robbie Grey was magnificent.  I didn't see the game and this was a statement from Port. 

GWS 146 - 86 Brisbane
Were it not for the fact that the Lions walloped Freo last time out, I'd have been having a say.  As it is, I won't.  The Giants are continuing on their merry way to the big time, indeed.

Footscray 107-106 North Melbourne
Another win-at-the-death game here, this one.  Ahead by 19 points roughly in the middle of the fourth quarter, the dogs seemed to lose it after four straight goals by the roos had the game swing to a north win.  Then a kick in the last  minute sealed it for the dogs.  Phew, lucky.  But what is it about North losing so many games in the dying minutes of the game?  Mental toughness may be seriously lacking.

Melbourne 99 - 96 Them Clampits.
Sweet Jaysus, yet again I tip them gulpins and they fekkin lose.  AAAAAAgh.  Oh well, it was fun watching them lose.  Actually not a bad game to watch - I sneaked a peak now and again, ahem...only now and again though - with some of the Melbourne end-to-end scoring a great advertisement for the game. The winner was a wonderful example of opportunism where you just throw the ball on your boot and hope it goes through.  If only that had been the case for Freo the next day. 
Now, I love a game of hard, fast, skilful footy but I detest dirty, dangerous fouling cf. the tackle on Shannon Hurn in this game.  However, I totally loathe cheats and when the Eagles' Schofield swung an elbow and missed (summing up the ability of the Eagles all night) the Melbourne ballix dropped to the ground like a Tyrone man dropping to his knees in the Clubland carpark at the sound of 10 pence hitting the deck.  It was that dramatic.  I don't condone either action but I am pleased that Schofield challenged and won the challenge.  Pity the other ballix didn't get a penalty for acting. 

Geelong 74- 72 Freo  :'( :'( :'(
I'm still sick.  Still gutted.  A very young and inexperienced Freo team almost brought off the absolute shock of the round.  Minus King Fyfe and Sandilands, the "experts" were tipping a 100 pts + drubbing but it wasn't to be.  In fact Freo kicked 7 straight goals in the second quarter to lead at one point by 34.  Then inexperience and fatigue kicked in. But no excuses, Geelong had one player on the interchange and still managed to win.  A sign, conversely, of an experienced team.  But whereas Tom McDonald threw the ball onto his toe and scored for Melbourne, Michael Walters couldn't repeat the action for Freo in the last two seconds.  The one player you'd put your mortgage on to win the game for us, missed.  Oh the hangover I had from the events of the night before just got worser. 
Some great efforts today, most notably from Sean Darcy on his debut, who almost broke the record for most tap-outs in the ruck.  At 6'8" and 110kgs the successor to the greatest ever ruckman might just have been unearthed. 
Zac Tuohy is really having a great season now that he's away from Carlton.  Two of his goals were top notch and he has a superb kick.

Richmond 84-58 Carlton
The tigers pretty much dominated the whole game.  I wasn't in the mood to watch after what had happened before.  The End.

St. Kilda 103 - 72
Didn't watch this either.   Not interested.  Roscommon's finest got injured, I think.  The End (again).

And so endeth the AFL's latest installment of "Who knows wtf is going to happen this year".

Mini-me's undermanned Belmont Bombers won again by 14 points despite having only 17 players. 

General discussion / Re: FIFA Confederations Cup
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:22:20 PM »
Australia beat 3-2 by a second string German team.  And the Aussie coach stated he thought they could win this tournament.  Sweet mother of divine miracles.

General discussion / Re: The Cricket thread
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:20:47 PM »
Bloody hell there was a remarkable lack of coverage for this tournament in "cricket-mad Australia".  Yep, the sweep-it-under-the-carpet; they-might-not-notice attitude of the meeja strikes again.  God they're shit, sore losers.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:07:05 PM »
Round Thirteen

Themmuns 83-70 Geelong
Chrissakes, every game I tip the trash to win this season they lose, and every time I tip against them...well, they fekkin win.  Aaaaagh.  And I won't even begin to comment how not as bad as usual they played.  Jaysus I am choking on this.  This is not pleasant.  Shocking kicking by the Geelong forwards didn't help matters.  And to add insult to injury, the fekkin Match Review Panel let both Shuey and Selwood off deliberate and intentional striking charges.  Fukkin joke.

St. Kilda 89 - 72 North Melbourne.
St. Kilda almost did a Richmond (more on that next, lol) and threw away the game in the last quarter.  Only watched the highlights of this one so my critique is somewhat limited.  Shite season for the Roos continues.

Sydney 80 - 71 Richmond
Yep, the tigers throw yet another almost certain win away in the last quarter.  They were up by 36 points late in the second quarter and proceeded to lose.  Oh how the melbourne meeja are loving this.  God they're vultures.  The swans are continuing their rejuvenation and perhaps, just perhaps my prediction of a Swans Grand Final might come to fruition.  Maybe against Freo.  Maybe not.

Port Adelaide 121 - 81 Brisbane
Yep, as expected. Dear God that thumping of last week is really hurting now.  If only....ah fekkit, the power of retrospect.

Carlton 83 - 73 Gold Coast
I now have more reasons to dislike Cyaaaaaaaaltin.  Ok, first things first, their deliberate antagonising and targetting Gary Ablett Jr's injured shoulder was simply reprehensible.  Is that sport? Sure in martial arts it's accepted but the Melbourne meeja have been noticeably silent on this.  However, the game was marked by the awful injury to ex-Freo and one of my favourites, Michael Barlow.  Sickening.  He broke his leg again.  Up to that point, the Suns had been staging a great fightback and were within a kick of the blues.  But the injury meant a 10-minute delay and they lost their momentum resulting in the blues kicking two more to seal the win.
Not impressed, at all.

Melbourne 113 - 56 Western Bulldogs
Oh dear, the Fitzroy Grand Final hangover continues.  Shocking first quarter with a meagre one point versus 4.1 for the Demons set the win up for what is becoming a pretty reasonable year for them.  There wasn't a single game on normal TV this weekend and that was a damned shame as I would've liked to have watched this game.  Oh well, the insiduous tentacles of the Murdoch empire stretches.

This was the last of the bye-rounds and it's back to normality next weekend.  For Freo, it's Geelong in Geelong.  And there was every pun intended in my use of "normality"  (Groan!)

Another massive win for mini-me's U-16 Belmont Bombers, and he kicked a few himself. 

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:20:23 PM »
WEEK TWELVE (and so began my worst week of footy tipping…)

Sydney 88-42 Footscray
Jaysus I didn’t see this one coming.   And it was abysmal to watch.  Switched over the tv at half time.  I missed nothing thereafter.

Adelaide 111 – 54 St. Kilda
Yup, as predicted.  The crows resumed business and the poor saints suffered as a result.

Gold Coast 95-79 Hawthorn
Not even Alastair Clarkson’s indirect reference to poor umpiring (for which he got substantially fined – the umpires are a protected species in the game) could take away from this effort.  Credit to the Suns and to Gary Ablett Jr.  The wee maestro (relatively speaking of course, he is around 6-foot) had a superb game.  Clarkson has conceded that the Hawks are in a rebuild and will not play finals this year.  Boo-fekkin-hoo.

Brisbane A lot – A lot less Freo
Don’t want to talk about it.

Essendon 131-61 Port Adelaide
What a win for the Bombers and what a game from their resident bushman, Conor McKenna.  That first half was one of the best halves of footy I’ve watched in a long time as the Bombers were so dominant.  But I want to talk about the interview afterwards.  Firstly, Tadhg Kennelly is a bollix. Couldn’t he have just said Conor was from the north of the country?  Secondly, much much credit to Conor for his reply to being from “Northern Ireland”.  I paraphrase “Well it’s all the same country to us.”  Suddenly, a bushman I have time for. Good man Conor.  I know you read this segment.

Carlton 71-70 GWS
The shock of the round when second from the top lost to second from the bottom.  Even Freo’s first minute and subsequent capitulation didn’t even register on the shock scale compared to this win. 

Melbourne 104-100 Collingwood
Damn, I forgot all about this game.  It was on Monday, traditionally a public holiday in Victoria when the Mexicans honour some English queen.  Hmmph, stupid Victorians.   A great win for Melbourne, and the rest of Australia celebrated with them as the blatantly pro-Collingwood Vic meeeja are getting annoying.

Well there you have it…that is why I missed the updates.  Freo were the fault.  Again.   :'( Bwaaaawaaaawaaaaa.  :'( And we play Geelong next.  BWAAAAAWAAAAWAAAAA.  :-[ :'( :( :-\ :'(

However, Mini-me saved my soul with a stunning goal from the the corner pocket with the outside of the right peg.  I couldn't believe it and am still in disbelief, but apparently he does it all the time at footy training.

General discussion / Re: 2017 AFL Season
« on: June 14, 2017, 02:19:21 PM »
Week Eleven – Bye round

Port Adelaide 98 – 47 Hawthorn
What a difference a week makes.  This game was dire.  It was so bad.  It has to have been the worst prime time game of the season so far.  I actually switched off at half time.  Shite.

Geelong 96-74 Adelaide
Take a bow Zac Tuohy.  Great performance from the Laois maestro as he kept the usually brilliant Eddie Betts to a single goal and very little influence.  This was an enjoyable game to watch and you can’t help thinking that providing they stay injury free, the Cats could be the business this year.

Gold Coast 80-77 Themmuns
Didn’t I just say in the last round that the game isn’t over until it is?  Hahahahahahahahaaaa, jaysus this was an enjoyable last five minutes to watch.  The rest of the game was dismal. 

Greater Western Sydney 117-101 Essendon
A gallant effort from the Bombers it has to be said.  But the Giants midfield was just too good.

Richmond 101-66 North Melbourne
While not one of the classic rivalries, these two have developed an healthy disrespect for each other, or at least as far as the fans go.  Didn’t see the game…

Collingwood 105-85 Freo
…but I did see this.  Grrrrrr.  Not a happy chappy.  Week Two without our big ruckman and the midfield fell apart.  Not auguring well for the 2019 season onwards as the big man has signed on for one more season while he grooms our new ruck, the 6’9” 19 year-old Sean Darcy.  Wonder if he has Derry ancestry?  Could do with him in our midfield, too.  The game was interesting as it was close until the last 5 minutes but some abysmal kicking by Freo game the game to the pies.  Third win in a row and the premiership is Collingwood’s or so you’d think, listening to the Melbourne meeeja.

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