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General discussion / Re: A United Ireland. Opening up the discussion.
« Last post by seafoid on Today at 02:59:08 PM »
The shinners have public meetings, but at these they are preaching to the converted. they need to engage more in smaller discussion groups with nationalist middleclasses.

They actually invite along unionist representatives to say their piece at these meetings.
The point I am making is that I am in need of convincing, but I would not go to a public SF meeting, and there are many in that boat.
Back in the god old days the 2 biggest parties were the SDLP and the UUP, both reasonably moderate
Since 97 or so the Shinners and the DUP have replaced them and there's a much bigger gap between those 2.
Yes vs No
General discussion / Re: The US policing crisis thread
« Last post by foxcommander on Today at 02:58:41 PM »
I look forward to the day you are asked to risk your life unarming a knife wielding assailant with your bare hands.
You'd be wishing you had a gun then.

Nice little straw man. Clearly you didn't watch the video. They didn't disarm him with their "bare hands." They used pepper spray and batons.

You better bring your pepper spray and baton when you visit Oakland then....Can't wait to hear how you get on...
General discussion / Re: Deaths while abroad
« Last post by whiskeysteve on Today at 02:57:43 PM »
I knew one of the 2 fellas who lost their lives on the construction site and his loss is a real shock to so many people on the North coast. He was widely known and liked by everyone who knew him, a nicer more friendly fella you could not meet, and his facebook is awash with 100s of tributes to it. Deeply sad 48 hours to so many people up home and I am so gutted for his family - Mum, Dad, 2 brothers and a sister. Friends and family are over there now and it is a terrible situation for all concerned.

Sorry for everyone up your way WS. Is he a brother of Gregory who does the gyms?

That's correct Walter.

I have heard the cost of getting the body home and it is unbelievable. There is now a big effort on to raise funds among the community at home and with the families of the 5 Irish dead in Perth facing the same struggles this week I may start another thread if that is OK to raise awareness and support on here.
General discussion / Re: NFL Fantasy Football - GAABoard Superbowl XI
« Last post by AZOffaly on Today at 02:57:15 PM »
I can see AZ resting a lot of players this week as it's a dead rubber for him.

Trying to give them the week off for Thanksgiving.
General discussion / Re: NFL Fantasy Football - GAABoard Superbowl XI
« Last post by ONeill on Today at 02:54:26 PM »
I can see AZ resting a lot of players this week as it's a dead rubber for him.
General discussion / Re: The US policing crisis thread
« Last post by Walter Cronc on Today at 02:52:33 PM »
Read recently that Chicago and Toronto are roughly the same size. Apparently there are more murders in one month in Chicago than in one year in Toronto. Crazy!
Antrim / Re: Antrim, the way forward
« Last post by bannside on Today at 02:52:28 PM »
Wouldn't fancy being a delegate last few years Culchie to tell you the truth. Good chance I will get to a few next year though lol.

Here's a true story in the meantime. There was a matter about a football appointment that I had an interest in and asked our club delegates to ask a question or two from the floor. I think one was had the incoming manager a level playing field budget wise versus the hurling manager. That was only the warm up question the next two were a bit more sensitive and of which I had inside knowledge having spoken to other candidates who had been interviewed.

By coincidence I got a phone call from our club chairman saying that neither delegate was available that night...but if I wanted to I could represent the club as our delegate on that occasion and ask whatever questions were on my mind. Happy enough.

I signed in and took my seat and waited on a chance to speak. When I rose to make my point I was told to sit down and keep quiet. I explained that I was officially standing in for our delegates who could not attend, but was told to "sit down and keep quiet" again.  I stood up again for about the fourth time and asked why as an official representative of my club why I could not make my point......and the answer was...." because the county needed an hours notice prior to the meeting about a change of club delegate". They really did not want to hear what I may or may not say.

A very well respected and experienced club gael who was sitting nearby told me to stand my ground as there was no such rule. I stood for a while longer until I was shouted down for the last time and told to keep quiet. To this day I don't know if that is a rule or not??

The vote for the management position was taken.  Those in favour of the coiste bainisti recommendation put your hands up. Less than 20 people on a room of about 100 put their hand up. "That's it passed then", said the county chairman

"No it's not" I jumped up and said. "Clearly there is not a mandate for this appointment". But no one could be bothered either agreeing or disagreeing and I was friendless in the market! In fact it was scary how little interest club delegates had in the matter. The hurling club delegates couldn't be bothered voting one way or the other!

Later on I waited in the foyer to make a point of asking our paid official how on earth the proposal was accepted as there clearly was no majority in favour of the coiste bainisti sponsored recommendation. Here was the answer.

"Heres the way it is. If the delegates put their hands up or kept their hands down it didn't matter. Either way they are voting for the same thing"!! I swear to God that's the answer I was given. That was my only experience Culchie of a fully fledged county committee meeting and it was a pantomime. But thanks for bringing that up I wouldn't have got the opportunity to share that first hand example of how county business is conducted by our esteemed officials.

Keep firing the questions. There's loads more lol.

General discussion / Re: A United Ireland. Opening up the discussion.
« Last post by Rossfan on Today at 02:52:20 PM »
So putting on a 6 Co Soccer team jersey is " giving legitimacy to OWC which republicans will not concede".
However serving in a 6 Cos Administration is OK?
Ah well........... ::)
General discussion / Re: The US policing crisis thread
« Last post by whitey on Today at 02:46:29 PM »
Not every police shooting is justified......this one certainly wasn't

Not every police shooting is motivated by race.....this one probably was

There are approx 4-500 black on black murders in Chicago and the surrounding towns every year

(When some of the housing projects were knocked, the residents were relocated to surrounding towns, turning them into war zones as well)

Maybe the BLM movement could divert some of heir rage towards their own people who are destroying their communities

General discussion / Re: Deaths while abroad
« Last post by Milltown Row2 on Today at 02:39:13 PM »
My younger brother is out there and when you first hear of a construction death (he's bricklaying) you shudder with the thought that it's him!! terrible and if there are problems with H&S what's being done about it? probably now is not the time to discuss this sort of stuff and my condolences go out to all of those families and friends who have recently lost love ones..
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