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GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Cooper testimonial dinner
« Last post by 6th sam on Today at 11:14:42 AM »
I would also expect that any footballer / hurler who has a problem with Connolly / O’Shea / Canning etc. making money from their profile is not a teammate you would want to have.

Firstly, they’re only high-profile enough because they’re good enough to win games by themselves, which means that if you train 51.5 week’s a year, you’ve a much better chance of reward. As long as they’re training hard and playing well, then how they earn a living is their own business.

Secondly, this is a faucet, and there is a trickle down effect. Sponsors follow sponsors. If you’ve the 29th highest profile on a panel, you probably won’t see much of the trickle down. But in a successful team (which generally will have high profile players), most of the starters will enjoy some of the effects.


Wobbler , always gives an honest well thought out viewpoint, and this concept is valid for most professional sports. Where I would differ, and agree with Brolly on this one, is that though the GAA should learn from other sports , we need to remember that the GAA is different. The GAA is unique worldwide, as there is no other comparable indigenous organisation that has units in virtually every area in the country, owning their own facilities , and providing healthy activity for all who want it. We are at a massive disadvantage in that we don't have and never will have the global appeal and publicity of other sports. We would not survive without the work of thousands of volunteers, many of whom are motivated by the GAA's special ethos of amateur status, inclusivity, sense of place, irishness. Those that underestimate or undermine the importance of those ideals, are playing a very dangerous game. I enjoy and respect other sports, but In my opinion, if we operate the GAA like any other sport, e.g. AFL, soccer, we can never compete on so many comparable levels. The reason why we currently thrive is because we are different. Those that would dilute our ethos , should be careful what they wish for.
GAA Discussion / Re: Gooch Cooper testimonial dinner
« Last post by Last Man on Today at 11:14:26 AM »
Why not give it all to charity?? He has good job in AIB, a great profile and will always be one of the all time greats of football. As Brolly says he will always be "looked after" where ever he goes in this country. Really scratching my head about this and can only surmise that Cooper isnt the only one cashing in. Hopefully some other big name will step up to head line an event with all the money raised going to charity, that might pull the rug from under them.
GAA Discussion / Re: Seasonal affective Gah emptiness disorder
« Last post by sid waddell on Today at 11:12:54 AM »
I detest the term "Gael".

Why so?
It's a term with very creepy, almost Nazi-like undertones of imagined racial "purity".

And it tends to be used by humourless, joyless c***ts who despise not just anything British, but anything which doesn't conform to their idea of a racially "pure", "Gaelic" Ireland.
GAA Discussion / Re: Seasonal affective Gah emptiness disorder
« Last post by longballin on Today at 11:07:36 AM »
Some people think GAA begins and ends with county football and Sam Maguire Cup...
MOST people do.

well it doesn't. Club championship is much better
General discussion / Re: American Sports Thread
« Last post by stew on Today at 11:07:11 AM »
Stew - your comments which tally with Trumps "all sides" bullshit are very disappointing. Well done to the NFL players for taking their stance. They're not disrespecting their flag or their country - they're making a respectful gesture to highlight blatant inequality and racism that goes, clearly, right to the Oval office. They want America to be better for all. Not just for rich white people. Well done to the owners especially Kraft and Mark Murphy (the two I read) for standing by the players.

Enjoyed the booing at Lambeau last night. Hoping they'll get to do a whole lot more on Thursday night.

All sides bullshit my hole Seanie, antifa scum dressed to fight and brought weapons to a Klan rally, they wanted a fight as did the clan scumbags, I see no difference in their behaviour, they are all breaking the law.

The left in American is hitting new lows, if that were possible, they refuse to listen to an alternate view and that is dangerous, if you are not against Trump you are a racist. if yuou are against Trump and oppose the left you are a racist, the biggest racists of the lot, ( KKK Aside) are Antifa and the far left.

Trump should have named All warring parties as the problem, instead he threw them all in together under a generic blanket of responsibility, that was amended after he was told to be more specific, he did that, he condemned all violence and hatred in his initial speech on the day the KKK/Antifa riot happened but that was not enough for the snowflakes! Why you ask? Because the liberal media told them it was not enough! That's why!
GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Club Championships 2016
« Last post by Owenmoresider on Today at 11:02:48 AM »
Update from Sligo.

In Senior: Tubbercurry topped their group so are through to semis. QF's are Tourlestrane v Calry/St Jospeph's, Coolera/Strandhill v Eastern Harps and St Mary's v Coolaney/Mullinabreena. The Tourlestrane game has been postponed due to a terribly sad tragedy. The other QF's will be played today.

Intermediate: SF's today are St John's v Shamrock Gaels and St Farnan's v Geevagh.

Junior: A playoff between Tourlestrane v Curry will decide who faces Cloonacool in the semi final. The other semi final is Ballymote v Owenmore Gaels. Neighbouring clubs in opposition in all ties there. Dates need to be revised as the Tourlestrane game was cancelled from this weekend as mentioned above.

Senior semis are St Mary's v. Eastern Harps and Tourlestrane or Calry/St Joseph's v. Tubbercurry.

Intermediate final is St John's v. St Farnan's.

Junior is still as above.
Tourlestrane v Tubber in reality, Tour might get tripped up before Connacht but it'll not be Calry to do it.

One thing about the Junior from Connacht viewpoint is that Tourlestrane or Curry won't be eligible. If either get to the final it'll be the other finalist who goes forward. Big one ofr us on this Saturday, Ballymote probably favourites given their form this year but we should have beaten them well in Intermediate last year, so it's hard to call.
General discussion / Re: Catalan Independence Movement
« Last post by Main Street on Today at 11:01:16 AM »
Gallsman why ask peoples opinion on it then criticise. Get off the high horse pal.


Seamus, you are normally sensible but Gallsman is right.

Madrid's reaction has been unbelievably stupid in my view. They should allow a referendum with 2/3 majority required for independence. There wouldn't be a hope of that and issue could be put to bed. Unfortunately 50%+1 doesn't cut it.

While there has long been a longing among a fair part of the population for independence, Cataluña has never been independent. It's economic prosperity has also been built on the backbone of massive immigration from the rest of Spain, particularly from the 50s-70s.

Frankly I find it all very self interested and primarily based on financial interests i.e. They don't want to support those "lazy Andalusian" any more. Despite what I said above. It is no coincidence this has fired up not so long after La Crisis.

The leaders of the independence movement are a deceitful shower of c*nts, in the same way as the Brexit leadership. These guys have been lining their pockets for years in the same way politicians in the rest of the country have. Same lies about what a brave new economic world they will be in, yet Cataluña apparently exports more to Aragon than to whole of France.

And all this crap about remaining part of the EU. The EU has been very clear that they won't be. Probably a whole other debate about whether that is fair or not but the misinformation and spin is disheartening and dishonest.
50+1 is stupid. Just look at Brexit
What's the required majority figure deemed enough to carry a border poll?  50.01% v49.99%?
I doubt if such a close race will come to pass in the  Catalan referendum
There is an overwhelming political and popular mandate for holding the independence  referendum and a confident prediction of a resounding yes vote.

Here's one of the many polls but one based on the intentions of  'definite' voters

Kosovo republic still hasn't received  full intl recognition yet, though it has acquired full football intl status.

Overwhelming political mandate? They basically illegally forced through legislation to allow the referendum. Although the Catalan parliament had majority of seats in favour of independence (52 to 48, I think it was, hardly overwhelming), this did not represent a majority of the popular vote

Pro-sovereignty coalition has a majority of 20 or so in the Catalan parliament
The popular mandate for holding a referendum was overwhelming in favour of, some 75%  and that still continues.
Latest polls, despite the misleading headlines  and blatant spin in this article from El Pais, the polls still indicate an overwhelming yes vote
 "67.5% of people polled by the CEO said they will vote in the October 1 referendum if it goes ahead, with 62.4% of this group saying they would vote yes and 37.6% saying they would vote no"

The tragedy is that the "no" vote will be split between those not voting as don't want to legitimise the referendum and those that vote no, meaning there could easily be this unilateral declaration of independence after a yes vote despite the participation rates being extremely low.
You have some crystal ball there :D  Do you have any evidence?
The CEO opinion poll indicates that  68% of those polled, will vote.
GAA Discussion / Re: Seasonal affective Gah emptiness disorder
« Last post by Rossfan on Today at 11:01:04 AM »
Some people think GAA begins and ends with county football and Sam Maguire Cup...
MOST people do.
😂😂😂😂.No one was ever forced into believing.My allegiance is to the beliefs of the Church,emanating from the Apostles,not the Church as an institution.In all organisations back in the day,hardship and physical punishment was the name of the game,from canes in school,right up to capital punishment, which still exists in some USA states.Put aside your Catholic hatred and ensure salvation for your soul
Laois / Re: Club Hurling
« Last post by SCFC on Today at 10:54:43 AM »
Some achievement for Ballyfin to be senior in both codes is their any other team bar Portlaoise that has done this?
The Harps years ago. Possibly Clonaslee too.
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