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GAA Discussion / Re: AISF Mayo v Dublin
« Last post by Canalman on Today at 04:14:50 PM »
So I'm reading after all the stories to the contrary - Rory O'Carroll didn't get any stitches on Sunday at all

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Indeed, he got the same amount of stitches as headbutts received by AOS. :D

What in god's name are we all going to do when the championship is over .

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« Last post by Bord na Mona man on Today at 04:14:37 PM »
So if I trade in a €25k car for a €40k car, I've spent €40k on a car?
General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« Last post by Muck Savage on Today at 04:13:39 PM »
So if a manager is told he an only spend 50M, anything more than that then he needs to generate the money with sales doesn't count?

By this thinking then he is LVG is not to be blamed for only having net 3 strikers and only be judged on the new lad that came in? If through injuries Utd don't have a striker at any point in the season then LVG is in the clear as we're not talking about Net.


The manager can never be in the clear because he buys and SELLS the players.......

So now you want to include the sales. OK, now its all clear!
GAA Discussion / Re: End Game for Mickey?
« Last post by stew on Today at 04:13:11 PM »
That fact that he has just enough support as suggested baffles me, the man took an average enough side to the cusp of the AIF a few weeks ago, what more has he to do for you lot???
Derry / Re: Derry Club football and Hurling
« Last post by oakleaflad on Today at 04:12:17 PM »
Some seriously tight championship games this weekend. The Ballinderry one is the only one I would feel really confident calling but here it goes:

Saturday 5th September 2015
M & L Contracts Senior Football Championship

2 00 PM   Swatragh   ---   ---   Sean O’Leary GAC Newbridge      NEWBRIDGE
3 45 PM   Lavey   ---   ---   The Loup                                           DRAW
6 15 PM   Banagher   ---   ---   Glen                                                   BANAGHER
7 45 PM   Kilrea   ---   ---   Dungiven                                      KILREA

Small & Hyland Chartered Architects Intermediate Football Championship Semi Final

6 30 PM   St Oliver Plunkett’s GAC, Greenlough   ---   ---   Steelstown   GREENLOUGH
8 00 PM   Craigbane   ---   ---   St Malachy’s Castledawson                   CRAIGBANE

Sunday 6th September 2015
M & L Contracts Senior Football Championship

6 00 PM   O’Donovan Rossa Magherafelt   ---   ---   Slaughtneil   SLAUGHTNEIL   
7 45 PM   Ballinderry   ---   ---   Glenullin                                   BALLINDERRY
GAA Discussion / Re: Kildare manager 2016
« Last post by Donnellys Hollow on Today at 04:12:00 PM »
Cian O'Neill was involved with Moorefield last year. He was on the line with Luke Dempsey for the county final and their Leinster campaign. I had heard he took a few training sessions with Jack O'Connor before the county final replay over in Pollardstown.

I think he could find it hard to turn down the Kildare job although with the distinct possibility that Kerry will be going for three in a row and with Kildare not exactly having a huge budget for the senior team it may not be a runner this time. Some of the names in that Paddy Power market are hilarious. The county would go into meltdown if Tommy Carr or the prodigal son Larry Tompkins rocked up in Newbridge!
GAA Discussion / Re: AISF Mayo v Dublin
« Last post by Bord na Mona man on Today at 04:11:42 PM »
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GAA Discussion / Re: AIFSF Replay Mayo v Dublin, Sat 5th Sept. HQ.
« Last post by muppet on Today at 04:10:55 PM »
A couple of the Dub posters here have lost a lot of credibility. But the rest haven't. The supporters I met after the match were terrific. My little lad (6) was completely overcome with emotion by the end (the rollercoaster finish overloaded him) and some Dublin lads came over talking to him asking what was wrong. You just don't get that interaction against other counties, never mind at other sports.

Both sets of supporters will feel that there are many bad mistakes that can be easily ironed out for Saturday and both will be optimistic. But for us it is all about getting the right gameplay in place, from the start, and then selecting the personnel to deliver it. And that is easier said than done. Do we push up and start Andy? He consistently makes the biggest impact when introduced so I would rather hold him till later. I would consider starting Freeman personally.

If we are going for our running game as plan A, or joint plan A with the long ball, then Patrick Durkan must be worth a look. He carried very well when he came on. Keeper is a big call. Hennelly did nothing wrong and made two big saves when called upon. As an aside it seems tough on a keeper who makes a diving save, not to be able to touch the ball while on the ground. The 2nd goal came from this situation and something similar happened to Clarke against Donegal, although he conceded a free.

We need more forwards involved in open play though. Considering how physical the last day was I am not sure it is the place for a Mikey Sweeney type player, or even Alan Dillon. Holmes seems to like playing big men close to goal so I am guessing Freeman, although they could do something from left field like they did with Drake. Maybe Regan, or Danny Kirby considering the physicality?

We definitely need more from our half forward line in terms of attacking themselves and/or supporting AOS. But then they are kept busy chasing the runners the other direction.

Hopefully we are talking more about football after this one, I have a funny feeling though that this could be very close again. What odds on another draw?
General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« Last post by STREET FIGHTER on Today at 04:10:34 PM »
Arguing against net spend is simply ridiculous.

No point in trying to reason with someone who takes no notice of net spend. Their either on the wind up or very naïve.

Wise up....

Look at it in black & white......

General discussion / Re: The Official Daddies Club
« Last post by Rudi on Today at 04:09:49 PM »
I want to have some sort of fencing to block off the back of my house so that I can let the kids outside and not be worried about them going around the front of the house. The problem is that we have a lawn and a drive that will both need blocked off- so there will be a step up from the drive to the lawn via a kerb.

Any ideas?

Put a wooden 5in by 5in post the lawn side of the kerbing. Attach a wooden gate to this post, which will go half way across the drive-way. Use express nails to attach a 3 inch post to the house, hang another gate from this post. Nail 1/2 inch thick wooden slats to the gates (so the wee f@ckers can't climb them)  The drive-way is now locked. Fence off the garden with posts, collars and slats.

You will need concrete to set the posts. Thats what I done, right bit of work.

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