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GAA Discussion / Re: GAA betting
« Last post by ck on Today at 08:02:13 AM »
Cavan 8/15
Armagh 2/1

Cavan -1 are 4/5
What sort of fleg would be acceptable for a non Protestant member of the #GAWA #WTF. I presume the Norn Irn fleg would be out of the question. 

The Belfast telegraph has an interview with Shaw of the IFA who says he hopes the whole country will get behind the team.
They don't take  soccer seriously in Kilkenny. Hard to see it happening.
They take soccer very seriously in Kilkenny actually.
GAA Discussion / Re: Ros v Shligo 12th June 2016.
« Last post by ck on Today at 07:53:22 AM »
Ah lads can we all not just get along  ;D
Sligo and Ross people are peas in a pod but the pod twill be well smashed next month.
GAA Discussion / Re: GAA betting
« Last post by T Fearon on Today at 07:51:57 AM »
I'm risking a 1 on Mayo to beat London.
GAA Discussion / GAA betting
« Last post by ck on Today at 07:49:51 AM »
A long overdue page to discuss the weekends odds, spreads, accumulators and runners/riders, GAA style.
There's many experts on here - time to put your money where your mouth is!
Are Pressies and church of Ireland considered all the same ??
They are when it comes to.putting others in their place. GSTQ
I have no interest in either  the NI or ROI soccer teams.

Other sports are available.

As James Craig put it.
"All I boast of is that we are a Protestant Parliament and a Protestant State. It would be rather interesting for historians of the future to compare a Catholic State launched in the South with a Protestant State launched in the North and to see which gets on the better and prospers the more. "

I wonder how the prospering bit and getting on thing is working out? Any updates on that?
Craig and Carson had to invent a culture for the Protestant state for the Protestant people that justified the status quo where the Taigs were at the bottom of the caste system. With industries like shipbuilding employing protestants exclusively it would go on forever. And England would always be the same. What could possibly go wrong.
Cavan collaborated and won over 30 Ulster titles while the model worked.
The problem with racist systems is that they are self defeating economically. Keeping people down is bad for the economy. It means the wrong focus. If you do it for too long the whole system can collapse.
The Brits changed as well. Nobody in England or Scotland gives a shit about the Somme.

New here and all but please go away.
The prods were right about Rome rule down south. I don't see how the Treaty could have covered Antrim and Down.
And it is hard to see anything other than a 32 county Ireland long term.

Ok, its very simple even you can understand this, the South of Ireland and Donegal was offered a chance to break away from the northern prods, never worry about the taigs that lived there.. Took it and ran away.... That's how I view it.. The South ran away
That is what happened in practice. The Border Commission never There was nobody to stand up for the catholics in Belfast or Derry when it came to jobs or housing.
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