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General discussion / Re: Egypt mosque attack
« Last post by seafoid on Today at 07:18:54 AM »
Egypt is a mess. The population grew from 50 m in 1980  to 85 m now.  There are no jobs for unskilled 20 year olds.  The army conspired with the Israelis and the Yanks to keep a lid on things via a military regime.  That has been running for 40 years. Every year things deteriorate  . The only thing the outside world cares about is quiet on the Israeli border.
There are too many hopeless young men in Egypt. They are easy prey for ISIS.
There was a revolution in 2011 but the army retook control in 2013. Egypt will blow up at some stage . Like Yemen
Any hope Mr. Keegan would have double lip surgery as well? ;D

Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by bannside on Today at 02:55:34 AM »
Well done Hardstation that was a great minor team. Can't see you beat in under 21 either. Plenty of talent coming through your ranks. Challenge is can you bring enough through to senior level.

Well done HS. Some great players. Enough ammunition there to be a real force in Antrim Football for the next ten years.
Antrim / Re: Antrim Football Thread
« Last post by stiffler on Today at 02:15:22 AM »

No disrespect of course.

Yeah Aghagallon. A few good minors and Un21s there. A system of play which suits all players and has been worked on over a few season.

Well, we finally won an U21 after many attempts.
Build...keep building...put roof on.

Congrats to rossa on winning u21 championship. Not sure of the Aghagallon reference.
GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster JFC/IFC Club 2017
« Last post by Throw ball on Today at 01:51:20 AM »
Why is anything ever fixed for Omagh at this time of year.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« Last post by BennyHarp on Today at 01:49:57 AM »
i agree, it really is. very balanced unlike the county coverage which is my main gripe with them.

Yes and you are so balanced on your view of the county.
General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« Last post by armaghniac on Today at 01:49:13 AM »
Be some treason if the SFs and FFs fcuk the Country up for some short term irrelevant success in dumping some unimportant Minister. :o

Why didnít she resign?

She asked Arlene for advice.
Any hope Mr. Keegan would have double lip surgery as well? ;D
I could see Mitchels winning this one, only because Corofin are definitely now on the downward slope and Mitchels still havenít fulfilled their potential and won the AI. Itís pretty much a coin toss, though.
Any thoughts on how Sundays Connacht final will go? Micheal Lundy is out after an appendix operation a big blow to Corofin but even without him they remain favourites Corofin (8/15) Castlebar (9/4). Last year it took extra time to separate the two sides.

A win for Corofin would be a record breaking 8th Connacht Club SFC title & surpass Clann na nGael as the most successful senior club in Connacht.
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