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General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
« Last post by Orior on Today at 02:37:46 PM »
Or maybe it's because he's seen first hand how much trouble it causes when you are identified as one or the other up where he comes from

So deny your heritage because your from “up there”.

It angers most people because he appears to have been radicalized by some form of British imposed upbringing.

This is not a criticism, but he did say once that he doesn't feel Irish, and that's despite playing amateur golf for Ulster and playing amateur golf for Ireland, and despite his uncle playing for Armagh. Why is that? In my humble opinion, its because of the school he attended. It would have been very different if he had attended a different school.

And like many others, I try to watch every tournament he plays and am urging him on to win every time.
General discussion / Re: Maddie McCann
« Last post by NetNitrate on Today at 02:32:32 PM »
That said the police files were released to public in 2008 and it lists that 48 questions she refused to answer. Not everything is fake news because it gets recycled in often vicious ways on social media.
General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« Last post by Mike Tyson on Today at 02:23:59 PM »
I dunno - I have seen things suggesting that delays and uncertainty are crippling business. I think some businesses would rather it was got on with even if they don't favour the outcome as the uncertainty is crippling them.

Would agree with this - how can the likes of a small business forecast over the next year with the uncertainty over tariffs etc?

Uncertainty is bad for the majority of businesses and a lot of them are just looking for a plan to move forward. I'm not advocating no deal or suggesting most business owners are, however if they were told "No deal is happening" they can at least set out a solid plan of what they are going to do.
General discussion / Re: Maddie McCann
« Last post by tyrone girl on Today at 02:22:44 PM »
That 40 something questions she "needs to answer" have been floating around on SM for ten or more years. and indeed multiple variations of it. All that goes to show is that people will believe any oul ballacks.

Yep i have read multiple variations on it and suddenly people quote all of this and turn into a team of Columbos on facebook. Someone posts something on facebook and suddenly everyone jumps on it and it becomes 'the truth' as far as people are concerned.
 I used to think only people with the same mentality as the idiots who share the fake holidays for bora bora or the campervans believe the likes of this rubbish but more recently i am seeing actually sensible people running with it also  ::)
General discussion / Re: Maddie McCann
« Last post by Rudi on Today at 02:22:03 PM »
This happened right at the outset of "social" media and with cheap flights the journos were able to follow the McCann's around and with the competition for a new angle to the story the whole thing became a media circus. It brings an aspect to the documentary that is not unlike the current propaganda machines in the media that appears to be controlling modern day politics and the way people are led.

From one episode to the next the media are either with the McCanns or agin them.

Very good post.
General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
« Last post by Link on Today at 02:18:37 PM »
The problem with McIlroy is that he is the wrong sort of Catholic.

To be a proper Fenian he is supposed to identify solely as Irish, have the tricolour as his flag and have nothing to do with any British or Northern Irish identity.

McIlroy doesn't fit into the proper box. Because of that, some deluded idiots get angry.

Which lad represents the island of Ireland better? Rory Mcilroy, who identifies as NI and doesn;t seem comfortable with all the trappings that a nationalist might prefer him to endorse, or Conor McGregor, a born and bred Dub who never misses an opportunity to wrap the green flag around himself?

With all the allegations recently around McGregor outside the octagon, you could have picked another lad. Paddy H is 1000x a better representative of this island than McGregor.
General discussion / Re: Maddie McCann
« Last post by Keyser soze on Today at 02:15:25 PM »
That 40 something questions she "needs to answer" have been floating around on SM for ten or more years. and indeed multiple variations of it. All that goes to show is that people will believe any oul ballacks.
GAA Discussion / Re: Tg4 Allianz coverage 2019
« Last post by Blowitupref on Today at 02:15:20 PM »
Games for this weekend. Two hurling semi finals live and one football game deferred.

Dublin v Limerick - Nowlan Park - 1.30pm

Galway v Waterford - Nowlan Park - 3.30pm

Tyrone v Galway - Healy Park - Deferred
GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 2019 Dubs again?
« Last post by Hound on Today at 02:15:13 PM »
Our win over Dublin won't be important come the real stuff in the summer. However, the talk of Dublin coasting and not too bothered about the league doesn't sit with me. I might be wrong but Gavin strikes me as a man that hates to lose. He rolls out the usual platitudes in interviews but I'd be pretty certain he'd have been seriously gunning to get back into a league final.

They're obviously still well ahead of the pack but there is evidence that the gap might not be a wide as I would have thought at the beginning of the year.

That was the most emotion i have seen him show in any after match interview, he looked furious as he remarked about the low level performance Dublin produced on Saturday night and seeing that he is a ruthless manager i wouldn't be surprised if a few high profile players are dropped to the bench for while.

Absolutely. Not getting to the league final was definitely not part of the plan.
Very hard to pinpoint what's not right.
As with the league every year there is always some experimentation, but it's the older lads rather than the younger lads who have dipped.
I'm definitely glad the mark isn't in for the summer!
I'd be very surprised if we don't lose a game in the summer, I just hope it comes before the AI Semi-Final, in which case we'll have a very good chance to bounce back.
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« Last post by Norf Tyrone on Today at 02:13:09 PM »
Will league be pushed back if Tyrone make league final?

Correct Ruairi.

Or starred games on the Saturday?
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