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General discussion / Re: Martin Mc Guinness Passes Away at 66
« Last post by Rossfan on Today at 08:59:04 AM »
As Michaelg seems to be if a Unionist persuasion I doubt he has much time for Collins, Dev etc etc.
But sure don't let that stop Bomber wasting pages of Gaaboard quoting himself ::)
Yeah, really surprised the hit on Cillian wasn’t red. He looked like a boxer struggling to get back on his feet. Vaughan too took a few belts.

Mayo should keep quiet about it though, let the GAA do what they want with it. We should keep it in the locker should we meet again later this year.

Mayo have the players to play defensive counter attack football. Thats what we did in the finals last year and it got us over the line today, just. That’s how we will beat the other top teams. We can get away with open expansive football against weaker opposition.

Still think McLoughlin has to be played in sweeper role.

Nally will push for a starting place come the summer.

A fit Barrett too adds more strength at the back
GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland U21 football championship 2017
« Last post by J70 on Today at 08:49:59 AM »
Lads, just what options do you think are available in Donegal?

These are the best players in the county and will be on the senior squad and first fifteen come the summer. In case you missed it, we lost half a team since last year. If older players were there, they would have played over the past couple of seasons.

Lacey and McElhinney and McBrearty came on yesterday on their way back from injury. Ciaran Gillespie as well, although he did play in the midweek U-21 game. Ryan McHugh could be out for a while now, depending on how bad that ankle injury he was carried off with turns out to be. Jason McGee, another U-21, will be playing for the seniors this summer too, although he's out at the moment.

No-one is saying that Donegal shouldn't be playing any U21s or anything like that but surely things aren't that bad in Donegal that they could manage things in the squad even a smidge better ?

How though? Have an extra five to ten players in the squad to cover the last two league games to give the U-21s a rest?
GAA Discussion / Re: Can the Dubs do the 3 in a row?
« Last post by Fuzzman on Today at 08:48:01 AM »
A serious question.
If all the other counties were peeved off with the amount of money Dublin were getting and proposed a motion to play the AI without the Dubs, could this motion be passed or would it get thrown out?
Laois / Re: Maggie Walsh R.I.P.
« Last post by redsetanta on Today at 08:43:53 AM »
GAA Discussion / Re: Can the Dubs do the 3 in a row?
« Last post by sid waddell on Today at 08:40:53 AM »
Will Dubs actually stop going to watch games is a better question. Attendances in parkhead this year remain high even though basically guaranteed to win every match. When Rangers did 9 leagues in a row in 90s, what were gates like?
Depends who the matches are against, but from my own point of view, the answer is an emphatic "yes".

Outside of Kerry, Mayo, Tyrone, Donegal or at a push, Monaghan (away only), there's little point in attending at the moment as you won't see any competitive action.
The only reason you'd go would be for the beer.

Wexford in Wexford will be the only Leinster match worth attending this year just for the day out factor.

General discussion / Re: Martin Mc Guinness Passes Away at 66
« Last post by Keyser soze on Today at 08:38:35 AM »
Watching the documentary last night I as struck by how many of the people who were demonising Martin McGuiness would have been strong supporters of the marine who murdered a wounded man in cold blood getting his sentence reduced or conviction quashed.

The double standards of the brits is breathtaking.

Nowhere near as bad as some of the +++++ on this board though.  ;)
GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 3 2017
« Last post by Croí na hÉireann on Today at 08:30:40 AM »
Just having a look to see who's still living in the old neighbourhood.
Might be moving back soon .

Aye. Will someone pull us up a chair to the fire, old friend returning after his travels.

For 1 year only, if the last 10 years are anything to go by. The yo-yo of the NFL.

Absolutely, if we keep the strong panel we have this year you'd be hoping for another promotion. Although I seem to remember having similar thoughts early last year  :-X
Ireland are always a dour watch.Even with a first choice team out.
We play dour direct long ball football that's horrible to watch but seem to grind out enough results to be there or thereabouts as regards qualification for most tournaments.
That's Irish football & has been for most of my time watching the Irish team.
Getting to the stage now for the first time where I am beginning to think about not bothering watching the games anymore.
It's just so hard to watch that style of football.

I'd say it's alway's been that way. Don't know how long you've been watching though. The difference now between how top club sides play and international teams play is more marked than it used to be. Back in the day we were not exposed to likes of Barcelona that much either. And we only saw likes of Zico, Socrates, Maradonna every four years. So an Irish, English, Scottish game would not be much different than watching Liverpool, Leeds, etc. on MOTD. Tackles, crosses (often from closer  half way line than corner flag) passes back to keeper when they could pick them up etc. Really it is all about a result and qualification.
 I admit I struggle with it as well though. Saipan did something to me I'm afraid. I still cant get my head around how something like that could have happened.

In fairness I think historically Ireland would have been seen as more like Scotland, in terms of flair. It wasn't all dogged determination. Scotland were renowned for their wingers. Ireland had the likes of Liam Brady, Tony Grealish, Johnny Giles, etc. I think Ireland's problem back then was that they didn't qualify playing that type of football, agonisingly so a couple of times under Eoin Hand, and therefore they changed tack with Big Jack. Jack didn't bother his arse worrying about styles, and brought in the more pragmatic northern English work till you drop and you'll beat a better team.

Without trying to be revisionist, when you look at the team Jack had, with McGrath, Whelan, Lawrenson, Brady, O'Leary, Irwin, Staunton, Houghton, Aldridge, Sheedy etc, they could have approached the games an awful lot differently, and probably still had very good success. Remember only for Gary McKay, Euro 88 doesn't happen, and that was the springboard that gave Jack the remit to continue in that vein.

McCarthy tried to be more cultured, with the likes of Keane II, Duff etc, but Saipan scuppered that. Brian Kerr also likes to pass the ball around, but he's too conservative in nature, and his teams just sat back and invited trouble whenever they went ahead. Plus the great generation was definitely gone in his time.  Trappatoni then was like JAck on steroids. He didn't trust the players, and didn't really want to have a go either. At least Jack wanted to be aggressive.

O'Neill seems to me to be more like maybe McCarthy, with a dose of Kerr.
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