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GAA Discussion / Re: U17 Football Championship
« Last post by thejuice on Today at 07:29:20 PM »
We're delighted with this result. This group of lads have beaten Dublin consistently as they've moved up the grades so hopefully we can carry a good few of them into the seniors in the coming years.
Funny enough as I commiserated with a few Galway supporters in the Galway Bay after the Connacht final, they said sure the last time this happened we won the All-Ireland. It's a bit similar in that we are playing Connacht opposition again and make no mistake, if we lose to Mayo on Sunday, the Connacht final win, a great as it was, will mean nothing. It will be considered a once off ambush, and we'll be relegated to third best team in Connacht irrespective of what happens in the Galway/Kerry game. And righty so. Galway's dismantling of Donegal has got the media swanning over them again, and they were brilliant in Sligo yesterday. In the lead up to the inaugural 1/4 final in 2001, there was sense of doom in Roscommon that we would not beat them the second time. And so it came to be. The scenic route had sharpened Galway, fixed their issues from Tuam, while Ros were flat and game was over at half time. Despite how yesterday's game ended, it was evident that Mayo's forward play was much sharper by a long shot yesterday than the games against Galway and Derry. The players they need to play well for them are playing very well - eg the O'Connors, AOS, Keegan, etc.. It will be an intriguing game, very much a team of young guns versus the hardened dogs of war. I believe we have players unlike 2001 who will not go into this game with the psychological burdens of believing they will always lose to Mayo, as it's a team largely made up of the U21 teams used to winning. But it will take the game of their lives. They are young, and still without the physical condition of the current Mayo team, or the big game experience in Croke Park. Bring it on.
General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by red hander on Today at 07:18:41 PM »

I told you,and will be followed by Desmond,all because of a handful of pricks who probably know little or nothing about Irish politics or history.

FFS, you've done nothing but whinge about Rodgers since he was appointed, now there's talk of him walking you should be delighted  ::)
GAA Discussion / Re: Saturday July 22 Cork v Mayo, Gaelic Grounds, 5PM
« Last post by Seamus on Today at 07:10:02 PM »
What's your verdict on Rochford, lads?

They seem to be ambling along under him and while unquestionably they were unlucky against Dublin last year, they used up a fair amount of their lives against Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry and Cork as well as two exits in Connacht against Galway.

McLoughlin seemed to have developed into a very effective sweeper last year and in the big games against Tyrone and Dublin it seemed to add them with a bit of defensive structure and security which they always seemed to lack in the big games. This year he seems to have been completely abandoned it and the ease at which Cork cut right through the middle of Mayo yesterday is very worrying from their point of view. Mayo really are the own worst enemies at times.

I remember last year in injury time against Tyrone they hit a really loose free across their own goals which was intercepted and McCurry snatched at a great chance to draw us level. Yesterday you had an experienced player like Alan Dillon doing pretty much the exact same thing again. Mayo's ability to self destruct is unrivaled in the game and more that a porous defence, management and player discord or lack of a marquee forward, it is what has cost them an All Ireland.

My problem with what the players did with Holmes and Connelly in 2015 was that there seemed to be zero introspection on their own part in why they never won an All Ireland, 2 years on and the same sort of meltdowns are still happening with Mayo footballers in pressure cooker situations. They're good enough to win but they seem determined not to address their propensity to explode.

John Small got Man of the Match in the drawn final last year because McLoughlin was back playing sweeper. Time and time again Small received the ball with nobody near him and set up attack after attack scoring a point to booth. I would discount the own goal as that was unfortunate but personally I love seeing McLoughlin playing sweeper against us.

General discussion / Re: The Open 2017
« Last post by DrinkingHarp on Today at 07:09:01 PM »
Just goes to show how important putting is in your game.

The kid is phenomenal!

General discussion / Re: The Open 2017
« Last post by Asal Mor on Today at 06:51:06 PM »
An iconic performance. Will propel him to near Tiger levels of superstardom.
General discussion / Re: The Open 2017
« Last post by laoislad on Today at 06:50:18 PM »
Amazing how Spieth came back from what looked like disaster on the 13th
Like I said he is a machine.
Orior will be sickened  ;D
General discussion / Re: The Open 2017
« Last post by Minder on Today at 06:39:32 PM »
Amazing how Spieth came back from what looked like disaster on the 13th
General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« Last post by whitey on Today at 06:38:46 PM »
Whitey Warren has done a lot of work on making sure ordinary people don't pay for bank collapses. Kennedy worked a lot on things like Healthcare and did so on a bipartisan basis. What does the GOP do for ordinary people?

And I did mention earlier that I like some of her ideas.....however, some people gush over her like shes the second coming and cant understand how anyone can dare even question her.

Oh and I take it you knew that Ted Kenndy derailed universal healthcare under Jimmy Carter because he was going to challenge Carter in the Democratic Primary.  Read that myself in Jimmy Carters book (ie not a Fox News attack)

(And I personally know people who worked at a country club on Cape Cod where the Kennedys were members.  Very interesting first person accounts of how they treated the staff there)
Very interesting game.
We'll see Sunday what Ros are really made of.

We'll see what Galway are made of first..
No we won't actually. We're not good enough to beat Kerry & we know we're not.
We're not strong enough defensively to cope against that Kerry side.
Personally I don't think Roscommon are good enough to beat Mayo.
But sure we'll find out on Sunday.

You can think what you want. It didn't bother Roscommon before the Connacht final and it definitely won't now.

All the talk was of Galway winning in Croker this year, making an AISF. Well, now's your shot. Excuses before the fact have always been an ugly thing. I can only imagine what would have happened in the Connacht final if our team had bought into the accepted logic.
Excuses? Are you for real? Saying that we're not good enough to beat Kerry is an honest opinion not an excuse!
Are you simple?
You're changing the topic of this thread as usual when it suits yourself to avoid the subject.
It has its own thread ffs.
Anyone else have an opinion on the game that this thread is suppose to be about?

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