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General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by straightred on Today at 10:34:41 AM »
I won't have a go at the fans who protested last night, many have given the club hundreds of pounds to watch streams of games and poured money into the club buying merchandise, yet Lennon comes out and treats us like idiots with every press conference, telling us its just hysteria on social media and everything is fine when its quite clear we are hopeless. the fact fans aren't allowed in the stadium has sheltered Lennon from the feelings of the fans, it has also kept him in a job because there is no way he'd still be Celtic manager if there were 60k fans in the stadium watching some of these so called performances. the fans have had enough, and by not being able to vent its built up and built up then Lennon pissing on us and telling us its raining has made things 100 times worse and the supporters just blew, completely understandable in the circumstances, I just hope it was enough to get Lennon to leave/ sacked whatever and we can dust ourselves down and start to build again

None of us wanted to see that last night. However can you imagine what it would have been like if there were fans at the game. Lennon would have been in no doubt so in that sense it was understandable that they did this to make themselves heard. Throw in the fact that its a sunday evening and there's probably beer on board and the frustration boils over.

It shouldn't have come to this. Lennon was a great servant to the club and he got disgraceful abuse along the way with no support form the Scottish hierarchy. However, he is not and never was a good manager. The board should have faced up to this weeks if not months ago.
General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by straightred on Today at 10:29:58 AM »
It will be difficult getting a decent manager in now probably someone till end of the season,lawwell forced a backroom team onto lennon condition he had to take before taking over,lawwell interferes with the footballing side of things to much example being he brought players in during rodgers era he didnt want probably why Rodgers left,what manager would want to come in not having full control over management team and transfers.

Lawwell is the big problem. The reason Lennon was appointed is due to a lot of what you have said, Lawwell wanted a yes man who he had complete control over. Lennon had came off the back of failed spells at Hibs and Bolton, he was indebted to Lawwell for making him Celtic boss first time around and this time too and he wasn't going to rock the boat like Rodgers.

The McGinn saga was the straw that broke the back for Rodgers, scrimping over a few hundred k for the best midfielder in the league.

Lawwell is your typical capitalist pig, all he cares about is the bottom line, on field activities don't bother him one iota as long as the club is making money for him to cream off. The highest paid football exec there in European football a few years back when Celtic were shopping around the bargain basement for new players and selling off their top men. He is a cancer and hopefully the fans don't stop at Lennon. If we lose 10IAR I hope the pressure then really mounts on Lawwell.

Steady on with the language. There is no value in calling someone a pig on an online forum.
The advantage is where a team are in a better position to score than they would be if the free was given. A team can waste their advantage in the same way that they can waste their free but thatís their own doing.
I donít think you should be given 2 shots for 1 foul.

that's prob the best way ive seen it put

I must try that at a game hardstation is at and see if the general consensus is the same among his clubmen

Haha in fairness, I dont blame the refs its the rule, but I just think soccer have it better where the ref either plays advantage or gives the free, in GAA its pretty much both play the advantage and unless its a score then its brought back for a free. too long of an advantage is my issue, should be a phase, ie if I have the ball 30m out get fouled but play the ball to a man off the shoulder and he solos and shoots surely thats enough advantage, but in current rules if that happens and the player puts it wide or short the team gets a free, they are rewarded for actually making a mess of their advantage.
General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by straightred on Today at 10:28:07 AM »
I wonder if itíll ever dawn on Celtic supporters that the key to them becoming more competitive in Europe, isnít the board, or the manager, but a more competitive league that they donít win every season.

If the league isnít competitive, international interest (sponsorship, tv money, plus player awareness) wanes. If the league isnít competitive, local interest (attendance, sponsorship, tv money, plus player awareness) wanes.

You simply wonít attract top international talent to live in shitty, miserable Glasgow as it stands. The core competition is unattractive, and for the most part of the world, unknown.

Teams from the Czech, Danish, Austrian etc leagues have done well in Europe in recent years.

Sevco are going very well in Europe at present.

Celtic should be doing a hell of a lot better with both the playing squad they have and the money they have in the bank.

We have Scrooge in the boardroom and a chap who is probably not good enough to manage Glenavon overseeing the on field activities.

Are you not mortified to be so far behind a club that (as you put it) was only formed just 8 years ago? Would it not be easier and less embarrassing to call them Rangers?
I don't think any Celtic supporter actually believes the Service nonsense. Rangers the club did not disappear, their ownership changed in the same way many other businesses change hands, in the same way Desmond has effectively replaced Celtic's previous owners.
Well your thinking is very very wrong then. Rangers the club did disappear. This wasn't administration. It was liquidation. You can't unliquidate something. When its done its done. They set up a new company and then started renaming stuff in the hope that no-one would notice. We did notice and we'll never let them forget it. They ran up a mountain of debt, shafted the creditors and then want everyone to behave as if nothing happened. When Celtic were faced with a similar situation in the 90s the fans and McCann dug deep and avoided liquidation. That's the difference - it has absolutely nothing to do with Desmond replacing Celtic's previous owners.
Their next title will be their first one.
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« Last post by seafoid on Today at 10:28:00 AM »
Can't anyone else see Farrell not lasting long?

It was sheer madness (and probably the cheap option) to appoint an ex league man as head coach.

Announcing Schmidt's departure and Farrell's appointment pre RWC 2019. Lunacy.

Farrell is a transition manager. The Grand Slam team flopped at the RWC and the transition kicked off.
Transitions are not about results. They are about transitioning to a better team.   
Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« Last post by Goals_Will_Come on Today at 10:23:36 AM »

Next year will see the revised Allianz Leagues resume at the end of February.

The Allianz Football League will commence at the end of February with each division expected to be split into two groups Ė with the split focusing on regionality and proximity.

This is to cut down on travel and movement, tying in with public health protocols.

April will see the business end of the competitions played off with every county guaranteed a minimum of four games pre-championship.

The hurling league is not expected to see much change.

There will be two groups of six, but the group leaders may go straight to a final.

Relegation in football could see the bottom two teams in each round-robin group playing off against each other to decide which two teams go down. 

The All-Ireland championships will kick in from April. There will be no club-only period or Super 8 series this time around.

Instead the championships will continue until the third week in July when the All-Ireland football final will be played, with the hurling decider coming beforehand.

There is much speculation that this yearís outstanding All-Ireland Under-20 football final could be played before the senior all-Ireland final.

Itís also hoped that the outstanding club championships from 2021 can soon be revisited.

The remainder of the year would facilitate club championships.

The split season model turned out to be a huge success this year and the GAAís Fixture Review Task Force are currently holding regional meetings with stakeholders to refine their proposals to come before Congress 2021 and to reshape the overall structures from 2022 onwards.

So far, the GAAís scheduling of inter-county games Ė albeit without crowds Ė has been a huge success.

There have been criticisms that extended members of squads and backrooms cannot access stadiums for big games, but the association is working strictly off public health guidelines in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Gaelic Players Association are believed to be firmly behind the proposal for a closed season period for inter-county members.
Is that suggesting no club football to July? Split league again?

Or is it all club championships donít begin until at least July and other club activity continues leading up to that? So usual league of full 15/17 games being played from April onwards around county schedule?
Teamtalkmag - Following a Central Council meeting this morning it appears that crowd restrictions in the early part of 2021 might well mean that the Club Season could be played in the first half of the new year. That decision will be confirmed inside the next fortnight.

Club season could take the county schedule. So you could be looking at the end of February start of March for the club league starting with club season concluded in July.
No idea how this would affect Kildress and the outstanding division 3 games.
General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« Last post by bennydorano on Today at 10:21:49 AM »
It'll all come out in the wash
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« Last post by 6th sam on Today at 10:21:20 AM »
Can't anyone else see Farrell not lasting long?

It was sheer madness (and probably the cheap option) to appoint an ex league man as head coach.

Announcing Schmidt's departure and Farrell's appointment pre RWC 2019. Lunacy.

ďBlame the managerĒ attitude ,letís everyone else off the hook. Farrell like any manager has weaknesses but it wonít help the squad development by blaming everything on him
General discussion / Re: American Sports Thread
« Last post by TabClear on Today at 10:20:00 AM »
Due to Covid, current Denver practice squad WR/forget college QB Wake Forest Kendall Hinton looks set to start against the Saints.

Ravens @ Steelers, originally scheduled for Thanksgiving was pushed back first of all to Sunday and now Tuesday. Lamar and the first choice RBs already ruled out.

Hinton went 1/9 for 13 yards and 2 INTs. Poor bastard. Kind you, Taysom Hill was hardly that much better for the Saints.

Yeah thankfully Taysom Hill can run the ball but he isn't the long term solution.

1 completion and 2 interceptions is a horrific stat.

Tyreek Hill had a monster first half for the chiefs.

I think he had over 200 yards in the first 10 minutes. TB secondarywas all over the shop in the 1st quarter but tightened up well. Brady is having to play a completely different game at the minute and he is quite erratic with a number of strange interceptions thrown over the last couple of weeks where he has looked to be forcing it. Albeit I dont think his receiving team are covering themselves in glory either
General discussion / Re: The IRISH RUGBY thread
« Last post by GetOverTheBar on Today at 10:17:31 AM »
Can't anyone else see Farrell not lasting long?

It was sheer madness (and probably the cheap option) to appoint an ex league man as head coach.

Announcing Schmidt's departure and Farrell's appointment pre RWC 2019. Lunacy.

It's been a fairly poor start under him as head coach alright.
Ireland if we are being honest have been on the wane since 2017/2018 if we are being honest though.

It's been a gradual decline, perhaps helped by some really unfortunate injuries almost rotating to rob Ireland really of a full proper full 15.

Looks like Farrell is going to live and die by Stockdale at Full Back....
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