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GAA Discussion / Re: Canavan gone
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:54:20 AM »
The Fermanagh players will be disappointed he's gone. I know for a fact he increased the professionalism around the set up immensely. Fermanagh have a small pick and were in a v bad place before he took over. The improvement made in the strength and conditioning of the players was v impressive, people can say he only won the one cship game but you cant make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (No disrespect to Fermanagh). Hopefully this doesn't halt the progress of Fermanagh. 

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« on: August 26, 2013, 04:15:41 PM »
Ah sure we'll just give 8 Junior teams 6 days notice of championship, not like they matter. No mention before the game that it'll be 6 days later if Tyrone lose so there was some kind of preparation. But sure it's only Junior. County board never cease to amaze me!

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone vs Mayo AISF Semi-Final - August 25th
« on: August 26, 2013, 01:23:19 AM »
Not all doom and gloom for Tyrone. The age profile of this team is very young, today will stand to a lot of the lads. McCurry, Ronan O'Neill, McAliskey, Coney, P.Harte, Conor Clarke, Mattie Donnelly, Ryan McKenna, Niall Morgan are all 22 or under. Bodes well for the future. I think today showed how important Morgan is going to be for us. In these chess matches where kick out placement is paramount; Packie struggled heavily. Whereas Rob Hennelly was able to consistently and accurately hit the wings. Best of luck to Mayo in the final, I hope you win but I have the feeling Cillian O'Connor missing could be too big a blow.

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Monaghan Quarter Final
« on: August 04, 2013, 01:24:12 AM »
After watching the match again there. Firstly, I must say how proud I am of this group in the guts they are showing to close out these tight games. Roscommon, Kildare, Meath and Monaghan the metal of these lads was tested and each time they dug it out.

MOTM for me is shared. Sean Cavanagh for his first half of globetrotter stuff (Certain All-Star now) and Peter Harte in the second half for driving the team forward time and again. In the second half the amount of attacks he drove on and set up scores from was very striking.

My ratings for the match from a Tyrone perspective.

- McConnell: 7 (Kickouts much improved, one poor one nearly cost us dearly)
- McCarron: 6 (Took a toasting early but improved as the game went on and was very good coming out of defence)
- Clarke: 7.5 (Caught kick outs, scored a lovely ball and exuded composure on the ball throughout)
- Carlin 7 (Love his determination, played well tonight and did a better job on McManus than McCarron)
- Gormley: 6.5 (Craftiest player in Ireland, was great at times but made a few errors)
- Harte: 8.5 ( A quiet opening, developed as the 1st half progressed and was peerless in the 2nd)
- McGinley: 8 (Played really well, took a lot of flak, showing his worth, seriously athletic, nice point too)
- Colm Cavanagh: 8 (Best game this year, coming good at the right time!!)
- Sean Cavangh: 9 (Best player in Ireland for me, absolutely incredible)
- Mattie Donnelly: 7.5 (Played this game with the flu, made everything stick when he went to full forward, going the right way about an All Star)
- Joe McMahon: 8.5 (2 super points, is there a better all round footballer in the country?!? Hope the injuries not to serious) 
- Mark Donnelly: 7.5 (Carried so much important ball in the 2nd half, a real team player)
- McCurry: 5.5 (Was unlucky today, just one of them days, kicked 2 important frees and will be much sharper the next day im sure)
- Penrose: 4 (Red card was foolish of an experienced player, made several fouls. But I really value the job hes done for the team this year. Was much better against Meath)
-O'Neill: 5.5 Anonymous to he came out to centre forward. Hit some lovely balls in there but if he lights up Tyrone could take anyone left in this championship.

Subs: Ronan O'Neill did very well, McNabb and Cassidy solid, Kane had a good cameo, hope McNeice isn't out for too long, looked serious enough)

Overall much to be happy with but there's certainly another gear in this team and if everyone clicks we'll give anybody a game. P.S. Brolly is turning into a parody of himself.

GAA Discussion / Re: Tyrone v Monaghan Quarter Final
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:30:56 PM »
Think Tyrone will make one change with Carlin coming in for McKenna if he has the 70 in the legs. If not it'll be the same as last week. Clarke and McCarron to pick up K Hughes and McManus?

GAA Discussion / Re: Meath vs. Tyrone
« on: July 29, 2013, 05:47:38 PM »
Was in Croke Park and re-watched the game and I left Croke Park thinking were probably a forward short of being a top side. I think Mickey has done a fantastic job during this transition period in Tyrone keeping us at a high level considering the turn over in players. I think the team currently is about as good as we can line out.

Although it would be fantastic for Cassidy to be fit for 70 I don't think he has that in the locker currently. Colm, although he comes in for some criticism does the part of the game that people don't acknowledge better than Cassidy, the dirty work. Cassidy is great going forward but not the best tracker, I think Mickey is using him very well.

The thing that strikes me on the criticism of C.Cav, P.Harte, Penrose etc currently is a lot of the people doing it have a motive behind it. They either think players of their clubs should be starting or feel there is bias in the set up towards these players. Honestly I don't buy that for a second. Peter hasn't been playing at his very best (which is as good a player in Ireland) but his ability to link the play and distribution into the forward line is the best in our team for me and I felt bar the couple of silly errors and a slight lack of confidence in shooting areas he played well. We will need him to hit top form if we are to proceed any further in this years championship. On Penrose I felt he was very good on Saturday, his finishing hasn't been great but the turnovers he won were key and the role he is playing is one that doesn't lend itself to many headlines. He's doing a job for the team and putting the game plan before himself.

McCurry and S.Cav were superb! Hoping when Ronan O'Neill gets 100% sharp he will kick on like McCurry next year, as he is well capable of it.

Hoping things kick up a level in the QF as the team is only playing at about 70% of their capability currently.

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