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GAA Discussion / Professional Gaelic games
« on: September 29, 2010, 11:57:37 PM »
Sorry if it's been done to death but...

Will professional Gaelic games ever exist?


Hurling Discussion / Hurley / Hurl / Hurling stick / stick
« on: September 29, 2010, 12:36:55 AM »
On my youtube movie in the last few days I've had at least three idiots commenting claiming "it's not called a stick, it's called a hurl" or "it's called a hurley, calling it a stick in Ireland would get you a slap around the mouth."

In the south some people call it a hurl and never a hurley, in the north most people call it a stick, sometimes a hurley, and never a hurl. We always just called it a stick, or the fuller title of 'hurling stick'. I never heard it called a 'hurl' until we had a visitor from Galway in our house one evening. 

What the hell is it with people?  Are people really so parochial that they've never been outside of their own province? Or am I just getting wound up about young fellas who have learned to use the internet before having travelled anywhere?

Sheesh!  ::)

General discussion / Science Minister to launch book attacking science
« on: September 13, 2010, 09:54:45 PM »
From the Irish Times:

Lenihan to launch anti-evolution book

Minister for Science Conor Lenihan is to officially launch a book exposing the “fiction of evolution”.

Mr Lenihan will attend the launch of The Origin of Specious Nonsense  by Dublin writer John J May in Buswell’s Hotel on Wednesday evening.

According to the book’s website Mr May says evolution “cripples sanity, promotes myths and obscures reality”.

He also said anyone who teaches evolution is “either ignorant or deliberately suppressing the known scientific facts.

“It [evolution] is a toxic poisonous mind virus which destroys the hearts immune system against hope and common sense,” he added.

Mr Lenihan said he is not launching the book as Minister for Science but rather as a TD because Mr May is a constituent of his.

The “Gorillas and Girls” launch party will begin with a talk entitled "How evolution made monkeys out of man” at 7:30pm before the Minister launches the book at 8pm.

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland said the Minister’s appearance at the launch is an abuse of his position and an attack by the Government on both scientists and science education.

How do these people get into these jobs? How can such an idiot get the job of Science Minister? This is like a flat-earther being put in charge of the teaching of geography! Boggles the mind!

GAA Discussion / Video - Hurler's eye-view
« on: August 26, 2010, 05:39:14 PM »
First person shooter style video from Milwaukee Hurling club shot with a helmetcam. Not the highest standard you've ever seen (and yes, they play co-ed) but still great to watch. I'd love to see first-hand views of a senior game.

Hi all. Asylum seeker from An Fear Rua here.

I've made an informational video explaining Gaelic football and uploaded it to youtube.  This is a compliment to the hugely popular hurling informational movie that's now getting about 400 hits per day.  These videos are for people to use in GAA overseas units who are introducing people to the games for the first time.  I know that the GAA did produce half-hour long videos for that purpose about ten years ago, but the only use I ever found for them was to use them as an example of how not to make an informational video that's supposed to get people excited about our games, but don't get me started on that!

With a bit of help from people around the web I got the hurling video translated into six other languages: Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

I want to do the same translation job for this football video, so if anyone could help I'd be eternally grateful. Any languages will do, even Asian languages if any of you can speak them.

Since there's no voice over, it's all done with captions so it's a whole lot easier.

The captions go as follows:

  • The suspense and skill of soccer
  • The high scoring of basketball
  • The impact of Rugby
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Skill
  • Gaelic Football
  • Catch the ball in the air
  • Chip the ball up with your foot
  • Carry the ball for 4 steps...
  • ..then do something with it
  • Kick it back into your hands
  • Bounce the ball...
  • ...but not twice in a row
  • Strike the ball with your hand or fist
  • Kick the ball on the ground
  • Kick the ball from your hands
  • Shoot over the crossbar for one point
  • Shoot into the net for three points
  • Block his shot with your hands
  • Flick the ball out of his hands
  • Hit him shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Above all...
  • Be accurate...
  • Be fast...
  • And be brave

Please do not use automatic translation services like Google translate - they will surely misunderstand words like "chip" and "shot" as used above.  You don't have to get an exact translation, just as close as you can to make the point using the minimum number of words possible.  Brevity and accuracy are the key things here.

Also, please post your translation under the English line so I'll know what means what.

Feel free to post this on AFR if any of you have accounts there.

If you don't want to post publicly here then contact me through my youtube channel.


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