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There was never a stage I thought Monaghan would win.

When they took the lead i thought they had a real chance. The rebound for that goal could have went anywhere. Had it went out then monaghan likely would have won.

Anyway doesn't matter now but in most cases if a team is unquestionably better they win by a lot more than one point...

Over 70 minutes they probably , just, deserved to win it. There isn't no question about it though. The goal was debatably fortunate enough. Without it monaghan probably win. tyrone blitzed them for short periods but couldn't sustain it and sure went for a very long time second half without scoring. If there was no question they were the better team that would not have happened.

I agree. Ryan wylie did a black card offense in the first half too so i think they were even on that front and hughes dived at the very end however i really do think the ref swung that game for tyrone.

Maybe i'm alone but i enjoyed that game and would take a contest like that over a team hammering a poorly defensive team any day of the week. I think over the course of the game a draw would have been a fair result. Ref wasn't good for either side as Nolan is a poor ref anyway and in a low scoring game that goal was huge.

If Tyrone defend well in the final (unlike Galway yesterday) i think they will push Dublin all the way.

I would agree that it was enjoyable.

A Pyrrhic victory for Throne with the Dubz up next

i think you need to read the definition of pyrrhic!

Shocker in seafoid doesn't understand big words he puts in sentences ;D

Lucky win for Tyrone. Monghan had their chances to win and will be kicking themselves more so when they watch that game back.
Tyrone had plenty of wasted chances and were the better team, if weíre honest.

Wide count was the same. Tyrone took their goal chance Monaghan didn't take their two goal chances first half the difference.

With two teams matched that evenly the ref can have a big say... and he did. The cavanagh free and the harte one in the first half. Two point swing.

Saying that tyrone should have had the game over after 15 to 20 minutes.

What was beggan at !

Same pattern as donegal game really. Goal at critical time.

Great dive

O'neill a boy who could get a goal handy.

Getting interesting

People talk about black cards like they will change the game.
Havenít seen one do that yet.

Ever?? They have changed many a game.

Dubs win All Ireland final by a point. Lee Keegan is sitting in the stand after black card in the first half. Think he would have been worth a point

I had forgot about that one too.

Biggest change i ever saw was ai club final with castlebar against st vincents. The ginger haired fella who was marking connolly.

People talk about black cards like they will change the game.
Havenít seen one do that yet.

Ever?? They have changed many a game.

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