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General discussion / GAA attendance data
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:54:03 PM »

Working on a project for college and I'm looking for attendance figures for intercounty GAA league & championship matches for the last 3 years - anyone know where I'd be able to find this information? I've emailed the GAA using the contact form on the website but still waiting to hear back from them.

Also, I'm looking for stadium capacities and I found these but at least some of them don't look right (and indeed the two pages don't agree in some cases)

I've emailed each of CBs but if anyone has any corrections on those capacities, that'd be great

Here's the capacity data:

County   Capacity
Antrim   32500
Armagh   16500
Carlow   21000
Cavan   32000
Clare   14864
Cork   32550
Derry   22000
Donegal   18000
Down   20000
Dublin   82300
Fermanagh   18000
Galway   33000
Kerry   43180
Kildare   6200
Kilkenny   24000
Laois   27000
Leitrim   9331
Limerick   49866
Longford   10000
Louth   3500
Mayo   38000
Meath   15000
Monaghan   36000
Offaly   20000
Roscommon   18890
Sligo   18558
Tipperary   53500
Tyrone   18500
Waterford   17000
Westmeath   11000
Wexford   25000
Wicklow   10000


Last game of the league on Sunday and while it hasn't been overly impressive, we'll stay up barring getting a tanking from Donegal while a win would likely see us into a SF.

We've only won one from three at home and that against Monaghan who had 13 men. Our other two games have been insipid performances against Tyrone and Dublin. Away wins to Kerry (who were just back from holidays) and Derry haven't exactly been inspiring either.

I'd imagine the team won't change a whole pile from what played Cork, maybe Andy to start or at least come on a bit earlier.

Tough game for Mayo after getting tanked by the Dubs. Cork are going reasonably well and a win here will guarantee them a SF spot.

I honestly find it hard to see us getting anything out of this one but a spirited performance is the least we'd expect

I presume COC will be back for this? I'd probably start with something like this:

Cafferkey    Keane       Higgins
Durcan    Cunniffe    Coen/Hall
SOS      B Moran
DO'C   COC      Vaughan
Doc      AOS      Dillon

With COC providing good balls into AOS instead of the muck he got against Dublin. And the two of them swapping during the game as needed.

Obviously McLoughlin, Boyle & Keegan are all pretty much guaranteed starters but no harm in resting them so they'll be fresh for the game against Donegal the following week where we might need a point to stay up depending on results.

General discussion / Best tourist attractions in your county
« on: March 09, 2015, 12:25:44 PM »
Was thinking about this following on from a thread from Heganboy that was on here asking where you would bring some American visitors – what / where in your county would you rate as the top tourist attractions?


Most iconic attraction:       Croagh Patrick

Best natural attraction:      Croagh Patrick
Best man-made attraction:    Céide Fields
Uniquely Irish attraction:   The Gaeltachts out in Erris / Achill
Best "obscure" attraction:      Davitt Museum in Straide or the Jackie Clarke Collection in Ballina (haven’t been to this but it’s supposed to be good)

Might as well get this one started, I'd say there'll be a big crowd at this one.

Sounds like some of the experiments (Kirby at MF and Caff @ CHB) were only so-so against Derry, it'll be interesting to see if they persist with those or not.

COC being out is a big loss for us, good to see Dillon back though

GAA Discussion / Who can stop Roscommon?
« on: January 25, 2015, 06:52:13 PM »
FBD in the bag, Hastings cup to follow, just how far can these boys go?

Mayo had their chances and blew it, Galway are like rabbits in the headlights of this juggernaut, Sligo and Leitrim don't even register on their radar anymore.

Nobody in ulster to challenge, they have the Indian sign over Kerry; will Dublin's millions be enough to slay the Primrose and Blue?? Seems unlikely

GAA Discussion / National Football League Division 1 2015
« on: January 22, 2015, 01:51:19 PM »
Just over a week to the start of the national league, first round fixtures below.

31 Jan 2015 7pm Donegal v Derry Ballybofey
31 Jan 2015 7pm Tyrone v Monaghan Healy Park, Omagh
1 Feb 2015 2pm Kerry v Mayo Fitzgerald Stadium
1 Feb 2015 2pm Cork v Dublin Páirc Uí Rinn

Who will win?

I fancy Dublin / Cork / Tyrone & Kerry to make the last 4, Cork v Dublin final with Dublin winning it again.

Diffciult to know how Mayo will fare - tough trip to Killarney first up and most supporters aren't overly hopeful. Avoiding relegation and discovering two new championship-15 players would be a big success

General discussion / Camcorder
« on: October 08, 2014, 08:38:38 AM »
Looking at buying one - anyone know what sort of spec would constitute a decent one?

General discussion / Palestinian Flags in Croker: Yes/No
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:17:12 PM »
Just a poll to gauge people's views on this and how they will compare with what (if anything) happens on Sunday. Not intended as another discussion thread.

Personally I won't be there but I will bring one to the AISF v Kerry

Might as well get this started, the kingdom will be warm favourites after today. Neither sounded good enough to dethrone the spoon burners though

A rematch of the 2011 quarter final when Mayo shocked the all Ireland champions, winning by 4 points having been rank outsiders 

This time around we're slight favourites (1/2 with the bookies) but having watched cork in the munster final and against sligo today, I'd be confident we can win this one.

Might as well get this started. Mayo going for a once in a generation 4 in a row Connacht titles, Galway young guns with underage all Ireland medals bursting out of their back pockets looking to take on the mantle.

Looking forward to it

General discussion / TV question
« on: May 17, 2014, 10:18:18 PM »

I bought a Samsung LED tv, yer man told me it has PVR capability but when I plug in a usb or hard drive, it won't work for me. The tv recognises the hard drive (for playing content already on the hard drive) but won't work when I try to pause tv. I've tried reformatting the hard drive but no joy

Any ideas??

Right, enough hand wringing about letting it slip against Dublin.

A win at home against Derry will be enough to get into the semi-finals. At the start of the league I’d have taken that - Derry haven’t exactly been spectacular in recent years and home advantage should be worth a couple of points. However, Derry have been the form team of the league so far which makes this a much tougher game than expected although they mightn't be 100% focussed considering they're already qualified.

Will Horan start his strongest team? Or experiment a bit? Personally, I’d like to see some experimentation and I’d go with:

Harrison Caff Cunniffe
Durcan Higgins Drake
      Parsons B Moran
McLoughlin COC Vaughan
Sweeney Freeman Gallagher

But I’d expect Horan to go with:

Harrison Caff Cunniffe
Boyle Vaughan Keegan
      Gibbons AOS
McLoughlin Higgins Moran
Sweeney Freeman COC

General discussion / Lights / Electrical question
« on: January 14, 2014, 07:48:47 AM »
A quick question for any electricians out there - I have 12V spotlights in the sitting room at home but they blow regularly so I'm going to replace them with LEDs (I understand these will generate less heat and as such will be less likely to blow).

Should I get the 12V LED spotlights? Or buy LED spotlights that run off the mains voltage and remove the transformer on each light also?


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