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Starting to get away from Cavan a bit now

Decent so far from Cavan, they need to hit Reilly a bit more often

Dublin for me to win this match.

I fancy Dublin for this one too

Was listening to a couple of OTB pieces there - Kevin Walsh is a brutal analyst, he hasn't a clue; Donaghy on the other hand comes across very well and seems to know what he's talking about

GAA Discussion / Re: Colm Parkinson/The GAA Hour
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:16:26 PM »
Eddie going to volunteer harder for Cuala!!
Just like Jack O'Connor is volunteering for Kildare

You know one of those teams is a county, the other's a club, right?

General discussion / Re: What are your favourite Celebrations chocolates?
« on: December 03, 2020, 04:39:25 PM »
Celebrations a distant 4th behind quality street, miniature heroes and roses Im afraid.



And how is the box always full of Bountys and not Twix.

Sure Twix isnt even a bar of chocolate its a biscuit - shouldnt even make the box

Quality street first??? No chance. A couple of good toffees is about it

Heroes first by a long way, celebrations second and the rest are shite enough

Jordan Flynn and James Carr have a role to play here,  I understand everyone will jump in saying ff line is flying with T C , aido and cillian but I'm still not convinced at all with loftus playing midfield,  we are not winning enough primary ball in the middle , even against roscommon yer man crompton I think is his name lorded it for a right few balls , only they were poor from there onwards that game could of been a lot closer .

I'd like to see aos move back to midfield , bring in carr then . Jordan Flynn can field a ball, I'm not sure we could drop ruane to the bench though . It's a scary thought but perhaps Kevin mcloughlin should be benched . Ryan o Donoghue not doing a lot either . Diarmuid is not firing also and that's a while going on . Point being just cause we beat ros and Galway it doesn't necessarily mean it's been the best 15 or all players have played well .

Shot selection was dire the last day I counted three in the first ten mins , Ryan o Donoghue,  mattie ruane and Lee keegan all fluffed stupid shots instead of recycling the ball , cillain should of also netted his chance that's 1-3 missed in first ten mins , dubs wouldn't of wasted such a period to bury a team .

He has some potential but I wouldn't even consider starting him based on what he's shown so far. I agree that we have problems at MF though but if Horan has stuck with Loftus this far, he's not going to drop him for Croker imo

I had a look at the scorers for both teams and it seems like we both have a fairly even spread:

Player   Total
COC:    1-22 (0-14)
Conroy   1-4
DOC   1-2
AOS:   0-3
Ruane   0-3
Durcan   0-3
Walsh   0-3
Loftus   0-2
Carr   0-1
KMcL   0-1
ROD   0-1
Player   Total
Sweeney   1-18 (0-9)
Quinlivan   0-6
Casey   1-3
Kennedy   0-5
Maher   1-0
Fahey   0-2
O'Brien   0-1
Comerford   0-1
Austin   0-1
Kiely   0-1
Moloney   0-1
Boland   0-1

Durcan is our only back to score so far this year which is a big change from previous years.

Hopefully nothing, hopefully it works, hopefully this time next year we won't be discussing thousands with side effects, if you think this is not all rushed you are deluded, but then again you will be way back in the queue.

Why do you assume that any side effects will be negative? Sure maybe you'll get x-Ray vision or superhuman strength as a side effect

Just wondering, if you are Vaccinated, can you get infected with the virus from someone who is not vaccinated?

Asking for a friend.  ;)

No, you wouldn't be able to be infected. Unknown how long that may last for though

So for those who want to take the Vaccine that's the bizz, they won't have to depend on the people who don't take one!

Not great though for people who may not be able to take a vaccine but are vulnerable (e.g. Cystic fibrosis) - they will rely on everyone else to take it to protect them

Just wondering, if you are Vaccinated, can you get infected with the virus from someone who is not vaccinated?

Asking for a friend.  ;)

No, you wouldn't be able to be infected. Unknown how long that may last for though

One thing I would change about the rule (even if it's not usually enforced) is that if the player who has received the advantage commits a foul, the play is brought back and the original free is given. Currently, the rules say that the free is given against the player who had the advantage if he commits a foul (unless this has been changed since it was originally introduced?)

General discussion / Re: The Whiskey Thread
« on: November 30, 2020, 03:16:05 PM »
This is a thread I would have ignored as I thought whiskey wasn't for me.  Over the last few months I have started trying to learn a bit about the different types and begun trying to see if I could grow to like at least some of them.  I really like the idea of sipping on a neat glass of whiskey of a winter's evening.  I don't feel I am quite there yet.  I started with the Jamesons with a little ginger, and then progressed to adding a little water instead.  I like Guinness so have the Jameson's stout edition a rattle.  Prefer the original.

Currently working through a bottle of Powers, which seems to be similar to Jamesons in ways.  Would I find that to be the case too with Paddys, Tullamore dew etc?

I see a lot of talk about Green spot and redbreast.  I might try on one of these as a treat over Christmas but I have a feeling they may be wasted on me.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained I suppose.

Tullamore Dew would be a little different to the other "standard" Irish whiskeys and worth trying for a similar price imo.

If you're looking for something a bit different, I'd second what Hound said and try Connemara, it's 40 down here, not sure about up north. If you like that, then Laphroaig, Talisker and Ardbeg are worth a taste.

You should be able to pick up good whiskey on amazon for cheapish if you keep an eye out - Redbreast 12 for 38 or so would be good value, green spot for around 35, Balvenie 12 for around 40 would probably be my top 3 recommendations there.

I actually think the advantage rule is good although 5s is perhaps too long, maybe 3s would be better as there are times when it seems to be very long. Anything that discourages foul play is surely a good thing

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