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GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Monaghan part 2
« on: August 03, 2008, 05:12:59 PM »
Weeshie on Radio Kerry says:  Some call them streakers, I call them Freakers>


GAA Discussion / Re: Qualifiers round 3
« on: July 27, 2008, 05:12:27 AM »
Venues for Qualifiers to be determined by CCCC, per below from gaa homepage.

Round Three - 02/03/04.08.08 (Sat, Sun, Mon)

The four Winners from Round Two drawn against the Four Provincial Final
Losers. Venues to be determined by the Central Competitions Control Committee.

Quarter-Finals - 09-10.08.08 (Sat/Sun)

Each of the four Provincial Champions shall play one of the four winners from Round 3. Subject to the respective Provincial Champions not meeting the defeated Finalists from their own Province in this Round, a draw shall be made to determine the pairings.Venues to be determined by the Central Competitions Control Committee.

GAA Discussion / Re: Qualifiers round 3
« on: July 26, 2008, 09:12:18 PM »
Scenario:  The three Ulster teams entering Round 3 avoid the losing Ulster finalist.  Can Down, Monaghan and Tyrone all win the next day (against Kerry, Mayo and Wexford)? 

Can the losing Ulster finalist beat Kildare? 

That would put 5 Ulster teams in the last 8.

GAA Discussion / Re: Breaking news from the DRA
« on: July 25, 2008, 03:09:53 AM »
Whatever about harshness or otherwise (and I'm happy to leave adjudication on that to those appointed for the job) I maintain there's a lot to be said for the double or quits principle. Take your punishment or appeal, but if your appeal fails, the sentence is doubled. That would make players, management and administrators think twice before embarking on frivolous objections. As it stands, there's nothing to lose, so they figure "why not?".

The Aussie game has a reduction for an early guilty plea...that may be a better route to go.

In Galvin's case a reduction from the three months to two would have him back in mid-August and, assuming Kerry would win Rd 3 qualifier and quarter final, eligible to take the field in the AI semi-final.

That scenario should appease everybody.

GAA Discussion / Re: SDFG in Tribune
« on: July 22, 2008, 01:13:20 AM »
SO close leo...but it means...

Sam Destined For Galvin

GAA Discussion / Re: Trivia question
« on: July 19, 2008, 10:58:08 PM »
Quick look at my stuff says 1979...Armagh 5-3 Fermanagh 1-7.

No guarantee about it though.

GAA Discussion / Re: Scoring points
« on: July 16, 2008, 08:04:16 PM »
Tomas O'Se has a classy solo run and can kick a point as good as anyone from distance...although he is never going full pelt when shooting.  His style should be the basis for anyone learning the game.  His right leg is fully extended when the ball contacts his foot during the solo...this is why it comes back to him rather than away from him.  He has scored 3-16 in his championship career (admittedly 56 games or so)...a good haul from wing back.

The great ones look so comfortable on the ball, while the rest of us look like we're trying to find a handle on the damn thing to get it under control.

GAA Discussion / Re: Gaa ranking system
« on: July 16, 2008, 06:41:49 AM »

Here'e the way I have it from 2005 to present:

Scoring method:  Div 1A and 1B (Div 1 and 2 in 2008) get 2 points for each league point, other divs get 1 point per league point, 2 points for losing league semi-final, 4 for losing league final and 5 for winning league (note no semi-finals in 2008). 3 points for each championship win, 5 points for provincial win, 2 points per qualifier win, 5 for AI Quarter Final win, 7 for AI Semi-Final win, and 10 for taking Sam home.

Weightings:  Add one quarter of 2005 points to one half of 2006 points to all of 2007 points to all of 2008 league points.

1   Kerry   109.25
2   Dublin   76.50
3   Mayo   70.25
4   Donegal   68.50
5   Derry   68.00
6   Galway   67.25
7   Cork   64.00
8   Tyrone   62.00
9   Meath   53.50
10   W'meath   51.00
11   Armagh   49.50
12   Monaghan   49.25
13   Laois   48.50
14   Kildare   44.50
15   Wexford   43.00
16   Offaly   39.75
17   Louth   33.75
18   Fermanagh   32.00
19   Sligo   27.50
20   Down   27.00
21   Longford   25.25
22   Cavan   25.25
23   Rossies   24.75
24   Tipperary   23.00
25   Leitrim   21.50
26   Limerick   20.50
27   Clare   20.50
28   Antrim   19.00
29   Waterford   17.50
30   Wicklow   16.25
31   Carlow   15.75
32   London   2.00

Armagh ranking in 11th is the shocker, until we remember that 2007 produced no championship points (lost Ulster qf and lost first qualifier game). 

Based on this seeding, a Champions League type competition would have the following groupings:

1  Kerry, London, Offaly, Louth
2  Dublin, Carlow, Wexford, Fermanagh

3  Mayo, Wicklow, Kildare, Sligo
4  Donegal, Waterford, Laois, Down

5  Derry, Antrim, Monaghan, Longford
6  Galway, Clare, Armagh, Cavan

7  Cork, Limerick, Westmeath, Roscommon
8  Tyrone, Leitrim, Meath, Tipperary

If form holds (not gonna happen most years) for 2008, the quarter final match ups would be Kerry/Tyrone, Dublin/Cork, Mayo/Galway, and Donegal/Derry.  Armagh (in Galway's group) and Monaghan (in Derry's group) best positioned to upset the applecart.  Tasty set of games there.

Group games must be played to a draws allowed.  London should have a preliminary round with Kilkenny and New York to establish team 32 if all three enter.  All group games from June 15 to July 15.  AI QF's in early Aug just like now.  Yellow and red cards cumulative up to QF...reset for AI semi-finals.

Tell me what to do with the provincial championships...maybe have each province play a round robin type thing over consecutive weekends from late April to mid-May and do away with the existing league altogether? 



General discussion / Re: GAABoard Sitcom
« on: June 22, 2008, 07:41:29 AM »
Sorry boys, but only one winner...

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Div 1
« on: April 07, 2008, 05:27:00 PM »
Here is a summary of paths to the final...

Galway:  a win, a draw, or a 1 point loss puts them in the final for definite.  In the final with a loss by 2 points or more if Donegal/Derry draw.  In the final with a loss if Donegal win, but only if Donegal's winning margin, when added to Galway's loss margin is less then 8.

Derry:  In the final with a win. In the final with a draw only if Kerry lose or draw.

Kerry:  In the final with a two point or greater win.  In the final with a 1 point win if Donegal/Derry draw.  In the final with a 1 point win if Donegal win by 4 or less.

Donegal:  In the final with a win and Galway win or draw. In the final with a win and a Kerry win if Donegal win by sufficient margin  pull them level with the lower of Kerry/Galway on points difference, as Donegal win any tiebreak with Kerry or Galway.  Obviously, also in the final with a win of a margin great enough to get ahead of Galway or Kerry, assuming Kerry beat Galway.

Or something like that...

GAA Discussion / Re: Down 60, 61, 68, 91 & 94 Highlights on youtube
« on: March 29, 2008, 10:38:12 PM »
Thanks Umpire.

Still unclear as to who did all the scoring...any source of that info you can point me toward?  A recording of the whole game, and count it up myself.

As an aside, who is actually responsible for reporting who scored during an inter-county game?  I see the data shown by RTE during games that player so-and-so has played so many championship games and has scored exactly that much.  Who would keep that information up to date?

Thanks, BH

GAA Discussion / Re: Latest Scores
« on: March 29, 2008, 07:57:22 PM »
Tommy Walsh playing like a Star at full forward.

GAA Discussion / Re: Latest Scores
« on: March 29, 2008, 07:53:01 PM »

Kerry 0-8
Laois 0-5

GAA Discussion / Munster Colleges Football Final
« on: March 11, 2008, 04:23:07 AM »
From Hogan stand...check out who scorer in the last line of the report...

St Brendan’s beat Kerry rivals Tralee CBS by 2-11 to 1-11 in the Munster colleges SFC final at Fitzgerald Stadium.

Tralee went into the decider as holders but ’The Sem’ wrested the crown from their grasp with a solid display in Killarney.

Thus, they have captured the coveted provincial championship for the first time since 1994 and are now within striking distance of the Hogan Cup.

James O’Donoghue was an easy choice as Man of the Match. The centre forward terrorised Tralee from the off and helped himself to a match-winning haul of 1-5, all from play.

The defending champions had led by 0-5 to 0-2 after 20 minutes. But Cian Tobin converted a free and O’Donoghue found the net.

However, points from Barry John Keane (2) and Barry Shanahan helped Tralee to a 0-8 to 1-4 half-time lead.

The match looked to be all over when the holders started the second half with awesome intent. Fiachra Mangan goaled and points from Alan Fitzgerald and Keane sent them six point clear.

Shane O’Neill registered the winners’ second goal eleven minutes after the restart and Tralee didn’t manage a single score in the closing 17 minutes.

GAA Discussion / Re: Down 60, 61, 68, 91 & 94 Highlights on youtube
« on: March 11, 2008, 03:52:20 AM »
Could anyone post up the lineouts and scorers from the 1968 game for both Down and Kerry?

Was it 2-13 to 1-12 at the end?



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