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General discussion / Re: RTE Salaries
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:14:14 PM »
Rete presenters wages are a fraction of what they were 10 years ago and the level of complaint has gone up .
just shows you how right Gerry Ryan was to resist it ,
if some one presents a show and it makes a profit I have no problem them getting their rewards.
and no you don't pay their wages any more then you pay the wages of a guard . thought next time your pulled over tell him you do.
 see how that goes down

GAA Discussion / Re: Half Parishes
« on: December 13, 2018, 02:42:30 PM »
There was talks of a parish side taking shape around 7/8 years ago when Rhode’s second team won the intermediate championship before the introduction of senior b.
It didn’t take shape.

I believe that all clubs should remain as independent entities …look at Mullinalaghta. All of the clubs in the Vincent’s parish have more numbers than Mullinalaghta, except for Kilclonfert.

Then you have the Edenderry-Ballyfore situation. Ballyfore are currently struggling in the fourth tier of OY football. Contested an intermediate final in the last 10 years, before senior b was introduced.

Edenderry had a mass exodus from their club when players were told to solely concentrate on football.
Unfortunately for Ballyfore, this would be to their detriment. Taking in 12 fellow parishioners. They returned to Edenderry the following year, pissing off Ballyfore, their arrival to Ballyfore was not universally welcomed either.
Ballyfore we’re intermediate until 2015. Got relegated from junior A in 2016, won junior B last year, struggled at junior A this year.
Worse again, their whole underage setup is in with Edenderry, with Ballyfore having no say at all.
Not even a concession of jersey colour or name. Their best player, David Brady transferred to Edenderry upon their relegation from junior A. Because they’re in the same parish, this has set a disastrous and in my opinion worrying precedent.

There’s plenty more examples too, which is quite worrying.
its hardly a precedent its always he way with half parishes and as  often the traffic is both ways. players who are dropped or fall out with the larger club often seek refuge with the junior club indeed it often how the junior club ids formed in the first place  look at the ballygawley/errigal Ciaran  row drom years back , but it great to have the junior club there to allow these lads to keep playing .
ofte time there is a unnoffical arrangement as to the border between  certain clubs though enforceable only by a lifetime of hatred and distrust
 im sure bally fore don't want most of their team made up of townies

GAA Discussion / Re: Half Parishes
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:40:12 AM »
It’s very possible that the four clubs in the St Vincent’s area in Offaly were all occupying the four semi final spots of the Offaly junior football championship in years gone by. Ballycommon, Cappincur, Daingean and Kilclonfert were all junior at the same time for a while. Cappincur are now senior A, Ballycommon and Daingean intermediate, while Kilclonfert remain in the junior ranks.
And may of these young lads would have grown up playing for vincents together so they may be a bit frustrated with the divisions . but another way of looking at it is how many extra jerseys there are to fill . may be if they had one senior team and kept the own clubs junior teams.
not sure if operates like that anywhere .
may County board have always been  dead set against split parishes as we found out in keenagh years ago.we had to  remain under the cruel Crossmolina tyrant

GAA Discussion / Re: Half Parishes
« on: December 11, 2018, 01:23:55 PM »
Daingean in Offaly has 4 half parish . Daingean , ballyconmmon kilclonfert and Cappincur thought does the main parish count as a half parish?

the  main difference between a Parish and half parish team is players from the Parish can play for any of the teams

GAA Discussion / Re: Retirements
« on: December 06, 2018, 11:27:42 PM »
Why do GAA players have to announce retirement statements ?

Never understand this . It's not  a professional game.

probably as a mark of respect to all their supporters who otherwise would be wondering where they are or whether or not they were just dropped. and give them an opportunity to thank all the people who have helped them on the way
that or rampant egomania . probably the 1st

GAA Discussion / Re: FBD 2019
« on: November 28, 2018, 05:41:34 PM »
Andy Moran reckons that Mayo need to concentrate on the FBD, that’s not breaking it down into silly stuff. That’s being serious, Mayo haven’t won a trophy for a long time he said.

That is breaking it down to silly stuff. Dads Army will have little appetite for picking up unwanted injuries on the dodgy pitch days of January.
plenty to stand in for them.
im hoping for reape and ryan o Donohue in particular I think they'll give it a right go this year

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Centre of Excellence
« on: November 27, 2018, 12:42:21 PM »
Floodlit all weather pitches are needed in the West and midlands

To play club games and school games all year
Most clubs and counties cannot afford to put in those sort of facilities

Why all weather. If they were grass and done properly they wouldnt need to be Astro. Astro is not good for GAA in my opinion.
No cutting
Less maintenance
No mud

Play basketball then.
You can play 3 schools games in a day on a 3G pitch
Or colleges games or primary school blitzes.
In any weather
That is why they are useful

Instead of wasting money on Fenway classics and sending Gaelic footballs out to africa we need to invest in facilities for the grassroots.

Did the fenway classic lose momey  I thought it made a profit?

GAA Discussion / Re: Connacht Centre of Excellence
« on: November 26, 2018, 12:55:45 PM »
What is the considered opinion
Was it a white Elephant waste of money used only by Mayo teams? ir is hard to kno how everyone survived before it existed?

General discussion / Re: The Best Burger?
« on: November 23, 2018, 12:00:23 PM »
shout for Macaris Riva in Grange sligo yesterday . mind you I was hungry  but it taste  as good as any burger  have for  a long time .
I was in 4 guys one thought  it was a great burger . don't remember it being do expensive as Quoted here though and i'd more make up for it on the free refills

GAA Discussion / Re: Welcome
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:00:17 PM »

Yiz are a crowd of blathers - slabbering away here for over 12 years!

I remember being here in the old days - back in 2001 when Hardy used to be Hardyarse.


was that before or after the fiddler?

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo manager resigns - for defo.
« on: November 19, 2018, 01:16:49 PM »
Is any Mayo man as upset as a Roscommon man about young Akram young lad.... on my limited viewing saw nithing to show he was county senior material.....

Limited viewing would be the best description you could put on yourself alright.

Back in your corner.

Ignoring the petulant prepubescent,
Calling mayomen as opposed to the  Sufferus..... is Akram non selection a scandal
As a Ballagh Mayo man I would say no is the answer. Sharoize is a talent but he still needs to work on parts of his game. He’s really unlucky that he’s in a line of the team that is so strong. If he works on his skills and develops more physically then I think he’ll be looked at again.
Akram seemed to have got a lot broader this years and playing more aggressively . looks more like an old style corner back now than a flying wing back

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo manager resigns - for defo.
« on: November 14, 2018, 05:09:39 PM »
What a bluffer this man is. The James Horan show is well and truly back. 100 players trialed but what’s the odds 13 of the established players start in the first big championship test? I’ll come back to this post in July. Horan has the best Mayo panel ever and messed up. Why does he have to give a running commentary about what’s going on in mayo football?
well if he et 2 new player that ok of a return .

any word on a final panel apart from ah refs version?

tiers are a good idea bit as Parkinson says your tier must be your aim from the beginning of the year and not a consolation prize . if you win it you then go up .
I would  not like to see more than 3 tiers .  one for the vey weak counties Kilkenny limerick wicklow roscommon  and the like . one for the top 8 to 10  and the rest in the middle . they don't all have to be of equal size .
like a peoper super 98 with every one playing every one or home and away games too increase familiarity

GAA Discussion / Re: PuC and the Liam Miller Fundraiser
« on: November 02, 2018, 03:13:07 PM »
and the wedge thickens
now Liverpool are looking to push their brand on the back of Sean cox  by having a match in Croker.
a far more worthy case but  if Liverpool feel guilt over what happened to Sean cox they should cover his medical bill and not use him as a promotional tool

GAA Discussion / Re: PuC and the Liam Miller Fundraiser
« on: November 01, 2018, 04:13:15 PM »
You said one of it's principles was not to enrich individuals. That's not strictly true.

Maybe check what enrichment means: making people rich.
Like Ed Sheerin? Garth Brookes? Westlife?
not members of the association , not competitors of the GAA indeed not sports men at all
complete red herring

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