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Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« on: September 25, 2020, 03:14:30 PM »
JFC Quarter Finals...

Brackaville vs. Drumquin (Saturday @Pomeroy 1.00pm)
Brocagh vs. Cookstown (TBA)
Drumragh vs. Castlederg (Saturday @Newtownstewart 1.00pm)
Kildress vs. Urney (Sunday @Killyclogher 1.00pm)

Cookstown and Kildress to go through comfortably. Other two harder to call.

Drumquin seem to have improved significantly this year so I will back them.

Drumragh/Castlederg is 50:50. I will go with Drumragh on the back of their performance last week but I dont expect much to be in it.

Are the semis an open draw or have the pairings been decided?
Brave statement to completely rule out Urney when they have Johnny Lafferty and Jamie McAleer in their ranks. Will be a very close game and those two could be difference makers, Kildress may have a better team all round but they havent got game changers like them. Kildress were also very lucky against Eskra with that goal decision. Des Tracey still being the best player is also concerning for them.

Would like to hear goals will come predictions this weekend.... Seems to have his finger on the pulse of junior.

I should have had a few quid on my predictions  ;)

Cookstown probably flattered on the scoreline in the quarter final so expect Kildress to win that one by 3-4 points albeit with the history there it could get feisty.

Drumragh should have too much for Drumquin on the other side. Both teams seem to have brought some younger players through this year but expect the Sarsfields to come through by about the same margin.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone Club Football and Hurling
« on: September 15, 2020, 09:44:28 AM »
JFC Quarter Finals...

Brackaville vs. Drumquin (Saturday @Pomeroy 1.00pm)
Brocagh vs. Cookstown (TBA)
Drumragh vs. Castlederg (Saturday @Newtownstewart 1.00pm)
Kildress vs. Urney (Sunday @Killyclogher 1.00pm)

Cookstown and Kildress to go through comfortably. Other two harder to call.

Drumquin seem to have improved significantly this year so I will back them.

Drumragh/Castlederg is 50:50. I will go with Drumragh on the back of their performance last week but I dont expect much to be in it.

Are the semis an open draw or have the pairings been decided?

I expect nothing more from that shower of useless fcukwits. They are f**king disgrace

General discussion / Re: Messi or Ronaldo - Who's best
« on: August 27, 2020, 04:33:41 PM »
Crickey messi has a few bad games and the knives are out.

Messi has stayed at the same club for 20 years and owes them nothing. Ronaldo moves about clubs so the lime light is constantly on him and that he's centre of attention.

Let me ask this. Have you ever seen messi through a wobbler cause a player scored a goal instead of passing it. Numerous clips of Ronaldo throwing toys out of the pram cause a team mate scored instead of him.

Beside the stats in that link clearly show he's the better player.

Messi is well ahead of Ronaldo for me. These debates will always be about personal preference but would agree with this

I consider Messi to be better too. He does go missing on occasion - usually more for Argentina - but still his ability to me is above anyone I've seen bar Maradona.

This summer after signing Wener and Ziyech the net spend is just £17m with Morata and Pasallic the two heavy outs.
Last summer was a profit of £100m.
Summer 2018 was a spend of £120m.

So in 3 x seasons it's a net spend of £37 million.

There will likely be a few more outs this window, Zappacosta, Emerson, Batshuyi, Bakayoko which will easily take that number to neutral.

So only purchases from here in will be out of the bank as such.

Thats pretty impressive especially given the age profile of the signings. If Chelsea sign a couple of decent defenders they will be hard to beat this year. Like Liverpool (with Couthinho) it shows how one big money transfer out can completely overhaul a team for little net spend in reinvested properly in a targetted fashion (VVD/Allison). Unfortunately it can also be completely wasted a la the Suarez money if you try to spread it too thinly.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: August 21, 2020, 12:27:04 PM »

I see the worlds most expensive defender has got himself in a bit of bother....

Judging by that photo of him and the missus he is punching in more ways than one

Read this earlier. Seems like a lifetime ago but Martin Broughton is  one of the most important people in Liverpool's history. There are a lot of people who would have been bullied by Hicks and Gillette and things could have ended up very differently. Christ when I remember back to Poulsen, Konchesky and Woy's interviews....

Liverpool given stark FSG reminder by Premier League fixture list
Liverpool decade-long transformation has been laid bare after a quirk revealed by the new Premier League fixtures

One of the highlights of the summer for any football fan is the revealing of the new season's fixture list. Even after a woeful campaign, hope springs eternal that this time things can be different, the grid of dates between (normally) August and May offering a blank canvas upon which new stories, dreams and dramas can and will be written.

For Liverpool supporters finally able to welcome a new season as league champions for the first time in 30 years, the anticipation of seeing the Reds stride out with golden Premier League winners patches on the sleeves of their shirts and beginning the bid to retain the domestic crown is tempered slightly by the uncertainty of when they will actually be allowed into grounds again to cheer their heroes on. With the new Premier League season due to commence on 12 September, the opening games will certainly be played behind closed doors due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and, while the Government have outlined plans to start allowing some fans back into stadiums, nothing has yet been confirmed.

With the opening Merseyside derby at Goodison Park scheduled for only the fifth matchday of the new season, it seems quite likely it will again be played in an empty - or at best, nowhere near full - stadium. But while that will be a big disappointment for those who live and breathe those unique Merseyside occasions, a quirk of the fixture computer offers some light relief for those of a red persuasion and also an insight into just how far Liverpool have come as a club over the past decade.

Because the scheduled date of the next and 227th meeting between Everton and Liverpool - before the television companies start moving things around anyway - is Saturday 17 October, which will be ten years to the very day since the Reds last lost to their bitter local rivals. It was a sobering end to one of the most dramatic weeks in the life of Liverpool Football Club and a wake up call, if it was needed, to new owners Fenway Sports Group (then known as New England Sports Ventures) about the scale of the task they faced in rebuilding their new acquisition.

The fact Liverpool will return to Goodison in just under two months time as reigning Premier League and World Club champions shows how a decade of FSG ownership has transformed fortunes at Anfield and strikes a startling contrast to how things were when they took over. As the leaves began to turn golden on the trees in the autumn of 2010, it felt like Liverpool were settling in for a long winter of discontent. The heady days of title challenges and big Champions League knock out ties under Rafa Benitez seemed a lifetime ago, even if a little over 12 months had passed since the heady days of spring 2009 when Andrea Dossena was banging in goals against Real Madrid and Manchester United, and anything seemed possible. Roy Hodgson had replaced Benitez in the manager's dug out and done little in his early weeks in charge to counter the gut feeling many fans had that he was not the right man for the job. But, even worse, the civil war which had been growing inside the club due to the toxic and hapless ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett was spiralling out of control and threatening its very existence.

The American owners, who had purchased the club from David Moores in February 2007, had gone back on their promise that theirs would not be leverage buy-out and had in fact heaped the cost of their own takeover onto the club. Having taken out a £350m loan with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia, £105m was immediately dropped on to the club’s books, with the remaining £245m taken on by Kop Holdings, the company set up by the new owners when they purchased the club. By the end of their reign, Liverpool would be paying around £100,000 per day in interest as the threat of administration closed in.

With the owners under pressure to reduce the club's £237m debt by £100m before July 2010, British Airways chairman Martin Broughton was appointed Liverpool's new independent chairman with immediate effect in April of that year to oversee the sale of the club. Hicks and Gillett reportedly had as many as half-a-dozen bids on the table to consider as Broughton continued to put forward the most attractive proposals from across the world but the man who would eventually sell the club said only two credible options were ever on show for Hicks and Gillett to dissect.

Broughton exclusively told the ECHO earlier this year: "We had two buyers, both of whom were very keen to buy."So we had an auction. It got huge publicity. There wasn't a person in the world potentially interested in buying [Liverpool], who didn't know it was for sale. We got two keen bidders at the end and they both bid the same amount."What more can you say than that is market price?"

A proposal from Hong Kong businessman, Kenny Huang, who, it was suggested, had been given backing from the state-funded China Investment Corporation (CIC) was withdrawn late in August 2010 meaning a penalty fee of around £60m would be due for payment in the first week of October if Hicks and Gillett could not find a buyer. By early September 9, Hicks and Gillett's loans with RBS were placed into its toxic-assets division, effectively meaning an extension of their refinancing plans would not be allowed by the club's creditors. The threat of Liverpool going into administration loomed as a genuine possibility and with a deadline for repaying the loans to RBS - which stood at £237m in total - set for Friday 15 October.

Ten days before the deadline, Hicks and Gillett attempted to remove Broughton and CEO Christian Purslow from the board after the accepted an offer from John Henry's New England Sports Ventures (NESV) and the hideous soap opera playing out before Liverpool supporters' horrified eyes was set for the High Court in London. After Mr Justice Floyd had initially ruled in the club's favour, in essence that Broughton had the right to sell the club to NESV, Hicks and Gillett took out an injunction in Texas to block any proposed sale as the RBS deadline ticked into its final hours. American hedge fund Mill Financial, thought to have links to Hicks, were reportedly waiting in the wings ready to pounce but Judge Floyd decreed the Texas ruling had no validity in England and at the 11th hour, with the deadline hanging over proceedings, a deal was finally confirmed late in the afternoon of Friday 15 October.

Hundreds of jubilant Liverpool supporters celebrated outside the High Court as a new dawn approached for their football club, with the forthcoming Merseyside derby at Goodison scheduled 48 hours later barely after an afterthought at that point. By the time Sunday afternoon came around, attention was focused back on the football with new principal owner John Henry and new club chairman Tom Werner taking their seats in the directors box at Goodison Park.

Liverpool's previous match had been a fortnight previous due to an international break and had seen newly-promoted Blackpool win 2-1 at Anfield to leave the Reds in the bottom three after seven league matches, with the first rumblings of discontent at the new manager being heard with chants on the Kop of "Hodgson for England". Everton were fairing little better, having also only gained six points so far and sitting one place higher in the table on goal difference, but Liverpool's insipid performance in front of their brand new owners made the Toffees look like world beaters.

Goals in either half from Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta gave David Moyes' side a comfortable 2-0 win which could have been by a greater margin but salt was rubbed in Liverpool fans' wounds by the manager's post-match assessment."It was a cruel result because we played so well," Roy Hodgson said. "In my opinion the way we played the game was as good as I've seen us play this season."I can't have any real qualms with my players with the performance they gave.

"I hope that fair-minded people see the game the same way. I think it's a bit unfortunate that after such a good game of football, everything revolves around the fact that Liverpool didn't win it."The shape of our team was good, the quality of our passing was good. We didn't score goals and Everton did, but I refuse to sit here and accept we were in any way outplayed or were in any way inferior." That was not the game the 3,000 angry Liverpudlians in the Bullens Road stand or the millions watching round the world on television saw, the disconnect between delusion and reality summing up how far Liverpool had fallen, on the field.The tentative first green shoots of recovery had at least begun to sprout off the field however.

Liverpool will return to Goodison in mid October 2020 a completely different entity in almost every regard from the version a decade earlier, which is testament to the vision, planning and execution of owners who salvaged the club from one of its darkest hours.

Looks like the league could be wrapped up at Old Trafford!

Well by the law of averages Ole has a 50% chance of wrapping it up at home.....

General discussion / Re: The Many Faces of US Politics...
« on: August 17, 2020, 05:55:35 PM »
Trump may be  a dangerous idiot but that cr@p by Michael Moore is  more likely to energise his base than anything the red hatted moron could do himself. Gobsh1te

One of the most pointless lists ever  :)

Plenty of points on that list, just that some teams have a lot more than others.  ;) ;)

I  was just surprised that Liverpool were so close to City in terms of points over the period while City picked up 3 titles compared to just 1 from Liverpool.  Chelsea are well back in terms of aggregate points and yet have 2 titles over that period.

Saw this on a website earlier. Its the total points over the last seven seasons in the premier league or since ferguson retired (which was the point of the article). Couple of things stood out for me, firstly I am surprised at how close Liverpool are to City. I know this is slightly skewed by this season but City won a few titles where they won pulling up. Secondly, how far back United are, I know they were awful for a few years but there were 2nd/3rd place in there.

You would have been hard pushed to predict this back in 2014 when Balotelli was doing a impression of a traffic cone

1. Manchester City     Games: 266. Points: 558
2. Liverpool               Games: 266. Points: 553
3. Chelsea                 Games: 266. Points: 520
4. Tottenham             Games: 266. Points: 496
5. Arsenal                  Games: 266. Points: 489
6. Manchester United  Games: 266. Points: 482
7.Everton                   Games: 266. Points: 379

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: August 17, 2020, 12:27:39 PM »
Utd were clinging on at the end of season, for whatever reason players were tired!

 Not just Utd but most PL clubs looked fecked, the thought of starting of the leagues with no pre season (and rest) seems crazy.. will be a few crazy results at the stat of the leauge

Yeah, but these same players had 3 months without football. The Euro Championships were supposed to be held this summer. Most of the players will have had less games coming into the new season.

I agree completely!!!  Oh i feel dirty for that!

The top 3 in the premier league all went out of Europe in  the same fashion. They dominated their respective games (Athleti/lyon/Sevilla) but the opposing keeper was outstanding, they did not take multiple chances and ultimately got sucker punched as a result of defensive mistakes.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:28:57 AM »
Laughing at Liverpool supposedly landing Klopp or Ancelotti😂😂😂.Theyre more Sam Allardyce or Tony Pulis.

Tone always knew  ;D

At time like this you miss the Stalllion  ;)

General discussion / Re: New Car Advice
« on: July 22, 2020, 04:10:56 PM »
there wlll be a program on quest next week where they fit electric motors into old cars, Fiat 500, porsche 363.  Electric motors have great pulling power but they will be a hard sell until there is good network of charging points.

other choice is a hybrid.

I think the charging points is a less of a problem problem in Ireland compared to more urbanised countries. If you are a EV owner who has a driveway at home that allows them to install their own charger then once you get to about 200-250miles range that is more than enough for the majority of people's daily usage .  Assuming you just plug the car in at night, how often would you actually need to charge the car anywhere else?  Obviously someone in a terraced house in the city will not be able to do this but I would imagine their average journey will be significantly lower and public transport perhaps a more viable option for many.

The problem then becomes, chicken and egg. If there is not enough charging going on at public chargepoints for the reasons above, its hard to make the financial business case for the infrastructure investment as these things are not cheap. However, as you say without a reliable network people will be less inclined to buy an EV. People might not plan on using public chargers often for the reason above but they  still want to have access to it "just in case". The Government wants private companies to invest on the infrastructure. This has had some success in the UK, mainly around larger cities but I am struggling to se how that happens over here without the volume.

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