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I'm afraid fashion doesn't come into my appreciation of football at all and I'm constantly bemused by the length of threads and intensity of debates we get here about colours and designs and whether one jersey is "nicer" than another. I'd expect that kind of thing on sites dedicated to what the GAA refers to as "ladies'" football and I'm particularly disturbed to see Meath men embroiled in this debate. We need a few manly posts from yiz lads to refurbish your reputations - maybe a debate about the pint of plain vs. the small one or the best way to deal with loose teeth - spit them out or swallow them.

Anyway - I just came in to say I always understood Trevor's reason for flittering the sleeves off his jersey was to deny jackeen corner-boys corner backs anything to get a hoult of and I assumed the Co. board decided it was a good idea and adopted that design for the following year. Then Offaly dumped us out in the first round and, rather than sack the manager or revamp the team or indulge in other such convulsions as other counties do, we decided to dump the jersey. And it nearly worked, as we got to the AIF the next year.

Nickey Brennan and co talk about going professional get the county teams in order as they are the main selling point to the association. Why do clubs mot provide teams with full kits or countues for that matter. Recently in club and county games players have been running around in jerseys, most commonly shorts amd socks which does not represent the team that they play for or represent. In fact on county level it is an embarrassement to the specified team. We must be like premiership teams in england were everybody is the same. I attended a club match in laois recently when players were some players were playing in jerseys which were 10 or 20 years old and some were playing in the present jersey. The club shall not be named to avoid embarrassement

THE cost of GAA gear these days is unbelieveable. Jerseys costing 38 pound a go. Shorts costing 15 and if thats not enough now oneills have brought out new socks at 6 a go. what was wrong with the white soul ones which have been out for 40 years. ONEILLS are money grabbing f*** and the same goes for gaelic gear and azzurri. Kids looking jerseys for christmas i may get them retro jjerseys us cork rural men are die hards

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