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Hurling Discussion / Re: International Match
« on: December 23, 2019, 12:41:26 PM »
The Scots seem to take the hybrid international a lot more seriously than the Irish.

They had their panel announced 6-8 weeks ago which gave them more time together.

The hurling squad was announced the Wednesday before the match and I wouldn't think they had much time together to prepare.

The hurlers are more greatly handicapped in that they cant take the ball in the hand and the 2 points awarded for a sideline or a free cut off the ground makes it much more easier for the Scots to score, when compared to the art of taking a sideline cut using a hurl which is a difficult enough task to accomplish unless you're Joe Canning.

The fact that the lack of Tier 1 players and preparation time on the Irish side would indicate that the Irish really don't take it too seriously.

Its not a bad game to watch when in full flow and Ireland field a strong team. I'd say if there was a full strength Ireland team with some preparation they'd knock the Scots for 6.

agree with all this. To play shinty for Scotland is more prestigious it seems. I suppose they have no intercounty structure so the country makes up for that for them. Also the club competetion in Ireland is still in full flow at this time. Hopefully those over the Irish and Irish palyers will give the competion more respect. Iomain Colm Cille competion is great. Gaelatcht Shinty teams vs Gaeltacht (or irish speaking) Hurling teams.

Hurling Discussion / Hurling Shinty Ties - Insurance - Any other info
« on: December 23, 2019, 12:36:29 PM »

I am very interested in getting my club to play a hurling shinty match against a shinty team in Scotland. I have connections to possible teams out there so that is no problem and accommodation and flights seem ok. I am just worried about insurance and how that might work. If you have any info for me or any other advice on this topic. Please let me know. Thank you.

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