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General discussion / I urge any Irish Nationalists to boycott Wikipedia
« on: November 03, 2017, 04:56:21 PM »
It might sound a bit trivial but it is the principal of it.

I started an account to do a bit of editing, I tried to edit Liam Neesons nationality to Irish, this isn't controversial as he talks about being Irish on most of his TV interviews but my edit was reverted by an 18 year old Australian because "There was no proof that Neeson was Irish", I explained about him calling himself Irish in interviews but he said I need official proof of his nationality. The way they have listed Neeson is "Actor from Northern Ireland" which is ok compared to other celebrity pages.

Of course you don't seem to have to need official proof when calling someone Northern Irish on wikipedia, it isn't an official nationality anyway so getting official proof isn't possible.
I tried to edit some soccer figures like Neil Lennon, Pat Jennings and Brendan Rodgers to "professional footballer from Northern Ireland" to keep things in line with what I was told by the Neeson editor, of course my changes were reverted back to "Northern Irish professional footballer" because "there was no need to edit them", I assumed since they played for Northern Ireland at some stage they had to be categorised as Northern Irish which is their own fault really, James McClean is listed as "Irish".

Recently I tried to edit actor Colin Morgan who is from Armagh and has called himself Irish in a TV3 interview to "Irish actor", my change was reverted back to "British/Irish" actor because of dual citizenship, the unionist editor wouldn't be as quick to change a Protestant actor to being British/Irish.

Then there were a couple more figures, Johnny McDaid being one, a musician originally from Derry, I changed him from Northern Irish to "from Northern Ireland" of course it wasn't allowed and the editor threatened to ban me, apparently it was ok to call him Northern Irish as the 2011 census showed a lot of Catholics view themselves as Northern Irish only.

To sum things up it is ok for unionist identities to be put on people but it isn't ok for Irish to be used as a nationality for someone of the Ulster-Irish heritage. It isn't ok for Neeson to be Irish but it is ok for the Northern Irish tag to be used for people.

GAA Discussion / Páirc Uí Chaoimh paint
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:57:18 PM »
I like the new ground, not as nice as the old one but it looks very good, it reminds me of the mid 90s Croke Park with the two terraces. However it disappoints me to see what they have done with the seating, they painted them white and grey which looks terrible, It is a pity didn't paint them like ths old stadium. Croke Park seats look terrible too. One of the most beautiful grounds is Offalys.

and an interesting fact for anyone interested is that some of the material used in the new stadium was from Ulster as I remember a lorry going down to it 18 months ago.

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