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When was the last time a Dublin player never got a red card over turned?

When was the last time a county player didn't appeal a red card? The GAA disciplinary system is a joke.

You have to admit that its very odd to turn over a red card for verbal abuse though as it cannot be proven to be a wrong call bar a mic picking it up. Very odd indeed and no explanation given.

Costello red card overturned.  Now I'd love to understand how you can overturn a red card given for something that you said? Its not like you can be cleared by video evidence is it?

Some amount of yaps on this board. Yes Dublin have all the advantages, the money, the population and whatever the f**k else you want to cry about. But at the end of the day it’s 15 on 15 and the c***ts are human, cut them and they bleed the same as you or me.

Most teams are bate before they play them, every team in Leinster has shite the bed for years now. The teams that get near them lately (Mayo and Kerry) push up and get tore into them. I guarantee you Cavan will be a whole lot closer to the Dubs than people think because if they can bring the same intensity they did to the Donegal game they’ll cause Dublin problems, to be honest they probably don’t have the quality of Kerry/Mayo, but they absolutely will no fear Dublin and give them no respect.

I know if I was playing county football instead of crying about how unfair it all is, the scalp of the best team we’ve ever seen would be some motivation.

Anyway the very best of luck to Cavan, would be absolutely magical for them to do it.

Its no guarantee that Cavan will bring that type of intensity into this semi final, if they don't one has to fear the worst for them. Mayo lost by 10 points in the semi final last year to Dublin and Tyrones last semi final against the Dubs was a 12 point defeat.

We can only hope that Cavan can bring the intensity they did against Donegal but that is not the only reason they won. Remember they played 20+ minutes of that game with 14 vrs 15 so there was more going on than that. Rotating players in and out of FF line, Galligan from MF to FF. They created a number of height mismatches in the FF line as a result and they utilised high ball occassionally to keep Donegal honest. I think as much as intensity can Cavan bring something different to Dublin, something they maybe are not used to dealing with. Most teams set up to contain the dubs, I am not so sure Cavan will do this. Of course this could all majorly backfire but I think someone has to try something different cos up to this point everything tried has failed. We have to hope the dubs are a bit off colour, complacent etc and god forbid we might get the rub of the green from a ref this time.

General discussion / Re: The Offical Glasgow Celtic thread
« on: November 27, 2020, 09:28:14 AM »
Shane Duffy has taken a lot of shit in the past weeks for his displays. But it is obvious from last night that the problem is not the centre backs but a gutless misfield led by Scott Brown who is a shadow of the player he was.

I said that weeks ago, midfield players and set ups is the big problem. They are not near good enough.

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Championship 2020
« on: November 26, 2020, 05:05:28 PM »
Watched it again. Cavan totally shut Donegal out. Brennan, McHugh and McBrearty were hardly in the game at all. McBrearty got 2 from play during that 10 minutes first half (black card). Brennan one point early on. Barely seen them after. Murphy was nullified too.

Donegal got 3 scores second half. One from play and two very very soft frees.

Cavan had to work hard for their scores, but they look controlled in possession, and fully deserved the win.

One thing missed though. Cillian Brady could have got red, swung the elbow and caught Brennan early second half.

The 2 black cards screwed Cavan. Donegal got 7 points in 10 minutes and Gallagher had a goal chance. More than half their scores came in those 10 minutes. Thankfully it didn’t prevent a Cavan victory.

Dont think it was an elbow, more of a push off with a closed fist. I remember thinking he was lucky Cassidy didnt see it cos the way he was riding Cavan he probably would have sent 2 players off for that.

The difference in Croke Park with no fans and Croke Park with 60k fans is day and night. I really don't think it will be that big of a deal in terms of players handling the occasion. The bigger dimension of the pitch and the travel & logistics in getting there is another matter and that is where Dublin may gain an edge if they even needed one to begin with.

The extra week will do Cavan no harm just to come back down to earth after the euphoria of last weekend. If they had to play again this Sunday they might have great difficulty in getting back up for another game so soon. Last Sunday will have been their All Ireland final in many respects. If Donegal had beaten Cavan last weekend most people would be viewing next weekends game as an All Ireland decider and that is the way Cavan have to approach the game. They have beaten a side that many consider to be number 3 in the country after Dublin & Kerry. And deservedly beat them. That must give them massive confidence going into next weekends encounter and I am sure that Mickey Graham will have a plan. His Mullinaghta side beat a red hot fancied Kilmacud side in a provincial club decider a few years back which would have been a similar sized task to what Cavan will face next weekend.

Jaysus, I dont know what the hell we are going to do this weekend with no match. They should organise a challenge game.

Well Mickey has some fuel to use coming into this game, siege mentality and all that.. be interested in knowing how he went about his team talks, considering, bar the Antrim game, they were underdogs he's really managed to find the right formula to beat the teams so far, whos not to say he hasn't got it right going into this game...

Be more concerned that the players will have enough time to get over the hysteria of winning and sort out any niggles, otherwise they will be drained mentally and physically in the last quarter of the game..

As for wanting the game out of Croke, do players really want that? I know supporters of Cavan and the ABD's want 'neutral' grounds but if your county (Tipp in football, Cavan so many years) haven't played there then you are really giving up a rite of passage of all GAA players.

Having managed a team to Croke Park and seeing the players and club members around us, there can be no other feeling for a GAA man/woman

Cavan have played in Croke Park a few times in the last 5/6 years. 2 x Div 2 finals, 1 x Div 3 final and 2 x championship games versus London and Kerry. Although a fair few of the lads wont have, a decent amount will have.

Anyway, I expect we will be down from the high and ready to give Dublin a shot. I think the players will be up for it.

Cavan / Re: Official Cavan GAA Thread
« on: November 26, 2020, 02:08:47 PM »
There's more to life than football and I'd say he's had a great year travelling

I can't think of a year less suitable for travelling.

The two boys were in Australia when it all kicked off.

Navan had lights one time. I was there when we bet Meath on a Saturday evening one time.

Is Bugler out of this game? He looked to have tweaked the hammer last day and I assum Costello won't get his red over turned

Anyway it’s all irrelevant. Cavan have zero issues playing it at Croke Park.

Define issues, Mickey Graham has asked for it to be moved from Croker. Does that mean he will refuse to turn up, of course not, but he is on record asking it to be moved. The fact is that will not be facilitated for other reasons.

I also note not one Dub has explained why if Croke Park is no advantage to them, why they wouldnt agree to playing it elsewhere?

And your county board have said they have never asked or have any intention of asking for it to be moved from Croke Park. So obviously they have no issues about it being there. Nor did Thomas Galligan in the Irish news this morning.

And why is it up to Dublin to agree to move it elsewhere?

I am quite sure Cavan officially don't want to make a big deal out of this only to lose the argument (which is inevitable) and be bet before the game starts, they know it will never be changed and they are too small a player to effect a change. However, lets all be honest - Croke Park is an unfair advantage for Dublin over almost every team they play there and that is the sole and only reason Dublin defenders of the status quo want the game played there. This unfair advantage has been 100% facilitated by the GAA top brass for years and years.

Anyway, I am saying no more about that cos it will make no difference. Time to start talking about the game.

Anyway it’s all irrelevant. Cavan have zero issues playing it at Croke Park.

Define issues, Mickey Graham has asked for it to be moved from Croker. Does that mean he will refuse to turn up, of course not, but he is on record asking it to be moved. The fact is that will not be facilitated for other reasons.

I also note not one Dub has explained why if Croke Park is no advantage to them, why they wouldnt agree to playing it elsewhere?

So the semi final should be moved just to keep the winning score line respectable??

Who said that?

So, for the Dubs, why are you arguing to play the game in Croke Park?

If it is not an advantage to Dublin as ye claim, why not play it somewhere else? Why would you care where it is played as long as its not Breffni? Ye are 1/100 on to win this game so it shouldnt matter where it is played. You cant go to it, will have to watch it on TV, so why does it matter where it is played?

Cavan management are on record wanting it outside Croker so please, no arguments that certain players want to play in Croke park.

Cavan / Re: Official Cavan GAA Thread
« on: November 25, 2020, 02:15:23 PM »
You are right, I always though Jason was a bit older.  I checked it out, here are the teams that played t he finals in those 4 years...

A O’Mara; M Leddy, O Minagh, D Tighe, K Meehan, D Barkey, M Brady, G McKiernan [0-2], F Flanagan, N Smith, N Murray [1-0], B Reilly [0-2], J Brady [0-4], N McDermott, P Leddy. Subs: T Mooney for Tighe, P King [0-2] for M Leddy, C McClarey for Smith, C Smith for McDermott, D Flanagan for Reilly

C Gilsenan, F Flanagan, K Brady, J McLoughlin, D Sexton (1-0, pen), C Moynagh, M Brady, P Leddy, K Clarke, J Dillon (0-1), C Conroy, R Lynch (0-1), J Brady (0-3, 2f), K Tierney (0-5, 5f), N O’Donnell.
Subs: P King for Brady, B Reilly for Dillon, S Nolan for Conroy, PP O’Hara for Reilly

Conor Gilsenan (Bailieborough); Jason McLoughlin (Shannon Gaels), Killian Clarke (Shercock), Ciaran Brady (Arva); Daragh McVeety (Crosserlough), Daragh Sexton (Cavan Gaels), Feargal Flanagan (Butlersbridge); Brian Sankey (Shercock), Michael Argue (Bailieborough); Gerry Smith (Lavey), Chris Conroy (Lavey), Turloc Mooney (Redhills); Enda O’Reilly (Mullahoran), Paul O’Connor (Cavan Gaels), Jack Brady (Ramor Utd).
Subs: Chris Madden for Conroy, Paul Graham for Mooney.

J Farrelly; B Fortune, K Clarke, P Faulkner; G Smith, C Moynagh, C Brady; L Buchanan, M Argue; P Graham, E Flanagan, A Watson; D McVetty, K Bouchier, J Dillon
Subs: A O’Hara for Moynagh (BC, 22), T Hayes for Bouchier (40), E Hession for Flanagan (47)

"It's a neutral venue" so both should change.

That Milltown lad must be chasing some high office or National Committee in the GAA as he throws out the oul once in a generation, others try harder line.

(If only his own County tried harder they might displace Fermanagh as the 8th best team in Ulster)

Thats the big myth in the GAA, that Dublins home pitch is Parnell Park. If there was ever a motion needed it would be to declare Croke Park as Dublins home ground, then a lot of this rubbish about Croke park hosting all these games would soon vanish.

Anyway, time for Cavan to move on. The GAA arent interested in fairness, they are interested in money and helping the big teams as much as possible. Cavan need to accept the game will be in Croke Park and get on with preparing for it.

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