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Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: September 27, 2015, 11:40:28 PM »
Great performance and result tonight.. Cagey enough first half but showed our class in the second with Kevin Duffin giving an exhibition when moved out of full back to his more accustomed number 6 berth.. Will be an exciting build up now to the final with the noisy neighbours and has the makings of a good game.. First priority is survival next weekend in the league and then go for it.. #UTT

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: September 13, 2015, 10:28:08 PM »
Aidan Burns put on a Tour de Force for the Town in the first semi final. He took some mighty scores. Warrenpoint had a bad day at the office.
Despite what Warrenpoint did or didn't do - I thought we were fantastic at times during the game.  Aidan gave a masterclass of finishing from play and frees but I thought our overall work rate was brilliant from start to finish.  Now for the semis - two east down teams and two south down remain.  Lets hope the draw is favourable...

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: July 24, 2015, 01:08:42 PM »
Pauly were you spying on the opposition saying as your a Burren man?wink wink
Smurfy - you have certainly got your wires crossed here. I'm a castlewellan man born and bred. Nothing will give me greater pleasure than to win the championship this year but I feel we are slightly behind the top three at present..

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: July 24, 2015, 09:51:22 AM »
The real part of the season has finally kicked off now.. Played well in the first half last night to lead by 5 but the ford used the elements well in the second to win by 4. With Dawson at the helm - This ford team will pack a punch come championship time.. Ford, kilcoo and burren are pace setters. Town, Mayobridge and clonduff are probably just behind them in second tier. Interesting few weeks coming up now before the big one kicks off.

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: July 21, 2015, 05:55:51 PM »
Steven Poacher
Wouldn't normally take to facebook for a statement like this but I think it's important people in the Down Gaa circles know the truth about what's going on in our county behind the scenes. First of all the decision to get rid of Shane Mulholland as Down minor manager last night was nothing short of disgraceful, iv been involved in coaching with the county since 06/07, development squads since 06/07 on + off until last yr and U21s from 2010-2012 and I have not seen one county coach / minor manager as proactive as Shane was in trying to change the structure, mindset of the clubs and more importantly the mindset and attitude of the players towards the development squads but there was so many barriers/obstacles placed in his way due to the major under investment and lack of desire / energy of those responsible to make a change. So instead of keeping a vibrant young manager (who is one of the best iv ever worked with) bleeds Down football, is a Down man true and true and in all the management teams U21, Senior or Minor was the only one being proactive towards our much needed and urgent rebuilding task from the bottom up, what we do is get rid of him. In 15 years of teaching PE, only one county minor manager has ever consulted regularly with the heads of PE (probably know the young players in the county more than anyone) that was Shane. I'd like the county board to provide the Down gaa public with clear reasoning behind their decision, the minors lost to Derry away led with 15minurtes to go and were hit by two fortuitous goals in a minute which swung the game, Derry then went on to win an Ulster title and will be potentially All Ireland champions. If the decision is based on results alone then both our Senior and U21 management teams should be relieved of their duties also, seniors lost 3 knockout games and the U21s lost theirs comfortably. I'd also like those responsible with the development process within the county to show us the blue print their all working too, where is the action plans? Are coaches providing session plans before taking these development squad sessions? Who is evaluating and reviewing these development squad sessions? I think we v accepted these decisions in the past and just rolled our eyes, well this for me has been one of the worse in recent times. There are a lot of great people associated with Down Gaa past or present through administration, playing, coaching or supporting, think it's time you made yourselves heard and started to question publically last night's shocking decision. Enough is Enough for me.

Those are Stephen Poachers comments on the issue according to his facebook account. A lot of truth in what he is saying i fear!!!

This takes a while to digest.....

So Stephen worked with development squads for a period of time - did he ever provide session plans before taking sessions, were his ever reviewed or evaluated?  Cop yourself on.  this is not teaching where plans and schemes are required.  It is usually anyone they can find to take the development squads after everyone else runs them down and gives out about them - but don't put their names forward to take them.
How can he back Mulhollands record?  2 seasons and 2 defeats in championship football.  the league is a different scenario at county minor level as if your school is enjoying success in the later stages of Hogan/Mc Crory football - you will be without key individuals.  the league can not really be seen as development as when the "college lads" come back - there are always changes to the minor panels. 
Shane Mulholland may be a nice lad of that I have no doubt - but bleeds down football?? Really...
Whilst last year he did make a sustained effort with the development squads - this year there was not much happening.  I realise he was very busy preparing and getting ready for the minor championship - but to not turn up at any development squads sessions doesn't strike me as someone who bleeds down football.  All 3 squads training in the same complex this year was a great idea and this allowed us mere parents to see exactly who was at sessions and who was not.  It also allowed us to see the squad coaches in action taking sessions and setting out drills and games etc.  I have to say I really enjoyed watching the different sessions and my lad who is u16 really got a buzz out of attending the sessions. the coaches were very professional in their approach and ran the sessions to the absolute best of their ability.  At the end of each session I make it a ritual to thank them for their continued efforts with the underage of the county.  They have sustained the effort and sessions throughout the year and have upcoming sessions this weekend again.  I hope this structure and indeed most if not all the coaches can be kept on board for next season.  I will probably be in a better position to judge where my lad has improved next year - but as long as he enjoys it and returns to the car with a smile on his face after the sessions - I cant ask for any more.

Why should the senior and u21 management teams be relieved of their duties?  This was their first year.. Stephen was with the U21s for 3 seasons and would have been asking questions had he been relieved of his duties after year 1 when they were beaten... If this time next year we are in a position where no improvement has happened - then yes it needs a major review.  But at least give them a reasonable chance to do something.  The league next year (div 1) is going to be tough - we all understand that.  Lets hope Jim can get a few players in after the club championship and blood them in the league an ready them for championship.  the u21s will hopefully get it right next year as well. 

No need for all the negativity - we are where we are and slating people is not going to solve anything.  Lets get back on board Stephen - who knows - you could be the Minor manager in waiting.......

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: June 17, 2015, 08:20:13 AM »
I see Benny saying in the Democrat today that if McCorry got a few of the old hands back on board next year he would give it another rattle. ???
I was talking to a few Warrenpoint players and spectators over the weekend about their game with the Bridge and they all mentioned how well Benny played.
He wasn't too hot against Burren.  Lets move on from Benny - he was a great player and gave his all - but is it worth anything to us taking a 34 yr old back on board next season.  What is that saying to the current 20-23 yr olds within the county? We may be in the doldrums for a few years but will get there.  Thanks Benny for the memories - but I for one have moved on. 

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: June 01, 2015, 11:07:45 AM »
Was at the Kilcoo v Ballyholland game on friday night.  Some people who like to be heard might call it a tactical masterclass, others might call it david v goliath ending in a draw but any honest person would call it diabolical.  If this is the standard of coaching in our senior club teams then we are in trouble.  Yes you may say - should Ballyholland play like Longford yesterday and just roll over and let Kilcoo destroy them? Or should they have their players coached correctly to play the game?   What we see is - When we dont have the ball - 13 of yas run like hell into our defence and make it difficult for them to find their key forwards, make it difficult for them to find space and make it difficult for them to keep possession with tackles - when we get the ball - you 7 bomb forward off the shoulder and keep the ball - work it to our scorers and if we hit the target enough - we will stay in the game.
This is how to defend, this is how to tackle, this is how to compete, this is what to do with the ball when we turnover possession and you have a number of your teammates ahead of you.  Taking the ball first time is key, moving the ball accurately is key, supporting the play if needed is key.  Its easy to talk about Corofin, Crossmaglen, St Brigids etc as they have beent at the top of the pile - but surely we can learn something from them. 
Kilcoo miss and need their county players (there are probably one or two too many on the panel anyhow) playing regularly to make strides in the championship this year.  they face the in form team in the county in the first round - but then again 2 years ago Burren were blazing a trail in front of themselves and won nothing...

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: March 14, 2015, 10:05:07 PM »
Heard last night that Benny Coulter has joined the minor management set up??  This would be a great addition indeed.  Can anyone confirm or deny??

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: March 13, 2015, 10:17:39 AM »
Why has our u21 teams performed so badly in recent times.
In 2008 - 2009 we won two Ulster championships on the trot - our record since then is very poor.

2010 beat by Cavan in first game
2011 beat by Tyrone in first game (2 replays but still no victory)
2012 Beat Antrim then beat by Tyrone in Semi final
2013 Beat Armagh then beat by Cavan in Semi Final
2014 beat by Monaghan in first round
2015 beat by Derry in first round.

Son in the last 6 championship campaigns - we have won 2 games and got beaten in the round straight after that.

I thought at start of the season that the u21 management was as strong as is out there as noone can deny Dawson is a top man at club level.  But then i read this and seen some of the players not playing, not on the panel and then phoning them to come in and them saying no - that speaks volumes to me.

Where to now????

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Council: Credit where it is due
« on: February 25, 2015, 11:45:07 AM »
This is the first year that there is a consistent s & c coach working on a structured program and actually working with the players. There have been coaches who have come in but not on an ongoing basis. Mc closkey was a fitness coach who worked solely on running. No one is saying that the players don't so programs but it has only been on an ad hoc basis with no specific indepth program drawn up.

I disagree here - i know a few of the cross players very well and they inform me that Mike Mc Gurn was involved with them individually and consistently a few years back.  I also remember reading an article that he put in the paper about how cross do things differently and they were ahead of the chasing pack because of this.  Someone of the exertise of Mc Gurn doesnt do ad hoc.  He is professional in his discipline hence the reason he has been with so many county teams in the past and present..

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Council: Credit where it is due
« on: February 24, 2015, 11:32:30 AM »
Was at the course on sat and really enjoyed it   I thought Sharon maid gab was excellent on nutrition and Early spoke really well. I thought Buckley found it hard to talk with the mic but I reckon he would open up more on a less formal forum like over a few pints. What did surprise me was Mc entee and the way they develope players for senior football all players doing the same warm up so as to make the translation easier from minor to senior. Also how it is the 1st year that cross have a strength and conditioning coach on board. Great day only thing was it was a pity there was no smaller packs the coats are massive

I've 2 of those coats sitting at home never worn. XL when I'm a M. You need to be at the front of the queue at the end when they're giving out the packs.

This is in fact not true.  Cross had Mike Mc Gurn a few years ago as their s&c coach who tailored programmes to suit the individual.  When down announced their new s&c coach pre christmas - Ciaran Sloan - Aaron Kernan was the first man out to speak about him saying he had worked with Cross the previous year and was highly rated. 
This is typical of cross that what they say everyone believes - they have other structures in place for a good few years now - think it was someone from down who set it up for them but you wouldnt hear of that information. 

Down / Re: Down Club Hurling & Football
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:35:53 PM »
Stephen Kane Cill Chua
Kieran Gordon Loch an Oileain
Gerard Collins RGU
Brendan McArdle Eanach Cluana
Arthur McConville Cluain Daimh
Niall Madine Sabhall
Damian Turley RGU
Conor Maginn Ath Bhriain
Cathal Crilly Caislean an Mhealluín
Packie Downey Droim Gaith
Chris McKay Naomh Eoin
Peter Fitzpatrick Baile Uí Mháirtin
Peter Turley RGU
Kevin Anderson Eanach Cluana
Donal O’Hare Boireann
Conor Laverty Cill Chua
Luke Howard Ath Bhriain
Darren O’Hagan Cluain Daimh
Danny McKay Naomh Eoin
Conor Garvey Droichead Mhaigh Eo
Kevin McKernan An Bhoireann
Niall Donnelly Tulach Lios
Darragh O’Hanlon Cill Chua
Paul Devlin Cill Chua
Conall McGovern Boireann
Malachy Magee Clann na Banna

McCorry not letting these lads play for their Uni's. Especially McKernan, needed for the Ranch more than us

So by giving the ranch the two johnstons, Barry Ohagan and keeping Mc Kernan we are not doing the right thing.  There is a small enough panel as it is without letting other players go to University for football.  Take into account we have 3 games in short space of time and indeed 2 games in 4 day period at one stage - the risk of injury as well as general tiredness means we need all hands to the pump.  Let tally do whatever the hell he wants - he threatened to pull out of the comp if he didn't get all his players - lets see has the balls to do as he says...

There are a number of division one clubs not represented - Ballyholland, Rostrevor, Liatroim, Longstone and Glen.  I know there are other teams in the county apart from division one clubs - but for 5 clubs in the top flight not to be represented is a bit strange...

GAA Discussion / Re: Manager "Expenses"
« on: December 19, 2014, 09:11:46 AM »
The GAA should be doing far more in terms of helping/putting pressure on clubs to develop coaches/managers internally.

There has been some efforts at this but I think they are fairly limited and can vary from county to county.

If the GAA offered decent courses for managers/trainers to complete for free or at subsidised prices to improve the standards it would make clubs far less likely to go for outsiders.

There are many many courses out there for people to attend.  Thy have to want to attend them though.  The only point i would bring up here is that an ordinary decent fella about the club who aint that hot on the pitch goes and does this course and takes the reins in a few years - he has never played senior football, seconds or anything above minor.  Will the county stars of the club or the lads who have the last word on everything listen to this man - no.  From previous experience about our club in the town - if the manager has no background - he is wasting his time. 
Then on the other side of that is if you have someone who played county football and was successful, played club and carried the club for years and gets to 35 ish and retires and you suggest him going on this course to become manager - he will look at you and say with all the experience i have you are sending me on a course - i dont think so.

Double edged sword....

GAA Discussion / Re: Manager "Expenses"
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:40:18 PM »

Not including the x amount of hours a week looking at videos of games,  analyzing the stats from the previous games, discussing with selectors the different issues that arise, working the squad around holidays, weddings, stags, unavailability due to soccer/rugby/twiddly winks.  The reality is that as a manager at any decent level you are expected to deliver results.  Players come to training/games/gyms and then go home.  They don't have any other 'required' work.  A manager of a senior team will easily put 15 -20 hours a week in if they are doing the job as is expected of them.

Couldnt agree more.  Like i said - my list was not exhaustive - im sure i left loads off it... You make very good points above i forgot about.  But some of these small minded people dont see what goes on - they just live in the dark ages of thinking when ya turn up to training - everything is automatically set up and the session runs itself.  and the phone never rings!! Mental..

GAA Discussion / Re: Manager "Expenses"
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:14:43 PM »
then you tell the players who are objecting to f**k off, u'll find it's only one r two really. The tail is wagging the dog at your club. the committee should appoint a manager they feel is capable and that should be the end of it...

As or payments the manager should receive his fuel for his travel and that's it...

So basically what you are saying is - the manager who deals with:

.     setting up training for each night it takes place, making it interesting, enjoyable, functional and
      most of all geared towards the team play or system being adopted for the season
.     developing individual training plans for players in the gym
.     organising challenge games for the club before the season takes off
      dealing with internal issues within the team - egos, non availability for games because of       
      bulls**t reasons, players who train when it suits them, players who play against the weaker   
      teams only as they will shine and phonecalls about why i should be playing for the team and i
      have put in a mighty effort this season and i am not getting a chance etc etc
.     Organise a team weekend before the league/championship that is going to be effective for the
      competition ahead
.     No county players as they are starred and not available so you need to rejig the team for the
      games ahead and include younger players/older players with experience to fill the void left by   
      your best players.
.     travelling maybe up to 45 mins to get to the pitch, be there 30+ mins before the players to set
      up the session and have it ready,  train for 75 mins and travel home again   
      (almost a 3 1/2  hour window)
.     Dealing with a committee that have hired you to win the league and championship double -
      even though last year the team finished 6th and 10 points behind the winners of the

This list is not exhaustive........

And this person should receive fuel for their travel - thats it.  Take your dinosaur suit off and come into the real world you idiot...

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