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The full report makes very interesting reading. The commissioner comprehensively demolishes every excuse/justification/explanation (ie lie) he came up with to justify himself. He even furnished a picture of himself supposedly at an 11th night bonfire in Ballymena at the time he was supposed to be in Sri Lanka, that section is almost laugh out loud funny. Anyone with a titter of decency and respect would resign. Any party with a titter of decency and respect would sack him. That's why nothing will happen and he'll keep his job... and another scandal involving him will come down the line eventually  ::)

Indeed the full report is a very good read.  For some reason Ogie wants to muddy the waters around the dates of his second visit to Sri Lanka.  He disputes the dates that the DT claimed he was there.  He claims to have been at an 11th night bonefire somewhere in Nth Antrim then he claims to have flown to New York on either the 12th or 13th (again he's not sure), but the Commissioner noted from bank statements he supplied that his bank card had been used to make cash withdrawals from the Westminster ATM while he was supposed to be in New York.  She also commented that the inquiry would have been concluded months ago had Ogie not take so long to produce "evidence" to support his side of the story.

I like this line about his solicitors:

Despite his solicitor’s statement on 8 September 2017 that Mr Paisley “totally denies the defamatory inferences arising from the article in today’s Daily Telegraph including those relating to his registration obligations as an MP”, Mr Paisley has accepted from a very early stage in this inquiry that he should have registered the hospitality he received in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests in 2013.

I see Ogie made a very impassioned speech in the Commons this morning. Would love to have seen it. Politicians can make mistakes, apologise and move on he said. Sounds a bit like self pity to me. I can’t remember how forgiving he was of McIlduff. Mind you we should be careful what we wish for. Paisley’s bad, but the potential alternatives - deselection and Arlene elected or he stands and Allister beats him. Doesn’t bear thinking about

He has a 20000 majority I think, even if he stood as an independent he would get elected again.

Agree, North Antrim is not a DUP seat, it's a Paisley seat.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: Today at 02:07:07 PM »
Alisson's brother is called Muriel.

General discussion / Re: UK General Election 2017
« on: Today at 11:45:29 AM »
Labour trying to shaft Kate Hoey for voting with the DUP. . . Brilliant news!!!

She would still get elected even if she stood as an independent.

I doubt she'd be re-elected in Vauxhall.  One of the biggest Remain votes in the referendum.

SDLP will be seeking a "recall petition" that, if successful, will force a by-election in North Antrim.  It needs just over 7,500 signatures from eligible voters in the constituency. 

Luckily, the house has it's summer holidays now.

Suspension due to start on 4 Sept.  It's for 30 "sitting" days not calendar days.  Apparently this will take him up to middle of Nov.  It's the longest suspension of an MP since 1949.

If 10% of the eligible voters sign a petition this suspension will lead to a by-election.  Good chance for the DUP to get rid of Jnr and parachute Arlene or Farage into a safe seat!

General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:31:05 AM »
DUP seeing their wee power strip disappearing into the ether ... slap it up the b**tards (like Jnr slaps it up ELP)

I'm pretty sure this is libellous.  :-X

I believe young Jnr has some serious shit coming down the line from the mother of all parliaments. 10 day suspension looming, apparently. Surely his position is untenable if true. The DUP really are a corrupt shower of f**kers, but as long as they play the sectarian card, their sc**bag supporters continue to vote for this parcel of utter w**kers

30 day suspension for "serious misconduct"

General discussion / Re: UK General Election 2017
« on: July 17, 2018, 09:57:15 AM »
Lib Dems getting a bit of flak as Vince Cable and Tim Farron both missed the votes last night.  Also 2 SNP MPs weren't at the vote either.  Despite the vast majority of Tory MPs being Remainers "only" 14 voted against the Brexit loons amendments.

General discussion / Re: The Official World Cup 2018 Thread
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:19:40 PM »
Was really hoping Croatia would win but France were more clinical in front of goal even though Croatia dominated possession for the first hour.  Big dive by Griezmann for the free leading up to the first goal and with the pen, I don't think anyone could be 100% sure so probably shouldn't have given it.  Having said that France beat Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium and Croatia in the knockout phase so deserved winners of the tournament.  Mbappe is already a class act and is going to be some player in a couple of years.  Very good World Cup to watch, helped by the crackdown on the pullin' and draggin' in the box at corners etc.  FIFA really need to get to grips with diving and play acting next.

General discussion / Re: World Cup Prediciton Comp
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:39:56 AM »
Well done SS.  Like many's the World Cup team I was solid in the group stages but had a disastrous knock out phase!  Thanks to Dinny too for setting it up.

General discussion / Re: The Official World Cup 2018 Thread
« on: July 12, 2018, 02:07:51 PM »
For England to improve I feel they have to restrict the number of overseas players in any team in the premiership and championship. Be interesting to see how Brexit will affect players coming here, or do they get special treatment?

France and Crotia most of their players play abroad. Doesn't do them any harm
9/23 of the France squad play in France
2/23 of the Croatian squad play at home

England has the richest League in the world which is a problem for the national team. There is almost always a better player somewhere else
France has a much better development system. Plus I think they grant citizenship to promising African footballers.
 Mbappe has the potential to become a galactico.

Of the French squad at the World Cup only two weren't born in France.

General discussion / Re: The Official World Cup 2018 Thread
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:47:08 PM »
I think England were more solid psychologically this time. They can build on it.
France are very impressive. It would be amazing if Croatia won. Such a small country.

Maybe so, but Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina etc won't all be as bad again in the same tournament. Nor will England get as handy a draw again.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Engerland. Let's hope we never have to worry about them ever getting close again.

I agree.  I don't think they'll get as good a chance for a long time.

England over achieved here and it reminds me of Ireland in Italia 90.  Most of us remember it for the craic, the excuse for a few drinks and a bit of a sing song, we got to the quarters.  Brilliant.  Some pundits mistook this a a sign we were one of the good teams now and it would always be like this.  I get the impression that some of the English pundits now think Eng are back in the big time.

I like what Southgate is trying to do with this Eng team and he comes across as a likeable, intelligent character.  But one of the problems for England is that it's in their DNA to value a player who puts in a good shift (e.g. Henderson) more than a fancy dan ball player, one who might take the ball past an opponent and make a killer pass.  There remains little creativity in this England side and in English players generally.

General discussion / Re: The Official World Cup 2018 Thread
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:01:04 PM »
Thought Perisic was the pick of the players on the pitch

General discussion / Re: The Official World Cup 2018 Thread
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:40:37 PM »
Sterling is completely useless

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