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GAA Discussion / Re: The Sunday Game
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:59:22 AM »
It’s clear enough now that Cantwell and spillane have refused to work with brolly and looks like it won’t be long until TOS decides likewise. You couldn’t blame them. He really is a cretin.

GAA Discussion / Re: Rossies v Tyrone Hyde Park 13th July 5pm.
« on: July 16, 2019, 12:15:43 AM »
What did HP actually do to Smith to get his yellow? Wasn't shown on TV and it seemed like either they couldn't find video of it or they forgot to look.

Smith's punch was a fairly dirty act, McCann was rightly called out by everyone for his dirty actions against Donegal and what Smith did was every bit as bad but in all the analysis I've read or heard since the game apart from on here there's not been a single mention of it.

As for the ref, I said thoughout the game I thought he was reffing the game well in terms of calling fouls, didn't miss much and I don't think either side should complain about that but the Rossies will because they know they haven't a leg to stand on with the card count so have to come up with some nonsense to deflect.

Smtih should have had a red, another black should have been handed out late in the game for the throw of McShane to the ground. Probably the most blatent black I've ever seen and after seeing some of the cards we've had in the last few weeks it was terrible it was missed. Some of the other yellows we got were beyond a joke.

It's not just this game that has us boiling over this. It's constant these days and coming on the heels of the Cavan match where the card count was again farcical then you have to wonder is it more than just simple reffing errors.

You obviously watched the match at home on tv. It's alot easier to call a yellow card fair/unfair having watched a succession of slow motion replays from your sofa. David Coldrick got one look at it happening at full pelt through a sea of bodies. They aren't easy calls to make. Add in the fact that players are going down clutching their head and faces for any contact of note and the difficulty in discerning the "truth" in a tackle is very difficult for anyone. To be fair to Coldrick he held back all day on issuing reds and blacks probably because he didn't see an instance where he could be 100% sure that it was definitely a black or definitely a red. It's a much greater injustice to have a player incorrectly sent off than to have a opposition player dealt with leniently.

I haven't seen the highlights yet barring Smiths strike on McGeary. For the record from the one look at the yellows I got on Saturday I couldn't definitively say that any of the cards dealt out were harsh with the exception of Ben McDonnells. Colly threw himself about recklessly all day and my heart was in my mouth watching him tackle because so many of them appeared rash and mistimed.

I'd completely disagree with what you said about McCann being rightly called out. I think there was a lot of hysteria around that incident that was unfair on an amateur player and I've seen it many times before in the GAA sadly. He deserved his ban but not the holier than thou condemnation from the "fur coat/no knickers" brigade. Conor Gormley, Diarmurd Connolly, Noel O'Leary, Francy Bellew, Neil McGee, Paul Galvin to name but a few have all been on the end of the "he's a disgrace/tr**p/coward/should be banned for life/never set foot on a pitch again" hand wringing. It's fuelled by two things; the sensationalism of certain Sunday Game analysts and old-fashioned Irish begrudgery. First it happens to a player from your country and old foes cry bloody murder so you bide your time until it's some other poor bstard's turn and then stick the boot into him.

Not sure the specific incident Patsy was carded for but he was hanging out of Smith for the early part of the game. It was certainly not a particularly unjust yellow. My only qualm with it was that Petey Harte is consistently targeted for special treatment of the ball, mainly because it's so effective, but I've yet to see a ref try to stamp it out. Matty Donnelly and McShane are physically powerful enough to counter such attention and the likes of Sludden have the yard of pace that make jersey pulling and holding so much more obvious to referees. Peter Harte doesn't have the size or pace to counter "off the ball" tactics but because he's such a vital cog in the Tyrone machine it's now a traditional tactic of nullifying Tyrone and it's very cynical. John Small does give him a horrid time off the ball when Tyrone play Dublin.

GAA Discussion / Re: Rossies v Tyrone Hyde Park 13th July 5pm.
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:38:09 PM »
Some scandalously uninformed horseshite being passed off on this thread and in the media in general as regards this game.

Coldrick ballsed up some yellow card decisions but on the balance of play got most things right the last day, it was far from the worst refereeing display I've ever seen and to be fair to those yellow cards it was exceptionally physical and hard-hitting with a fair degree of off the ball stuff from both sides. It was far from a easy game to ref and I fully expected a player from one of the sides to see a second yellow during the game, to be fair to Coldrick he just about managed to keep a lid on things without having to send anyone off.

I was very impressed by Tyrone and by default Roscommon on Saturday. As regards Ros they're a completely different animal to the side McStay had last year, he's just wasn't at the cut of top level management. Had the necessary level of cynicism needed to match the big boys and were clever in breaking down our blanket defence in the first half. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and couldn't help but think Cunningham is styling a fair bit of Roscommon's game on Tyrone's. The first half was like one team playing against a mirror. Both used zonal marking on kickouts and were prepared to concede one to the corner back before retreating in defensive formation at the halfway line. Both relied on a patient running game with an occasional longer kick pass into physically big but mobile inside forwards. Both had detailed man-markers to key men and both sides were pulling and dragging to impede players off the ball. Peter Harte and Enda Smith in particular were singled out for close "attention". It was no surprise really that it was blow for blow for 45 minutes before Tyrone got the upper hand.

There was a lot of pressure on Tyrone attacks which made the point scoring in the first half particularly notable. Sludden was amazing, picked his form up of the floor with 3 wonder points. Brennan and McNamee rode their luck a fair bit but all will be reasonably happy to have held their men to a point each from play. A goal would have been a really really telling score for either team and Ros looked the much more likely whilst the game was still in the melting pot. It's probably a testament to the defensive philosophies of the sides that this was the only Super 8 tie not to raise a green flag.

Harte, Donnelly and McShane really turned this tie in that period where we rattled 3-4 points in succession. I thought their contribution was really telling in that period which was a bonus because none of the 3 had really been having marque days until that point. Our handling and distribution was for the most part top class and for me that was the difference in the teams. Roscommon were guilty of spilling the ball on a few occasions especially in really dangerous positions and for me that's why we took the points. It's nothing to do with a 5 week layoff, lack of conditioning or "over emotion" (for f**ks sake).

As regards the downsides; Harte, Morgan and McShane all missing frees really pissed me off. McShane's last miss was the worst because he should have put it down for Morgan but took on one outside his range and put it to waste despite being well within Morgans capability. Burns, once again, is a real curates egg. He appears incredibly slack in defence and at times one dimensional and greedy when attacking. Ballooned a ball wide from 50m in the opening minutes, on a day marked by clever and patient attacking by both sides it stood out as particularly brainless. However he has an engine to cover ground surpassed only by Meyler and Matty Donnelly and Harte has alot of faith in him, regularly giving him the 70 minutes so he's definitely seeing something important in him. He's definitely filling an important role for this side but I can't put my finger on what it is.

Meyler and Brennan have solidified this team two fold since their inclusion. I can't think of a singe game were Rory Brennan has put a foot wrong in a Tyrone shirt and it's mind-blowing that for so long and for so many people (including management) he has been seen as a dispensable option in the side. The anti-Harte brigade love to pillar him for dropping or overlooking Lee Brennan, Bradley, Ronan O'Neill and Coney but leaving R Brennan out of the side for so long is probably a much more worthy criticism that any of those. Morgan had a good day on kickouts and shot-stopping but there'll be days when were pressed much much harder than this and that defence can't get complacent and believe that they now have the restart mastered.

I've a lot of hope going forward and Ros should have too. Far too little credit is given in the mainstream media for any of our victories and this isn't a "world against Tyrone" tirade. We knocked out Cork, Donegal, Meath, Cavan and Roscommon (more or less) in last years championship and all 5 have showed in games since to actually be top footballing sides who can mix it with the best and beat the best. In every instance last year those victories were dismissed with the analysis "ah sure they're shite/they're on the downslope/they don't know what they're at". Taking on a in-form Rossie side away from home in front of a partisan crowd and coming away with a disciplined victory is a huge achievement and Ros should be far from disappointed by their performance. Tyrone's performance and result at the weekend was every bit as noteworthy as Kerry tanking an ageing, injured Mayo at home.

One last thing, HP McGeary was assigned to mark Geariod McKiernan the last day v Cavan and completely nullified one of Cavan's main performers. He stuck to him, hounded and harassed him around the park and completely put McKiernan off his game. It was no suprise to see him pick up Smith on Sunday given he had just a week previously nullified a players who's game is almost a carbon copy of Smiths. He strayed over the lines of the rule book whilst trying to mark Smith and was correctly given a yellow card. That doesn't excuse what Smith done. I was in the crowd and clearly seen that he struck Hugh Pat in the head whilst he was on the ground. How the ref but particularly the linesman standing in front of the incidence missed it is baffling. I could mitigate it by saying it mightn't have been a punch/I'm sure Smith regrets being so reckless/he doesn't seem to be a dirty player etc but all the same it was an unsporting action and should have been a red card at the time. There's none of the usual twitteratti / TSG hysteria accompanying this that would have been the case were it a player like Neil McGee/ Tiernan McCann/ Eoin Kerins which to me reaffirms my belief certain players/teams are held to different standards than the rest.

GAA Discussion / Re: Money, Dublin and the GAA
« on: July 01, 2019, 09:32:39 AM »
Dublin win their 8th in a row Ladies Leinster Title.

Amazing that two golden generations of different genders from the same county are in existence at the same time.

What are the odds?

Longford women need to pull their socks up

Watching the game on tv you would hope that will be Tiernan McCann's last game this summer. To stamp on someone like he did is s**t housery of the highest order. Delighted to see him go off injured. Karma is a bitch!!

All the years that Tyrone played with 13/14 men behind the ball means their defenders have no experience in man on man defending. Tyrone were all over the place defensively. Donegal the better team and well worth the win

Very nasty incident and no excuse. I'm sure he's ashamed of himself afterwards and the media attention that it will get will not be nice for him or his family to deal with but there is no place on a football field for that type of act. Harte has stood by him in the past for a different type of high profile incident but he really let his manager and teammates down today. I think for his own good and for the good of his team Harte should drop him from the panel for this year. He's an important player to them but discipline in a team is very important and a precedent and example should be shown to the panel. I'm sure he's a good lad but some standards need to be set within a panel and there's some lines when crossed cannot be excused with a "rush of blood to the head". And regardless of the white heat of battle there must be some modicum of respect to opposition players. Thankfully no real damage done to Donegal lad but these type of incidents getting too common.
I don't get his importance? I understand why a team would want to have Diarmuid Connolly and the bit of madness that goes with him. McCann ???? Not worth the trouble. 

His worth has been reduced by the change to man marking. He came to prominence with the ultra blanket defence where he was protected by the swarm and had the speed to break on the counter. This was aided by the opposition backing off into a defensive formation.

 His exposure began with Dublin games when man marking was important and he had to rely on his own ability and skill with little or no cover. Yesterday, he was exposed again, just watch the lead up to the incident and see his level of frustration unable to handle speed and evasion of the Donegal player. Then when the swarm put the man down, savage instincts took over.

You have to wonder what type of sportsman engages in the repugnant behaviour that all observed when the victim had done nothing other than embarrass his opponent’s lack of skill, speed and agility. No level of frustration could begin to justify the actions.

What will be the manager’s reaction and how public will it be?

Will the GAA virtually condone this behaviour with the application of a single match ban when it was nothing less than common assault?

A test for manager and authorities that neither can afford to fail.

Sad to see football stooping so low.

I find it ironic that Mickey Harte, who does sterling work in schools etc.   in regards to moral issues, has always 'allowed' Tyrone players to do things like Mc Cann's carry on yesterday - it goes back further with loads of examples.  Yet, he does nothing about them for all the moral preaching elsewhere.

You think he'd say to his players, like he does in schools and youth organisations, where he talks excellently about good values, to cut out these serious nasty elements of Tyrone's games. 

Every player in a team can see the red mist at different times but this incident was beyond crazy.  Mc Cann will obviously take serious stick for this and rightly so, but he has form re 'hairgate' but Mickey needs to say to hid panel, cut out the bad press for their panel.

How bad was it in your opinion?

Worse than the Smith eye gouge on Higgins?
Worse than the Carlow player that struck the Meath player 3 or 4 times a couple of weeks back?
Worse than Brendan Donaghy collapsing down on the Cavan player last week?

There's no doubt what McCann did was wrong and he should be punished but I think it's the usual outrage and hysteria because it is Tyrone involved.
Typical GAA BS. Defend the indefisible it its one of your own. No doubt solicitors will be studying the rule book to find a rechnicality to get McCann's proposed suspension overturned.

How is it bullshit.

Precedent will determine the punishment, it should be a harsher suspension but it's not going to be as for similar incidents the GAA have issued 1 game bans (or no action at all!). I have no problem conceding what McCann did was wrong, trampish and has no place on a GAA pitch, no problem at all. It's right there in black and white for you.

Now do you care to comment on these two photos below.

Or does your outrage disappear for internal affairs?

If anybody spots Dublin7 can they ask him what he thought of the above incidents as like the rest of us he was outraged at what McCann did yesterday.

What was the ban for those 2 incidents?

General discussion / Re: Elections North and South
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:09:47 AM »
I’d love to meet the 73 people who voted Danny Kennedy number one and SF number 2.

General discussion / Re: Brexit.
« on: May 24, 2019, 01:48:14 PM »
Gove is the biggest **** in parliament and that’s some achievement.

Hunt is the best man for the job but doesn’t have the steel to whip these f**kers into line

GAA Discussion / Re: Would you be in favour of a second tier?
« on: May 24, 2019, 12:19:30 AM »
Id ask everyone from the smaller counties who are in favour of a 2nd tier to first of all go to their respective county hurling sides and see how a tiered competition actually treats your county. I don't think you should be entitled to proffer the opinion that "things will be better in a tiered championship" until you see how dead, disinterested and deplorable the hurling championship is outside the big 8.

No county outside of Cork, Tipp, Limerick, Clare, Waterford, Kilkenny, Galway and Wexford has a remotely sizeable supporter base. Enter any of the other 24 counties in Ireland and you'll struggle badly to find a punter who could tell you the result of their hurling teams last outing.

This isn't true of football, even amongst the lowliest of football counties. There remains a sizeable interest in these counties despite year in wilderness without success. This board is living proof of that. Look at how many posters we have from div 3 and 4 teams. Many people bitch and moan about how shite their football teams are today. That's a great thing. The only other hurling team outside those 8 counties that anyone gives a f**k about is Offaly and even that is starting to wane. They're now slipping off into the apathetic silence as Antrim have before them.

The competition structure in hurling has cemented the ascendancy that exists withing hurling not weakened it. Now people are looking to artificially create an ascendancy in football by tiering the championship. I disagree completely with this.

It's not fair to criticise suggestions without offering alternative solutions so I'll say this. I acknowledge a disparity between the top 6 counties in football and the following group. I suggest that part of this is down to the structure of the league which punishes developing teams for advancing from division 2 of the league to the punishing nature of division 1 without any chance of acclimatising to the demands of football at the very top. When division 1A and 1B existed through the 2000's there was much less of a gap between the top sides and the rest. I think now more than ever football would prosper from a return to 1A and 1B status as it would give the chasing pack a chance to test themselves against the top sides and do so in a lower stakes environment. I think the the current system of leagues is very unfair on the Kildare, Roscommon and Cavan panels as they become yo-yo teams between the divisions and is particularly detrimental to their development as challengers to the top sides. The cutthroat nature of division 1 has also put counties like Westmeath, Derry and Down into freefall after a difficult division 1 campaign (2014-2016 where they all finished 8th in div 1).

General discussion / Re: Game of Thrones - Spoilers
« on: May 21, 2019, 11:03:53 PM »
They should have killed grey worm in the end. He just become annoying.

Seen a quote on twitter from someone who said they were delighted to see greyworm survive because he was black.  ::)

Isn't it wonderful that the survival of a fictional black character in fantasy magic dragon show can ameliorate the centuries of injustice. FFS this world is cowped.

General discussion / Re: USPGA 2019
« on: May 20, 2019, 11:27:23 PM »
Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling Koepka is taking something?

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: May 08, 2019, 03:47:06 PM »
I think McDonnell is well in front of Kennedy in the pecking order. McDonnell was immense against Cavan, Monaghan and Dublin. I’m a big Kennedy fan and there’ll be days he has to be in the 15 to spoil a big midfielders game but he got roasted on the outside by Costello in the Dublin game and I think it’ll count against him in the short term. He needs to improve his physical condition and speed to cut it at the very very top level.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: May 07, 2019, 11:44:43 PM »
Pick a man of the match from that game? Who’d ya give it to?

General discussion / Re: Game of Thrones - Spoilers
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:49:30 PM »
Hardhome was three times the cinematic viewing of that episode. Pure shite.

General discussion / Re: Omagh area recommendations
« on: April 29, 2019, 03:11:00 AM »
Sperrin restaurant is good.

General discussion / Re: The OFFICIAL Liverpool FC thread
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:45:43 PM »
We’re so like Mayo!

Playing out of our skin, really exciting, have some players who do really stupid things, but we leave it all out there and beat almost everyone. But we’ll just fall short because there’s a machine out there who’s a fraction better financially doped.

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