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GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 14, 2019, 05:38:18 PM »
Full time Kerry 1-22 Mayo 0-15. I for one certainly underrated Kerry and read too much into their performances in the Munster and NFL final.

Probably more a case of underestimating Cork’s quality. In hindsight the Munster Final was a good win for Kerry away from home against a decent side.

GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Cork 13 July 2019
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:50:55 PM »
The last championship meeting between the two Cork were considered All Ireland contender while Dublin had won just 2 senior All Ireland titles in 30 years. Changed times...

They have played in a 1/4 final more recently than 2010.

GAA Discussion / Re: Is there a future for small rural clubs?
« on: July 12, 2019, 09:29:37 AM »
Rural Clubs around eastern Meath near the commuter belt are doing ok. They’re getting a boost from families moving there that don’t want to live in the bigger towns like Ashbourne, Rathoath, Dunboyne or Dunseaghlan. But go to north Meath and it’s a different story.

Similar enough in Westmeath, in that the clubs growing fastest in underage numbers are the rural clubs close to large towns. The Downs, Shandonagh (both on edge of Mullingar), Caulry (Athlone), and Kinnegad (Dublin!), have been the top underage clubs in the past 5/6 years. Outstripping the 4 Mullingar-Athlone town teams.
However, just like you say in North Meath, if you move to the more remote parts of the county there are clubs struggling massively. The reality is there are less kids living in these places than once was the case. Amalgamations have been necessary at underage for a long time, but may be needed at adult level in time. Any positive changes the GAA could make (some mentioned above) would only slow the change, rather than prevent it.

GAA Discussion / Re: Money, Dublin and the GAA
« on: July 08, 2019, 02:40:28 PM »
Dublin hurlers beat by Laois. Can anyone tell me how the money is divided in Dublin. Do the hurlers get no money? I would assume it’s 50/50 with the football but I’m not sure. Where is the dominance in hurling for Dublin if it’s all to do with money.

Gym bunnies with an army of dieticians, shrinks, video analysts and all the rest does not a hurler make.

Dublin hurling hasn't dominated the underage hurling competitions like they have in football. The skill factor may be at play here.


They tend to lose their better hurlers to football. Culture is not there. Play their fair share of away games. Galway entering Leinster has not helped. Still making excellent progress despite those barriers, without the funding they would be McDonagh.

Barring the Cuala lad who is an out and out fine hurler and a forward to boot, who else would add anything to them?

Cormac Costello and Ciaran Kilkenny were outstanding underage hurlers. No idea if they still play club, but I presume they do.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2019
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:40:05 PM »
Exciting for who? Kildare and Roscommon were hammered. Go back to straight knockout for quarter finals and scrap the super 8s. We don't have 8 super teams.
very good point

The super 8s was created primarily for 2 reasons:

1. To ensure Dublin could not be caught cold in a one-off game coming out of Leinster and meeting a good team in the quarter finals
2. To give more TV coverage for sponsors which disproportionally benefits Dublin again.

I disagree. It’s like this:

1. More money

There is no 2.


General discussion / Re: The Official Golf Thread
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:37:20 PM »
Anyone heading to Lahinch?

Maybe because its further from home this year but doesn't seem to be as much of a buzz about it. It is no doubt being overshadowed by The Open in 2 weeks time!

Expectation is 100,000+ to attend (not sure if that's visitors to Lahinch or specifically entering the course), and for Saturday & Sunday to be sold out by Wednesday.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2019
« on: July 01, 2019, 10:47:59 AM »
The idea of the super 8s is to get the best 8 teams in there. The reality is, due to the lob sided nature of the provinces and randomness of the draws you have a scenario now where some very average teams like Meath and Clare coukd be in the Super 8s. It will have to be looked at again.

Example Cavan will have to beat Monaghan, Armagh and Tyrone to get to it. Clare for example beat Waterford (by a point), Leitrim, Westmeath and Meath.

This year's FA cup semi final featured Wolves, Watford and Brighton!

There's nothing you can do to stop smaller teams in a cup stoke competition. It's just the luck of the draw, doesn't mean the system is flawed.

The only way to overcome it is to have a league, which would involve a huge amount of dead rubbers.

The FA Cup is a sideshow - not the primary competition.

The Championship is the primary competition in the GAA and it makes no sense to have teams fluking their way to quarter finals as a result of a handy draw. If Laois make the qualifiers, they will have beaten three teams that will be playing Division 3 football next year.   Mayo have two division 1 teams in a row plus a Division 3 team in the qualifiers.  Had Armagh been in the draw instead of Mayo, that would have been three Division 1 teams in a row in the qualifier draw.

Stronger teams are knocking each other out and as a result we have one Division 3 team (next year's league) who will make the Super 8s.  We will definitely have 1 Division 2 team in the Super 8s.  Let's see how they get on against Dublin. 

I'm not for one sided games and if they have to happen, let's have them in the early rounds of the championship and not in the shop window.

Who? If you're referring to Cork, then you are making a presumption they will beat Laois. Or else you didn't realise Laois are a division 2 team (next year's league!)

GAA Discussion / Re: Football qualifier route 2019
« on: June 24, 2019, 12:16:22 PM »
Westmeath lads, has Jack Smith got a run at all? Was a very good half back at underage for the Dubs, but never got a look in at senior.

The Derry lad on the Wooly podcast said (when talking about Kerry letting Cox go very easily to Rossies) that he knew Jim Gavin made a call to a player who was asked to join another county, to say he’s still on the radar, and hold off for another year. Given the Derry lad plays for Skerries Harps, i’d guess he was talking about Jack’s brother Stephen, who’s an absolute topper of a corner forward. Admittedly small, but very quick, can take a bang, and great scorer.

There’s another younger brother coming too, and I believe he’d be well worth keeping an eye on.

Played corner back Saturday. Played a couple of games in the league at wing forward. Hasn't really improved the team but hasn't disgraced himself either. Probably a little light for this level.

Not a great performance from us Saturday, we've gone back to playing within ourselves. Match should have been killed when Halligan got his goal at half time but Limerick were allowed waltz through us a few times. Need to bring a lot more intensity the next day against Clare. Draw was kind again but would have preferred the Biffos, least we're at home although a trip to Ennis would have been good craic. Need Heslin and Duncan fit to start.

I would say he was certainly referring to Stephen Smith. Their father Peter played for Westmeath in the late 80's, early 90's, and won a few senior championships with Mullingar Shamrocks. Based on what I've heard of Stephen, he would be good enough to take a place on the vast majority of county teams.

GAA Discussion / Re: Would you be in favour of a second tier?
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:17:03 AM »
Put Dublin in Tier 1.

Everyone else in tier 2.

Why not just throw Dublin out of the championship? It would be a great competition then.

Every division 4 team out of the championship by 23rd june. They’d have all been out 2 weeks ago if they hadn’t had decent draws. Only 3 division 3 sides left and they’re going out next weekend. The championship really is an irrelevance to those sides, they’ve nothing to play for. Why not tier the competition so that teams can develop by having more meaningful games. On a side note I saw leitrim hurlers on the sunday game, that has to be a first.

You spoke too soon on the division 3 teams going out next weekend. Just like Spillane saying Meath have no chance in their next game, without knowing the draw.

Getting bucketloads of money from outside sources?

Yep, along with a couple of other counties. GAA need to centrally control all county teams spending. All teams prepared within a similar budget.

Anyone applying for tickets to euro 2020? The games in Dublin should be good craic if we're involved or if there are half decent teams

How do you apply?

Registration is pretty quick

Thanks for that, just applied for Dublin group games and the Final in London

Applied for Dublin group games too. As far as I know, if Ireland qualify they will only have 2 games in Dublin, as will play Spain in Bilbao. Could end up getting tickets for 1 of the 3 games and it be the one not involving Ireland.

General discussion / Re: Man Utd Thread:
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:10:40 PM »
Fergie got rid of McGrath and Whiteside due to the drinking, but not Robson.

McGrath proved him wrong though, going on to play fantastic stuff for the guts of a decade afterwards. Even with the dodgy knees.

Fergie was told that McGrath was on the verge of forced retirement when he took over but won league player of the year the following year. Reading McGraths book Graham Taylor saved his career, gave us the Italia 90 McGrath. His career dipped after that because Taylor took the England job. We only remember the good points at the world cups etc. Fantastic footballer, cleaning out Baggio in USA 94 is highlight for me, one of the best players Ireland have produced.

Fergie offered McGrath a lump sum to retire. McGrath wanted to play on despite his knees. He won POTY in 1993. That was long after Taylor left. He was still playing well up until he left Villa, in 1997 I think.

I honestly think Fergie didn’t want McGrath to go to another club. He wanted him retired. He knew he was a fine player and it would’ve been a dent to Fergie’s ego if he left and played really well for another club, which McGrath did. And by proving Fergie wrong (which McGrath said he wanted to do), it made Fergie’s decision to let him go, a bad one.

I had it in my head he won POTY in 89 for some reason. Must read his book again. When you think about it Robbo was finished by 92 realistically and McGrath was still going well after it. I'm not saying Fergie was right btw. The same man thought he could have kept Gazza right but let McGrath go.

Villa only survived relegation by 1 point in '89. They came 2nd in 1990, and David Platt won POTY, so maybe that's where you're mixing up. McGrath was immense in 1992-93 season, but Villa blew up in the last month.

General discussion / Re: Stag do
« on: May 31, 2019, 04:06:17 PM »
Heading to Galway on a stag here this afternoon. What's the story with getting into the bars? There's 15 or so, better splitting up? Where's good?

Point to note about Galway is that the bouncers of quite a few establishments are in contact throughout the night. Any group causing hassle in one spot could find themselves shut out of everywhere.
15 should be fine. Go up in 3/4 groups. I was on a stag there a few years ago with 40. We got in to the first pub (Taaffes) as a group, in dribs and drabs. That was the last time we were all together.

General discussion / Re: The Official EFL Championship
« on: May 28, 2019, 07:52:45 AM »
Will villa spend the money to stay up. Who is the chairman now?

Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian worth $7bn, and Wes Edens who also owns the Milwaukee Bucks. They’ll have money to spend for sure. Doesn’t guarantee anything though as Fulham proved.

GAA Discussion / Re: Maigh Eo v Ros Comáin 25-5-19
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:31:23 AM »
One thing I'll say about Anthony Cunningham is his teams always have a hard edge to them and are usually very tough to beat. He was pretty unlucky not to win a hurling All Ireland with Galway. Twice they had Kilkenny on the ropes in the final but maybe they were just not quite mature enough to finish the job during his time with them. He knows how to prepare a team.

And unlucky not to win a club all-Ireland with Garrycastle. The first day.

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