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GAA Discussion / Re: How is a fixed calendar for club possible?
« on: July 29, 2020, 02:02:26 PM »
The CPA is basically a farce.

Ive said from the outset that itís being approached all wrong.

Clubs NEED to learn to let go of county players for extended periods of their league season. And in return, league seasons happen for the 98% without interference.

This is the only logical outcome.

Man the f**k up lads. If 98% of our players are getting unbroken club seasons, itís infinitely better than 100% of players being messed around.
Absolutely. Why can counties not play off their leagues while the intercounty season is proceeding?
There would be enough time to finish up the leagues completely then before the club championship starts (when intercounty season is finished).
County players come back in for club championship.

Sure as it is now in a lot of counties, county players only really play league games with their clubs once the county is knocked out anyway.


I see this account has been suspended.

Also I see he spent the weekend attacking Tony Holohan and Leo.

Attacked Leo for posting up a picture on a night out for a meal. I'm guessing cocooning has drove him more insane.
Complete arsehole that McKenna.

GAA Discussion / Re: 2020/21 All Ireland Football Championship
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:03:32 PM »
GAA said there will be some unfamiliar throw in times i think they possibly mean 12pm games i dont see them doing 8pm or 9pm games
Probably so that they can televise as many games as possible theyíll stagger the throw in times throughout the day?

General discussion / Re: Holidays
« on: July 02, 2020, 11:28:21 AM »
The prices to go away for a few nights in Ireland are a disgrace

You are not wrong Jim. We spent 5 nights in Las Vegas a few years ago (good hotel on the strip, flights from Dublin -> Heathrow -> Vegas), it was cheaper than 5 nights (same dates ) to stay in a 3* hotel in Bundoran.

Iíd rather stay in Bundoran. Las Vegas is my idea of hell.
Why so? You donít need to drink or gamble in Vegas to enjoy it.

GAA Discussion / Re: 2020/21 All Ireland Football Championship
« on: June 06, 2020, 02:52:29 PM »
From journalist Colm Keys whom is normal accurate.

The format of inter-county competitions will not be revealed until close to phase three, in about three weeks time.
But it looks certain that it will be knock-out, using the existing provincial championship draws and will run through November and into December, if required.

Is it Connacht v Munster in the semi's this year?

Galway will enter the last 8 the All Ireland series via winning a game against a Div 4 side.

It's an absolute farce if it goes ahead as it looks like.
True but thatís no different to what could have happened prior to the backdoor being introduced anyway. I would personally favour an open draw.

GAA Discussion / Re: 2020/21 All Ireland Football Championship
« on: June 06, 2020, 12:49:55 PM »
If the championship does go ahead they arenít going to scrap the provincial championships.
Iíd love to see it and an open draw knockout in its place but itís not going to happen imo.

GAA Discussion / Re: U20 All Ireland football championship 2020
« on: March 07, 2020, 02:58:07 PM »
Galway 4-8 Ros 0-4 ten mins gone second half.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 02, 2020, 12:07:10 PM »
Mayo look to be the most understrength side in the league this year.

Bar Moran, Kerry have pretty much their full deck available.

Bar McShane and Donnelly, Tyrone have pretty much their full deck available now.

Dublin have the likes of McCaffrey, O'Callaghan, Connolly and Cooper to come back in so should also see a decent improvement.

Galway are pretty much at full pelt at the minute, they probably have a few Corofin players to feed back in but not sure how many of them will be certain starters.

Mayo are missing about 4 or 5 certain starters at the minute along with a host more of players who would be pushing strong for places.
Monaghan are more or less at full strength and Donegal have 3 or 4 to come back in.
Yeah  I would argue we have no nailed on starters to return. Some will say Ian Burke - but honestly he has been very poor for club and county since the end of 2018. If that form continues he won't make the team.
Kerin and O Curraoin (not sure how bad his injury is) are not guaranteed starters by a long way, nor is Bernard Power.
That's pretty much it unless I'm forgetting somebody.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 02, 2020, 11:53:02 AM »
Should Horan have made a couple of changes earlier in the game larryin? The subs all seemed to have made an impact when they came on.

He can't keep picking some of those lads that started. Can he?
I think he is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea here. On the one hand, he had a lot of what would be first choice players who are out through injury or at least not match fit. If he starts panicking and throwing some of them on he is risking further injuries to his better players and enforced absences during the championships coming up soon. It's Hobson's choice I'm afraid.
On the other hand, some of the newer players are showing potential and sooner or later, he will have to let a raft of the old guard go. Unless he bloods replacements in, he will be in even more trouble than he is right now.
I thought a few likely lads showed up last year and this year to date has been even more promising. We have always had problems getting youngsters to mature enough to play at championship level but the last few years, and this one especially, there has been quite a few.
Ossian Mullin looks the real deal already and Tommy Conroy, Towey, O'Donoughe and a few others are developing nicely. Throw in Matty Ruane and probably Fionn McDonagh from last year and things are looking good for the future.
Maybe not too good at present but dammit!, Tiocfaidh ar lŠ arŪs very soon. ;D

The names you mention as positive I will give you yeah. In fact I think I mentioned them in an earlier post and would raise you Swanee O Hora as well. They are fairly obvious as well. On the other hand there are lads wheeled out every week that are as obviously not at it at all. These are JH's projects so if he is caught between devil and deep blue sea ....... If you look back at recent panels, there were young lads that were indulged for years that never were good enough.
I reckon Mullin will he gone to Australia at the end of championship.
do you know this or are you just guessing?
Horan has done in this league what Rochford
shoul have started 3 years agohould have started 3 years ago bringing  genuine change to the team and people have to keep the faith and trust Horan  . no one is going to remember relegation if may win the All Ireland and there is the nucleus of a very good new team there  and the young lads are getting bett with every Game, new leaders are emerging without the older hands on board .In Particular Coen and Diarmauid along with Aidan are now running the show even with Coen playing out of position he has come on in leaps in bounds this year.
at time the team is not gelling  and our kick outs are killing us but Is slowly coming together and I think we will see more of these lads in the summer than  you think
It's obvious Horan is using the league to blood players. Some look like they are there to stay (Mullin in particular).
And come championship ye have several guys to come straight into the team - Ruane, Harrison, Barrett, Cillian O Connor, Jason Doherty for starters. Eoin O Donoghue hasn't played much in the league either and is a likely c'ship starter also.
When ye have a full deck ye will be a completely different proposition.
Last year is really the only time Mayo have done well in the league. Usually ye scrape survival and improve as the year goes on.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 02, 2020, 09:58:06 AM »
Any of the Galway posters in Navan today?
Did we improve our kick outs today?
I was in Navan alright.

This was the worst day out for the Galway kick outs yet, I'm only slightly exaggerating when I say that the main reason Galway nearly lost that match today was our kick outs. The number of scores Meath got from unforced Galway errors on the restarts had to be seen to be believed. This was really reinforced when after Meath got a point to bring it back to two points late on, the next one was a crucial kickout, exactly the time for Galway to pull out a prepared manoeuvre to guarantee possession from the restart. Instead a really tame, poor short and low kickout to Mulkerrin (I think) who had to go very low to gather with a Meath player already on top of him, he fouled the ball resulting in a tap over free in for Meath and a one point match. At that stage one Galway supporter in my vicinity questioned "Are they practising them at all?", I'm sure they are but it was easy to see why the question was asked.
Even on a time when Galway won a great mark from D'Arcy, he then proceeded to hand pass it straight to a Meath player under no pressure and 20 seconds later it was in the Galway net. Meath did much better on engineering short kickouts in the second half into a huge breeze than Galway did at any point during the match. It's just down to pumping it out long and hoping for the best at the moment, there's blame both on Gleeson who is not quick enough to see some of the opportunities that are there and on the management for not putting in place some better system for the outfield players to engineer space for themselves.
It is the number one issue that needs to be rectified for me, the likes of Dublin in high summer would destroy Galway on their current kick out strategy.

Big wind in Navan which Meath had for the first half but even playing into that, Galway started very poorly and Meath were the much better team for the first 25/30 minutes before Galway started to make any inroads, this was the time of the match that would frustrate Meath fans most, they should have really put themselves into an unassailable position. To be honest Galway were blessed to go into the changing rooms only 4 points down although we had started to play a bit better down the stretch of the first half.

A lot of players were sub par for Galway today, it was a really lethargic showing in general. Meath had great success running and handpassing through the middle of the Galway defence. Daly didn't hold the centre as well as he has in previous matches, he had a couple of nice tackles but way down on his standard to date but he was accompanied by a good number of other Galway players who didn't play up to standard.

In all fairness to him Paul Conroy came on in the 27th minute and basically won that game for Galway today. He's been knocking around for a long time now but that was one of his finest ever performances in the maroon and white.
Won two vital frees to get things going in the first half, took a fine mark and score, passed Steede in for the goal and his final score from play was an absolute beauty from near the side terrace in the corner, just lightly caressed the side footed kick of the ball towards the goal judging the wind to perfection.

People may call it harsh on Farragher to get such a quick hooking but subbing him for Conroy was the winning of the game, Galway turned it completely around for the following twenty five minutes either side of the HT whistle to hit 1-6 without reply.
It was a very tough station for anyone in the FF line in the first half but even so Farragher's work rate and run making for his team mates looking to play the ball in was nowhere near the standard required. Varley was far better at providing an outlet. The one ball he did take from a kick pass was in his hand for about a half second because he didn't feel the defender coming for the tackle and he lost it straight away. In contrast the first ball Conroy got it stuck in there and he was fouled for a free in.

Steede starting to show well on the scoreboard and he initially intercepted the misplaced Meath kick pass that led to his goal but he's loose enough in general play, three passes intercepted today and they were ones that should never have been taken on, there's a balance to have between adventure and needlessly giving the ball away.

The absence of Comer was certainly felt out there but D'Arcy did ok considering, he seems quite limited but couldn't fault the effort.

Shane Walsh was in and out of the game but Galway wouldn't have got any result without him either. He threatened to cut loose a couple of times in the second half but his shots and passing was slightly off, his score from play to put Galway one up was another absolutely superb solo score though, real clutch play. Bizarre to me that League Sunday didn't show either it or Conroy's final point on the highlights package this evening, they were the two best scores of the day.

Lot of talk/whinging from McEntee after the match about the cynicism of the Galway players, and certainly from a number of the restarts in the first half Galway players did their best to block and hinder the Meath runners but equally in that first half I saw Johnny Heaney dragged to the ground on a Galway counter attack to stop him going up the pitch. On at least two separate occasions Sean Kelly was dragged into incidents when on a yellow card by Meath players clearly looking to gain the numerical advantage. The locals are going to be one eyed about it but there was two teams at it out there from what I could see.

It all got very heated in the run up to half time when Galway started to get back into the match and being polite I'll just say that some of the Meath fans were somewhat overly raucous in their interjections during this stage of the match, the antics on the sideline from some of the Meath backroom team were of the same character and fuelled the charged atmosphere as well. John Concannon has to take more than a fair share of the blame here as well, needlessly getting involved with incidents on the pitch and sideline.

Having heard McEntee's interview with LMFM after the match, I was really struck by how much his comments post match throughout the league and again today reminded me of every post match interview Cian O'Neill gave during the 2018 league, can the refs really be the cause of every single loss? It's not the same man in the middle for each game so how likely is it?
While it's very easy to understand his frustration at results, particularly today when Meath did play well and deserved some kind of a result, maybe it'd be more worthwhile longer term if he did a better self assessment, did Meath convert enough of their possession dominance in the first half 25 minutes into scores? I would posit that they clearly did not, with the aid of a very stiff breeze why was this? Did he made any - or enough - adjustments when Conroy came into the forward line for Galway and proceed to do absolute wreck? Easy say it's bad luck or the ref instead.

Galway have a mountain of work to do ahead of welcoming our neighbours to Salthill on the 15th but even more so in the longer term. I'm fairly confident in saying that if Galway don't improve on their retention of possession on kick outs moving forward in 2020 that we won't get near as far as PJ wants to go.
Good report as usual AFA. I haven't been at every game so far as you have so it's harder for me to comment with authority on it - but definitely in every game I have been at the kickouts have been dreadful (even against Tyrone until they were reduced to 13 when it then became tap it to the corner back who will be completely on his own).
Gleeson is obviously a good shot stopper but kicking is more important in the modern game imo.
Bernie Power has been inconsistent when he has played but there's no doubt his ball striking is superior to Gleeson's.
I think they may need to make a change here.
Even Lavelle - for all the criticism he got - was a good striker of the ball in general.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 02, 2020, 09:53:10 AM »
Does McEntee ever stop whingeing?
Shtop - I was wondering was I the only one that has noticed this. Every single f**king game he's whingeing and moaning about the ref afterwards. It can't always be the refs fault like ffs.
It doesn't do him or his team any good to be at that crap.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 01, 2020, 07:29:35 PM »
Any of the Galway posters in Navan today?
Family duties kept me away unfortunately.
I really did think during the week that this was a game we would probably lose so delighted we dug it out after being 1-6 to 0-1 down in the first half.
Did we improve our kick outs today?
It seems Paul Conroy turned the game for us after his introduction.
Heís a quality player.
It seems management may see his role as being that of an impact sub for the season.
Onto Mayo in two weeks time.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 01, 2020, 05:05:18 PM »
Youíd imagine one win wonít be enough for Mayo alright as Donegal's scoring difference is vastly superior.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: March 01, 2020, 02:52:39 PM »
Meath 1-3 to a point up on our lads.
Obviously we are playing against a strong wind and itís early in the game yet but I feared we would lose this one.
McDaid and Comer didnít start replaces by O Donnell and DArcy - strange youíd replace a scoring threat like Comer with a non-scoring workhorse in DArcy though.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: February 26, 2020, 06:55:45 PM »
Itís early days for Galway. Great to see them playing football again but they still have it all to prove in the championship.

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