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GAA Discussion / Re: Dublin v Kerry All Ireland Final 2019
« on: August 15, 2019, 10:57:50 PM »
As I said previously, I don't think Kerry actually want him changed, instead just create enough of a hullabaloo so that he can't avoid it, and they're hoping that it means he'll be  more likely to favour Kerry in 50/50s, so avoid an chance of being regarded as biased.

You still have to trust that he's above it, but at this stage I'd would not be sorry if he stood down. Although the chap's been through quite the journey to get here, so you can only wish him the best and hope he makes all the correct calls.

I agree with you will put pressure on Gough and his team of officials .

GAA Discussion / Re: County Manager Merry go round
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:45:52 PM »
Disappointed Glenn didn't get it but never a realistic proposition with the current county board especially with the Chairman seemingly looking for an extension.

Serious management appointment all the same. It will be a challenge more on the mental side as I do believe we have talented footballers. Interesting times.

Surprised what is the issue preventing Glenn Ryanís appointment.? Thought the chairman was from the same club?

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:46:26 PM »
The irony of the weekend is that Kerry fans will be shouting on Mayo and Mayo fans will hope for a Kerry win to make round 3 easier

I cant imagine kerry fans will be shouting on Mayo

I for one will be , was on the hill for the 1996 replay and love the Enthusiasm of the Mayo News podcast

GAA Discussion / Re: All Ireland U20 2019
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:44:14 PM »
Donít think Kerry fans were carried Away with the 5 in a row and realize that not all the teams were equal in terms of future potential talent, indeed the amount of Kerry fans (myself included) did not bother to turn up to watch the mini (myself included )

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:32:13 PM »
The irony of the weekend is that Kerry fans will be shouting on Mayo and Mayo fans will hope for a Kerry win to make round 3 easier

GAA Discussion / Re: Munster Minor and U-20 Football 2019
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:29:43 PM »
Kerry have costed themselves the last 2 u-20 all-ireland by not giving OShea and Clifford the chance to win U'20 all-irelands. They have plenty of time on their side for senior fball. I dont agree withe the rule that playing senior fball prevents u playing u-20. The players get picked for seniors regardless and lose out on playing u-20 fball

Cork very impressive, Kerry donít really care deep down about underage or club success itís all about senior. I think the last time they took such a trimming wS in 2011 and some of that team pushed on.

Still having said that Cork have some impressive players ; not sure about the u17 and u 20 big gap to senior

GAA Discussion / Re: Ulster Colleges
« on: March 01, 2019, 11:23:10 PM »
Being honest, Iíve never seen a game at any level where one team has refused to cross their 45 for 50 minutes. Itís not just bad that it is kids, itís much worse than Iíve ever seen.

I agree a new low .

GAA Discussion / Re: Donegal v Tyrone, Sunday Aug 5, Ballybofey
« on: August 05, 2018, 05:24:31 PM »
Big win for Tyrone , Tyrone subs made a huge impact

Well done Monaghan great result hope ye get to the final now

Terrible day for Kerry well beaten. The lack of intensity basic errors were shocking. The only Kerry player to show was Clifford

Overall poor game but that wonít matter to Galway who were well up for it . terrrible injury for Conroy

Some game . Seems like Donie Kingston was the main man . No doubt John Sugrue has made a big improvement to morale and performance

As a football fan just looking in I would have lost alot of respect for the Athenry club after reading that. Handled very badly from start to finish!!!
To be honest i dont think anyone comes out of that article particularly well.
Poorly handled by the club and Kimmage comes across as  a sanctimonious p***k (not for the first time)

I agree both come out bad . Our club have sent out a note on it at the end of the day volunteers or not in this day and age you need to have a process for dealing with complaints I feel that now that it has been raised at such a level all clubs,volunteers etc take note. In my experience it can happen in all sports (soccer, rugby, Gaa) As a parent I am always in attendance at every match and train8ng session and as a coach I get to know all the parents . I find parents have a different views on bad language but donít use it myself

Great display Mayo, very well deserved, and what a bunch of truly gifted players.

I agree Fear great guys best of luck tomorrow

Youre right syf, cillian is overrated . Sure rossie would of beaten that kerry team.

God just realised that man has no life

Thanks Zulu.

This is our year. I said it to Billy Keane after we sneaked passed Cork.

Are you thanking me because I said they're a credit to the GAA?

This Mayo team are something different and for me, there's nothing else happening in sport. Mayo footballers are sport now. Not many people get to support a team that embodies all that you'd want a team to embody but Mayo folk have that. Enjoy the journey lads as you're on a special one.

I agree , this Mayo team have resiilance and after today loads of
Confidence and neutral fans . I really like the wAy they keep
Going . They are one of the benchmark teams now

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