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General discussion / Re: China Coronavirus
« on: March 10, 2020, 12:31:18 PM »
But if it's lockdown , business shuts, council's will hardly get their rents, staff don't get paid , be pretty much close shop ,open shop six weeks later back to normal, govt lose a few quid from emergency fund .

What about staff who need to pay for things like food, heat, light, mortgage, cars? Are you f**king serious? It would be carnage!

Thousands coming back from Cheltenham isnt going to help this!

Stop and quarantine at entry points. The country can run smoothly as normal if itís contained at ports/airports. If they donít do that, we will have an Italy style lockdown in a week or two. Now that would be carnage!!

Anyone who goes to Cheltenham and comes back is a bollocks of the highest order. Much of this in Europe is a virus spread by the jet set.

I guess the jet-set were also responsible for the global transmission of the Spanish Flu in 1918  ::)

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo Millionaire backer withholds Money
« on: February 26, 2020, 12:13:23 AM »
All might have apparently been rosy in the garden from January when statements were released and all was good again again after the election of the new executive.
However, from my view of it, 3 or 4 tweets from O'Leary where he was watching a Mayo match on GAAGO while drinking a Ä500 bottle of wine (the bottle strategically placed so that everyones was curiosity was perked as to what the brand was and how much it cost) was just the wrong 'look'..... Attention seeking. 'Look how wealthy i am'. 'Now get busy and massage my ego with your replies.'

The tweet on Saturday .... well, one of the problems was it was 'tweets'. He initially sent the tweet with 'Horan out' at end of rugby game and then quickly deleted it after a couple of comments back to him. Then a couple of hours later, it went up again and he engaged a few people with replies.
Again, this is all a bad 'look' .... smacks of a presumption that he actually has some influence in decision making in the county.

My feeling/suspicion is that there are other wealthy people who will now get on board given the better governance plus the impressive people now in the key executive positions; and moreso that any money they contribute won't ultimately be feeding the perception that 'Tim O'Leary is doing a great job' and helping boost his ego, i.e.: he gets credit for money others are contributing.

Bottom line, O'Leary violated the agreements made with the county board and it was a binary simple and correct decision as a consequence. Time to move on and switch the focus back exclusively to the pitch (while also calling out those half-wits who abuse players on social media)

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1 - 2020
« on: February 11, 2020, 11:15:37 AM »
While Cliffords red card was disgraceful arguably the worst decision of the weekend went almost unnoticed. Meath should have had a penalty in the first half when they were denied a goal by a blatant foot block by I think Oíconnor. RTE didnít even show a replay of the incident but Iíd recorded it and itís actually a blatant and dangerous foot block.

The Meath player never actually kicked the ball so it wasn't a foot block.

Correct - DOC kicked it away before the Meath player got to it. Great piece of last-ditch defending.

I didn't think it was a foot block either but I thought it was a penalty as (I think) you can't kick the ball while another player is in possession of it?

Are you in possession of the ball if you have dropped the ball out of your hands with the intent of kicking it ..... but the ball never reaches your foot because opposing player kicks it away ?

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo Millionaire backer withholds Money
« on: December 12, 2019, 02:07:24 PM »
Introduce a 'budget cap' per county senior team ... somewhat similar to professional team sports in US.
Travelling expenses to be taken care of centrally.

There are of course 101 details and challenges but i haven't time to run through the 10 or so i can think of off-hand!!
Ultimately, there is no challenge or constraint or factor in all of this that should block it if people ultimately want to save the sport at inter-county level.

The inter county arms race has led to this craziness. There needs to be a stop put to it.

Spot on.

It is becoming moneyball.

Problem is how do you stop it, Will Dublin dispense with a back room team of 20 or 30 to 10.
How much money goes to doctors, physios etc. How subjective are all the treatments. How much is spent nutrition, and on and on.

GAA Discussion / Re: Football All Stars 2019
« on: September 05, 2019, 01:57:43 PM »
Current odds with PP would say this is the team:

T O'Sullivan McCaffrey Durcan
McCarthy Fitzsimons Cooper/Boyle
Fenton Moran
McShane Clifford Callaghan
O'Brien Mannion Murphy

Dublin 7.5, Kerry 4, Mayo 1.5, Tyrone 1, Donegal 1

Obviously those odds will change after the replay but the ones in bold are nailed on imo. If Murphy misses out in the forwards, I presume McHugh or McMenamin (14/1) would get one for Donegal instead.

Durcan in the corner despite putting in his performances at wing forward!
I can't for the life of me see how Cooper could be a 50/50 with Boyler.... but money talks i guess!

GAA Discussion / Re: Ladies football
« on: August 26, 2019, 12:36:21 PM »
I was equally frustrated that Kearns didn't get an easy tap-over free shortly after the Galway over-carrying.
The referee called her for over-carrying ..... 5 maybe 6 steps. Very much a case of the ref trying to balance the earlier call. Which is poor referring.

GAA Discussion / Re: Joe Brolly
« on: August 15, 2019, 09:01:15 PM »
Principle 2 of the Press Concil of Irelands Code of Practise:   

"Readers are entitled to expect that the content of the press reflects the best judgment of editors and writers and has not been inappropriately influenced by undisclosed interests "   

In the context of what has been said about a logistics manager in a former Mayo mgmt setup and Brollys relationship with said person.... well, make your own judgement

GAA Discussion / Re: Football All Stars 2019
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:06:21 PM »
Durcan should be a shoe in for Mayo, not sure I can pinpoint another player for them

I think most Mayo folk would argue Boyler us the shoe-in and Durkin the 'possible' selection

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo v Dublin - AISF - Saturday 5pm
« on: August 11, 2019, 02:06:47 PM »
Not sure why Mayo supporters need sympathy... we have had (and will continue to have) a fabulous journey. It's not just about winning and losing. Winning is the icing on the cake. The cake is the journey and experiences gained. Ultimately, the last 10 years following this team has resulted in a greatly increased sense of Mayo identity, a pride of place and indeed a resilience in our people that is priceless - and all thanks to this team of warriors. We (the supporters) are truly blessed

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo v Dublin - AISF - Saturday 5pm
« on: August 07, 2019, 03:54:56 PM »
If itís wet and windy who benefits more, Dublin or Mayo?

19 degrees. Dry ball - but windy.
Less than optimal conditions for Mayo.... dry ball will be a decisive factor for Dub forwards

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 18, 2019, 01:01:19 PM »
Given that Aidan O'Shea is carrying an ankle injury, i wonder would wearing knee length shorts like they used to wear in the 40's and 50's help him.
This is not my opinion. I'm only asking the question  ::)

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 16, 2019, 03:50:14 PM »
Is that so??
Mind telling me why. I explained in eejit-proof language that there was a time when goalies did not take kickouts  and life went on as normal or all concerned.
I am perfectly satisfied with my understanding of the way the game is played and, believe it or no, I know goalkeepers take restarts nowadays but I see no reason why it's compulsory. Maybe you know more than I do.
I mentioned that no other man in Clarke's place could have done a better job when outfield players weren't contesting the restarts.
I don't think you need a Ph. D. in cop-on to realise that but that's just my  opinion and maybe I don't have your grasp of what anyone else  could see happening ought on the field. David Clarke's kickouts were not the cause of the very high amount of unenforced errors that were happening throughout the field but maybe you see a different game than I did.
In my simple understanding of a goalie's duties commanding the goal area is the first every time. Can't recall  Clarke dropping a ball or handing it straight to the nearest Kerry player either.
I don't think anyone else, except you obviously, would be confident of Hennelly not makiong a howler or two during a game. It's happened enough times for anyone with a basic memory to be aware of it. 
I'm happy with my understanding of the modern game and most tell me I have a bit of cop-on also.
Maybe not a lot but I think I have enough to see that you don't have either.

As the name of the coming-of-age book goes ... "That was then, this is now."
A corner or fullback taking a kickout with the keeper stuck on his line might have been fine and well in the 60's. That was when the overall athleticism of the average inter-county players and tactical nous were light years behind where we are now. Put simply, every kickout would have to be a long hoof with a certainty that the opposition would have an extra man competing for the breaking ball.

And i have never suggested Hennelly is infallible. Albeit it was the width of the cross bar that separate Clarkes kickout straight to a Kerry man versus Hennellys that went straight to a Rossie. Indeed, i am not even suggesting a change.
But like it or lump it, the tone was set by our kickouts not having the driver in the bag to wallop it to change the dynamic out the field.

Anyway, its good to see you defending a Mayo player ... not like the time i engaged with you on here when you were attacking Cillian O'Connor

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 16, 2019, 02:42:48 PM »
On a different note, I think it's very wide of the mark to criticise David Clarke for the team's failings.
If his kickouts were being won by Kerry players it's because no Mayo half back or midfielder was showing for them. If Cluxton or Rory Beggan has been taking the kickouts on Sunday they's have no better luck.
Anyway, if there is a problem with Clarke's restarting, why not get somebody else? There's no law, ASAIK, that says a goalie must kick the ball out.

Lars, those comments demonstrate a very poor understanding of how the game is played.

Put simply - Clarkes doesn't have a driver in the bag. He goes from a wedge to about a 5 iron.
Every keeper at this level needs to have a driver in the bag, i.e.: to be able to kick the ball 70+ metres at a relatively low trajectory if needed. Clarke can do about 50 metres but lofted. The Kerry half back line were fully primed for this whereby they pushed far up the field on his kickouts. The dynamic would have been completely different if they thought there was a chance of the kickout going 20 metres further.

Yes, this limitation has always been an extra challenge for us on our kickouts for years, but we have managed to workaround it up to now as no team has ever played a full press against us (bar Dublin in the league couple of years ago in Croke Park) and ensured each position was occupied when the kickout was being taken, i.e.: first fill their position on the pitch for the kickout and only move out of that position if you must.

Clarke is the GOAT when it comes to shot stopping, dominating the square and penalties. But our minor keeper even has a bigger and better boot on him.
Of course Kerrys intensity versus ours was a factor in contesting kickouts. But the cat is out of the bag now though .... i would be shocked if Meath didn't try something similar at the weekend.

As far someone else taking the kickouts .... i can only conclude that you just stepped out of a time machine or are a wind-up merchant!!

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 15, 2019, 02:28:37 PM »
Even though it wouldn't have changed the result, I thought Sean Hurson absolutely rode Mayo in the first half. He gave Kerry 4 very soft frees, one each against Harrison, Keegan, Aidan and McDonagh. He missed a blatant black card for Spillane and awarded a point to Sean O Se that was clearly wide. At the other end, he didn't give a stonewall free to James Carr and another time gave no advantage to Darren Coen despite putting up his hand.

There was another in the 2nd half (can't recall who kicked it) but on the Sunday game, commentary remarked how it brushed/bounced off the top of the post.
If there had been a Hawkeye and the umpire deferred to, it would have come back with the message "of course its not a point ya blind feckin' idjiot"   ;D  .... but point for Kerry

GAA Discussion / Re: Kerry v Mayo - Super 8s Round 1
« on: July 15, 2019, 09:58:42 AM »
My musings!....

Clarke .... its the 2nd time his kickouts have been completely cracked - the other one our demolition in the league v Dublin in CP couple of years back. By 'cracked' i mean where he was forced to kick long, not because the opposition went man to man (they didn't - because that would allow Mayo to cluster our players in the middle and the run to the wings) but that they filled their zones high up the pitch. Clarke then ended up kicking long way too often - and his long kicks are absolutely shocking. Even our minor keepers are much better - longer and don't hang. A keeper at this level needs to be able to hit it 70 metres if needed - not a hanging 50 as in Clarkes case. Such an ability by Clarke would have completely changed the dynamic on his kickouts as Kerry half back line would have had to sit 20 metres closer to their own goals on Mayo kickouts.
And why did he keep running to the 20 metre line to speed things up after every Kerry score. In the 2nd quarter, from a Mayo perspective, the game was crying out for a 'tactical' injury!!!

Aidan ..... he always seems to struggle on a warm/hot day. Same yesterday. His energy levels don't seem to be where they need to be on such days

Paddy Durkin ..... missing him was by far the single biggest factor in Mayos below par performance imo. He always always brings energy and drive up his wing.... an energy and drive that other players, and indeed the crowd, feed off. We so desperately needed an option of 1 or 2 guys breaking forward from the half back line. That brings McLoughlin more into the game and allows Cillian and Darren Cohen feed off lay offs from the runners and whip them over the bar. If we don't have him back for Meath game then i'd be really worried....

In summary from Mayos perspective .... i had hoped that without having the pressure of the game being knockout like the previous 3 weeks that Mayo won have a good crack at it. Play without the pressure and be able to express themselves. Enjoy the game almost. I guess i didn't expect such ferocity from Kerry even despite their talk of not wanting to be bullied. So, Mayo were bullied instead. We will all forgive them of course and its onwards to Meath. I can handle not making the semis if we were to say lose to Donegal in Castlebar having beaten Meath. But to be knocked out by Meath which would end this Mayo team, and would give Meath a massive lift ..... that would be a bit tough to stomach!!

Oh and finally, a somewhat Irrelevant point - just more curious whether anyone else noticed .... Kerry maor uisce kept running on to the pitch just after a Kerry score and with a Mayo coloured top on. At first glance for Clarke, he was probably like an extra Mayo player. I couldn't understand the logic of it. Surely he should have been told to wear a bright coloured bib. It was presumably more of a potential disadvantage to Kerry. A nothing issue in the bigger scheme of things but will be keeping an eye on him next week a bit more out of curiosity to see if i can figure out if there is something smarter going on than i could see!!

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