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Dessie seems convinced football is a non-contact game.

Not even a high head tackle on the replay!

Yeah, this high tackle stuff is nonsense. Jones very nearly performed a perfect tackle but once he didn't get the ball the momentum of the Donegal brought Jones's arm up. He then made a meal of it to get Jones sent off. Dangerous high tackles should be punished of course but your hand moves from high to low to tackle so it's very easy for legitimate attempts at tackling to contact the shoulder or upper chest area. Diving from players isn't helping either.

Great goal from McHugh. Penny might start to drop that these excessive blanket defence tactics won't win you anything, they've been found out.

GAA Discussion / Re: Munster Football Championships 2018
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:20:28 PM »
True but with Monaghan, Mayo, Tyrone, Roscommon still alive and the possibility of four very good provincial champions there's cause for optimism. If Monaghan, Mayo, Tyrone and Roscommon come through the qualifiers then only Dublin would be sure of a semi final spot IMO. Mind you I think Kerry would make it too but wouldn't be guaranteed.

GAA Discussion / Re: Munster Football Championships 2018
« on: June 23, 2018, 09:06:55 PM »
Kerry definitely the real deal. Super 8's could be brilliant.

Hurling Discussion / Re: Hurling championship 2018
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:43:05 PM »
That's not how advantage works. Don't think he was fouled anyway and should have been blown for overcarrying.

Neither team have any real future in this years championship. Both very poor.

Apology accepted and i believe nothing i said was wrong.

Once again with that final sentence you prove you can't help yourself almost robotic like responses from you at this stage. Do try harder if not you will deserve another one of these in future  ::)

I didn’t apologise to you and the last sentence was a joke but should have known you wouldn’t get that. As Rossfan says, it’s a Connacht championship thread so I’ll leave it there.

So you lecture me about respecting others opinions but engage with my post by using an eyes to heaven emoji? I gave my opinion and didn't disrespect other views. I've now supported my opinion - it is a good rule because it prevents players representing multiple teams which is one of the biggest problems we've had in the GAA. Small numbers representing multiple teams has made a mess of club fixtures and over burdened talented players. If Sligo or Carlow have to make a tougher decision than Dublin to address this then so be it. We can't have it every way.

I don't think I disrespect others but if I have, I apologise, it's not my intention. I will debate my point and sometimes that does lead to dismissing the more illogical views but I agree that debates here should be done with respect for other views and if I don't do that then it's something I'll try to do in the future.

Mind you, you're still entirely wrong about this!


The 2003 All-Ireland winner said he never had any problem discussing team matters with Harte during his playing days with Tyrone.

“If I had been captain, I have no doubt that I could have met Mickey and said: ‘Mickey, I think this is what we should do,’ or ‘What about trying this?’

I wouldn’t sit and keep my mouth shut. I’ve had a number of conversations with Sean and he never mentioned anything about styles of play or what we should and shouldn’t do. If he thought something wasn’t right, as captain, why didn’t he come and have a conversation with us rather than saying it in an RTE studio?

“That’s my opinion on it… The captains we’ve had in the past, I’ve no doubt would have come to Mickey and had their say.

We’ve been very, very close in recent years and we didn’t get over the line to win an All-Ireland. Maybe that’s what was missing, that calibre of captaincy.”

Getting nasty now - puts Colm Cavanagh in an awkward position.

Tyrone were a long way off Sam standard in recent years.
And nobody criticises Mickey. He has been playing the same system for a long time.  Would be similar to Wenger. Managing a slow decline .

Nobody ever criticised Franco either.  They just changed everything after he left the stage 
In order to win all Irelands you have to get the players operating out of their skins . Tyrone don't get to that level.

Maybe Mickey thinks the players are not up to it so they have to be kept on a lead. Like the Irish soccer team.

It’s harsh to say Harte has been playing the same system for a long time. The 3 All Ireland wins were won in 3 different styles and he has shown to be able to adapt to various strategies in his early career. In 03 it was a rather pragmatic, smothering game plan without much flair. The 05 was a more open, traditional strategy and in 08 they played a tactic freeing players to leave their positions, so you’d the beginnings of corner backs roaming up to score points and half-forwards/corner forwards dropping back into defence. Even within those years established players played in different roles, Sean cav, Ricey all played in diefferent positions in those all Ireland championship run.

For ‘08 till about ‘12 or ‘13 we played the same sort of strategy but it wasn’t as previously successful as our team aged and others surpassed us tactically. Donegal’s dominance really fucked Harte up and he’d no answer for McGuiness who tactically out smarted him  time and again. They’re the real paradigm off which we are based for the last 4 years and to be fair to Harte it was more successful than the previous 4 years. In that regard it’s not surprising he stuck with it as it returned us to winning trophies if, it must be said, in a rather uninspiring style.
Of course he had a different system with the all Ireland teams. Over the last 4 or 5 years he has stuck to the same style. It usually happens when a team doesn't have the players. Tyrone don't have good enough forwards to kick on but the manager has to keep the show on the road.

Over the last 5 years Dublin have had the same style. Donegal had the same style from Mc Guinness started until Gallagher left.

Another complete bullshit fallacy is that teams don’t have the forwards so they play defensively. You play defensive football coz your defenders are shite and you’re trying to cover for them. After Jordan, Gormley and Ricey retired we’d imitations of defenders and so became  defensive to cover their failings. We’ve had plenty of good forwards this past 5 years but they’ve fallen out of the game because they haven’t been getting the support to play their game.

Dublin have played the same style as Tyrone over the past 5 years?

Sorry now but you set the tone of this conversation with your eyes to heaven emojie to my post. I rarely post these days and wouldn't feel I do so in an arrogant way though I will debate a point and do respect the opinions of others, especially when they show the same respect unlike yourself.

You haven't made a strong argument supporting your position.

U21 IC was well run? All IC competitions are well run as far as I can see.

Winning mentality being developed through knock out competition, sorry there's nothing to support that and even if it could the old GAA formats only helped the biggest and best. Leitrim will rarely win anything under any format but at least group formats give the players games. This is especially imp[ortant at underage U20 and below where games and group training can develop players, not 3 moths of training for one game.

All development is mainly done up to U18 but transforming them into effective adult players is often done from 18 to 22/23. Again, one IC game per year does not help this.

Winning at the age group of U21 in the past and now U20 becomes more important because a winning mentality is one of the most important things needed for the step up to senior. Plenty if not most of the skillset of a footballer is done in development panels. Those deemed good enough are promoted up and then the objective is to bulk them up and make them physically ready for the senior game.

The best example is Dublin, minor and levels below is treated as development football and even right now at U17 level to the untrained eye some are judging that team on results alone. U21 was treated as adult grade by Dublin and won 4 All Irelands in 7 years meanwhile 1985 to 2017 Dublin only won one minor All Ireland title.

As i said before U21 level was a well ran tournament but wasn't perfect however only small tweeks is all the U21 grade needed than scrapping it.  Zulu you are entitled to your opinion on this also but nothing you have said has remotely changed my views on this topic. It is what it is right now but in time HQ should have the common sense to make the changes again and bring in a better or make the necessary improvements for this replacement tournament for the U21 championship as only so long can you run with diluted tournament played at the wrong time of year.

You claimed U21 was a great competition yet most teams were out after, at most, two games. How does that foster a winning mentality? What does that even mean anyway? The competition is only one of many those players take part in. I coach kids, some of them would kill you to win, others not so much, a winning mentality is inherent in players, you can't really develop it and you certainly can't with knockout football.

Dublin won U21's because they continued to develop players, not because they started focusing on winning.

You're entitled to your opinion but with respect, it's clear you don't coach as what you're saying is completely wrong.

Exactly, you could give all IC players 7 games in 10 weeks and then have club games because there's no crossover at IC level but if you've to allow an 18 year old play U20 and senior IC hurling and football then clubs would have to wait 3 or 4 months, maybe more if one of those four teams are successful.

Thankfully the GAA are no longer catering for the 1% of elite young dual code athletes and instead are looking at the other 99%.

I agree but all fair rules will favour the stronger counties so that doesn't matter. Players want games and not knockout competitions so lets give them that even if it means bigger counties get more from it. We can't please everyone all the time.

In Munster, Limerick and Waterford senior footballers could be done for the year on 9 June.  If any U20's play in either of the senior games, they are ineligible for the U20 team.

Both Limerick and Waterford play their first U20 game later in June, Limerick on 15 and Waterford on 22 June.

They could push the U20 competition back a few weeks and any U20 who has played senior, can play with the U20's only if the seniors are out of the AI championship.

Not suggesting the timing is right but the concept is.

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