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According to the tutor, who has reffed All-Ireland's and the other 3 refs that were in attendance it only applies when you are brought to the ground in a tackle and and upon hitting the ground it has to be got rid of immediately and can thus be thrown at that moment in time.  It was even more shocking to find out that you could score from it too.  There were 20 at least in the room and all were in shock.   I know in ladies GAA you can play the ball on the ground to get it away from you but this was certainly a 1st for me.  If I'm wrong, and I'm certainly no expert, then so are a lot of imminent refs who will be reffing in the League next weekend.

It might explain some of the refereeing we do see in the league! I'm pretty certain they are all wrong if that's their view. These are the relevant rules, 4.2 and 1.2:

It's a technical foul to...

4.2 (a) To throw the ball. (b)  To handpass the ball without:  (i) It being Fisted      or  (ii)  It being struck with an open hand with a definite underhand striking action.

1.2   When the ball is on the ground, it may be played by any part of the body except the hand(s). It may be lifted off the ground with the feet.  Exceptions  (i)  The goalkeeper may play the ball on the ground with his hand(s) inside his own small rectangle.  (ii)  Any player who falls or is knocked to the ground while in possession of the ball may fist or palm the ball away on the ground, and may score by so doing.

I've never heard of that rule or seen it in the rule book so I presume it was a misinterpretation by the course tutor. If it is a rule I must stop telling the kids I coach to stop throwing the bloody ball!!

GAA Discussion / Re: So what do ye think of the black card rule now?
« on: March 27, 2017, 04:53:43 PM »
It was an absolute disgrace black card and I think it highlights that the rule needs to be changed.
I think there is still a place for the black card alright but it needs to be for VERY obvious cynical play and not given in marginal decisions where you are not sure about the intent.
I wasn't even sure if Sludden's one was a foul to be honest.

Agree with this entirely. Sludden tried to tackle and in the process probably took the legs from Keegan but it wasn't deliberate or cynical so a foul at best and nothing more. Keegan's wasn't a black either but looked a bit more like one in real time. However, referees should be slow to give black cards for 50/50 things and keep it for the ones where they are 100% sure it was deliberate and cynical. Ending a man's game is something referees shouldn't do lightly.

Sorry but you can't. If you're in possession of the ball and knocked to the ground you can play it away on the ground. You can never ever, legally, throw the ball in any circumstances.

You can never throw the ball legally.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Divsion 2 2017
« on: March 26, 2017, 03:55:52 PM »
Kildare won according to Hoganstand.

GAA Discussion / Re: NFL Division 1
« on: March 18, 2017, 08:42:12 PM »
Didn't see the first half but the second half was very good.

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:59:20 PM »
'Weak county' describes 32 out of the 33 teams now. We really need new terms to describe the corporate nightmare the GAA has became.

It doesn't. There has always been a few top counties with few just off the pace but better than most. Kerry dominated for a long time, Cork and Meath were top dogs for a few years, Tyrone, Kerry and Armagh were ahead of the pack for a long time and now Dublin are the dominant team. This is not such a different phase to many others and I think Kerry, in particular, are well placed to take over in two or three years.

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:58:47 PM »
Zulu, If it does not matter!

 Tell us your county!

It only seems to matter to you FtB so can you tell me why?

Well it would give me a greater perspective of where you are looking from as a GAA fan. Perspectives are different in different Counties and different Provinces. You clearly have an issue with revealing this. Your Prerogative.

Lets just say I'm from one of the counties that won't win an All Ireland in your or my lifetime. When you talk about weak counties then you're taking very much about my county. I played for my county (good few years ago now) and I know better than most what it's like at the bottom rung. One year I was playing in the first round of the minor provincial championship and when we arrived there was no manager, jerseys or footballs as he was coming on a different bus with the other half of the squad.

I'd love to see more done for weaker counties but they must also help themselves. I can tell you as a kid I was inspired by players from other counties as we had no heroes ourselves so I firmly believe having more big games can help all counties and inspire greater effort from young players.

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:18:40 PM »
To be fair I don't know what would or wouldn't pass congress. I didn't think something like S8 would so it shows what I know. I don't think it's a huge leap to suggest there is a huge money making incentive to it. I'm not clear as to how it helps club fixtures either. It just appears to me like they've just squeezed a few extra games into the calendar. Maybe I'm missing something.

As you say if it's only part of a few other motions to improve things we'll have to wait and see. However there is still going to be a gulf in class between the top 3 or 4 teams and the rest. I don't know how quick the extra money will solve that problem. I don't know how long people will keep turning up to S8 games when they have little chance of winning all the while feeling like they're being taken for a ride by the GAA for a bit more of their money.

Not having a go at Zulu or anyone who supports S8, those are just my concerns.

thejuice, I don't think the super 8 is brilliant. I accept it doesn't solve a lot of things but it was never promoted that it did. I think the current format is very stale and this will go some way towards addressing that. Clubs in all but 4 (max) counties now have all of August and September to play championship, surely that's a help? Having the best teams play each other a bit more while not negatively impacting on clubs is surely a good thing especially when part of the extra revenue goes to those counties?

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:12:52 PM »
Zulu, If it does not matter!

 Tell us your county!

It only seems to matter to you FtB so can you tell me why?

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:58:41 PM »
What does it matter? Would coming from one type of county increase or decrease the validity of my points?

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:52:59 PM »
In your opinion it is, that doesn't make it so. As I've already pointed out, much of the extra revenue will go to the weaker counties so why you ignore that reality can only be cause it doesn't sit with your agenda. If we are to believe you then anything that provides more games between the best teams (a central element to every other sport's competition format) is about the Dubs and nothing else. That's patently nonsense.

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:40:47 PM »
Is that the best you can come up with FtB? Considering you've pretty much said nothing of note bar that everything is about helping the Dubs?

I've listed the improvements by the way just read my previous post but the main point is that change is needed and that change had to be something that would pass congress so the proposal by its very nature wouldn't seek to address everything.

GAA Discussion / Re: Super 8 or Stupid 8
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:18:13 PM »
Sorry Zulu but I'm not sure where you're coming from with this.

Maybe I'm wrong but going back to basics, what problems was super8 supposed to solve?

I thought the problem was that there were too many county games and that was disrupting club competitions.

Also the other problem was that the championship was going stale.

So that's why I thought bringing the league into the summer would free up more weekends for the clubs and colleges. players would have more time to build up for the summer and perhaps Ease the burden on them.

Also I think bringing it back to a straight knockout it would be more competitive and 8 teams in each province it would be easier to run and also fairer. Though unlikely based on our location I'd be just as happy if Meath won a provincial title in another province as winning Leinster. There would be bigger turnouts at league games due to being in the summer and the fact that teams are at their peak at that time of year with big teams clashing should be more enticing.

Also it might also mean that earlier in the year people won't have to choose between going to see club or county teams.

But perhaps these aren't the problems Congress are trying to solve. Can you fill me in?

thejuice, I don't disagree with the logic of your system. My own proposed format was starting the leagues later, getting rid of the provincials and playing the championship as a straight knockout with teams seeded by league position with seed 1 playing seed 32 in round one and so on. I'd argue my format solves loads of the issues as well but like yours, won't get passed in congress. In fact, if we were to put our formats to the GAAboard posters then they'd both probably fail to get the level of support needed to pass through congress. So, there's no point criticising the super 8 but proposing alternative formats that won't get through congress.

The super 8's doesn't tackle every problem, it's simply a step in the right direction. Of course it's flawed but so would any alternative. The super 8 was part of a trilogy of central council motions that creates more time for the clubs, more structure around the championship and more big games between the best teams. It also gives provincial winners a second chance and brings big games to provincial venues at a time when they are usually ideal. Finally, a significant portion of the extra revenue will be given to the weaker counties. Surely that's enough positives for it to be given a chance?

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