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« on: September 18, 2018, 07:59:58 PM »
If he says he didnt see those incidents then i have to take his word for it & let the matter rest. However if he didnt see these incidents it only completely backs up my previous comments that he should not ref any further cship games this year as unfortunately he simply isnt up to it

So if MR explains you will take his word & let the matter rest....Joke Auld Stock, you knew the ref everyone on here knows.   I was at the Game and am a neutral, personally i thought the Ref had a good game let it flow, the way we have been asking for games to be ref'd in Ulster. Was it the refs fault why u lost the U16 game on sunday   ;).

Well Done MR2 Keep it going

General discussion / Re: Arlene's bigotry shines through
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:47:20 AM »
Itís not just Arleneís bigotry and hatred that shines through in this place.

Surely it would have been easier to drive past the Narrow water memorial that to go out of your way to desecrate it

Dont think anyone was going out of their way, think they were walking past on the footpath.  It shouldnt of happened but dont exagerate

« on: September 14, 2018, 01:32:55 PM »
Carey beaten finalists last year, turned over a very fancied Clooney Gaels team last time out - i think the bookies have the odds right; Not saying Creggan wont turn them over but Carey have to be favourites on league performaces and championship performance to date;

But sure i thought Tir Na Og would turn St Endas over and it wasnt even close - lol;

General discussion / Re: TV Show recommendations
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:01:52 PM »
Sense8 worth a try?
Just finished the last season of walking dead - I'm inbetween shows...

Yep - Sense8 give it a watch, it gets there

General discussion / Re: Arlene's bigotry shines through
« on: September 05, 2018, 08:58:04 AM »
DUP being shown in a bad light but no one is shocked;

Bell the finger breaker and party animal it seems.

Things starting to come out , lies lies and more lies told by Arlene and Co back then; I really wonder what this will all mean, like no one will resign or be sacked -

« on: August 31, 2018, 10:20:42 AM »
Prices of Paddy Power bookmakers for senior and Intermediate games

Dunloy 1/50 vs Sarsfields 10/1    Dunloy 25+ (Even with a Reserve Team)
Loughgiel 1/8 vs St Johns 5/1      5/1 - bet of the season - get on (Loughgiel will be experimenting on Sunday with a win on the board and have already qualified for the Semis)
St Galls 1/3 vs Glenariffe 9/4       9/4 - tasty price - more of a 50/50 game
St Endas 4/7 vs Tir Na Og 6/4      6/4 - only a point separated the sides a few weeks ago - go with the value
Creggan 1/7 vs Rasharkin 4/1      Creggan comfortably
Clooney Gaels 1/2 vs Carey 13/8  Momentum with Clooney who will win this one comfortably

Yep would agree with the most but not sure the Johnnies will be concerned about this one, if the beat Rossa they qualify for the semis so i think this will be meaningless and both teams wont really care;
Glenariffe will be close V Galls and 9/4 really over priced here - Galls missing a couple of players due to red cards in semi;
Also Randalstown - both times they played Endas had injuries and back at full strength - I think this is the best bet of w/e @6/4;
Creggan should get the win but. Rasharkin @ 4/1 over priced - Cregan should win though but will be nothing more than 3 points in it - could be a suprise with a bit of luck ;
Clooney v Carey - drew last time out in league and beaten finalists last year this is a flip of a coin - Clooney looked good v Cmills but Carey are a different team come cship;

« on: August 30, 2018, 05:23:52 PM »
some decent prices there but bookies are rarely wrong

« on: August 28, 2018, 02:36:43 PM »
So we are now playing an Intermediate Hurling match at 8.30 on a friday night under lights in ballymena - surely this is madness
Vital JFC football match on beforehand.  :-X

Maybe had it on the sat when all other matches where on .....oh forgot Galls away to Dublin on the Sat 

« on: August 28, 2018, 11:55:24 AM »
So we are now playing an Intermediate Hurling match at 8.30 on a friday night under lights in ballymena - surely this is madness

« on: August 27, 2018, 11:23:02 AM »
Unfortunately for Gorts they they didnít have anyone who could shoot or pass the right ball into Dessie,  they also didnít push up with the extra 3 men.. I suppose thatís a tactic you donít expect

Glenariffe racked up a huge score and only conceded 1 point!

MR2 - I love it, we have no chance, missing 2 players and a few injured + Glenariffe stuffed LD;  Doesnt matter that you turned them over twice in the league, beat Gorts minus 3 players and have got a few new players back playing.

The Championship mindgames

« on: August 26, 2018, 07:30:53 PM »
Thought Clooney looked good yesterday very impressive win V Cmills; See another D2 team losing today with Creggan beating Armoy.

Also heard St Galls had 2 straight reds which will mean they will be missing against Oisins - which must swing things toward them.

Intermediate looks very tight , any of the 8 teams now left could win it

« on: August 26, 2018, 08:16:57 AM »
Yep i think Cdall can count themselves unlucky - 3 or 4 few wides in the last 10minutes; Sweeper made it difficult for Dunloy to get scores and McManus still to come back in - Dalls to lose for me.

GAA Discussion / Re: Should Tyrone speak to RTE
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:05:34 AM »
I would do a much bigger deal with sky or ppv increasing potential access and revenue give tg4 the magazine programmes clubs and ladies as a product and
Let them develop that.. there could be a strong arguement made that tg4 could cover delayed games in Irish commentary and that mightnít annoy sky too much as well. With more money I would reduce ticket prices to those who go to games so attendances will increase and if they want only give rte the banquet, up for the match and the Marty squad and the odd late late tribute show to the gaa on the consortium that pat kenny hosts it.letís Move on. Get a proper platform of magazine coverage through sky but for sky to flourish rte probably need to be cut out.

Only problem is the 'Product' you are looking at promoting is MUCK!

There has been a media driven campaign to market the games as muck led by rte. There currently aren't enough good games at the minute and not enough competitive games. But there are still plenty of cracking football matches. Even in a poor championship campaign I can think of some great games such as Laois Wexford, Mayo Kildare, Roscommon Armagh, Monaghan Kerry, Galway Kildare. There were also some great underdog stories during the summer such as wins for Carlow over Kildare, Longford over Meath, and Fermanagh over Monaghan. As a Tyrone fan I really enjoyed our games with Meath and Donegal, though I'm not sure the atmosphere really came across on tv. Our first round loss to Monaghan was another very good game.

You could list out a number of very poor games over the summer or one sided matches. But you could do that in any sport. I'd like to see the ratio of good games improve though.

 For some reason in the gaa we expect every game to be brilliant and if it's not football is finished, it's a weird mentality. There'll be plenty of great club and underage games played throughout the year including for example the u20 final or Nemo beating Slaughtneil. The national league also had plenty of decent games.

I think part of the negativity stems from the fact that when people's own counties aren't going well the first thing people do is try to criticise the game generally.

lol - who you kidding

« on: August 24, 2018, 09:01:55 AM »
see dunloy odds shortening from evs to 8/11 (with PP) and will prob end up shorter as cdall missing a good few players

« on: August 23, 2018, 03:13:07 PM »
JJ you are a laugh - dunloy are the clear favourites, League table doesnt lie - did Dunloy win the league last year?

At ht last year you looked like the winners only to be caught sleeping in the first 12mins of the 2nd half and yep they blew you away; While dunloy might win on sat, with Neil and a few others missing on your side - i would still put you lot as favourites; You have now a few younger players bedded into the team and should be better prepared to deal with the movement of the Dunloy inside forward line but who knows time will tell - I think Cdall are the favourites but then again so where Galway.

I agree with you on one thing, this Saturday's game is an utter irrelevance. Your comparison of ourselves and Galway is a bit daft. Maybe it's the maroon shirts? Galway won the All Ireland last year (Dunloy won the county championship last year), Galway were the form team this year (Dunloy are the form team in Antrim this year). Yes we have a few new youngsters in this year but unproven at championship level. Where as from 1-15 Dunloy have players who have a proven championship pedigree. Do Dunloy not like being the best in the county at the moment or what?   

JJ I was only comparing Cdall with Galway as both being the favourites for the Cship nothing else - in my opinion

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