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GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:45:46 PM »

I've yet to see one Mayo person on here come and criticise O'Shea for his role in the Holmes and Connelly debacle,

Do you know exactly what this 'role' was? You might share it with the rest of us if that's the case.

What I know is what Holmes and Connelly have stated about Aidan O'Shea. Mayo fans are happy to blindly believe they are not telling the truth with regard this.

GAA Discussion / Re: Doire v Tir Eoghain, Sun 28th May @2pm
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:44:05 PM »
Lot to tslking points here:

- Conal has came out of nowhere, didn't see him in anyone's predictions. Had a great game in the sigerson cup final but was quiet enough in our league games that followed. He hits frees for Cappagh, isn't that right? Would he be an option for frees further out the field?

- to be fair to Mickey he's often been lambasted for not giving alternative tactics a fair crack. He clearly wants to see Matty and Sean work up in the FF line. It'll be interesting to see how much time they actually spend in there.

- as mentioned already, there's serious pace in that team. Glad to see Meyler getting a start. Hoping he can get back into the blistering form he showed in 2015.

That's pretty much it.

McCann a real surprise but we'll se how he goes, he is a classy player but I feel what's been lacking in him so far is some aggression and urgency to his game, very good passer and can take a score though.

Meyler gets the nod over McNabb in the other spot up for grabs, other than that it's as expected.

Donnelly named inside so Mickey seems intent on giving it another shot, thought he has looked lost in there during the league campaign and felt that it should have ran its course but we'll have to wait and see.

Interesting that only McClure is on the bench of all the new players added this summer. No room for Loughran, Cassidy, McCullagh or McHugh.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:21:41 PM »
But due to Aidan's profile, people are going to keep on having those expectations for him, that they won't have for his brothers, for example. And the lad himself has to assume a certain level of accountability for that, as he puts himself out there

So he puts himself out there .... other than signing autographs and posing for selfies (which all the top players have to do nowadays to avoid the hurlers on the ditch bitching about them), then how else is he putting himself out there ? A few Twitter followers is it ?
Compare and contrast the putting himself out there with that of St Bernard

moreso when he promotes and extracts as much out of his profile as he does
How does he promote himself and what has he extracted ?

TV Shows
Brand Ambassadors

Brogan is in the twilight of his career and has 4 All Irelands and a footballer of the year in his back pocket. He also didn't lead any campaigns to have Dublin's management team ousted.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:43:53 PM »
Mayo lad, serious question. Do ye think ye have gotten the most out of Aidan O'Shea in big games (All Ireland Finals and Semi Finals)?

If yes, fair enough, but I disagree.
If no, what do you think is holding him back?

I actually think it's a bit unfair on him that there seems to be a expectation out there (not from Mayo in fairness) that he should be winning All-Ireland's virtually on his own. He's a nice complimentary piece to have but has the expectation on him that he should be a match winner. That's hard to live up to.

I don't think that's the expectation at all but as one of Mayo's most prominent players, more should be expected of him than he is currently giving. Until he delivers the kind of performance that matches his standing in the team he will get criticism, even moreso when he promotes and extracts as much out of his profile as he does.

Keegan, the O'Connors, Parsons, McLoughlin, Durcan and Andy Moran are all easily ahead of him now when it comes to importance for Mayo and I think if O'Shea matched their application then he would be one of their main men and might make the difference.

When he fails to deliver, then his extensive off the pitch involvement in him exploiting his profile out of the game will come under the spotlight.

I've yet to see one Mayo person on here come and criticise O'Shea for his role in the Holmes and Connelly debacle, this to me says O'Shea can do whatever he wants and get away with it, however right or wrong it is. He seems to be untouchable in Mayo and it's not a good thing when a player exerts so much influence that should be out of his remit.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 25, 2017, 12:29:07 AM »
So, take a scenario where you travel 2.5 hours for a game on a week day evening, the game is over, there is a half-arsed post-game stretch going on where lads are more having the chat than anything else. Management aren't with the group.
You know that once the stretch is done (which you don't really need anyway at this stage), that you are going to be subjected to dozens of young kids wanting pictures, autographs and all sorts while trying to keep a bit of chit-chat & banter going with the various kids parents. The whole bloody thing will take a half hour minimum. Pictures and autographs are fine but its trying to keep the brain switched on to keep the banter going with the parents that is the pain in the bolloux. You see you've been up since 7am, its now 8:30, you're hungry and will have to face the 2.5 hour drive home once you stop off in some hotel or other for team grub. But you know you have to do this and give them this time or else you will be bitched about to the ends of the earth. The novelty of standing for pictures and chit-chat has long since stopped being a novelty.... now its just a necessary evil.

So, do you waste another 5 minutes doing a few stretches you don't need to do or do you face the music and start the chit-chat with the parents while straining yourself to smile.

Well, i know what i would do in this scenario.

But everyone else on the panel should, O'Shea is just an exceptional case?

I think Flynn's point is misunderstood. O'Shea looks to be indulged to do whatever the hell he likes (and if he isn't he'll lead a campaign against the management team), but he isn't backing it up with his performances on the pitch.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 25, 2017, 12:25:19 AM »
Can you give us an example of this great leadership that Harte and Donnelly provide which you say Aiden O'Shea does not provide. Did they show it in last years quarter final. What about Cathal McCarron. How come ye can afford to indulge his nonsense. I'm not sure how much "internal criticism" he gets but  doesnt seem to keep him out of the spotlight.

It is now starting to become very obvious. You haven't actually seen O'Shea play much. You reckon McLoughlin, Durkan, Parsons are bigger leaders then O'Shea. FFS. Are you mental. And what has Kyle Coney and Tommy Walsh got to do with anything. We've had plenty of players every bit as good as Kyle Coney who didn't make it. Not hero's or demigods, just not good enough.  Aiden O'Shea would walk straight into the Tyrone team at present and unlike idiots like you Micky Harte and the Tyrone players know well the damage he will cause if he is not properly watched. Just looking at the carry on of some of your hero's in omagh during the league match was a typical example of the fear O'Shea puts into Tyrone.

I have no problem with O'Shea getting criticism as long as its based on genuine footballing reasons but you can't do that. Your crusade against him seems to be personal You could save yourself a lot  time and simply type  "he's getting to big for his boots, he's only a bollox".

With regards Durcan, McLoughlin, Parsons etc. Yes, unequivocally. They have performed to a much higher standard in Croke Park over the past 2 years than O'Shea has and have turned up and delivered performances when needed. They may or may not be better players than O'Shea but they're certainly producing more than him.

Would O'Shea get into the Tyrone team at present, definitely. If O'Shea was in the Tyrone team at present, I feel he would be subject to plenty of criticism within the county as he is not playing at the level he is capable of and I don't think it would sit well with a lot of people the way he likes to indulge in his media profile that he makes out of his standing as a GAA player.

For a player that has the talent and potential he has, playing in a side competing at the top level as Mayo are, I would be disappointed in his performances and feel that he is not getting the best of himself. You can call Flynn's criticism petty which it may be but I think it does bring up a question of why he was the only player who saw himself as not having to do what the rest of the team were, this coupled with Holmes and Connelly's portrayal of him trying to do the management's teams job for them and his disappointing performances at Croke Park would lead me to the conclusion that he deserves a lot of criticism and needs to start focusing on his game.

He is not getting the best out of himself the way a lot of the other Mayo players are and for a side so desperate to get over the finishing line and so close then I think the criticism is fair and I think the culture around treating O'Shea as demigod with all those black marks against him will ensure neither O'Shea or Mayo get that.

The internal criticism may make O'Shea realise that he needs to focus more on his game and not being indulged in whatever way he likes. He seems to have played a pivotal role in orchestrating the removal of a management team because they didn't pamper him and the club mate he lobbied the management team to pick in 2015 shit his pants with a 50/50 with Philly McMahon as they threw away an All Ireland semi final.

I don't have much time for O'Shea but it's not personal, I would say the criticism would be fair if we had a player of O'Shea's ability who wasn't producing the goods and was very fond of promoting and maximising his profile from the game for personal benefit.

Contrast Lee Keegan and Aidan O'Shea.

There's your answer.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:24:25 PM »
That's a really comprehensive breakdown of the failings of this Mayo team over the last few years and it makes dull reading. But unfortunately like everything the author posts on this site its based on absolute nonsense. I wont even waste my time breaking it down line by line as I've learned from experience when you get in a debate with an idiot.... well you know the rest

What I would love to see thou is the same analysis conducted on any county and their star players. Like can anyone tell us why Mattie Donnelly or Peter Harte have consistently failed to deliver for Tyrone on the big days. We hear they've upped there game the last 2 years but yet are still falling short . What about Sean Kavanagh. Have the All Ireland's gone to his head as he hasn't performed on a big day since 2008.  What about Sligo. Whats Adrian Marrens problem when he plays the big games. Damien Comer for Galway, useless when it really matters. Conor McManus..... anyone. The list goes on because in reality according to whats called analysis from some posters here over the last 7 or 8 years outside of Dublin very few players can actually say they have consistently delivered on the big days.

Its amazing how Aiden O'Shea's games against Donegal 2013, Tyrone 2013, Kerry x2 2014, Cork 2014 and a lot of other decent performances in between are forgotten about. Just wiped from the memory because these days are not big enough for some. For anyone to claim he has not worked on his game over the last few years obviously has not watched him and is just basing opinions on what they see  on social media.

I would accept that Mayo could get more out of Aiden O'Shea but imo this is a management problem. O'Shea himself no matter where he is played gives it everything. Yes he might struggle when double marked by a team like Dublin, but who wouldn't. Even the great Michael Murphy has the same problem.
What is it going to take for the begrudgers to lay of the man for a while. Will one All Ireland do it. Probably not. I can see it already, One All Ireland wonder. Sure he was useless in all the rest.
Lad you can dress it up what ever way want but you are probably one of the finest examples of what people call Irish begrudgery

Exactly the type of ostrich behaviour I'm talking about. No matter how valid, invalid, fair or unfair the criticism of O'Shea is, in your eyes it's irrelevant - O'Shea cannot be criticised.

My post above might be stinging but it's true. I pointed out to Harte and Donnelly as they were two players who had loads of talent but were wildly inconsistent and were not delivering on their potential. Both of them would have came into a lot of criticism from their own and are now our two most valuable players, they are the leaders in this team - much like O'Shea should be with Mayo, except he's not.

When I see Mayo play, the guys who stand out are the likes of Keegan, Andy Moran, Kevin McLoughlin, Durcan, Parsons - they are the leaders of them - not O'Shea. O'Shea falls into the riff raff of the team, if a players of his potential was not delivering as well as he could be with Dublin, Kerry or even with Tyrone he would be on the end of a lot of internal criticism. I'd imagine Kyle Coney or Tommy Walsh would have demigod status in Mayo if they played there.

He should be delivering a lot more than he is for Mayo and if he does they'll probably go at do it. But until then and as long as he's arsing about indulging his ego and media profile, the criticism is fair.

GAA Discussion / Re: Benny Flynn
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:57:11 PM »
A few things in reply:

Do people think Aidan O'Shea is playing to his full potential? Do they believe he is pushing himself to improve, to learn and improve as much as he can? I think there are doubts in this area. He has been at best inconsistent for Mayo. He hasn't nailed down a position. Is he a midfielder? Is he a playmaker? Is he a full forward? Does anyone know? He was awful bad in the All Ireland final last year overall after being to the forefront of getting rid of the management.

Maher and Murphy also did incarnations of this programme but the above doubts couldn't be levelled at them. Plus, no former or current managers ever expressed publicly concerns about them doing the programme.

The TV programme alone isn't the issue. It's a symptom though I feel. Stepping out of the huddle/warm down is another. I played with lads who would do this on occasion and I always hated seeing them do it. There are no special rules for anyone in a team.

How can people be so confident this is the case when all we have is rumor and innuendo planted by H&C in a poorly written interview? I am sure there are people who post on here who have direct contact and close ties with players who were inside the dressing room and in the room for the players meeting to oust the management yet we have heard no credible snippets or none have been divulged on here or any other forum!!
H&C had their say and that was only natural but can anyone honestly and objectively say that interview has nailed beyond doubt that O'Shea was the driving force of the ousting of the two lads??

Do I think Aidan O'Shea is playing to his full potential? Honest answer no I don't think he is but I think that is more an overall team problem than his specifically, as in he being shifted around to plug gaps in the team similar to what happened with David Heaney  and Liam McHale before him. O' Shea should be played in my opinion in the half forward line where he can act as a third midfielder, drop back into a defensive position when needed and most importantly come onto the ball at speed when were are attacking. I don't think he has the footwork or vision to play with his back to goal.

Do I believe he is pushing himself to improve, to learn and improve as much as he can? Yes I do, that is plain to see (for me anyway) on how he has improved his passing (foot and hand), tackling and movement onto the ball. He still needs to find himself a go to position for point taking as he is not a natural point scorer but yes I think from what I see and hear about him he like the rest of this team are pushing themselves to the limit to try and get over the line. The real question is can they grab that extra couple of % to get there which they haven't so far!!!

A classic example of the complete lack of introspection in Mayo.

They throw away an All Ireland semi final they have in their grasp 2 years ago and the response from the players is to throw the management team under the bus over petty perceived slights. It doesn't matter how strong or weak what Holmes and Connelly have came on record with is, Mayo fans simply don't want to hear wrong about this bunch of players, justified or unjustified. They have their minds made up and the truth or substance of what happened is an irrelevance.

Mayo have had many big games in Croke Park in August in the past 5 years, O'Shea has struggled to make an impact on the majority of those. I think the criticism that he should focus more on his game and less on his profile and mini celebrity status is a fair one. I think if O'Shea was from Kerry or Dublin or even Tyrone he would come in for a barrage of criticism internally if he carried on like he does.

Mayo have certainly been good enough to win an All Ireland in the past 5 years but rather than focusing internally why things go wrong, they like to champion the guys who have fallen short as heroes who should not be criticised. I know in Tyrone Mattie Donnelly and Peter Harte would have came in for quite a lot of criticism before they really upped their performances in the last two years, many would have said Harte was only getting a game because he was the manager's nephew, everyone knew their talent but they just weren't delivering on it. I imagine it's fairly cut throat down in Kerry when a big talent isn't performing.

I'd certainly agree that attitude is the reason Mayo haven't won an All Ireland in that time, all these close calls but yet the autopsy has never been carried out on the internal factors but always on what external factors denied this bunch of players from winning an All Ireland. Games being played in Limerick, Cormac Reilly, Holmes and Connelly, Lee Keegan being targetted in the media etc etc.

O'Shea is one of the biggest disappointments for Mayo in those games and I think Mayo need a manager who will put a bit of manners on him, Holmes and Connelly attempted that but it looks like one player is bigger than the team.

GAA Discussion / Re: Doire v Tir Eoghain, Sun 28th May @2pm
« on: May 23, 2017, 08:18:34 PM »
The team last year was -

M O’Neill, A McCrory, R McNamee, C McCarron, T McCann, N Sludden, P Harte (1-00), C Cavanagh, M Donnelly (0-01), C McShane (0-01), M Bradley, R Donnelly (0-01), C McAliskey (0-02, 1f), S Cavanagh (0-01), R O’Neill (2-02, 0-1f).

Subs: D McCurry (0-04, 1f) for Bradley, P McNulty (0-01) for R Donnelly, J Munroe (0-01) for McShane, P Hampsey for McCarron, K McGeary for Sludden, B Tierney for S Cavanagh.

So most of us are expecting quite a lot of changes from that team

Morgan and McNabb missed that game last year with injury while McCarron, McAliskey and R Donnelly will miss out through injury this time around. So relatively speaking and bar a few positional changes it would only see McShane and O'Neill not starting due to form.

GAA Discussion / Re: Doire v Tir Eoghain, Sun 28th May @2pm
« on: May 22, 2017, 06:47:45 PM »
Hoping for a good performance next week to get things going. Anyone want to predict the team? Given mccarron out I'd go with something like this:

C cavanagh
Mc curry

I'd be very surprised if mcrory doesn't start in full back line though. Also I couldn't decide on other corner forward. Would like Bradley drifting in and out leaving sean and a ball winner up there beside him. But we don't really have anyone. Could play McGeary or someone and push harte or Donnelly up but not sure they're beat options either.

Really want to see us pushing up on at least some kickouts. And if we so can't leave one free man and really have to battle for the breaks round the middle and go for it.

I think Harte will go with something like this:

1. Morgan
2. Hampsey
3. McNamee
4. McCrory
5. McNabb
6. Brennan
7. McCann
8. C Cavanagh
9. Donnelly
10. McGeary
11. Sludden
12. Harte
13. Bradley
14. S. Cavanagh
15. Mulgrew

It's hard to know really though, our poor end to the league and the subsequent gap without games means that whoever is going well in training will be in prime contention. McGeary seemed to nail a place down in the half forward line near the end of the league and Mulgrew looked to be playing well and getting some minutes after the u21 involvement finished so I'd have a suspicion those two will start. Half back line is basically McCann and two others - plenty of options there and perhaps Harry Loughran could be a suprise starter.

I'd stick with Mattie in midfield and see how he goes?

Am I also right in saying a black card would rule Sludden out of the next game as he's already picked two up during the league? I'm sure the one against Mayo has been appealed as it was a joke of a decision, the Kerry one was supposed to have been very soft as well.

I'd imagine the free taking situation will be Sean from the left, Petey from the right and Morgan from anything around the 45 or outside.

Should be some good options on the bench anyway with the likes of McCurry, Lee Brennan, McClure, Meyler and Burns among others.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:12:33 PM »
McCann's defending is suspect indeed but it's his ability to break the lines with his running that makes him a definite starter in the system Tyrone play. Superb athlete, average footballer. But that's the way Gaelic football has gone.

I don't think there are many teams in the country McCann wouldn't make. What he does, he does very well and I think his tackling and reading of the game has came on leaps and bounds in the past two years.

GAA Discussion / Re: Mayo v Sligo CSFC 21st May 2017
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:41:22 PM »
I always have to laugh at the Mayo supporters.

The amount of times Sligo would get a pretty obvious free and it would be followed by a massive chorus of boos at the decision.

You wouldn't mind but it was Sligo in the first round of the Connacht Championship, surely they shouldn't need the ref to be doing their bidding at this stage of the Championship. It's that kind of outlook which I think explains why they have came up that bit short over the years.

Wouldn't read too much into how abject Mayo were today as they'll be aiming for early August but the age profile of the squad must be a bit worrying. 6 of the team that started today are now in their 30s and are probably past their best, there's a lot of mileage there now and they really need some fresh blood to come in and start contributing in a big way.

GAA Discussion / Re: U17 Football Championship
« on: May 21, 2017, 10:29:06 PM »
De Paper boyoyy!!

Yes because "Ugly half-time tunnel scenes and a mass melee at the final whistle involving players and members of the backroom teams" gives a vivid picture of who the instigators were and whether it was pushing or punching. They couldn't be more vague if they called it a shemozzle.

Well you seem to have came to a conclusion without any knowledge on what actually took place.

GAA Discussion / Re: Media targetting of amateur players
« on: May 21, 2017, 08:25:20 PM »
Syferus. I know the deal, but I was talking perception and it is perceived that AOS is the main troublemaker and that gets enforced by the Indo craic.
As I pointed earlier all Twitter is full of jokes and this about his selfies which will in turn mean more articles and it not going away.

The former management team pretty much affirmed that O'Shea was the main trouble maker.

Tyrone / Re: Tyrone County Football and Hurling
« on: May 21, 2017, 06:09:55 PM »
Heard  today from an insider that Ronan McNabb is flying in training and not to be surprised if he's named to start. Cathal McCarron back running, likely to miss Derry game but should be good after that.

I think you could safely name 10 of the starting side if fully fit.

Morgan, McCarron, McNamee, McCann, Donnelly, Cavanaghs x2, Bradley, Harte and Sludden.

Probably about 11 or 12 lads fighting it out for the remaining 5 starting spots.

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