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Right Lads, I want ye all to learn these words off by heart for next Sunday... OK??

Has the Leinster Express lost its senses?

If Crowley can keep Kilkenny quiet, it will be a huge achievement. Good luck to him. However, there are so many more danger men on the Dublin team.

Laois / Re: Newspaper Items
« on: June 19, 2018, 08:13:09 PM »
e are lucky to have him.

Judging by his body language, Gavin will likely start cluxton. He also is pretty complementary of Laois here in interview below but everything he says is true enough. Would love the rub of the green, a woeful Dublin performance and our best performance in a decade and then it could be competitive. Up Laois.

Very naive. :-[

How did Gary Walsh go from being our top scorer to barely making it onto the field for five minutes these days. I know that infamous tweet didn't do him any favours but he's hardly still paying for it.
Anyone know if Cahalaine is still with the squad??

Does he work hard enough?

I doubt he will play Denis Booth. He is a dependable defender, but slow.

Laois / Re: Leinster U-20 Football 2018
« on: June 18, 2018, 10:21:46 AM »
Did Billy O'Loughlin have a full hand to play from or were there lads who did not commit? I wonder how many of the lads who did commit look like credible future senior prospects?

Is there any idea yet who Laois could possibly meet in the qualifiers?

Lads this is a great Dublin team we are on the first steps of a journey,  I think the Leinster Final will be a harsh lesson in the gap between Dublin & Laois.  Enjoy the occasion but hopefully Laois keep their eye on the ball winning the Super 8 Qualifier game would be an outrageous achievement.  Laois won’t be beating Dublin but hopefully we keep our eye on the real prize the Super 8’s which is highly achievable with a favorable draw.  Regardless it has been some year but this should not paper over the issues we have at juvenile level.  Where we simply are not producing enough to compete at the top table.

No one is under any illusions, this Dublin side is easily one of the best Football teams I have ever seen, but our lads are not going up there to give them a guard of honour. All sports are littered with David v Goliath triumphs, GAA is no different. It may be unlikely, granted, but if Laois play to their absolute maximum and get a bit of luck on the day their is still that chance, however slim, that they could pull of the counties greatest ever victory.

Again I know how talented the Dublin team are but picture this scenario for example. It has been mentioned here about Cluxton being out, so Laois target the keeper early on, they push up on his kickouts, he hits a few dodgy ones early and the pressure builds on a guy who has never tasted big match days. I know a poster said he did fine the last day, but that is coming on in a game that was basically over and his expectations for that day would have being to warm the bench for the full 70 mins. He will now have the full build up and parade the works. Next minute Donie Kingston is contesting a high ball with him.
Also in the Longford game Cooper should have got the line for a blatant punch, that will be in the refs mind hopefully, Laois are niggling at him early on, he might throw back the elbow as the guy cant help himself and get the line. Obviously Im not saying these things will happen but it shows Dublin getting under pressure would not be beyond the bounds of possibilities.

I also know the other side of the coin where the Dubs get a goal or 2 early and suddenly the game is about damage limitation after 20 minutes, but we live in hope.

Hopefully Dublin won't get those early goals as they did against Longford. It seems to be a strategy of theirs to put the opposition away as early as possible. For different reasons, just as a decent start was important against Carlow, its imperative against Dublin.

I love the attitude of our manager and what a great interview. You have to go in with this attitude or else there's no point showing up. Laois abu, some strong words from John Sugrue here

'We're not going to lie down'. Great Attitude.
Are you being sarcastic unison? Because he said a lot more than that.

Where is the sarcasm?

I love the attitude of our manager and what a great interview. You have to go in with this attitude or else there's no point showing up. Laois abu, some strong words from John Sugrue here

'We're not going to lie down'. Great Attitude.

I think they will be expecting a few garyowens, and will be well prepared for them.

Cluxton out is huge. He's one of their main players, his kickouts are excellent and he's been the best keeper in the country by a mile for years. Lob it in around Evan Comerford (their new keeper) and Donie and see what happens. Very basic tactics but my money is on Donie in that scenario.

But doesn't that go against the type of game that Laois have been paying where possession is paramount and speculative efforts are frowned on?

Laois / Re: Leinster U-20 Football 2018
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:58:52 PM »
Interesting change on the Laois U20 team to play Meath on Saturday. Jordan Fitzpatrick of Portarlington comes in at no. 11, while Peter Kealy moves to midfield. Fitzpatrick (though not 100% fit) looked good when he came on against Wicklow. I think this is a good move, though unlikely to be sufficient to beat Meath.

Would like to see Fitzpatrick and a few others (Kealy, Whelan, Bolger, Lowry, O'Flynn and Dunne) in the senior setup under John Sugrue next year (if not for the Super 8s this year!!!!).

Nice interview. Ross is a great ambassador for Laois.

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