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GAA Discussion / Offaly v. Antrim - Qualifier Round 1 - Sat 9 June
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:38:40 PM »
Antrim Team:

1.  Andrew Hasson (Rasharkin)

2.  Peter Healy (St Enda's)
3.  Patrick Gallagher (Glenavy)
4.  Niall Delargy (Portglenone)

5.  Kevin O'Boyle (Cargin)
6.  Mark Sweeney (St Jude's, Dublin)
7.  James Laverty (Cargin)

8.  Patrick McAleer (Ballymena)
9.  Niall McKeever (Portglenone)

10.  Patrick McBride (St John's)
11.  Conor Murray (Lamh Dhearg)
12.  Ruairi McCann (Creggan)

13.  Ryan Murray (Lamh Dhearg)
14.  Matthew Fitzpatrick (St John's)
15.  Colum Duffin (Moneyglass)


16.  Declan Lynch (Lamh Dhearg)
17.  Stephen Beatty (O'Donovan Rossa)
18.  Pat Branagan (Aghagallon)
19.  Odhran Eastwood (St Enda's)
20.  Patrick Finnegan (St Brigid's)
21.  Kristian Healy (St Enda's)
22.  Connell Lemon (Ballymena)
23.  Michael McCarry (Ballymena)
24.  Eoin Nagle (St Enda's)
25.  James Smith (St Brigid's)
26.  Eunan Walsh (Aghagallon)

Will be shown on the BBC iPlayer.

Antrim failed to get out of Div 4 this year.

Down by 6 or 7.

General discussion / West Tyrone By Election - Thurs 3rd May 2018
« on: April 27, 2018, 09:49:10 AM »
Hey, it's election time in the Wee Six again!!  Following the resignation of Barry "Bread on the Head" McElduff, next Thursday sees the election to find his replacement in the constituency of West Tyrone.  The candidates are:

Orfhlaith Begley (SF)
Thomas Buchanan (DUP)
Stephen Donnelly (All)
Daniel McCrossan (SDLP)
Chris Smyth (UUP)

Ladbrokes are offering these odds (to win the seat)

SF              1/100
DUP            16/1
Alliance       100/1
SDLP           50/1
UUP             50/1

Last year the figures were:

Barry McElduff (SF)           22,060   50.7%
Thomas Buchanan (DUP)   11,718   26.9%
Daniel McCrossan (SDLP)   5,635   13.0%
Alicia Clarke (UUP)            2,253   5.2%
Stephen Donnelly (All)       1,000   2.3%
Ciaran McClean (GP)            427   1.0%
Barry Brown (CISTA)            393   0.9%

Majority   10,342
Turnout   68.2%

Looks like a forgone conclusion for SF to hold the seat which may explain the low key campaign.  Remains to be seen if the McElduff episode has any effect on the SF vote.  At the last election he polled more than 50% of the votes cast.  Turnout will be key, will people bother to come out to vote, will SF get the vote out to back a virtual newcomer to the political scene, will people come out to endorse the SF strategy or will there be an anti-Arlene effect among nationalists.

The candidates had a "debate" on The View last night.  Best performer (IMHO) was Stephen Donnelly (All).  I know Orfhlaith Begley is a young, inexperienced candidate who appeared quite nervous but her performance was pretty poor.  McCrossan remains a divisive "Marmite" candidate in the area.

SF to hold with a much reduced majority with a low turnout.

GAA Discussion / 2018 NFL Division 4
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:46:20 PM »
Just for completeness' sake


Laois and Limerick favourites to go up, with maybe Antrim or Carlow sneaking in should one of those not make it??  Thoughts??

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