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General discussion / 2012 USPGA Championship
« on: August 07, 2012, 08:14:11 PM »
Any thoughts?

Course hasn't been played by most of the players which should make things interesting.  Supposed to get very windy and play like a links course.  Also supposed to favour the big hitters with wide


GAA Discussion / 2011 Ulster Championship
« on: March 14, 2011, 08:23:59 PM »
Given we are half way through the league campaign what are peoples thoughts on the ulster championship.  I think it could be the tightest and best one for a while.  This is the way I see the contenders from strongest to weakest

1) Tyrone - May not be the team that they once were but are still the team to beat and they have had the indian sign over Down for the majority of the last 15 years. They can be got at but still have some outstanding footballers and the best manager in the country.

2) Down - Arguably the favourites for the ulster championship given last years performance and there performance to date in the league.  Can still be a bit brittle but James has made them harder to beat and they have the forwards to put it up to anyone in the country.  The current squad have no silverware at senior level and will be targeting an ulster title.

3) Armagh - Depending on whether Ronan Clarke comes back and IF he comes back the same player which is a big IF then the orangemen will be very hard to beat.  Defensively strong, getting better at midfield, stevie mac still at his best and one of the best managers about ;)

4) Monaghan - Although they have brought in alot of younger players in the league who have impressed they may still be relying on the older heads come the championship.  Can they go to the well one more time.  It may be a year or 2 before they are back in the final

5) Derry - The perennial under achievers.  As talented as squad as there is about and Brennan seems to have them fired up but can they step it up at championship tiime or will they choke again.  Paddy Bradley can beat teams on his own but they have alot to prove after years of failure.

6) Donegal - Complete rebuilding job required here but they have a young, energetic and modern thinking manager who should be given time to get things right.  On the easier side of the draw so could earn an ulster final place with a bit of luck.

7) Antrim - Decent first 15 and manager seems to be a good motivator but far too reliant on Paddy Cummingham who struggles from play against the top top defenders.  Mick McCann and Mick Magill are big misses and u wouldnt no which of the mcgourtys turn it is to walk out.

8) Cavan - Not the team they were a few years ago and looking from the outside it was a strange decision to appoint a former manager again who wasnt that successful the first time around.  Too over reliant on Seanie Jonston too.  Difficult times ahead

9) Fermanagh - Punched above their weight  for a while but given their limited pick they are always gonna struggle to compete with the top teams.  Seem to lack the spark and fire that they had under Mulgrew. Even more difficult times ahead.

Any one of the first 6 teams could claim to be in with a chance and there isnt much between the first 4 but if Down can get out of the Athletic grounds with a win, i fancy them to go all the way.

The current odds would also be interesting to know.

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