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GAA Discussion / Geezers Hair Cut for the Hospice
« on: May 30, 2020, 11:31:54 PM »
Hi All - Tomorrow Keiran McGeeney Geezer, is getting his head shaved for the Southern Area Hospice in Newry.  He has set a Target of 20,000 which is currently sitting at just over 19,000.  It would be great if he could reach this exceptional target for an absolutely, fantastic cause.  If anyone is able to /or wants to donate please,  go to Southern Area Hospice Website or Armagh Gaa Twitter where you can access the Just Giving Link.  Thanks Everyone and Good Luck Geezer - Armagh Abu!

General discussion / Gift Cards
« on: April 29, 2019, 04:26:34 PM »
To Any of you out there who are thinking of buying Gift Cards for any of your friends/family BEWARE!.    I had a horrendous experience in Belfast this morning when I went to purchase clothes in Fat Face using a Gift Card that my sister had given me for my Birthday a few weeks ago.  When i produced the card i was told by the Shop Assistant that there was no money on the card, I looked at it and pointed out the receipt that my sister had left in it.  She then stated that is had been used, and there was definitely no money on the card.  I stated that there had to be and that i was not leaving until i got the value of what was on the card.  I told her it wasn't  used as i live almost 40 mile from Belfast and have not been up there since getting it.  She then took my card and receipt and went off to an area that i could neither see nor hear her to call their Customer Services.....I don't know why the call could not be made in front of me!! Eventually she returned more than 10 mins later and just merely stated "Technical Fault".  I produced 2 which i needed to add to card and said  i would not be shopping there again as i had been treated like a THIEF,  her colleague who was dealing with the only other customer in the shop started to shout at me.  I needless to say took my stuff and left, my sister then went into the shop to hear me being lambasted by the Staff to the only other customer there!   On arriving home i contacted their Customer Service to ask what the issue was only to be informed that there had been NO Technical problems with Gift Cards today and that they had not received a call from the Belfast Office.  I think they thought i was stupid enough to believe the card had no money.  BEWARE of this store.  If this is the manner in which these "shop assistants" treat their Belfast Clientele they can keep it for them, I will not be going 40 miles to be treated like a common thief,  and people wonder why the High Street Shops are dying!!!!    ???

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