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General discussion / Ricky Hatton - Drug Scandal
« on: September 11, 2010, 11:13:03 PM »
Didn't want this buried in the boxing thread.

BOXING hero Ricky Hatton has sensationally been caught on film snorting the illegal drug cocaine. In images that will rock the boxing world, the 31-year-old sporting legend is seen chopping out lines of white powder before hoovering them up his nose through a rolled-up £20 note.

That's him completely finished now and it won't help his potential career as a promoter.


The GAA is to receive the lion's share of money earmarked for the building of a sports stadium on the site of the former Maze prison the BBC understands.

The GAA is thought to be in line for £50m, football £30m and rugby is to receive about £20m.

The Executive has still to sign off on the plans. Further developments are thought to be likely in the next two to three weeks.

This is a serious amount of cash. Wonder where it will be spent? If indeed the GAA receive this cash

General discussion / Gilmore for Taoiseach?
« on: June 10, 2010, 09:13:59 PM »
Poll in tomorrow's Irish Times suggest Labour are now the leading party in the south.

Labour 32 +8
Fine Gael 28 -4
Fianna Fáil 17 -5
Sinn Féin 9 +1
Greens 3 n/c

This is an extraordinary poll by any estimations. Both Cowen and Kenny will be under serious pressure from within their own parties.
I wouldn't be convinced this poll isn't rogue. But if it holds up the Irish political system could be turned on its head.

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