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GAA Discussion / AISF Maigh Eo v Tiobraid Arann, 1530 06ú Nollaig 2020
« on: November 23, 2020, 04:38:56 PM »
Might as well get this thread started. Current odds:

Mayo 1/4
Tipp 7/2
Draw 10/1


GAA Discussion / Should the 2020 championship be cancelled?
« on: October 19, 2020, 10:33:18 PM »
Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this, should we plough on or cancel?

While it was great having county football back last weekend, I'd probably lean towards cancelling partly because of the risk of spreading the virus and partly because we could end up with a devalued championship if teams lose a rake of players just before a big game

General discussion / Gaaboard 26 County 2020 General Election poll
« on: January 24, 2020, 11:42:15 AM »
Who will you be giving your number 1 to?

For reference, the European election poll was as follows:

Aontas 0 (0%) <1% (others)
FF 3 (5.5%) 16.5%
FG 3 (5.5%) 29.6%
Greens 11 (20%) 11.4%
Labour 1 (1.8%) 3.1%
PBP 0 (0%) 2.3%
Renua 2 (3.6%) <1% (others)
SD 3 (5.5%) 1.2%
SF 29 (52.7%) 11.7%
Ind 3 (5.5%) 15.7%
I4C (not listed) 7.4%

Not surprisingly, there are a disproportionate number of SF voters on here but also a lot of Green voters and a less than expected number of FF/FG voters

General discussion / Gaaboard European election exit poll
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:31:49 PM »
Meant to start this earlier, who did you give your number 1 to? ROI only as I doubt we have a representative sample for NI

General discussion / Omagh area recommendations
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:22:39 PM »
My parents are going to a wedding up around Omagh in a couple of weeks. They're heading from Mayo on the day (Thurs) before the wedding, staying in Carrickmore - anywhere around that general area that people would recommend for food?

Also, if they were to go up early in the day, is there anything in particular worth seeing?


General discussion / Blasphemy referendum
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:30:17 PM »
Got the literature from the Referendum commission today in the post - it's literally about removing one word from the constitution.

Is this not a huge waste of money?? I agree that it should be removed but ffs, does it need a standalone vote? I'm not sure how much it's costing but I've heard radio ads about it so presumably between that and letters to every house, it's a decent amount. If we're really that desperate to remove it, surely there are 3/4 other minor changes that could be lumped in with it. Otherwise, leave it off until the next referendum

General discussion / Ulster Rugby Trial - Poll
« on: March 22, 2018, 09:46:53 PM »
New thread to see what people think believe happened on the night and what will happen with the verdict. Keep discussion to the main thread

GAA Discussion / Maigh Eo v Dubh Linn, 24-Fea-2018, Páirc Mhic Éil
« on: February 20, 2018, 11:59:17 PM »
I was very down hearted leaving Salthill a week and a half ago, facing Dublin in "fortress" McHale is not the ideal recovery. Bookies have us as 5/2 outsiders. Lose this and we're well and truly in the relegation battle

The spoon burners Dubs by 5+

Galway almost safe after 2 wins from 2 so far, another win here would practically guarantee D1 football next year.

After a somewhat fortuitous win against Monaghan, we came badly unstuck against Kerry.

Bookies have us as marginal favourites to end our losing streak to the neighbours

Starting a standalone thread for this game, too much chat from the riff raff in the main D1 thread  ;)

I believe the weather has continued to be poor down at home so I'd say the pitch won't be in great shape for this (from looking at youtube videos, it was in muck for the FBD games - two in three days).

Some of the younger Kerry players (Sean O'Se & Clifford at any rate) played Sigerson during the week and are due to play again next week so it'll be interesting to see if they play the full game. Same with some of our lads - DOC and Loftus played midweek anyway, not sure who else. Would lilke to get gametime for Loftus but no point in flogging him either, better to wait until later in the league. DOC doesn't need to play imo.

Mayo will likely play a similar team to last week, Boyler is injured so will probably drop out but Parsons may be back (based on info from WJs blog).

Bookies have Mayo as ~1 point favourites @ 4/6

GAA Discussion / Connacht senior football championship 2017
« on: April 06, 2017, 03:06:07 PM »
After a good league for Galway, mixed enough for Mayo & Sligo and fairly disappointing for Roscommon & Leitrim, the current odds are:

Mayo 4/5
Galway 11/4
Roscommon 11/4
Sligo 50/1
Leitrim 80/1
London 200/1
New York 200/1

Connacht GAA Football Senior Championship
Sunday, May 07, 2017 Preliminary Round  -  Gaelic Park, New York
New York  v  Sligo

Sunday, May 21, 2017 Quarter-Final  -  Elverys MacHale Park, Castlebar
Mayo  v New York / Sligo

Sunday, May 28, 2017 Quarter-Final  -  Irish TV Grounds, Ruislip
London  v Leitrim

Sunday, June 11, 2017 Semi-Final  -  Pearse Stadium
Galway  v Mayo / Sligo / New York

Sunday, June 18, 2017 Semi-Final  -  Dr Hyde Park
Roscommon  v London / Leitrim

Sunday, July 09, 2017 Final

It looks like a decent draw for Roscommon but unless they learn to defend, chances are they'll lose the Connacht final or even the semi final if Leitrim can get things together.

Sligo were up and down in the league and would need to beat Mayo & Galway away to make the final, hard to see that happening.

Galway are on the up and if they can bring in a couple of their U21s, they'll be hard beat although they're still weak enough at the back so unless they develop a defensive system, they'll struggle to get past a QF.

Mayo will need to improve their forward play between now and hitting Croke Park but even with that, none of the others in Connacht play a very defensive game so it shouldn't hamper us too much here - it might serve us all better if this wasn't the case.

For the match against Sligo, I'd probably go with something like this to try and give us more options in the forwards:

Harrison Caff/Newcombe Barrett
Durcan Coen Keegan
AOS Parsons
Higgins Kirby McLoughlin
COC Loftus Reape

Subs: Andy, Boyle, SOS, DOC, Doc, Boland, Nally, Gibbons, Drake

In reality, it'll probably be Andy, Boyle, SOS & DOC in for Loftus, Coen, Kirby & Reape.

General discussion / The Health System
« on: February 07, 2017, 10:46:53 PM »
Anyone watch the documentary about waiting lists in the health system? Very sad to hear some of the stories behind the numbers. It seems like we've been listening to essentially the same story to some degree or another for the past 20 years regardless of who has been in government. By far and away the biggest scandal in the country over that period but not a single large scale protest about it.

Having been in the health system with my daughter recently (and while the care she received was very good), one thing that struck me was the amount of times we had the exact same conversation with different nurses / doctors in a ~12 hour period was amazing - what was wrong, symptoms, etc. etc. It seems to be run in a completely haphazard manner, everyone busy but not enough actual work getting done.

I'd like to see three things being done to help resolve the problem 1) invest in technology (apparently in Macedonia, GPs have access to an online hospital booking system, we're still f*cking about with paper files; the Revenue seem to be very adept at using technology so why not the HSE?) 2) simplify the way things get done so that patients are "processed" through the system with minimal duplication & wasted effort and 3) develop a 10-20 year cross-party plan so that the overall aim doesn't change every time a new minister comes into office.

Unfortunately, I doubt any of the three will come to pass

GAA Discussion / New household name for 2016
« on: May 21, 2016, 11:10:35 AM »
Who do you think will be the big "new" household names will be for this year? For example, the likes of Fenton and D O'connor last year would have been relatively unknown outside their own counties before the championship began

General discussion / Final election poll
« on: February 25, 2016, 10:59:46 AM »
So all the spin has been spun and all the promises made, who will you be voting for?

Despite their candidate being so-so at best, I'll be voting Green party. Yes, they were useless in govt but I think climate change is going to be a huge problem in the coming decades and I'd like to have a Green voice in govt.

GAA Discussion / NFL Division 1
« on: January 26, 2016, 10:48:11 PM »
Don't think there's a thread for this yet. Most teams will be happy enough to stay up and discover a couple of players, you could see from the league semis last year that there wasn't much interest in winning it. How many teams with new mangers, four? - Mayo, Cork, Roscommon & Down.

Odds for winning it outright:
Dublin - evens
Mayo - 9/2
Cork - 5/1
Kerry - 15/2
Donegal - 9/1
Monaghan - 11/1
Roscommon - 20/1
Down - 33/1

For relegation:
Down - 1/3
Roscommon - 11/8
Monaghan - 7/4
Donegal - 11/4
Kerry - 3/1
Cork - 7/2
Mayo - 11/2
Dublin - 28/1

It'll be a big step up for the two newcomers as reflected by the odds.

Monaghan to win it @ 11s seems like best value as does Mayo @ 11/2 for relegation considering our injury list although I'd hope we'll have enough to stay up.

I'll go with down and cork to be relegated and Dublin to beat monaghan in the final

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