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General discussion / Fionn's bringing captionCompetitionBack
« on: May 10, 2018, 06:38:05 PM »



It's just over a decade when this question was last asked here and back then the general consensus was Larne, Bundoran, Granard (in fact near enough the whole of counties Longford & Cavan), Castlebar (thanks to a very sensitive contributor) and Craigavon, in particular Beirut the Legahory estate. With honourable mentions to Athy, Dundalk, Strabane, Lurgan, Clonmel and few others I can't be arsed typing out.

Since then the property bubble has burst, the Celtic Tiger has been shot and stuffed, the Republic of Ireland has gone through a turbulent economic period and so on. So it's worth asking has much changed in this regard - have certain places become even worse sh*tholes? Is there some place that ten years ago was a nice spot that has now got so bad that they could twin with Compton, Damascus or Mogadishu? What places have just got no hope whatsoever that if a meteorite hit it, it would cause hundreds of thousands of Euros in improvements? I think at this time it's worth revisiting.

Simple rules - generally looking for villages, towns or parts of major cities across all 32 counties, please give reasons as that makes the thread more entertaining, remember that pretty much every built-up settlement of at least a few thousand people will have at least one "bad" spot, and don't take this thread or nominations toooooo seriously!  8)

To throw my thoughts in...

Castlederg - Strabane, along with Lurgan, has for quite some time been a big punching bag whenever anyone brings up the issue of sh*tholes. Now I can't speak too much about Lurgan but over the last decade IMO Strabane has come on quite well for itself. It still has issues regarding deprevation but the reputation of the town has definitely improved. On the other hand it's little brother a few miles down the road has been going the opposite direction especially in terms of sectarian tensions but also any time I'm going through there the whole town looks just looks dirty beyond its town centre "diamond". To explain it a bit better, I've a relative who's a PSNI officer based in Derry. He has told me that he enjoys going on patrols in the city, has no real hassle going about Strabane but dreads being sent to Castlederg.

Elphin - now it's been a good few years since I was there to attend a football game and it might have improved a bit since then, but this place stands out to me as the most miserable, depressing spot I've ever been to anywhere in Ireland. Maybe the weather that day didn't help, maybe most of the buildings I seen were just empty shells or needed a good painting, maybe it was bumping into certain locals whom were a cross of the main characters of The League Of Gentlemen and Father Stone from Father Ted. Whatever it was it's left a lasting mark on me. To Hell or to Elphin.

Moygashel - some posters here would simply list this place because of its demographics. I list it here simply because any village which has on it's main street for years a banner commerating the death of a UVF member who blew himself to pieces planting the prematurely exploding bomb in the Miami Showband massacre quite frankly deserves to be labelled a sh*thole regardless of anything else.

Clones - let's be honest, if it wasn't for St. Tiernach's Park this town would be barely acknowleged for its existence outside of west Monaghan and South Fermanagh. The town literally lives for the Ulster Football Championship. Take that away and you've got a small town that has been struggling for decades as many border areas have been with nothing of it of note other than Barry McGuigan coming from there. It's like an extreme example of certain shops, pubs, restaurants etc. pinning their hopes for a big December customer taking to make up for the other 11 months of the year barely holding things together.

Bundoran - Recent visits to the place some call Fundoran (?) hasn't changed my mind much about it. The beach is uninspiring unless you're into surfing, the town is tacky & expensive, in a few of the pubs you'd be fortunate to come out of them without being struck by a barstool, and once the 1st September hits there is utterly no soul to the place until the May/June bank holidays arrive at the very earliest. I can see some attraction if you're a parent with young children, but not really much else. It's Nordie equivalent, Portrush, would also make this list if it wasn't for it lying just a couple of miles from Portstewart which is a clear-as-day much better place that you can quickly sprint over to. Unfortunately, Bundoran has no such close neighbour which can help redeem it.

GAA Discussion / Ulster Schools GAA 2016/17
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:40:15 AM »
Usually there's such a topic thrown up every September over the last few years, but I haven't seen one yet so I may as well create one.

I can't recall how the Rannafast went in 2014/15 to give a rough guide to the MacRory Cup so maybe someone else can fill that in. Off the field, the big shakeup is now that there is one single schools GAA body in Ulster with the merger of the Colleges and Vocational Schools boards. Unfortunately so far there seems to be little practical information on what grade of competition each school is competing in at each age level outside of the schools themselves. I know there is at least five grades for football (the old colleges structure had three) and either three or four for hurling. While there's likely to be little notable difference in "A" grade competitions at least in the short term, it's going to take at least a couple of years for lower grades to effectively sort themselves out so that some schools that might be in D or E grades aren't so overwhelmingly strong that they should ideally be competing at C or even B grade instead.

GAA Discussion / Hoodoos and Jinxes, Graveyards and Fortress'
« on: October 03, 2013, 11:49:50 AM »
As an offshoot from a post in the "10 Years Today" thread, nearly every team tends to have something in them that often allows them to have a sign over a team over a consistent period and vice versa. Also some counties tend to have some very poor records at some grounds, but have otherwise excellent records at another in the sense of being a fortress for them even if its not their home pitch.

It doesn't have to mean that a team always wins, loses against another, or always wins or loses at certain grounds, but over the years I've noticed a certain pattern with Tyrone county representative teams...

Voodoo sign over: Fermanagh & Kerry were two mentioned in the same thread. Concerning the latter while the records in recent years are fairly balanced, the emphasis is often leant that Tyrone has had the upper edge when it has mattered the most at least at senior level, 1986 obviously excluded. The former, at least 9 times out of 10 Tyrone will win the battle. Others that spring to mind are Monaghan (minors this year an obvious exception) and there's also a tidy record over the years against Galway.

Jinxed by: The immediate one that springs to mind is Mayo. They have a decent record against Tyrone and even when Tyrone do win, it's rarely by a big margin. Meath perhaps also falls into that category.

Graveyards: The first one that immediately springs to mind is Páirc Tailteann in Navan, I'm struggling to think of a Tyrone side at any level which has won a knockout game there.

Fortress': At home Tyrone teams have a good record in Dungannon compared to Healy Park in Omagh. Away from home, Tyrone sides have a decent record in Casement Park and Newbridge. Nothing elsewhere that anywhere close to being a fortress on travels that I can think of.

There's always at least one story floating about each December, and to kick it off this year...

Last week, a kindergarten teacher at Austin's Pease Elementary School ("the oldest continuously operating school in the state of Texas,") ruined Christmas for her five-year-old students in a particularly dick-ish manner."None of you believe in Santa, do you?" the Grinch-like teacher, identified only as "Mrs. Fueller," reportedly asked her class before telling them Santa was a lie and their parents were responsible for all the presents under their tree.

Just a reminder that those watching terrestrial TV in or from the north that BBC2 analogue shuts down permanently next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (looking at the schedules it'll either be 11.50pm or 12.20am) and will be replaced by a new digital multiplex which will carry all BBC channels in standard definition at high power. Relays will also broadcast digital for the first time so if you haven't received Freeview up until then and still rely on analogue you'll be able to now have at least part of the service. Majority of viewers should be able to view this new multiplex from 6am but those at some relays might have to wait until mid-afternoon before they become available. If you currently have Freeview reception you will have to retune on the Wednesday or you'll lose some BBC Channels (BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, CbbC and BBC News at least).

Two weeks later is the big analogue switch off across all of Ireland - in the north all remaining analogue TV is shut down, and new full-power multiplexes will take their place, including one multiplex that will carry HD services (BBC1, BBC HD, UTV HD, 4HD and another future service) which will be available at all transmitters and relays. The commercial multiplexes will remain only being broadcast at the main transmitters (no relays) and anyone who currently receives them should still get them though there might be a few problems in parts of Tyrone & Fermanagh. The RTÉ mini multiplex will also fire up on this date which should be available to many across the north (the north coast being a general exception) especially if they can't get Saorview though it will only carry RTÉ1, RTÉ2 and TG4 in SD. The RTÉ mini multiplex and HD multiplex require a Freeview HD receiver to watch - Freeview (non-HD) and Saorview receivers won't receive them. The switch-off and conversion to full digital service will follow a similar pattern to the first stage two weeks before - analogue channels shut around midnight, majority of viewers should be able to tune in by morning time but a few will have to wait until mid-afternoon. Again a retune of Freeview receivers are required.

In the south on the same day the analogue TV broadcasts of RTÉ1, RTÉ2, TV3 and TG4 will shut down at approx. 10.00am. The Saorview transmission network is almost complete and most viewers won't have to perform retunes with a few exceptions - in the south-east, viewers receiving from the Mount Leinster transmitter will see their current frequency for Saorview broadcasts move from channel 45 to channel 23 - they'll be a brief simulcast period before the transmission on channel 45 is switched off. That should improve coverage and reception particularly along the coastline where Welsh signals interfere on the same channel. Secondly the Clermont Carn transmitter in Louth will also change frequency from channel 53 to 52 (with a short simulcast period) and the new Saorview broadcasts on channel 52 will come from the current analogue TV aerial meaning that Saorview coverage in the north will significantly increase, but parts of the south especially around north County Dublin should also have an improved service. Both these new frequencies should be transmitting on the 24th from around lunchtime or mid-afternoon.

Useful resources...

In the north if you, a relation or a friend is 75 or over, or is eligible for certain disability benefits they can avail of the Switchover Help Scheme. If you are eligible you should have already received a letter from them, more info is available from

GAA Discussion / GAA Fixtures & Results service
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:40:11 PM »
I'm going out on a limb here because I'm in a bit of limbo, but does anyone here know about integrating the GAA club Fixtures & Results into a website? I think it's done through but I'm not 100% certain.

If anyone can help me, could you please send me a PM?
Thanks in advance.

Twetted by @TyroneGAALive
In the event of Donegal vs Tyrone semi final will be held in Clones, if Derry vs Tyrone the venue will be Casement.

GAA Discussion / Rarities
« on: May 14, 2012, 04:54:59 PM »
 Couple of thoughts just came into my head that I don't know can be answered or not...

(1) Anyone know (both football and hurling) what the longest distance from the goal line that a point or goal has been scored? I've heard a story once at a Dublin hurling club game of a goalkeeper scoring two points from puck outs in his own square aided by a stiff breeze behind him while in football similar conditions can occasionally allow points to be scored from about 65-70 metres out.

(2) Has there been any recorded cases, again in either football or hurling, where a goalkeeper has scored a goal where the ball was live i.e. not from a penalty, free, sideline, kick out/puck out or 45/65? Davy Fitzgerald hit a few goals in his time for Clare but they were from dead balls. On a more localised level, I remember a few years ago in a reserve game against Glenelly our starting goalkeeper played in goals in the first half, was taken off at half time, came back on in the second half as an outfield player and scored a goal a few minutes later, but that doesn't really count.     

General discussion / Fionntamhnach's "Huh?" Caption Competition
« on: April 28, 2012, 10:29:15 PM »

...with (a) going back to an event or a place that you now wish you had been at and you weren't at the time, and (b) something in you life that now looking back you would have now done differently, what would they be?

For myself, (a) would be to be at Croke Park for the 1986 All-Ireland football final and (b) to have looked for a modern apprenticeship rather than go to university - though I have a few others that are a bit more minor.

I've been wanting to know for years here how you can ignore certain posters that are either irritating fuckwits, trolls, spammers, arseholes etc. and it seems that with the upgrade of the forum software this can finally be done. It's not a 1-click operation though. The following assumes you're using the default board template (the one with the blue-fade-to-white background).

* On "Profile", click "Account Settings"
* On the side menu under Modify Profile, click "Look and Layout"
* Tick the box beside "Hide messages posted by members on my ignore list" and then press the "Change profile" button.
* On the side menu click on "Buddies/Ignore List"
* Click on "Edit Ignore List"
* Fill in the username of the poster you wish to ignore their posts from, make sure you spell it right.  Then click on the "Add" button.

Once you've done this the first time you just have to go to "Buddies/Ignore List" in future to add any more on to your ignore list.

Now when a user on your ignore list starts polluting a thread, instead of what they've posted you will see a bit of text saying "You are ignoring this user" with a link beside it if you want to view that single post. It won't stop their text necessarily being quoted by other posters who are not on your ignore list, but at least you get the satisfaction of your page being less cluttered and your bandwidth not being wasted.

Some posters have said that this has been available before, but I've never been able to activate it until now myself.

General discussion / Worst pop song of all time
« on: March 01, 2012, 01:25:40 AM »
It's the early hours of the morning and I want to get something off my chest again...

* Axel F - Crazy Frog
The bane of the mid 2000's. Novelty at first in 2004, irritating as **** around spring/summer 2005, now dead in the water. Thankfully. Unfortunately, Jamster's owners weren't strung up over it.

* Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
Useful slogan to fire right back at stuck-up b*tches, has no redeeming qualities otherwise. About as painful as a wasp sting on your anus.

* Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid II
In hindsight at least, this version of the song ranges from a bad parody to obscene showing the worst of SAW's output, especially with wide sh*t eating grins whilst going on about the devastation of famine.

But for me, the worst of them all is
* No Way No Way - Vanilla
Supposedly this came about as a bet between two record producers to show that you could throw any crap at the public and with enough promotion it would still sell, and this was achieved roughly a couple of months after Rebecca Black was born. Coincidence? If the Spice Girls were "Girl Power", these four were "Whore Power". This is probably the worst noise I've ever heard, and I've had the misfortune to have overheard two deaf people having sex.  :-X

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