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Sorry for being a dick and may be this has happened before and has just fell off the the page but im part of several forums and they are very topic pacific, but what they also have is a General Thread. ie 1 thread that anything can be mentioned on. i think we have enough turnover that it can be kept relevant. it's usually everyday topical event and mostly TV events that is mentioned on this thread. it gives anyone a platform for a one off comment or a point of view that doesnt need a new thread everytime. If this is something that can survive then i will change the heading to something more.... i dont know suggestions welcome. it gives the night shifters something to go too as well.

Ps it avoids Tony creating new threads about day and night revolving.

eg. if someone score a sensational goal in the premiership we can talk about it and simultaneously talk about strictly or bake off or the latest film, touchdown, goal political move and so on.

General discussion / 2023 World Cup
« on: December 04, 2014, 04:59:39 PM »
Do we really have any chance of landing this? As a country we dont have a good record of nailing any of these applications. How many GAA grounds will be in the plans?

General discussion / Stand Up 2 Cancer
« on: October 17, 2014, 09:31:12 PM »
Just got ate by herself for saying this gig is a load of corporate/commercial nonsense. I read an article about Cancer research a few years ago and really blew my mind, cant quite put my finger on it atm but ill try and get it up but from it i've refused to donate to to Cancer Research from it. I donate to the people the care for patients. ''Donate to the carers not careers'' is the essence of my point. I will gladly be corrected and admittedly im not and expert on the issue. Anyone watching this tonight, lots of quality entertainment.

General discussion / Hello there - who wants a chat
« on: September 28, 2014, 02:08:57 AM »
hello there - ive 1 hour to stay awake for the McGregor fight and the drink has just ran dry so who wants to Chat or vent on this thread to keep me awake. a selfish thread i know but who cares: a few topis to keep any of the night owls or foreign gaels interested.

1. will Man Ud ever get back?
2. Who fancies the shit out of the disney heros your kids love right now? Who and Why? (i might be a perv!)
3. UFC is gonna take over from boxing or it already has or it will be end up the same ie corrupt/money driven
4 Will i make my 5 stone target by Xmas? started 13 Aug and down 2 stone but took my 1st drink tonight!!! discuss?

5. talk any shit u want to keep me awake as the wife has hit the sack and i've no chance
6. An Other

General discussion / One Direction tickets - help
« on: May 19, 2014, 05:05:26 PM »
I got the young girl One Direction tickets for this sunday off a girl I work with. Unfortunately I have now lost these blooming tickets, I have taken the house apart for two days but they are most likely landfill at this point.

Although I tried to hide the fact that the tickets were lost from my daughter she has now caught on and is devastated.

Someone in work has told me that because they are standing section I have no options and they are gone for good.

The good thing I have going for me is I did take a picture of the tickets, can I contact croke park and advise them of this situation. My daughter is not sick but she does suffer from Alopecia and doesnt have a hair on her body so this is vital I get this sorted

Anyone got any advice on my next move?


Q Your family suffered more than most during the Troubles – tell me about your experiences growing up in south Armagh?

A I had five members of my family murdered – my father, two uncles and two cousins. I've also had six of my friends killed. I actually count it as seven because another who was shot ended up killing himself a couple of years ago. I've had my home destroyed five times with no-warning bombs. I was injured twice with two other bombs, although they weren't serious injuries – cuts, lumps of timber stuck in you and so on. I was there the day two men I knew well – Ronnie Irwin and Snowden Corkey – were shot. I was standing beside another policeman in Newtownhamilton who was shot dead. I was there the day a soldier was killed. And it's not like the films. They don't fall back and say these romantic words. That's not how it happens. It is something you do not want to see. You never forget it.

Q But it wasn't always like that?

A I went to a Catholic school. I played Gaelic football. When my father was murdered my mother received over 1,000 Mass cards. That is some amount of Mass cards for any family, never mind a Protestant one. My father was respected within the Catholic community. There was hardly a house in south Armagh he couldn't go into.

Q So in your opinion what changed?

A It changed about 1972 and it really changed whenever we refused to go on the rent and rate strike. You had to put a poster up in your window to say you wouldn't be paying your rent and rates to the British government. The village we lived in, there was only us and another Protestant family. We didn't put up a poster. I was maybe 11 when men came and told my mother if she didn't put one up we would be burnt out. My mother was determined to pay her bills no matter who came to our house. That was the start of it.

Q Tell me about the day your father was murdered.

A I remember it like yesterday. I can remember them all. A couple of weeks earlier our next-door neighbour William Meaklin had been kidnapped and I remember coming home from his funeral. My father said to me: "Willie, son, you're going to have to harden up because you'll have a lot more funerals to go to." Little did I know that his would be the next one. I know who killed my father. Two boys who used to run about with my older brother. People were disgusted. There was a republican who carried by father's coffin. He said their fight was with the Army, they didn't believe in killing local men. My father's workmates were Roman Catholics. They stood and cried at the door. A few years ago a republican who had been in the IRA was talking to me and he told me they should never have shot my father. I knew he was genuine.

Q How do you feel that no-one has ever been held responsible?

A If I had known the justice system wouldn't be upheld, I would have taken justice into my own hands. I'd have taken them out. I've no hesitation in saying that.

Q Do you accept you'll never get justice?

A No, I don't. I can't accept that. I can't allow it. If we do that we have failed our loved ones. We will have basically legitimised the murder of our people.

Q Do you think it's a realistic prospect?

A Probably not, but if we give that away we're sending a message to the next generation that the only thing that works is violence.

Q The people who have killed your family – do you hate them?

A I wouldn't say I hate them. I wouldn't be stopping to give them a lift, and if I did I certainly wouldn't be taking them where they want to go. I actually don't have a hate for them. I have a desire for them to be held accountable.

Q How did you get on with Catholics during the Troubles?

A I played on a soccer team, half of them were Roman Catholic, and I know three of them were IRA men. We went to play a match in a real bad area. Our republican team-mates would give us a hard time, acting up to other the republicans. The following week we were playing football in Derrybeg. In those days you changed in the car. The same thing happened. So I brought a loyalist tape with me and whenever everyone went on the pitch I put one of their windows down and put on the loyalist tape. We were on the pitch playing soccer and the next thing one of these republicans looked over and his car was getting wrecked. That was our way of dealing with things.

Q Do you still get threats today?

A Every day. In a week I would get an average of 20 death threats. Out of that maybe one or two would be serious. A few years ago I was out with a photographer and our car got rammed. They had the van reversed up. They were going to kidnap me. It was only by the grace of God they didn't get me. The police are giving my house a lot of attention because of a number of serious death threats. They were at my house four weeks ago saying they had information I would be attacked.

Q But you won't be intimidated?

A No. Absolutely not. It makes me more determined to carry on with my life.

Q You've been involved in the Kingsmills campaign?

A Kingsmills was one of the worst atrocities. They took the men out, lined them up and executed them. Can you imagine how the community felt? If you ever wanted a justification for carrying out an act of revenge, then you got it that night. When they did Kingsmills, that was the closest we ever came to civil war in this country. The loyalist paramilitaries were going to retaliate – 10 times over, over one hundred victims. I know for a fact, they were more than prepared to do it. The only thing that stopped them was the families and the community pleading with them not to.

Q What about the on-the-run controversy?

A Sure we knew all about that, and so did our politicians.

Q Peter Robinson didn't know about it?

A He did know about it. I had the conversation with senior members of the DUP about OTRs as far back as 2004 – conversations Peter Robinson would have been privy to. If people don't believe me, I'll take a lie detector test.

Q Peter Robinson said he only found out last week.

A Okay, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. But if he didn't know, then he must be one of the most incompetent politicians in the history of this country.

Q You clearly knew what was going on?

A Of course I did. Let me tell you about an incident with Dessie O'Hare. He admitted he killed 27 people. We believe it's more, that it's 35, but 27 isn't a bad number. Dessie O'Hare had been on the run for 30-odd years. In 2006 I heard he was back across the border, and I went to his home. I asked the police to arrest him. They came out and contacted their powers-to-be. After two hours an inspector came and said: "Sorry Willie, but if you don't leave we're going to arrest you." He had been given a pardon. We reported that whole thing to the DUP – does anyone seriously think I didn't? The DUP told me they'd do this and do that. They did nothing. The DUP are playing with words. I can't confirm they knew about letters, but they knew the policy existed.

Q You've been looking into smuggling recently – why?

A It pays for terrorism. We have saved the taxpayer millions upon millions of pounds. We've had the Provos caught smuggling fuel and cigarettes. We even broke into a place where they were storing them, put a Union flag on one of the pallets, and took a photograph which we sent to the IMC.

Q What are your plans for the Protestant Coalition?

A We are a political party with proper policies – to uphold the rule of law and justice; to see our British democratic rights reinstated; tackling social deprivation in the Protestant community.

Q Will you contest the forthcoming elections?

A It looks like we are. We haven't decided yet on the European election, but there may be a number standing in the council elections. I was hoping to avoid standing myself, but now it looks like I've no choice. There is nobody else speaking up for us.

Q Do you vote and have you voted before?

A Not at the moment. I can't remember when I last voted. Certainly, unless something radically changes, I'll not be voting again.

Q What do you think of Peter Robinson?

A He's an arrogant man. He cares nothing about victims and will use any means at his disposal to justify his actions. We used to think he was taking a stand for our community. We feel betrayed by him. Completely and utterly betrayed.

Q What do you think of Martin McGuinness?

A We'll never be buddies, but I have to give him credit because Sinn Fein have negotiated a good deal for themselves. They've had a long-term strategy but it is only through the stupidity and arrogance of our politicians that they have achieved what they have. If Martin McGuinness gave me a commitment on something, and Peter Robinson gave me a commitment on something, I'd take Martin McGuinness's word before I'd take Peter Robinson's – and I don't say that lightly.

Q Some people see you as a fool. What do you say to that?

A Let them spend a few days with me. I'm stopped on the street by people I don't know, and these people tell me I'm the only one doing something. People can say I'm a loony, but if it wasn't for FAIR victims would not be an issue. We were the first to raise victims' rights in 1998. There would have been no Smithwick Inquiry. Judge Corry told us he hadn't enough for an investigation until we gave him what we had. We also stopped the Eames-Bradley proposals being implemented. We were also big players in getting the Maze shrine stopped. The work we're doing is voluntary – I haven't been paid a penny in years.

Q What about the incident where you mistook an Italian flag for an Irish Tricolour at a Co Tyrone school?

A Well, I was sent photographs, and looking at the photographs it did look like a Tricolour. I got it wrong, but if someone sends you a photograph and it looks like a Tricolour...

Q What about dressing up as a Muslim? People laughed at you

A They may have laughed, but it got the message around the world. There was people sitting in Hong Kong, in Australia, watching it on TV who rang me.

Q What about the Eastenders controversy?

A My attention was brought to it by activity on republican and GAA sites. They were saying: "Look at the GAA top on Eastenders. We'll be singing rebel songs in the Queen Vic next". They're the ones who promoted it as a GAA top – not me. I questioned if it was a GAA top, and if it was it should not have been worn.

Q Why should it not have been worn?

A Because it supports terrorism. When the GAA comes out and says to stop naming clubs, trophies and stadiums after terrorists, then fine. I don't have a problem with GAA. I actually like the game itself.

Q And would you watch a GAA game?

A Yes, I would watch it, although I don't go out of my way to see it. I wouldn't watch Tyrone or Armagh, because there's a republican element to it, but I'd watch the southern teams. They don't stand for being associated with terrorism. It's a good game, and it's unfortunate it has been tainted by support for terrorism. Can you imagine if Portadown FC ran an event for Billy Wright? There would be an outcry. So what's the difference with the GAA running one for Bobby Sands?

Q Are you a man of faith?

A I'm a born-again Christian. I have been for 17 years. The Bible I read continually talks about repentance. If Martin McGuinness and these people told me they repented, I would have to accept it. If they said what they did was wrong and without justification, I would have to forgive them. To prove that, I went to a gospel meeting four years ago which Dessie O'Hare was at. He claimed to be a born-again Christian, so I confronted him. I said to him that if he was born-again, that it was time to move on. I went and I shook his hand. He told me he had repented. A year ago I found out he was involved in criminality in Dublin.

Q Tell me about your interests, away from campaigning

A I like history and I like reading about Ulster's history. I used to be a very keen soccer player. I was a good footballer, without wishing to blow my own trumpet. Maybe I could have gone across the water, I'm not sure. It was the same for others, there were a few footballers in south Armagh who were first class players who never got the chance of a career because of the Troubles. I also like shooting, but they took the shotgun off me.

Q You've been unwell in recent years?

A I was diagnosed three years ago. The cancer is in my stomach and bowel. It can't be cured. I could live for 20 years, I could die next week – you're almost living month to month. I should be dead now. There was one night I took ill. They didn't think I'd live through it. They couldn't get a pulse. They thought I wasn't going to make it. The funders of FAIR, SEUPB, moved in here three years ago and tried to close us down when I was seriously ill. People wrongly put me down as a whistle-blower – they thought it wouldn't matter because I'd be dead soon anyway. The advice is for me not to get stressed. That's why I want to get out of the victims thing, but I can't until I see some sort of justice in place.

Q So has it affected your work

A It has, yes. I wouldn't have the same energy as before. I wish I was as fit as I was 10 years ago, because if I was I'd give the DUP some headache. I could pack it in now and my life would be a lot longer. But my father and people serving in the security forces could have done the same. Theirs was certain death. Mine may be too, but sure we're all going to die anyway. I want to concentrate on recording the stories of the past, and the only people who can write the stories are the people who lived through it.

General discussion / Brainless PSNI and Parades Commission
« on: March 08, 2012, 02:30:42 PM »
Sinn Féin Newry & Armagh MP Conor Murphy has challenged the Parades Commission to explain their rationale for allowing a Loyalist band parade, of up to 40 bands, to march through Armagh City centre on St Patrick's evening.
Conor Murphy said:
“This is a disastrous decision and one which must be challenged. The leaders of all parties within Armagh Council agreed a council policy statement on the cross community ethos of St Patrick’s Day but some parties have displayed a duplicitous nature in their decision to now support this clearly provocative parade.

“For the PSNI to state that there are ‘no local concerns or sensitivities’ attached to this march is utter nonsense and begs the question, what planet are they living on? That input by the PSNI raises serious questions about their judgement and their knowledge of nationalist feelings on what is clearly seen as a sectarian march.

“The band promoting this application to parade explicitly supports the UVF on their website and this demonstrates their inherent sectarianism which has no place in Armagh on St Patrick's Day.
“The Parades Commission have made a dreadful decision which has the potential to destroy the St Patrick's Day festivities in Armagh which last year attracted over 16000 visitors to the city and damage community relations in the City.”CRíOCH/END
Newry Armagh MLA Cathal Boylan, who led a Sinn Féin delagation to meet the Parades Commission yesterday, added,
‘We made a very solid argument to the Commission that this parade, which has been held in Killylea since 2005, would have a significant detrimental impact on business in the city. Also given the day it is taking place on there is a very real possibility of a serious negative impact on community relations in Armagh.
‘The Commission have said that they accept the organiser’s view that they this exercise is a ‘... genuine desire to build bridges and to open the celebration of St. Patrick to the Protestant / Unionist / Loyalist side of the community.’ This is deeply flawed. If it were genuinely the case one must question why the Loyalist Bands Forum walked out of Armagh Council's St. Patrick's Day organising committee? Why did they not approach the Council’s St. Patrick's day organising committee this year to take part in the cross community event if this was their genuine desire? This statement is also disrespectful to the many participants in the cross community parade from the Protestant community who have played an active role the last number of years.

So for years now the people of Armagh has bowed to the wishes of Unionists on Armagh Council and their funding threats for the St. Patricks Day celebration and gradual attempt to de-Irishise the festival.  This is surely an attempt to provoke a reaction and I feel they will get one.  For the police force in this town to say there are 'no local concerns or sensitivities' regarding this march is indicative of how they have policed this town for the past few years.

A disgraceful decision by the Parades commission no matter what angle you look at it, (a protestant mate of mine messaged me on Facebook and couldn't believe this got through) and I just hope no-one gets hurt as a result of this.

General discussion / im gonna be up all night
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:02:09 AM »
folks I slipped a disc in my back today and am in bloody agony, im not going to be doing much sleeping tonight, do any of ye have any good links to free movies online. cheers

General discussion / RANGERS F#*KED - Celtic as good as champs
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:36:44 PM »
Rangers FC signal intent to go into administrationRangers Football Club has lodged legal papers signalling its intention to go into administration.

The Ibrox club lodged papers at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Monday, notifying an intention to declare an administrator.

It now has five days to confirm whether administrators have been appointed to take over the running of the club.

The moves comes while Rangers awaits a tax tribunal decision over a disputed bill plus penalties totalling £49m.

It is understood the papers relating to administration were lodged by Rangers' lawyers on behalf of directors.

If the club is formally put into administration it faces an immediate 10-point penalty from the Scottish Premier League.

That would place the Ibrox club 14 points behind first-placed Celtic in the race for the championship.

General discussion / Legalise Poker in N. Ireland
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:56:23 PM »
Simply put, poker should be legalised in N. Ireland. It makes no sense that games of chance, such as bingo and slot/fruit machines, as well as bookmaking, are all allowed while poker, which is a game of skill requiring maths, game theory, psychology and more, is not permitted. Make poker legal in N. Ireland like the rest of the uk and ireland. Like the page on face book and share it with as many people as possible.

Don't know if there's many poker players on this board but its scandalous that you cant have a game of poker in this day and age.

General discussion / help!!
« on: August 19, 2010, 01:41:25 AM »
Sorry folks, looks like im in for an all nighter.  Does anyone have a good sight to watch movies free online, sitting up with the wife who is about to pop, wouldnt mind watching Hangover or something like that.

General discussion / To the all nighters out there!!
« on: July 22, 2010, 03:11:11 AM »
lads im up with the child sick and there fcuk all on the telly, is there any links out there to a good movie, long shot i know!!

General discussion / One Million Pound Drop
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:21:15 PM »
Did anyone see this tonight, had some bloody dummies on tonight, still had 1/2 million after 7 questions online although it would be some pressure with the doh on the line. some questions hard enough, but some easy ones too. 

General discussion / 2018 World cup bid in trouble already
« on: May 16, 2010, 12:34:43 PM »
Lord Triesman to leave England 2018 World Cup bid role 
Triesman was in Zurich on Friday when England's 2018 bid was presented 
Lord Triesman is to stand down as chairman of the England 2018 World Cup bid, BBC Sport understands.

However he is not leaving his role as chairman of the Football Association.

Triesman acted after the Mail on Sunday said he suggested Spain could end its bid if rival bidder Russia helped bribe referees at this summer's World Cup.

The 2018 team has already faxed apology letters to the Russian and Spanish FAs and the bid is undertaking a "major damage limitation exercise".

The Mail on Sunday claims to have obtained a secretly tape-recorded conversation of Triesman talking to a former aide.

The revelations come just two days after former England captain David Beckham helped the FA submit a 1,752-page bid book as they try to persuade Fifa to award England the 2018 World Cup.

Speaking about Triesman's decision to step down, new Sports Minister Hugh Robertson told the BBC: "It is absolutely the right decision to take.

"Our top priority as a new government is to win this bid for the country and I am delighted they have acted as quickly and decisively as they have done.

"All is not lost, we would rather we weren't dealing with the situation but it is better that it has happened now, so soon after handing over the bid book, rather than two three months out.

"It is not good for the organisation and it would be ludicrous to pretend otherwise but the fundamentals that underpin the bid are as strong as ever and will be remembered long after this unfortunate event is forgotten."

The FA has so far refused to comment but BBC sports editor David Bond explained: "The 2018 team are distancing themselves from Lord Triesman's comments and have told Fifa, Russia and Spain that they don't share those views that have been expressed in the story."

Apart from the damage to the standing of Triesman and the FA that may be created within the Fifa corridors of power by the Mail on Sunday's reported bribery allegation, the world governing body's rules prohibit World Cup bidders from talking about rival bids.

 The 2018 team are distancing themselves from Lord Triesman's comments

BBC sports editor David Bond
Triesman was quoted in the article as saying: "Spain are looking for bribe the referees".

And BBC Radio 5 live's sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar said: "The FA did try and fail to get an injunction against publication of the story on privacy grounds.

"The story makes uncomfortable reading. The FA and 2018 bid chairman was seemingly unaware his unguarded comments in a private conversation were being recorded.

"Most damaging is his apparent speculation about possible collusion between Spain and Russia to bribe referees in South Africa.

"He reportedly suggests in return for Russian help in targeting officials, Spain could drop out of the race to stage the 2018 World Cup.

"There's likely to be a furious reaction from both the Spanish and Russian FAs."

On Friday, Fifa chief Sepp Blatter spoke in glowing terms of England's 2018 bid which includes 12 towns and cities from Sunderland to Plymouth, calling it "the easiest bid in the world" - but also described the plans put forward by Russia as "remarkable."

After the good publicity that was generated by the 2018 team and Beckham on Friday it remains to be seen what effect Triesman's reported comments are likely to have on the FA's 2018 bid.

From its inception the bid has been troubled by infighting with senior members resigning from the board while Triesman's leadership has also been questioned.

In October the 2018 bid was criticised by Fifa vice-president Jack Warner and Danny Jordaan, who led South Africa's successful 2010 campaign.

A month later former Birmingham City director Karren Brady, who was one of six board members to stand down, said that England's hopes of hosting the 2018 World Cup were in danger of being undermined by internal politics among the bid team.

In November a senior member of Fifa's executive committee returned a handbag given to his wife as a gift by the England bidding team.

The latest story was taken from a conversation Triesman reportedly had with a former civil servant aide.

The Mail on Sunday quotes Triesman as saying: "There's some evidence that the Spanish football authorities are trying to identify the referees...and pay them.

"My assumption is that the Latin Americans, although they've not said so, will vote for Spain. And if Spain drop out, because Spain are looking for help from the Russians to help bribe the referees in the World Cup, their votes may then switch to Russia."

A European bid is tipped to get the 2018 tournament with England up against Russia and joint bids from Spain/Portugal and Belgium/Netherlands.

The other bidders, although they are mainly focused on the 2022 tournament, are Australia, the United States, Japan, Qatar and South Korea.

General discussion / internet problem
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:31:51 PM »
Can someone resolve my problem?

I seemed to have lost all search mechanisms online. My laptop had a virus about 2 weeks ago and a mate fixed it, but since then I have been unable to search anything on google, the homepage comes up ok but when i search I just get a clear white page. I logged into yahoo and the same thing happened.

It might be something simple to the IT heads but i haven't a clue. plus its doing my head in.

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