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General discussion / Las Vegas Shooting
« on: October 02, 2017, 07:39:52 AM »
Reports of a mass shooting at a concert in Vegas at Mandalay Bay CAsino. Video on line that appears to show automatic gunfire from someone in the Hotel shooting down into the crowd below. Horrifc

I knowthere  is a gaa rules topic but this one is a bit wider in terms of all sports.   I was watching aussie rules earlier and I know there has been a few experiments with bringing the Mark into gaa etc.  While that didn't work there are a couple of rules I think would be interesting to trial.

The first is playing on from a free kick.  I don't mean advantage, rather a player who had been fouled can get up and play on himself whether that be by running on with the ball or more importantly fisting the ball to a team mate. Really speeds up the game and reduces the benefit of cynical fouls as offending team doesn't have time to reset defensively

The second is a 50 metre penalty for dissent or kicking ball away etc.  Really hurts a team and might get rid of some of the mouthing rather than a 10 metre one.  This is one I would love to see introduced in soccer.  Mouth at the ref and ball gets moved up the pitch.

One rule that I think would work in soccer is the late tackle rule.  If your late in a tackle the free kick is either from where the ball lands or say 30m down field.

General discussion / Digisenders
« on: June 25, 2015, 01:11:52 PM »
Looking some advice here on a good digisender for transmitting sky to the bedroom.  I had one that worked well in my old house through the floor a 5.8ghz nikkai unit.

Moved house and now the signal had to go through 3 block walls and a slab floor so the old unit is not powerful enough.  Can anyone recommend a digisender with better range through walls.

Really don't want to start running cable upand through walls.

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