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General discussion / Paisley gone to his eternal reward
« on: September 12, 2014, 12:37:36 PM »
Just Breaking

General discussion / Handbags and Manbags
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:24:24 AM »
Suprised this hasn't surfaced before. There was a thread on it on AFR but it seems to have dissappeared.

> National News

Gardai probe GAA star Galvin’s pub bust-up with RTE impersonator Oliver Callan
Footballer clashes with RTE star over Seoige sketch

  Kerry footballer Paul Galvin allegedly became angry after comic references were made about him and TV presenter Grainne Seoige

  By Tom Brady and Ken Sweeney

Friday October 21 2011

A pub flare-up involving GAA star Paul Galvin and a group including RTE comic Oliver Callan was last night under investigation by the gardai.

Officers were called to the Dublin city centre pub after receiving a complaint of an alleged assault by Galvin.

The Kerry footballer, who writes a weekly fashion column for the Irish Independent, had left the premises, Kehoe's in South Anne Street, before the gardai arrived.

One eyewitness said last night that Galvin was being "vilified in the wrong" and the incident did not warrant calling in the gardai.

Gardai spent yesterday tracking down pub customers, who were potential witnesses to the incident, including Junior Transport Minister Alan Kelly, Labour senator John Whelan, a couple of Sunday newspaper reporters and associates of Callan in his 'Green Tea' and 'Nob Nation' appearances on RTE radio.

It is alleged that Galvin was upset over a sketch on the satirical 'Green Tea' radio programme, which made humorous references to him and television presenter, Grainne Seoige.

Witnesses said that Galvin seemed to have become very upset at being teased about his friendship with Ms Seoige and confronted Callan and James McDonald, a member of the production team.

Officers said nobody had any visible signs of injury after the alleged incident.

Callan writes and stars in the 'Nob Nation' sketches, which featured initially in the 2fm programme hosted by the late Gerry Ryan, and then became a regular part of the 'Ryan Tubridy Show'.

The 'Green Tea' programme is broadcast on Saturdays.

Mr Whelan described the incident to the Irish Independent last night as "handbags at twenty paces" rather than an assault.

"What I saw happening didn't necessitate the gardai being called. I think if Paul Galvin hadn't been involved, nothing would be made of this. I think he is being vilified in the wrong."

The Portlaoise politician said that the incident took place just after 10pm after a group of journalists and politicians attended the launch of the Nealon's Guide to the 31st Dail and 24th Seanad in Leinster House and later adjourned to Kehoe's pub.

"There was a group of us standing up chatting when Oliver Callan joined a friend in the group," said Mr Whelan.

The 50-year-old claimed that Mr McDonald left the group and returned to tell them that Paul Galvin was on the other side of the partition.

"Paul Galvin came around the corner shortly afterwards and verbals began."

"Initially Galvin was pointing at McDonald and then he started to point at Callan and started to shape up to him. I think he said 'I am sick and tired of this'. It broke into shoving, pushing and pointing. There was shoving and pushing going on on both sides. He (Galvin) was irate. It wasn't a strike. It was more handbags."

Mr Whelan said he and other members of the group attempted to intervene.

"Myself and a couple of other friends tried to quieten Galvin down. Told him to cop on and not be letting himself down.

"Eventually he did. He left the bar of his own accord. He wasn't ejected and there wasn't anyone hurt. I felt it should have been left at that".

The former journalist said he was shocked when gardai were called to the scene. after

"My first reaction was, Oliver Callan, Paul Galvin, this must be a skit, but the gardai explained they had been called so they had to attend," he said. "This has been blown up out of proportion."

Neither Callan nor Galvin responded to calls yesterday.

- Tom Brady and Ken Sweeney

Irish Independent

GAA Discussion / RTE Unveil New Pundit Line Up For Sunday Game
« on: May 22, 2011, 10:22:39 PM »
Kerry Games only.

General discussion / London Olympics
« on: March 15, 2011, 03:39:23 PM »
2012 Olympics tickets go on sale

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympics have gone on sale, 500 days ahead of the event.

Some 6.6 million tickets are available from the London 2012 website over a six-week period and organisers say all applications will be treated equally.

Anyone thinking of going?

I've signed up for the Basketball and Boxing Finals, prices are a bit steep but sure wth.

General discussion / frick off Pete
« on: May 07, 2010, 06:13:36 AM »
Don't let the door hit yer arse.

Modified title as it appears the fckr is going to have the brass neck to carry on. Surely he can't

Peter Robinson loses East Belfast to Alliance

Robinson: 'Preferred not to stand'

First minister and DUP leader Peter Robinson's entire future in politics is under threat after he lost the Westminster seat he held for 31 years.

Alliance deputy leader Naomi Long is the new MP for East Belfast.

Both main unionist leaders have suffered defeat in the election as Sir Reg Empey lost in South Antrim.

The Fermanagh/South Tyrone count was suspended at 0430 BST after two recounts in which Michelle Gildernew and Rodney Connor were neck and neck.

After the second recount, Mrs Gildernew, Sinn Fein, was just two votes ahead of independent unionist unity candidate Rodney Connor. She had 21,300 votes to Mr Connor's 21,298.

Counting will begin again at 1100 BST on Friday.

Meanwhile, despite his party's pact with the Conservatives, Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey has lost to William McCrea, DUP, in South Antrim.

Senior Ulster Unionist David McNarry said Sir Reg was "finished" as party leader. But Mr McNarry said he was "not in the stakes for leadership", turning the focus, instead, on unionist unity.

In a shock turnaround, DUP leader Mr Robinson's vote fell from a 6,000 majority in 2005. This time, he took 11,306 votes and Ms Long won with 12,839 votes.

His wife, Iris Robinson's resignation and questions over expenses and land deals may have played a role in his defeat.

Speaking after the result was announced, Mr Robinson said he would have "preferred not to stand" in East Belfast.

"I have a job to complete with my mandate at the Assembly and I will continue to carry out that important work," he said moments after the shock result was announced.

Long: 'Victory for East Belfast'

In better news for the DUP, in north Antrim, Ian Paisley Jnr polled 19,672 votes, winning the seat comfortably despite the contest from TUV leader Jim Allister.

BBC NI political editor Mark Devenport said the shock defeat "damages Mr Robinson's stock".

"None of the DUP MPs who we have been speaking to on our election special wishes to be Brutus wielding his dagger, but tonight's results increases the standing of the Paisley and potentially the Dodds dynasties in the party.

"So who will be in charge of any negotiations with the future would-be Prime Ministers?"

Naomi Long is the first elected Alliance MP. Her vote almost quadrupled in this election.

Martin McGuinness
Martin McGuinness held his Mid-Ulster seat

Overall the TUV does not appear to have caused significant damage to the DUP vote.

And the Ulster Unionists' pact with the Conservatives has not produced the fightback they had hoped for.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has retained his west Belfast seat polling 22,840 votes

Bairbre de Brun, SF, said the recent bad publicity surrounding Gerry Adams has not had any effect on his vote. The turnout in his West Belfast constituency is down by almost 14% but Mr Adams' share of the vote is slightly up.

The SDLP saw off the Sinn Fein challenge from Stormont Education Minister Caitriona Ruane in South Down. SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie polled 20,648 votes, taking over the mantle from party veteran Eddie McGrady.

In Londonderry, the count was suspended after a pipe bomb was left at the Templemore sports complex. But it later resumed and Mark Durkan was returned as Foyle MP.

In other developments:

• Gregory Campbell, DUP, holds his seat in East Londonderry;

• Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein, holds his seat in Newry and Armagh;

• Jim Shannon, DUP, takes the Strangford seat vacated by former party colleague Iris Robinson;

• Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein, retains his seat in Mid Ulster;

• Nigel Dodds, DUP, retains his seat in North Belfast;

• Dr Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP, holds his South Belfast seat;

• Lady Sylvia Hermon, standing as an independent, wins the North Down seat;

• Sinn Fein veteran Pat Doherty retains his West Tyrone seat;

• David Simpson, DUP, retains his Upper Bann seat;

• Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP, holds his Lagan Valley seat;

• Sammy Wilson, DUP, holds his seat in East Antrim;

Seventeen out of the 18 Westminster seats have now been declared. The DUP have eight, Sinn Fein have four, the SDLP have three, the Alliance Party has one seat and one seat has been won by the independent, Lady Hermon.

Hurling Discussion / Donal Og's Book
« on: October 18, 2009, 11:24:55 AM »
Saw this on AFR this morning

Unfortunate that he should choose the Daily Mail for such a revelation.

I hope (for once) that the moderators here follow AFR's cautious lead.

General discussion / Only a Grunt
« on: April 08, 2009, 10:24:05 AM »

Video reveals G20 police assault on man who died

Exclusive footage obtained by the Guardian shows Ian Tomlinson, who died during G20 protests in London, was attacked from behind by baton–wielding police officer
Dramatic footage obtained by the Guardian shows that the man who died at last week's G20 protests in London was attacked from behind and thrown to the ground by a baton–wielding police officer in riot gear.

Moments after the assault on Ian Tomlinson was captured on video, he suffered a heart attack and died.

The Guardian has handed a dossier of evidence to the police complaints watchdog.

It sheds new light on the events surrounding the death of the 47-year-old newspaper seller, who had been on his way home from work when he was confronted by lines of riot police near the Bank of England.

The submission to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) includes a collection of testimonies from witnesses, along with the video footage, shot at around 7.20pm, which shows Tomlinson at Royal Exchange Passage.

The film reveals that as he walks, with his hands in his pockets, he does not speak to the police or offer any resistance.

A phalanx of officers, some with dogs and some in riot gear, are close behind him and try to urge him forward.

A Metropolitan police officer appears to strike him with a baton, hitting him from behind on his upper thigh.

Moments later, the same policeman rushes forward and, using both hands, pushes Tomlinson in the back and sends him flying to the ground, where he remonstrates with police who stand back, leaving bystanders to help him to his feet.

The man who shot the footage, a fund manager from New York who was in London on business, said: "The primary reason for me coming forward is that it was clear the family were not getting any answers."

The Guardian's dossier also includes a sequence of photographs, taken by three different people, showing the aftermath of the attack, as well as witness statements from people in the area at the time.

A number of witnesses provided time and date-stamped photographs that substantiate their accounts.

Some said they saw police officers attack Tomlinson.

Witnesses said that, prior to the moment captured on video, he had already been hit with batons and thrown to the floor by police who blocked his route home.

One witness, Anna Branthwaite, a photographer, described how, in the minutes before the video was shot, she saw Tomlinson walking towards Cornhill Street.

"A riot police officer had already grabbed him and was pushing him," she said.

"It wasn't just pushing him – he'd rushed him. He went to the floor and he did actually roll. That was quite noticeable.

"It was the force of the impact. He bounced on the floor. It was a very forceful knocking down from behind. The officer hit him twice with a baton when he was lying on the floor.

"So it wasn't just that the officer had pushed him – it became an assault.

"And then the officer picked him up from the back, continued to walk or charge with him, and threw him.

"He was running and stumbling. He didn't turn and confront the officer or anything like that."

The witness accounts contradict the official version of events given by police.

In an official statement on the night of Tomlinson's death, the Metropolitan police made no reference to any contact with officers and simply described attempts by police medics and an ambulance crew to save his life after he collapsed – efforts they said were marred by protesters throwing missiles as first aid was administered .

The force said officers had created a cordon around Tomlinson to give him CPR.

"The officers took the decision to move him as during this time a number of missiles - believed to be bottles - were being thrown at them," it said.

Yesterday, the IPCC began managing an investigation by City of London police into the circumstances of Tomlinson's death after the Guardian published photographs of him on the ground and witness statements indicated he had been assaulted by police officers.

The IPCC commissioner for London, Deborah Glass, said: "Initially, we had accounts from independent witnesses who were on Cornhill, who told us that there had been no contact between the police and Mr Tomlinson when he collapsed."

"However, other witnesses who saw him in the Royal Exchange area have since told us that Mr Tomlinson did have contact with police officers.

"This would have been a few minutes before he collapsed. It is important that we are able to establish as far as possible whether that contact had anything to do with his death."

The IPCC added that Tomlinson was captured on CCTV walking onto Royal Exchange Passage.

"This is the aspect of the incident that the IPCC is now investigating," it said.

It was here the video was shot. A post mortem carried out by a Home Office pathologist last Friday revealed Tomlinson died of a heart attack.

Prior to seeing the dossier of evidence, Tomlinson's family said in a statement: "There were so many people around where Ian died, and so many people with cameras, that somebody must have seen what happened in the Royal Exchange passageway.

"We need to know what happened there and whether it had anything to do with Ian's death.

"We know that some people who were at the protest may not feel comfortable talking to the police.

"People are putting pictures on the internet, writing on blogs and talking to journalists. But we really need them to talk to the people who are investigating what happened."

GAA Discussion / Belfast Strategic Plan
« on: March 09, 2009, 06:47:38 PM »

Had a copy of this drop in my inbox a while ago. Anybody involved in the consultations?

Below are the broad aims, any suggestions, alterations, opinions?  Personally I'd like to see a city board (irrespective of county boundary) for both club underage and schools running meaningful competitions for both.

What this strategy will deliver for the GAA in Belfast...............

Coaching, Games and Participation
•   At least 10 GAA Community Coaches for the Belfast Urban Area
•   An increase in games participation of at least 20% by 2014
•   A specific Belfast Continuing Professional Development programme for volunteer club coaches
•   Cross Club summer and Easter coaching camps
•   City Based Development Squads
•   Enhanced Club-School links through new coaching initiatives and programmes 
•   Programmes to attract new participations who traditionally would have no involvement in the GAA

Physical Development
•   Belfast GAA Urban Centre of Participation and Excellence that includes at least three new full-size pitches for club use in North and West Belfast
•   At least two new full-size GAA pitches for use in the South and East Belfast 
•   Enhancement of Casement Park to an appropriate standard for main stadium in Ireland’s second city 

Club Governance
•   New group comprising of Belfast GAA club officials, Antrim, Down and Ulster GAA officials to drive the development of the GAA in Belfast
•   At least two Development Officers to support Club officials in administration governance and ongoing club development
•   A new Brand and Identity for the GAA in Belfast
•   A “joined-up” club led approach to the overall development of the GAA in the City
•   A strong GAA presence and linkage with all local government and relevant public bodies in the city.
•   Specific Belfast GAA Club Development Seminars and Volunteer training events
Culture and Heritage
•   Revival of Scor in the City
•   Introduction of new Specific Belfast GAA Irish language Courses
•   Development of a Belfast GAA History

General discussion / Coordinated Attacks in Mumbai, Not Good
« on: November 26, 2008, 09:39:39 PM »
Up to 100 dead, Hostages taken, targetting westerners.

Army Getting ready to storm more hotels

Head of anti terror squad killed as well

Army storms Mumbai hotels

Posted November 27, 2008 08:29:00
A policeman stands guard after shootings at a railway station in Mumbai

Attacks: A policeman stands guard after the attack at Mumbai's main railway station (Reuters)

    * Related Story: Dozens dead, reports of hostages as terrorists target Mumbai

Indian troops have stormed Mumbai's luxury Oberoi and Taj Mahal Palace hotels after reports that terrorist attackers had taken tourists hostage.

At least 78 people have been killed and more than 200 injured in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks across India's

General discussion / Is your name on the List?
« on: November 18, 2008, 05:47:48 PM »

November 18, 2008
Entire BNP membership list goes online
Posted by Antifascist
Before reading this, you should appreciate that there are very strict limitations on what we are allowed to print and we intend to stay strictly within the law in the comments that we allow.

Having said all that, this breach of data security is startlingly bad for the BNP, not simply for the fact that the party has lost data - almost everyone seems to have managed to do that recently - but for the nature of that information.

Not only does the data, now available online, include the entire membership list with full names (and former names where there have been changes for any reason), addresses, contact numbers, email addresses and in many cases the member's age, particularly where those members are under eighteen. Yes, that's right. This list includes members as young as fourteen, male and female. Where a family membership is bought and paid for, the whole family is listed.

As if this isn't bad enough, the notes that are attached to many of the entries leave a lot of the members open to difficulties in their jobs, some of them being in the armed forces or the police and the BNP too - an illegal combination, and where not illegal, frequently frowned upon. Other members are noted as construction managers, receptionists, district nurses, lay preachers, police officers, company directors and teachers among many others.

Like this wasn't enough, the BNP has also listed hobbies or interests where for some reason they are deemed relevant. Thus we have short-wave radio hams, amateur historians, pagans, line-dancers and even a witch (male).

The contributors to nazi sites, many of whom are also members of the BNP, are suddenly in a frenzy, expecting to be outed at any moment. Here's just one comment from the North-West Nationalist blog:

    'I've just had a call, I'm on it to. I want my f**king member money back, like has been mentioned here, I could lose my f**king job. I'm bloody angry.'

Not surprising really. I'd be pretty pissed off too.

Curiously, there are quite a number of BNP members abroad, presumably ex-pats or those working abroad temporarily - Australia, the USA, United Arab Emirates, Sao Paulo, Spain and the Netherlands were some that I noticed. Isn't the BNP opposed to foreign workers? I'm sure it was last time I looked.

One final thing (for the moment, because I'm sure this one will run and run): the list appears to include the December rebels. At first, I took this to mean that the membership list was a year out of date but after a good look through, it's become clear that by keeping a running list (as opposed to a clean list each membership year) the party is able to claim a much larger membership than it in fact has. Some of the additions to the list are as recent as September of this year, indicating that some of the members listed - though how many is anyone's guess - are not in fact members at all. The implication is pretty clear (to me, at least) - BNP members are being defrauded when they have been told that the membership is growing exponentially. Take off all the dead members, those who have resigned (many still listed along with their reasons for leaving) and the most recent batch of rebels and the size drops considerably.

It's been suggested that the party's former treasurer John Walker is responsible for posting the list up publicly. We wouldn't know but by doing so, the poster has stuck a stick of dynamite under Griffin's rear end. The consequences and the repercussions may be interesting to watch.

Just as a complete aside, I should point out that we do not have a copy of this list, nor do we want one. The information we had was obtained online and appears suddenly to have been removed, at least for the moment...

GAA Discussion / Ticketwatch
« on: September 10, 2008, 11:13:52 PM »
Note to Mods: I want to add a poll after so please don't merge.

The usual shite about ebay, corporates, bandwagons and dirty sundays in february are already being trotted out so i want to do a 'scientific' survey on the type of supporter who ends up with a ticket on the 21st. It's my belief  that anyone who really wants to go (especially those from the competing counties) will get a ticket so if you hope to get a ticket please post your 'spectator profile' * here and i'll add a poll on the 22nd to see who got and who didn't.

* preferably along the lines of my own below.

1. Is your county involved?                                                                        NO
2. Are you a club member?                                                                        YES
3. Are you a club officer/committee member?                                              NO
4. Are you a coach/mentor                                                                        YES
5. Are you a player?                                                                                  YES
6. Are you a supporters club member?                                                         NO
7. Have you contibuted financially to your club/county (minimum £300*)?         YES  * to exclude lotto/membership etc
8. How many national league games did you attend this year?                         TWO
9. Mc Kenna/FBD/Mc Grath u21 MINOR etc?                                                  THREE
10. Away games (not inc championship)?                                                      NONE (Casement doesnt count for me)
11. Championship games?                                                                           THREE
12. Would you travel before securing a ticket?                                                YES
13. If so when?                                                                                        SATURDAY  
14. Are you prepared to pay over the odds for your ticket?                              NO
15. Number of previous AIF's attended?                                                        23*
16. Are you related to a participant?                                                              NO
17. How do you hope to get a ticket?

* edited after Tony's post made me double check, no idea where i got 27 from.
Normally my club would be the first port of call, however, it's infested with beardies from among the bushes so my best bet will be London, where I played for a few years and still have plenty of contacts. The nuclear option is Kerry, however the ticket is conditional on wearing their gansai to the final, thats why its the nuclear option. Probably pick one up at Kilmacud otherwise.

GAA Discussion / Some help for Sean Walsh's next speech
« on: August 24, 2008, 09:07:35 PM »
Personally for me tom's was very dangerous and premeditated. I'd say O leary will remember it in the replay.

GAA Discussion / Another Poll For Ulster Bies
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:13:29 PM »
Just a Thought

GAA Discussion / Watching in France
« on: July 18, 2008, 10:30:59 AM »
Any ideas where a man might catch the weekend games in the Dieppe, Le Harve area?

« on: June 17, 2008, 10:40:24 AM »

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France send home U20 brawl trio

Spotlight: Brawl marrs Wales U20 win

France Under-20s have sent home three players from the Junior World Championships after Saturday's defeat to Wales ended in a mass brawl.

Team manager Philippe Sella, the legendary French centre, made the decision to banish the trio.

Flanker Jeremie Braille, replacement prop Rabah Slimeni and winger Djibrill Camara have been sent home following the incident at the Liberty Stadium.

Camara became involved in the incident after being suspended for the game.

The International Rugby Board is conducting an investigation into the incident and are due to announce their findings ahead of Wednesday's semi-finals in which Wales face New Zealand.

Leigh Halfpenny's try deep into overtime sealed an unlikely win, which was rapidly followed by ugly post-match scenes.

Punches were thrown from both sides and Slimani was allegedly seen to kick out.

"The French were bad losers and the Welsh were bad winners"

Wales won the match 23-19 after coming back from 19-9 down with three minutes remaining.

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